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This is my first submission on the site, and actually my first time writing any kind of erotic story. I will appreciate any and all feed back. Thanks for checking it out!

Ryan and Alyssa were in the midst of wild make – out session on his living room couch. She was leaning over him, one hand on his chest, the other behind his head; both of his hands we placed firmly on her ass. Ryan actually had the conscious thought that he had probably not kissed anyone this feverishly since he was fourteen years old, and chuckled a bit to himself. Just then, Alyssa broke from the embrace, and gave him a sneaky grin. “You ready?” she stated more than asked. Ryan could not respond with words, but without hesitation, nodded his affirmation. With that, she moved up his body a bit so she was straddling his laying body, the large bulge in her shorts visible above all else. “Damn,” Ryan thought to himself, “how did I end up here?”


Throughout his short romantic life (he was only 24) Ryan D’Amici had been somewhat of a ladies’ man. He never considered himself this, mind you, and that lack of ego was probably responsible for some of his allure. Ryan possessed a wiry 6’1” frame, not overly muscular, but by no means scrawny. Athletic also: enough to play college basketball at a small university in upstate New York, in fact. He was fairly well spoken, and undoubtedly well intentioned: meaning he didn’t come across like he just wanted to get girls into bed. His friends were openly in awe of his ability to attract girls without exerting any effort whatsoever. A chance viewing of a pornographic clip forever altered his desires, though.

One afternoon, Ryan found himself alone in his apartment. Knowing both of his roommates wouldn’t be home for at least a couple of hours, he decided to go to a porn site with free clips. They were only about 30 seconds each, but they were enough for him. On the front page he saw a clip with a dick pointed at the camera. Ryan immediately hit back on the browser, thinking he had maybe accidentally gone to the gay portion of the site; turns out he hadn’t. He sat back a moment, reminded himself that he was alone, and went back to the page containing the close up of a dick pointing right at the camera. Ryan had never been attracted to men, but couldn’t stop looking at this perfectly proportioned cock. He clicked the link, and expanded his Windows Media Player to full screen. Turns out this clip was not of a man but of a transsexual. Ryan was aware there were many transsexuals in the world (he usually heard them referred to as “trannys” or “shemales”) but had never seen one before let alone become sexually attracted to one. The clip played, and in it a tall brunette was jerking her cock, and telling the viewer to open his mouth. Moaning loudly, she then came all over the camera lens! Ryan was shocked, and had never seen any clip like it. He also found that his dick was rock hard.

That clip planted a seed in Ryan’s mind that took months to develop. He would search the internet for more clips of these beautiful women with big cocks, and particularly liked the ones where the actresses would address the viewer in the “POV” format. Eventually, though, masturbating could no longer satisfy his desires. He searched site upon site looking for an avenue to find a transsexual. Finally, Ryan discovered one he thought was a good fit, signed up, and began looking at member profiles. His top two priorities were that he find someone feminine and patient denizli escort enough to deal with a beginner. This was still just a fantasy of his, and he did not know how he was going to react when it was time for the real thing. So any profiles containing hard core descriptions of what they wanted to do/have done to them were crossed off. Eventually, he came across the profile belonging to Alyssa. Her face was the first thing that jumped out at him. She was very cute: dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, right up his alley. In her profile she also went out of her way to mention she was tall at 5’11” and stated so only because some guys found this to be a turn off. She also referred to herself as “kind of a dork”. Ryan found this to be very much a turn on. Alyssa was clearly beautiful, but humble enough to be a little self- deprecating. He decided to take the plunge, and send her a “flirt” type message, containing only a picture. That was how the site worked. He would be able to talk to her only if she accepted his message and responded. Alyssa, for her part, was instantly intrigued. He was legitimately hot, and after reading his profile, she absolutely relished the idea of being a “teacher” to him. The only thing Alyssa was hesitant about was his age, 24. She was 32, and felt a little twinge of guilt. Perhaps she should stick to someone within 5 years of her own age. As Alyssa looked over his picture again, though, she decided one date couldn’t hurt.


So now here they both were. “Do you care”, Ryan asked nervously “if we go slow?”

“Of course, baby”, Alyssa responded. “I know just what to do.”

Ryan smiled at this, and Alyssa decided he couldn’t possibly be any hotter. She slid off his body to the side, and told him to stand up. As he stood, he instinctively took off his black t shirt. Alyssa scooted over to the edge of the couch, and began working on his belt buckle. As she fidgeted, she fixed her eyes on the outline of his hardening dick, and felt a surge of lust flow through her body. She expertly unfastened his belt, and pulled his jean shorts and boxers down to the floor with one thrust. Ryan’s cock bobbed a couple inches from her face. Much to Alyssa’s excitement, he was fully erect, and visibly throbbing. He had a beautiful cock. Not huge in length, maybe about 7″, but very thick and smooth. Despite her urge to just dive on this thing, she playfully teased his dick with her fingernails.

“God, that feels good”, Ryan softly breathed.

“We’re just getting started, babe”, she responded.

Ryan let out a quick, but genuine laugh, and smiled that smile of his. She couldn’t wait any longer, and began stroking his dick rapidly. With one hand, she softly pulled him closer to the couch, and began kissing his lower abs and navel area softly. She was about to take his cock in her mouth, when she looked up into his eyes, and saw that they were transfixed on her own stiffening cock. Never shy, Alyssa decided to take the initiative.

“You want to see all of me, Ry?”

Again, Ryan could only nod. She stood up and kissed him passionately, one hand still stroking his dick. As they kissed, his hands again went to her ass, and he was firmly grabbing each cheek. Alyssa then put her hands on top of his, and slowly brought them to the waistband of her shorts. She was anxious to see how he responded. Ryan was nervous as hell, but was so aroused he decided to just go for it. He put his thumbs diyarbakır escort inside the waistband, and began inching her shorts down. A few inches down, he had to switch his hands to the front of her shorts, so that he could pull her shorts over her erection. He leaned down, and stared intently at the concealed cock belonging to this strikingly beautiful girl.

“Fuck it”, he thought, and pulled the shorts out and down to the floor.

There in front of him bounced an 8 inch uncut cock, completely shaven. He tentatively grasped it, the first time he had ever touched a dick beside his own. Instinctively, his mouth watered.

Despite that reaction, he blurted “I’m not going to suck it.” Alyssa was unsure of how to respond.

There was about a five second pause before Ryan continued “I’m sorry, this is just all new.”

“I know it is. And believe me, I don’t want to rush you”, Alyssa responded. “Let’s start here: what are you thinking?”

There was no easy answer to that question, because Ryan was thinking a million different things at that moment. What he knew for sure, though, was that his own cock was the hardest it had ever been, and he could not stop looking at Alyssa’s cock. Ryan always felt that he was a rational man. He decided to listen to his body, and the impulse that led him to search for a transsexual woman on the internet.

“I think you’re the sexiest fucking girl I’ve ever seen. “

“I don’t know if I’ll be good, but I want to try to make you cum” he continued.

“Okay baby, you sure?” Alyssa asked. She actually couldn’t believe she was even asking instead of just jumping on him.


With that, Ryan stood up and began slowly stroking Alyssa’s cock, whose hardness had not subsided. He was completely naked, and she was clad only in a white tank top. Alyssa then grabbed Ryan’s fat dick and began vigorously pumping it. It was difficult to decide who was moaning louder.

The sexiness of the moment was becoming too much for Ryan, and he felt himself on the verge of cumming. He was afraid that if he blew his load, he would lose his desire to please Alyssa.

“Alyssa, you gotta stop, baby. That feels too good. “Alyssa simply smiled, and pumped even faster.

“No, no. I wanna make you cum first, Alyssa. Am I doing it good enough that you could cum?”

“Uh, yeah” she thought to herself, but decided to play it cool. “We can try.”

She instructed him to lie on the couch, and then turned off the TV, which had been the only light in the room. Alyssa then slowly walked over to the couch, removed her tank, and straddled him. The sight of her small, but well-shaped breasts combined with her 8 inch dick set Ryan off, and he swore that if she touched his dick with a feather he would have came.

Alyssa sat between Ryan’s chest and navel area, and instantly Ryan began to stoke her dick again.

For being hesitant a few minutes ago, Ryan couldn’t believe how much he was enjoying jerking Alyssa off. It just felt so erotic, and he absolutely loved performing this action. He could tell she was enjoying it too, as her head was leaning back, and her hips were meeting his strokes. She was also beginning to moan louder. Alyssa for her part was in a trance. She hadn’t been with anybody in a few months, and in fact hadn’t even masturbated within the last month because she had just been so busy with work. Her dick felt like it was going to antalya escort explode. It was taking all of her energy to focus on not cumming immediately; she wanted this to last. His voice brought her back to life though.

“Am I going to be able to feel it when you’re about to cum?” Ryan wondered aloud.

“Don’t worry babe, I’ll tell you when I’m close. I won’t just shoot it everywhere.”

“No, I don’t care about that. I’m just curious.” He paused a few seconds. “You are so fucking sexy, baby. I wish I could stroke your dick forever. Your dick is perfect. “

“Oooh, you can’t talk like that sexy boy” Alyssa moaned.

“Why not?” Ryan asked teasingly in his most innocent voice.

“Because you’re going to make me cum everywhere”

“That’s what I want baby” Ryan retorted, and began stroking her dick even faster.

“Where do you want me to cum, huh? Tell me sexy boy.” Alyssa said with more urgency in her voice.

“How about I sit you up and you just explode all over my hand? How does it feel that way?” Ryan offered.

“Oh, it feels so good. To instantly just feel that hot liquid run down your hands…where else?”

“How about” Ryan started, then grabbed Alyssa’s hand and placed it on his well -defined chest, “I just point it down, and shoot it here? How does that feel?”

“Oh it’s unbelievable, baby. It would just run down the sides of your chest and towards your neck…where else?”

Alyssa was really starting to thrust her hips toward Ryan now, and Ryan could swear he felt a twitch in her rock hard cock.

“How about you scoot up, and put your huge fucking dick over my face and just cum everywhere? How does that feel?”

Alyssa immediate pushed up his body and said “You’re about to find out.”

She removed Ryan’s hand from her cock, and began stroking it herself. She was now straddling his neck, with her dick stretched out a couple inches above his face. Alyssa grabbed the base of her cock, and pointed the rest of the shaft down, rubbing it against Ryan’s face. The only light in the room was moonlight streaming in through a side window. It perfectly illuminated his face, and she could see his head instantly arch up. His eyes were closed, his mouth open, and he was straining to have her cock rub as much of his face as possible. The sight sent Alyssa over the edge.

“I’m going to fucking cum on your face, Ry!” she screamed.

This was the first time Ryan had heard Alyssa curse, and it sent waves of lust flooding through him. He arched his neck even more to rub his face against her cock.

The first spurt of cum sailed way over his face; over the arm bar of the couch in fact. But, the second spurt went exactly where both of them wanted. The thick rope of cum landed on Ryan’s face, stretching from his hairline to his chin. Ryan involuntarily moaned at the dirtiness of it all; he loved it. Alyssa seemed to see the cum land all over his handsome face in slow motion, and her eyes rolled back in her head. She continued stroking, dropping another rope, almost as big, all over his nose and mouth. Ryan’s eyes were closed, and his mouth opened moaning, as another small spurt landed on his upper lip.

After about fifteen seconds, Alyssa returned from her orgasmic high, and began playfully rubbing her softening dick over Ryan’s face.

“You are so fine, baby. I can’t believe you let me do that.”

“Let you?” Ryan responded, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted that.”

Alyssa couldn’t respond right away. She couldn’t believe her luck at having met this absolute stud, who she was going to be able to teach so many things.

She reached around to grab Ryan’s thick cock, which was still fully engorged. As soon as Alyssa grabbed his dick, Ryan’s entire body convulsed.

“Your turn now, Ry.”

The End

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