Extended Family Pt. 02

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He read over the message one last time before sending it.

Hello Reagan. This is going to sound odd, I know, but I’m your brother. Please don’t stop reading. We have the same dad, Brian Almont. I just want to talk to you. If you’d rather me leave you alone, I will, but I can explain what I know. My mom hired a PI who found this picture of you and him. I can provide any details you need, but I’d love to just talk. Take care.

He hit send.

Reagan Almont lived in Louisville, Kentucky. He didn’t see their dad on her social media page. He dropped off the grid 6 years ago, so Jonah would need a private investigator to find him if Reagan wasn’t any help. She waited tables at a chain restaurant according to her page filled with pictures of her and her coworkers. No husband or boyfriend and nothing about her mother so, now all he could do was wait.

He grabbed his phone and walked downstairs to find Lindsay going through an enormous stack of mail.

“Hey, Lindsay. Fan mail?”

“Yea, people love sexy 33-year-old redheads.”

“33? You said 32 the other day.” He walked over and hugged her, making sure his hand crossed over her large tits.

“She’s been 32 or 33 for about two years now. She was a freshman when I was a Senior in college, so ignore her devious lies.” Brooke walked in from her bedroom wearing a skimpy tank top and short striped sports shorts that accented her plump ass.

“Devious lies?! Never in my 31 years have I had to deal with such insolent friends!”

Jonah and Brooke laughed as they made their way to the coffeepot. Lindsay laughed with them.

“Is that really fan mail for you, Aunt Brooke?”

“Yea, and I try to read most of it. Since smart phones and social media, we don’t get many dick pic Polaroids, but we still get weird shit sometimes. It’s fun. Speaking of, I booked a show in a few weeks in Atlanta. I’m inviting Ainsley.”

“What show?”

“B Movie MILF Harlots-a-rama?” Lindsay said just before ducking a bagel Aunt Brooke launched across the room.

“It’s a horror con and Ainsley will love it.”

“She will. Thanks for that.” Jonah hugged her and felt her nipples on his chest through her thin shirt.

“So, you and Lindsay went to college together? I didn’t realize that.”

“We didn’t. she went to a private college that nobody could afford.”

“Still jealous, Brooke? All you poor people at the cow college on top of the hill, destined to be our maids and go through our fan mail.”

Brooke huffed. “I’m not jealous and you’re not my maid and I appreciate what you do for me, so stop it. Wait, are you seriously sitting there in your panties? Go put on some fucking clothes, Lindsay, shit.”

Jonah glanced over and smiled at Lindsay. She was wearing a pair of yellow satin panties.

“It’s a bikini bottom, so chill out.”

Brooke wasn’t having it. “No, it’s not. I wore those style of panties when I was 18. You’re 31, or 32 or whatever.”

“You own a pair now, Brooke.”

“First, don’t talk about my panties in front of my nephew and two, you admit they are panties, so put on some shorts before you distract Jonah more than you already have.”

“So what if they’re panties? They cover the same stuff.”

“We live on the beach, so bikini bottoms are fine, not panties.”

“You’re saying if we lived inland, it wouldn’t be okay for me to go to the store in a bikini, but I could in a beach town? How the fuck does that make sense? If I want, I’ll let this big ass out.”

“Whatever, hussy.” Brooke stirred in her coffee creamer.

“This big ol’ ass of mine. I’m gonna let it shine!” She started singing and Jonah clapped in rhythm, making Brooke laugh in her coffee.

“Who am I kidding? Now that you’ve taken advantage of my poor nephew and desecrated our familial kitchen, you can wear what you want around here.”

Lindsay jumped up from the table of mail.

“You weren’t supposed to tell him I told you. Fuck, Brooke!”

“It’s fine. Jonah doesn’t care.”

“I care. Jonah, she got me stoned and made me tell her. Brooke, I can’t believe you said something.

“Sorry. I thought it was okay.”

“Well, it isn’t. I don’t like being treated like a joke.”

Jonah walked over to her. “It’s okay that she knows. Don’t be embarrassed, please.”

“Embarrassed? I enjoyed doing that with you, so now I feel stupid.”

“That wasn’t my intention, Lindsay. I’m sorry.”

“I am too, sorry for trusting you. Do your own fucking mail; I’m leaving. Don’t worry, I’ll put on some pants.”

“Lindsay please.”

They caught each other looking as she jiggled her ass down the hall and stomped off to the guest room, slamming the door.

“Her ass is amazing, mom.”

“It is. Especially in those panties. I’ll talk to her. Do you mind giving us some privacy? Sorry to ask.”

“No worries. I’ll use the hot tub. Good luck.” He walked outside.

Jonah sat his coffee on the edge of the tub and slipped into the warm water. September was ending, so the mornings were cooler. As he relaxed and enjoyed his coffee, he heard the front Kıbrıs Escort door slam and a car start just before Brooke came outside.

“Well, she isn’t happy. Looks like I fucked up.”

“Will she be okay?”

“Oh, yeah, we’ll talk. I’ll go over to her apartment tomorrow if I don’t hear from her and things will be fine. Don’t worry. She was uptight about this. She must really like you.”

“What do you mean?”

Brooke pulled her top off and slid out of her shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties, so she stepped into the hot tub with Jonah and straddled him.

“I mean, your little escapade meant more to her than I initially thought. It was special to her, so she got upset at me for making light of it.”

She leaned in, kissing him.

“I hope she’s okay. Maybe I should go talk to her, mom.”

“No, you’ll just end up having sex, which is fine, but it won’t help her come back over. I’ll go later, but speaking of sex, baby.” Brooke rubbed her pussy against his hardening cock, and he felt her short blonde bush rub over the tip.

“You want mommy’s pussy? It’s still yours.”

“You know I do.”

Brooke moved her nipples to his mouth and let out a small moan as he sucked them and flipped his tongue over the tips.

“I love when you suck on my big nipples, baby. Keep going. I’m going to take good care of your cock.”

Jonah only needed a small bit of encouragement from her. Seeing her nipples through her shirt was enough to make him hard. He was throbbing at this point.

“You want to bend your mom over this hot tub?” she smiled and let the tip of his dick slide just between her soft pussy lips before he pulled her out of the water. She bent over for him and spread her legs.

“Fuck me good, baby. God, I love your cock. Take me.”

Jonah slid into her wet pussy and pushed his hips against her ass. The cool morning made the water on his skin colder, but her warmth kept his mind off the weather when he smacked her ass.

“Smack by fat ass. I deserve it.”

He smacked the other side.

“I want you to wear a pair of panties like Lindsay had on when I fuck you tonight.”

“I will, baby. Are you going to think of her red pussy when you fuck me?”

“Fuck mom. That’s hot. You want me to fuck her red pussy?”

“I want to watch you fuck her. I’m close, baby. Fuck me hard now.”

Jonah grabbed her hips and gripped her as he thrusted his cock into her folds, her ass slapping against him, mixing with the sound of the hot tub jets and the ocean.

Brooke reached between her legs and rubbed her clit as her tits bounced just over the warm water. Steam was rolling in the air as he felt her body shake and she let out a long, low moan, her thighs tightening when the orgasm moved through her body.

“God, that always feels amazing. Cum on my face like you did Lindsay’s. Cum on mommy’s face.”

Jonah felt his cock swell inside of her and it took all he had to pull it out. She turned around and lowered her body into the hot tub just as he unloaded on her. The first thick ropes hit her lips and the next found her cheeks and closed eyes. She smiled as he kept cumming and she held her hands on the back of his legs, rubbing his muscles as he spent his body.

“Rub it on my face. Rub your big cock on my face.”

Jonah was out of breath but rubbed the head on her mouth. She licked the cum off her lips.

“I love being treated like that. Is so fucking hot when—”

“I forgot my fucking phone. Don’t think I’m back to make up with you, Brooke. I think we need to sit down and talk about my feelings and—”

There are awkward moments in life. Some are worse than others. Your parents walking in when you’re jerking off, your mom finding your porn collection, maybe. Or more dangerous ones, like her dad coming in when she is sucking your cock. Those can be dangerous.

Your mom’s friend seeing you standing over her with your hard cock out and covered in your cum surpasses all of that.

“What in the actual fuck. Is that? I mean, are you? I know that’s cum. That’s your cock. That’s your aunt. Oh my god. I’m leaving.”

He froze and then realized he was staring at her with his dick still in his hand. Brooke jumped up, naked, covered in cum, and ran after her through the house.

“Lindsay wait, please!”

Jonah fell back in the hot tub in shock. He listened to the conversation when the jets stopped, leaving him standing in the still water.

“Brooke, you’re covered in your nephew’s cum. Do you think we can have a serious conversation?”

He couldn’t make out Brooke’s responses, but Lindsay was almost screaming.

“Brooke, I don’t care if you intended to tell me at some point. I’m leaving. This is too much right now.”

He heard the door slam again, so he grabbed a towel and walked inside. He didn’t see Brooke, so he followed the water trail to the bathroom to find her sitting on the counter wiping off her face and still dripping water on the floor.

“Hey baby. That was really hot. Sorry it got ruined.”

“Mom, what do Lefkoşa Escort we do?”

“You come here and hug me and be thankful it wasn’t Ainsley.”

“I’m so sorry, mom.”

“It’s not your fault. I don’t want you to blame yourself, but I’m going to find her, so I need to get ready. This doesn’t change things for us. She will accept it or move on. I love her, but you’re my top priority.”

“I don’t want you to lose friends over this.”

“We have to be careful, but not dwell on it. I’m going to shower. What’s Ainsley doing today? Maybe y’all can hang out.”

“She’s with her friend Samantha, but she has sent about 20 pics to me with her purple hair. She loves it.”

“Good. Any of the pics show more than her purple hair?” She kissed his neck as he continued to hug her.

“You know they do.”

“She’s a good girl. Show me later. You’re on your own today, so relax and, I mean it, don’t think about this.”

“I’ll try not to.”

She kissed him and jumped into the shower. He went to his room after drying the floor and started a game on his computer. The players on League of Legends didn’t mind telling him he sucked, and, frankly, some of the insults were funny. He turned off the computer after hearing Brooke leave and took a shower, letting the hot water cool his thoughts. His and Brooke’s relationship was extraordinary and complicated, but he’d hoped it wouldn’t come out like this.

After showering, Jonah dressed and grabbed his keys to drive to the base for a haircut, but a notification on his phone stopped him.


He opened the app and clicked on the message.

Reagan: Listen creep, if you’re one of my dad’s former associates, then fuck you and your kids. If you don’t have kids, then fuck your future offspring. Tell my dad I don’t want to talk to him. He can rot in whatever country he ran off to. I don’t need this nonsense, and sending that picture of us was cruel. My dad didn’t have any kids but me and I’ve spent my life paying for his bullshit, so leave me alone.

Jonah read the message again and his heart sank. All he wanted was to talk. Today wasn’t his day. He just wanted to know her. He replied:

Jonah: I’m so sorry, Reagan. I didn’t mean to upset you. I don’t know much about our dad, other than he met my mom, Brooke, in college, but I won’t bother you again. If you ever change your mind, let me know. I’ll always be okay hearing from you. Take care.

He sat his phone down and threw his keys on his nightstand. He wasn’t interested in getting a haircut.


Ainsley laughed as she fell into the bed next to Samantha. Sam had been her friend since she moved to Brunswick, and they were inseparable.

“Your hair is too cute. I want purple hair.”

Ainsley snuggled next to her in bed, moving the shopping bags on the floor.

“Would your parents be okay with purple hair?”

Sam looked at her with a side eye. “My dad would shit and then I’d be looking for a dumpy apartment near the college. No way, Ainsley.”

She laughed and wrapped her arm around Sam, squeezing her.

“I would live with you.” She kissed her cheek and Sam responded by turning her face and kissing her back on the lips.

“Would Jonah be okay with it? Us living together?”

“I haven’t told him about you, Sam. Not yet.”

“Oh, it’s fine. It’s no big deal.”

“It is a big deal. I told someone, though, and I wanted to talk to you about it.”

Sam rolled over on her side, moving her blonde hair out of her face. “Who?”

“Uhm, his aunt.” She closed her eyes, hoping not to see any surprised expression she may have.

“Ainsley, look at me.”

She opened her eyes to see Sam propped up on her elbow, lying next to her.

“You told his aunt that you and your best friend are, well, more than best friends?”

“Yea, she was cool with it.”

“Do you believe her?”

“Yea, completely. It’s going to be okay. You and I don’t have to stop.”

“Things went to hell with your last boyfriend. We can stop if we have to; I won’t like it, but I don’t want you to always have to choose between me and a guy.”

“Stop it, I’m keeping you. Jonah may have a friend for you. How fun would that be?”

“I’m off the market because my last boyfriend was a disaster.”

“What was his issue again?”

“He stunk and refused to fix it. He fucking said that showering more than once a week was unhealthy. Gross. He wanted me to give him a blow job one day, and I told him he had to shower first. He got totally pissed and said that I should enjoy his musk? Who the fuck says musk?”

Ainsley laughed and rolled into Sam, who held on and started tickling her.

“Stop!” She tried to break free, but Sam was stronger. She was a college volleyball player. Tall and athletic. She towered over Ainsley. She was laughing too hard to fight back much.

“Stop, or I’ll go into berserker mode and bite your ankles.”

She finally let her go and she collapsed on top of Sam and laid her head between her large Girne Escort breasts.

“It’s not fair that you’re bigger than me. I could take you if we were the same size, musk girl.”

She grabbed Ainsley and rolled her over on her back, straddling her.

“Your big legs are going to crush me, stahp!”

“Never call me musk girl.” She laughed and tickled Ainsley more before leaning down to kiss her.

“Okay, okay. Sorry.” She was laughing and moved her hands to Samantha’s thighs. She was wearing a light blue tennis dress that looked amazing on her long legs. Ainsley rubbed her smooth, tanned thighs and smiled up at her.

“I love you, Sam, and your legs are beautiful.”

“I love you too, but you can’t call me musk girl.”

“Deal. You’ll still hold me even when I’m cuddly annoying?”

“Is cuddly annoying a phrase?” She held her hands on Ainsley’s and rubbed over the back of them and on her forearms.

“It worries me, Samantha. It makes me feel needy.”

“Stop apologizing for who you are. I’ve let you smother me in my sleep for how long? If your cuddling bothered me, I’d tell you. It sounds like Jonah would too.”

“You’re the best Sam. Jonah will be fine with us. I promise.”

“I trust you, Ainsley.”

“You’re going to like him. He isn’t musky at all.” She smiled until she saw Sam’s hands move into tickle formation.

“Stop! I was kidding. It’s just that he smells nice.”

“That’s good. We don’t need gross, stinky people in our lives.”

“Oh, he’s not gross either. He has a nice cock.”

“I love hearing you say ‘cock’. Do it again.”

“He has an amazing cock. I sucked it for him on our second date.”

“You little slut.” She squeezed Ainsley’s hands as she moved them up her thighs, pushing her dress up to her panties.

“Are you trying to look at my panties, Ms. Ainsley?”

“Maybe, but you’re the one who moved my hands up here, missy.” She was so pretty. Everywhere they went, people gravitated to her. Her smile and good humor made her stand out; her height helped too. She was every bit the athlete she needed to be for a college sport, and her toned body was hard to ignore.

“You’re so pretty. I still can’t believe you have the hots for a skinny little emo girl.” Ainsley moved her dress up, revealing her tight pink hipster panties.

“I can’t believe a pretty little emo girl would hang out with a jock like me. Now keep talking about this amazing cock you can’t seem to keep out of your mouth.”

“Jock doesn’t work for you. It’s technically true, but you’re Wonder Woman.”

“We’re talking about cocks, not me.” She pulled her dress over her head and squatted back down on her heels with her legs spread, sitting on top of Ainsley. Her bra matched the soft panties that touched Ainsley’s thighs; Sam was careful not to put her weight on her. Ainsley reached her hands to her firm ass and ran her fingers just under the edge of her panties.

She found her words stuck in her throat. Sam’s flat stomach had a slight hint of a six-pack peeking through her tanned skin, but her tits always amazed her. Sam had the most perfect pert breasts that bounced when she moved and seemed to defy gravity. She wasn’t at all self-conscious of her own small breasts, but Samantha’s were perfect in her mind.

“Are you checking out my tits, girlie?”

“Always. Take them out.” Sam reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, releasing her large tits. She tossed it off the bed and leaned over Ainsley.

“Kiss them.”

Ainsley moved her hands from her thighs and held her soft tits as her tongue found her nipples. She loved how big they felt in her small hands and the feel of her skin on her fingertips.

“Hmm, keep sucking on them. Your hands feel so good too.”

She kneaded her and sucked her hardening nipples as Sam rubbed her pussy against her.

“Tell me about his cock; stop teasing me.”

She stopped sucking and kissed her nipples as she told her.

“It’s nice, thick. It stretches my mouth a little. My pussy got wet when I felt it go through my lips and over my tongue.”

“What about the clear cum that comes out? Was there a lot?”

Ainsley held her tits and rubbed them over her face.

“Yea, a lot; I licked it off. His skin is so soft, but it’s hard too and that felt so good in my mouth. I was so close to him. Since I did it, I’ve made myself cum twice. I let him cum in my mouth too.”

She moved her hands to Sam’s panty clad ass and squeezed.

“I’ve never let a guy do that; I tell him to cum on my tits. Not my face, though.” Sam leaned up and pushed her ass against Ainsley’s hands.

“If I had a dick, I’d cum all over your pretty face.” She smacked Sam’s ass.

“I’d let you. I bet you’d have a nice gigantic cock too.” She laughed as Ainsley popped her ass again.

“How was it? In your mouth?”

“Play with my nipple rings.” Sam pulled her shirt and bralette up and pinched her nipple bars, pulling them a little. “It was really fucking hot. He was fucking my mouth fast, and the first shot hit the back of my throat. I loved how dirty I felt.”

“Like a little slut?”

“Yea, just like that. He’s so fucking hot too. I want a video of him doing it. His fat cock in my mouth.”

“Could I watch it with you?”

“Yea, we could play with each other and watch him fuck me. You want that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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