Fertilitas Gelamen Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – The Entrance

Saturday night came round very quickly and I could feel my heart rate increasing the more I thought about what might happen. Debs was picking me up at 9pm and had given me instructions on preparation.

I was now in the bath, much later than planned! So the idea of relaxation and self pampering was now out of the window and I was frantically trying to remember everything I needed to do in the next two hours!

I did have loads of bubbles to play with, so much in fact that it was spilling over and I had a load of creams and mud to rub into various parts of my body. But the idea of relaxing was probably going to be too far fetched with my mind racing through possible happenings.

Every part of my body was being shaved and made super smooth and with the bath salts and the creams my skin was feeling so soft, I did feel quite special. In fact I was glowing.

A glance at the clock told me it was time to wash off the face mask and get out of the bath.

I knew I didn’t need to wear the outfit bought specifically for the gathering proper. These would need to be given in as we entered as they needed to be “approved” before being returned to me for dressing in the robing room. So they were safely packed along with those delightful high heeled sandals.

My clothes for travelling had also been picked carefully according to Debs instructions and bought during the week.

“Make sure you buy good quality new clothes.” she had stated somewhat intensely.

I wondered where she expected me to get the cash to pay for it all. I wasn’t at work or anything at the time of this first gathering and only had the money my parents gave me. Debs though had it all figured and handed over all the money I needed and some – I stared at it and looked at her.

“The fruits of the gathering.” she said laughing, her eyes beaming with delight.

Silk was a must for the top it seemed and the skirt had to be short and ‘figure friendly’. So to make her happy my outfit comprised a silk blouse and short navy blue skirt.

I thought the skirt was stunning, it wrapped around my waist and was then fixed with six buttons all the way down the front, falling midway along my thighs and flowed just beautifully as I walked. I also loved the feel of that thin white silk blouse on my nipples, it made them hard just from the touch but I knew I had to wear a bra tonight for the arrival – more instruction!

Once dried, I painted both my hand and toe nails, this time a bright red! I guess the dark pink was Debs attempt at breaking me in gently. I really hated it on my hands. Thankfully the heels I was wearing would hide the toes, at least until I got inside!

I met Debs on the corner of the street, the cab stopping only briefly to pick me up. We were giggling and talking all the way out to the gathering, the cabby glancing in the mirror at the two silly young girls in his car.

He almost wouldn’t leave us and kept checking our destination we had asked for when he pulled to stop at the deserted car-park on the edge of the park. We told him our friends were picking us up and taking us to the party. He eventually drove off still not convinced, muttering something about not wanting to read about two missing girls in the papers tomorrow morning.

It was a fairly discrete beginning to the events of the evening, with just a short walk from the deserted and uninspiring car park before we found a line of girls queuing to get in. The mood of the others felt very subdued, and there was little noise as whenever words were needed they were spoken in whispers only.

I looked at Debs and she just raised her eyebrows as if to say “Don’t worry about them.” Everyone carried a largish bag containing their outfits and gear and they were all dressed to impress. As the queue moved on, more girls adana escort joined behind us, and the entrance way came into view. The mood though remained constant.

We struck up conversation with some of the girls as we waited, many like Debs had been before and all talked about the need to “leave yourself at the gate,” and to “walk in with no thoughts of right and wrong,” with “everything being permissible,” and to make sure you satisfy your own desires as well as letting “them” satisfy theirs. That sounded ominous and I suddenly had a panic, “What was my desire?” “Why was I here?”

We reached the entrance before I had answers and my confused, apprehensive face turned to the officials.

“Hello, are you registered?” asked the lady as her eyes narrowed in question as she looked at me.

“Hi, totally.” said Debs enthusiastically as she pointed to our names on the form.

“Good lovey, you sound as though you’ve been before?”

“Yep I have, but my friend hasn’t.”

“Okay, if you both go down to the 10th room on the left, someone will sort you out.” she pointed down a walkway beyond the entrance.

We walked down the path, with me glancing into each “room” as we passed. They were really just temporary dividers separating a large area into smaller ones containing a number of tables. Each table seemed to have some girl on them in various stages of undress.

It looked quite scary as it was let alone with the shadows of the trees looming dark and large above the dividers. In a couple of rooms I noticed a man or woman in a white coat moving about purposefully between each girl. We got to our room and went in and were approach by a man in the same white coat from the other rooms who directed us towards two of the tables with a nod of his head.

“Strip, then get up on a table. I’ll be with you as soon as I can.” he said as he filed some papers and moved off. He glanced back and added “,oh and give me your clothing bags, I’ll take them to the robing room for sign off.”

Debs and I looked at each other and gave him our bags. We walked over to some tables at the far end of the room, there were two other girls already laying on theirs. One, with her legs up in stirrups smiled as I walked past, and said a friendly hello as if this was a regular position for her when normally meeting people.

I muttered a nervous response as I glanced at her laying on the table legs splayed ready for inspection. Debs later explained that they test everyone before entry to make sure all can “enjoy” themselves without worry.

I sat down on the table, anxiety growing in me once again. The white coat returned, looked at me and asked me if I was in the right place because I seemed so shy. I said I wasn’t and began to remove my blouse. He went over to the other girls, dismissing one and then talking with the other before moving between her legs. Debs was already naked and laying down with her feet up in the stirrups waiting. When I had removed my clothes, I laid down on my back and closed my eyes. My knees up and closed tight together, my hands wrapped around my ankles, feeling very exposed. I could feel a shiver creeping into my bones.

The white coat came over to me and explained the tests, one swab in my mouth, vagina and anus and a blood test. I nodded my understanding, my arms now firmly across my chest. He looked a bit frustrated as he asked me to give him an arm, and then took some blood before lifting each of my legs up into the stirrups. I guess he got bored of asking everyone the same thing.

I turned towards Debs, but she was chatting to another girl, I was trying to rationalise what I was doing here! I then grimaced, and cried out as he slid the first swab into my vagina, his latex gloved fingers poised at my opening. I wasn’t paying attention eskişehir escort clearly. He told me to open wider and to relax. I dropped my knees to the side and took a deep breath as he slid in further. Three of his fingers entering my body.

“That’s a very pretty pussy you have there Missy,” he commented as he slid the thing back out of me. The next one went in my butt and I’m sure he was taking longer than necessary so he could feel my all around my anus “,and that won’t be so tight next time!” he added with a grin.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment at his comments and I instinctively turned away. Debs was laughing at me. He said he’d be back with results in half an hour or so and then went over to Debs. I could here them both laughing as he tested her. My hand reached between my legs and I felt the excess lube on both my pussy and anus sliding between my fingers.

When I sat up, two more girls had come in and were stripping off, everyone it seemed knew the process except me. Debs was reassuring saying that had I come on my own they would have put me with other new girls but I was better off with the regulars.

Once we got the test “all clear”, we were ushered into another room. So without dressing we walked back onto the main walkway and headed further along. There was a steady stream of girls still coming in the entrance too.

I couldn’t help putting my hand between my legs to cover myself every time another white coat came along. Debs kept telling me the time was approaching when I needed to leave those worries behind. I kept nodding my head in agreement, not really taking in her comments.

The next room was full of more young girls, all naked like me and completely abuzz with excitement and chatter. Most were standing although there were a few chairs available. At the far end were two trees shaped into a rough oval, this I was told was to represent the opening of the female body, the receptacle of fertility and the gateway to the robing room. From here on in it was to be protocol and service and an end to inhibitions.

There were girls of all shapes and sizes milling around. I’d guess there was nearing 50 in the room at this point. I picked out one girl who looked like I felt, completely terrified. I went over and asked her name.

“Julia.” she whispered.

“This you first time Julia?” I asked, trying to sound confident and reassuring.

“Yep.” she replied before swallowing hard. I glanced down at her body and then back to her face which had reddened through my action.

“Me too,” I replied “,you look worried.”

“I am a bit, now I’m here. My boyfriend told me to come, said he’d meet me inside.” she said as she glanced at the vaginal entranceway.

“Why did your boyfriend……? how does he know…?” I was confused and struggled to make a sentence. It seemed odd to me that a boyfriend would get his girlfriend to come to a gathering of this type.

Julia’s face brightened “I know, I asked the same question! Seems like he came here before we met,” she said with a touch of sarcasm “,said he wanted to watch me with others, wanted to share me with others like.”

“Oh,” I said “,I’ve not figured out exactly why I’m here, except to be with my friend.” I pointed out Debs.

Another girl close by, turned and walked over. Her walk was everything Debs had talked about, oozing sex and confidence. She told us her name was Amanda and she was stunning, her curvaceous body just excited me looking at her. I wanted to hold her close to me and run my hands up and down her hips and waist and then onto her full breasts. She had a small landing strip bush which was clearly well manicured and drew my eyes down all the time. Her stomach was amazing too, firm and blemish free, the v from her hips down needed my tongue to sakarya escort trace.

“What do you mean you don’t know why you’re here?” she sneered, before looking me up and down. “I’m here to earn some good money. Once I’ve found someone I like inside this damn place, once I’m finally allowed inside that is.” she said.

Debs was pulling a face at me.

“What’s it like inside Amanda?” I asked tentatively “,this is our first time.”

“Mine too!” she exclaimed “, Oh when are they going to let us in?” she moaned “,ahh at last….” she added just before heading off to the front of the queue quickly forming in front of the vulva trees.

“If she goes in with that attitude, there will be trouble,” whispered Debs, “I’ve seen girls like that get brought down to earth very quickly, and few manage to get back up again.”

We moved towards the trees before passing underneath, Debs words echoing in my mind “No more Jayne, no more limits, no more restrictions, let everything happen and be confident and full of joy.” I tried my best.

Once in the robing room the light became very dim and there were women assistants in translucent white dresses walking around distributing packages of clothing to the girls, the shape of their bodies clearly evident through the material.

Everyone had now assumed silence and was walking to their spot with their heads bowed. Debs and I parted at this point, although she promised she would look out for me after the initiation hour, whatever that was. She smiled a concerned smile and walked away, leaving me perplexed with the new girls.

I found my spot and stood waiting for clothes to arrive. I saw Julia and Amanda standing a little away from me. Amanda got her clothes first but questioned why her clothes had been changed. The assistant whispered in her ear, causing Amanda to quieten and begin to get dressed. Mine came next, delivered by a middle aged woman with a blank face, I smiled as I took the package, but received no response.

Inside were my stockings, garter belt and sandals (…thank heavens) but my tiny g-string was missing as was my bra. I looked around but the woman had gone and nobody else was paying me any attention.

I sat on the ground and ruffled a stocking together before rolling back on the ground and lifting my leg in the air and sliding the silk over my foot and along my calf and then carefully slipping on one of the sandals. I did the same for the other leg before standing.

Those sandals were stunning and felt so fantastic, they were just an awful lot higher heeled than I remembered. Still I finally had them on! I hooked the garter belt around my waist and pulled each stocking over my knee and midway along my thigh before fixing the tops with the clasps hanging off the belt. Then I had a good look around once more.

All of the new girls were dressed the same without exception and the assistants were returning and marking each girls neck with a green spot before tying a piece of black material around their eyes. They were blindfolding them all!

My heart beat raced as I looked around for an exit, but instead came face to face with an assistant holding my blindfold. She looked coldly at my frightened eyes, almost daring me to move. I held stock still as she daubed the green ink onto the notch at the bottom of my neck. Then she turned me around and pulled the material over my eyes and fastened it tightly behind my head. All vision was abruptly gone although I could taste the growing excitement, palpable in the air. I could hear Amanda once more complaining, then I thought I heard her briefly choking, but it was then all very quickly very quiet again.

A slow beat began to drum out nearby and we were all instructed to walk forwards. A voice whispered into my ear “Your station is to serve, so serve well young woman and fertility will surely be yours. Your time to enter the gathering has arrived.” I was eased forward to began my walking entrance. Into what was something I was not going to find out just yet thanks to the darkness from the blindfold around my head. Still my first tentative steps took me through the tree vulva and into Fertilitas Gelamen.

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