Explorations Ch. 09

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Saturday evening, after Laura’s dad went out, we gathered at her house. Laura and I, as well as Emily, Brianna, and Johnny. It was a little strange at first. We all knew the five of us had gathered there because of the last time we were together, when we had quite a sexual experience. Knowing that, we still seemed very tentative to get things started.

I got things going in the right direction when I came up behind Brianna. Wrapping my arms around her, I leaned my head into hers, smelling her long dark hair. My arms rose up until my hands held her full breasts in my palms. Oh, those wonderful, big breasts. Feeling those while nuzzling her neck quickly got my penis hardening, and I pressed it into her ass. She pushed back into me, and her head rolled back enjoyed the sensations.

“If we’re going to start this, we should go into the living room,” Laura said.

“Don’t we want to start this?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” she said, smiling while taking my hand and leading me into the other room. The others were close behind.

Laura unbuttoned her blouse on the way and slipped it off her shoulders. Seeing her standing there in her black, lacy bra got everyone started, and soon we were all stripping down. We settled on the floor in a sort of group, our hands running tentatively over each other’s bodies. Mostly genitals.

Laura had a firm hold of my erection, and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Fuck me,” she whispered.

I looked at her in shock, and she nodded.

“Here? In front of everyone?” I asked.

She nodded, smiling up at me. “I’m feeling really horny. Especially thinking of doing it here in front of them.”

“Okay,” I agreed anxiously. “Where?”

She nodded toward the couch. “There. Doggy style.”

I thought I was about to shoot my load at the thought. My mind fought against itself – racing at imagining this happening, and at the same time trying to get myself to calm down.

Laura and I left the group and stood by the nearby couch, fondling each other as the others watched, wondering why we separated ourselves. I moved around behind her, still fondling her tits with one hand, the other hand playing with her pussy and sliding around to her ass. Then I moved my hand up onto her back and pushed, causing her to bend over the arm of the couch. My erection naturally pressed into her ass crack as she did this, causing more than one gasp from the others who were watching.

I pushed my penis between her ass checks, letting it slide through to her slit. I pumped my hips forward and back, sliding my prick through her pussy lips. It was getting wet.

“Be careful,” Emily said, quietly.

“I lost it a few days ago,” Laura answered in a breathy voice.

Emily looked shocked. “Your virginity?” she nearly shouted.

Laura smiled and nodded, quickly.

“Oh my God,” Emily said, still in shock. “Really?”

“Yes,” Laura managed to squeak out as an answer.

My erection was very hard by now and quite wet. One of my hands had been squeezing her breast while the other was playing with her clit and the front of her slit. I reached that hand underneath us from behind and guided my prick to her hole. Laura moaned as the head settled at her entrance.

“Oh, yes. Do me!” she instructed.

“Laura,” Emily said, still not used to the idea.

“Do me!” Laura insisted, looking directly at Emily, as if to tell her it was okay and to back off.

The other three people had just been staring, giving up their own groping to watch the show. It was just about to get better.

Steadying my rod with my hand, I pushed my hips forward so that it sunk about two inches into her hole. She grunted at the intrusion, Emily and Brianna both groaned, and I moaned as my dick parted Laura’s vaginal walls. I held there for just a moment. I didn’t pull back, but I stopped the pressure on her pussy. Then I pushed some more, gaining another inch or two. Her pussy was wet, but it was still very tight. I was also careful not to cause her pain, at least no more than necessary.

My dick had a firm hold of her pussy by now, so my hand went back around to her front and I resumed stroking there and flicking her nub. I pulled my hips back this time, and gave a good push into her cunt. I went at least half way in, and it was feeling so warm and moist, my cock surrounded by her slick pressure on all sides. I was really into the feeling, and beginning to lose my concentration. When Laura pushed back on me the next mersin escort time I pushed in, I pretty well lost my concentration and let my emotions take over.

I pulled out until only the tip of my cock was left in her pussy, then pushed back in, much more forcefully. Laura let out a loud groan, but instead of being hurt she was wanting more. She jerked her hips back, asking for it, and I pumped more into her. After a few more stokes I was in to the hilt, and was sliding smoothly. I began fucking her in long, smooth strokes. She groaned each time I bottomed out inside her.

The others were watching intently as I rammed my cock home, pushing Laura against the couch with each stroke even as she pushed back into me. My dick was gliding easier now, still tight but not straining to force its way through any more. With each stroke came a squishy sound, as well as the slap of my balls swinging against her.

My fingers were rubbing her clit quickly, her hand holding mine tight against it. My other hand held her breast, pinching and pulling her nipples when I could think of it. I was giving in to my basest desires, forgetting about any precautions. It didn’t seem that Laura needed gentle treatment now. She had been fucked several times now, and her body seemed to be asking for more. I plowed into her, knowing that I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Her climax caught me by surprise. Her pussy walls tightened and rippled, she let out a loud moan that had built up quickly as if she had been holding it in, and she held her body tight against the couch. I did not stop fucking. I stopped rubbing her clit, but I kept pounding her pussy. I knew I was getting close, but I also knew that my climax was still a couple minutes away.

Her climax subsided a bit. She began bucking her hips back against me again, now moaning out loud with each thrust, not trying to be quiet. I touched her clit again and she yelled and began throwing her whole body into it. She was trying to fuck me, even though it was difficult to do in her position. I grabbed both of her tits, pulling them and holding on as if they were handles. I pounded as hard as I ever had into her sweet, fresh pussy, and she began grinding her clit into the arm of the couch. Her moaning was continuous and loud, and I let out one each time I drove into the bottom of her love tunnel.

My cock began swelling. I felt the cum begin. Another two thrusts and I exploded, holding my cock as deep into her cunt as I could for each explosion, then pulling back a little to drive into her depths for the next explosion. She was pinned against the couch and liked it, rubbing her crotch into it, letting a loud, long growl out as she orgasmed again. Or perhaps she never got over her first one. I finished pumping my cum into her, then pumped a couple more times as we both began to settle down. We were gasping for air, totally spent, and I collapsed on top of her.

Just as I was regaining my senses, it seemed that Johnny threw Emily onto the other side of the couch. She sat on the seat, her crotch on the edge and her legs splayed wide. Johnny was between her legs, his cock straining towards the wet snatch in front of him. He pulled her ass up toward his ridged member with both hands and tried to align it with her hole. With both his hands holding Emily’s ass it was difficult to hit the hole, so she reached down and held his cock, guiding it in. When it penetrated she screamed in pleasure.

Brianne had come over to the couch to hold Laura, comforting her, making sure she was alright. Laura had not moved from laying over the arm. Brianna just held her head while they both watched Johnny and Emily. I had slumped down and was kneeling on the floor, also watching Johnny and Emily.

Johnny had gone full bore into Emily’s pussy, and she seemed to like it. They were both groaning with each of his thrusts. After a short while Emily said, “Do it that way,” looking over toward Laura.

I assumed she meant doggie style, like Laura and I had just done, and that must have been it. Johnny withdrew his angry looking cock from Emily’s pussy and helped her roll over. She couldn’t go too far as she was sitting right beside Brianna. We were all so close to the action. When Emily was done she was leaning over the seat cushion of the couch with her knees on the floor. Johnny knelt on the floor behind her, his cock waving in the air, then pressing into her ass. Emily reached around with one hand and kocaeli escort grabbed it, pulling it in to her pussy hole and wiggling her ass to get it to the right spot.

As soon as Johnny felt his cock head at the entrance to her vagina, he pushed in hard again, sinking almost the whole thing into Emily. They both gasped, especially Emily, as he drove in that first long, strong, stroke. He pulled nearly out of her pussy and then back in hard, over and over. He had his hands firmly on Emily’s hips, pulling them toward him with each stroke. Emily’s hands were flailing about, trying to find something to hold on to as her pussy was being ravished. One hand was trying to get a hold in the crevice of a seat cushion. The other found Brianna, and they held hands, Brianna using her other hand to stroke Emily’s arm to comfort her.

But Emily didn’t want comfort. Her body was being crushed between the couch and Johnny’s body. Her pussy was being abused as he pounded into her hard, over and over. And she was loving it. Her moans and yelps were accompanied by a “Yes!” every few strokes, and her pussy was leaking juices.

Johnny switched to a new gear and began groaning loudly as he neared his orgasm. He yelled when it hit, and pumped a few more times as he released all of his sperm into Emily. He slowed down as he finished, but Emily didn’t want to stop. She kept pushing her hips back into him, trying to get her pussy filled with cock, but Johnny seemed spent. He let his cock fall out of the pussy and slumped onto the floor as Emily groaned with displeasure, her soaking vagina now empty.

Emily started whimpering, denied the climax she had been striving for. Brianna reached over and took her into her arms in sympathy. Emily crawled up a little higher on the couch to cuddle in tighter, hugging with one arm and putting the other hand into her crotch, fondling her clit and pussy. Brianna reached down with one hand to Emily’s ass and grabbed it, pulling upwards in an attempt to help Emily to get higher on the couch and further into a comfortable position with Brianna.

Suddenly they stopped their movements and looked into each other’s eyes, just for a moment. Emily’s hand had been close to Brianna’s breast, and now moved over to cup the pendulous tit. Brianna’s eyes got wide, and she gave a slight gasp. Her hand on Emily’s ass moved slowly around and covered Emily’s own hand, still between her legs. Emily turned her hand sideways and pulled it slowly away, leaving Brianna’s hand covering Emily’s mound. Emily moaned, and pushed on Brianna’s tit, mashing it upwards and then pinching the nipple, causing a moan from Brianna. Brianna’s hand started moving in Emily’s crotch, her whole hand simply massaging the mound.

In Emily’s state of horniness, still wanting to cum after getting so close with Johnny, she pushed her pelvis into Brianna’s hand hard, stimulating her clit and pussy. Brianna was ready to help as she slid her hand further along Emily’s pussy lips and pushed two fingers into her hole. Emily screamed with pleasure and pumped her hips into the hand giving her that pleasure.

As Emily pumped on the fingers in her pussy, her head slid over to Brianna’s tit, licking and sucking some of it into her mouth. Her other hand was still playing with the other tit, and Brianna seemed to be getting as turned on as Emily was. They both were now going after each other’s bodies, writhing on the couch, not holding back, not noticing the three sets of eyes watching in amazement just inches from them.

Emily now had her other hand in Brianna’s snatch, a finger in her hole and her thumb finding her clit. They were both nearly delirious, but it wouldn’t last much longer. Emily had a big head start since Johnny had been pounding her pussy so well, and this was quickly bringing on that orgasm that had escaped her. She started pounding her hips down, forcing Brianna’s fingers, now three or four of them, deeper into her cunt. Brianna’s palm was tight against Emily’s mound, rubbing her clit, and Emily was nearing the edge,

“YES! GOD! YES! FUCK! ME! YES! OH! SHIT! YES!” With every push of her hips, Emily was shouting out something, and she finally exploded with a shrieking orgasm that filled the room. She bounced up and down on Brianna’s hand, I’m sure not really aware of what had happened. Eventually she settled, collapsing onto the couch.

No-one said a word. We were all in shock at what we had seen. Shock, and I believe, samsun escort we were all quite aroused by it as well. My dick had regained a full erection and was waving in the air as my mind tried to recover. Brianna, seeing it there right by her leg, reached down and grabbed it. She reached out and put her other hand around my waist and pulled me to her. She aimed my dick directly at her cunt. I had no choice but to put it in.

I shoved my dick into her hole as she raised her hips well off the couch, and it slid all the way into the depths of her channel. Hitting bottom, she yelped and held her hips high. As I pulled back for another stroke she pulled her hips back down and then back up, meeting my thrust as I bottomed out again. We kept that up as I used my hands to try to balance myself on the seat cushion. I was driving in as hard as I could. This was fucking in the most animalistic way. Our groins drove into each other over and over, no other stimulation happening, just my cock pounding up into her pussy, balls slapping, juices squishing, grunting as we reached total penetration each time.

Emily was still slumped on the couch beside us, but she was awake and watching with great interest. On the other side of us still lay Laura over the arm, but now Johnny was behind her. Evidently recovered, he began banging into her doggie style, just as I had done earlier. Laura seemed almost oblivious to it at first, but as he drove into her she became more animated and began moaning and shoving her hips back to meet his thrusts.

Seeing them fucking almost in our faces was an even greater turn on. Laura’s face was sometimes closer to me than was Brianna’s, and I was fucking Brianna! As Laura moaned, she did so right into my ear. All of us were moaning and groaning at the incredible experience we were having. Emily now leaned over as if to join us, though she was pretty well done for. She played with Brianna’s huge nipples, and grabbed Laura’s breast as well, adding to the surreal feeling. And I’m sure it added to the sexual experience of the other two girls.

Brianna was closing in on her climax. Emily had started her, and my dick hoped to finish the job. She started gasping for air and grabbing my hips, pulling me into her cunt further, if possible, and actually slowing me down for a few final pushes as her orgasm exploded inside her. My dick could feel the extra lubrication in her vagina as the walls spasmed around it.

I had started well after Brianna, and I wasn’t about to stop. Since cumming so hard in Laura, I sensed I was going to last longer this time. I kept driving into Brianna. She was not thrusting back as much as she had been doing, but she was still enjoying it. She and Laura were actually kissing. How long had that been going on? Emily had a handful of a breast from each girl and was lightly kissing Brianna’s cheek. My orgasm started building quickly.

I was pumping into Brianna now as if I was trying to wreck her vagina. As hard a thrust as I could manage every time. I was on my knees, but otherwise upright, pounding my groin into her crotch, pulling her hips into me. Her hips were over the edge of the couch as I speared into them, legs spread wide, each one pined to the side of the couch. I finally felt the cum in my dick as it swelled, ready for the explosion. It hit, and I spewed into the depths of Brianna’s pussy. I don’t know how much cum I had left, but my spasms were hard. I drove and held deep into her pussy with each one, grateful for the relief.

At the same time as my orgasm hit, so did Laura’s. Yes, Laura’s. Johnny had pounded her to another strong climax, and she buried her head into a huddle that the girls had formed. All three of their heads and several arms, all helping each other through this. Laura moaned into the group as Johnny kept pounding her.

When I was spent, I tried collapsing onto Brianna but the three girls were all in a tangle. I slid further down onto the floor, and my head further down onto Brianna. My head was right at her crotch. I had no interest in eating out her pussy, as a fresh load of my cum had just been deposited there. But I did start licking her clit. I batted the nub around with my tongue, and sucked it into my mouth. Laura’s moans had subsided, but Brianna’s had taken them over as she responded to my assault. It wasn’t long before she was panting, breathless, and then she finally gave in to the last orgasm of the night.

Johnny had just finished in Laura’s pussy moments before I got Brianna off, and soon we all lay in a tangled heap. Exhausted, sweaty, amazed, satisfied, and perhaps a little confused. Was it possible that this could happen again, or was it the final episode of an amazing but too kinky story? Only time would tell, but I knew that this was an evening that none of us was likely to ever forget.

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