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Author’s Note – Hello, all. First of all, thank you for your feedback on the original version of Escape – Chapter 10. I have a chronic illness that, at times, makes it difficult to focus. Because of this, several ideas that I had for the original chapter didn’t wind up in the chapter itself (you know… plot hole minimizing ideas, like calling the police.)

With that being said, I appreciate those of you who were kind in your feedback about those issues in the original. I have re-written chapter 10, condensing the final chapter and this one while changing things up quite a bit. I hope you enjoy this ending as much as I do!

Happy reading, all!


The next few months passed by in a blur. Nikolai and I passed our exams that weekend, scoring in the highest percentile, and were both accepted into the colleges that we’d applied to. I obtained my learner’s permit, then my license, and he signed the little car over to my name. I loved having my own transportation, being able to move about without burdening him with giving me rides constantly.

We fell into a routine that summer – I decided not to start classes until the fall, while Nikolai took summer courses. I spent my free time designing dresses, and I even started a little online shop for them. It wasn’t wildly successful, but I saw an order come in about once a week.

I had plenty of time to work, relax, and bond with the kittens while Nik was at school. We frequently had Aunt Sharron over, along with Lynn, Vanessa, and Jameson, who frequently brought his flavor of the week. Our home became the central meeting place for our crew, and even Collin would stop by from time to time.

As the summer continued, most of our evenings were spent with Nik studying and while I curled up with a good book. Once we were done, we would make love, or have rough, wild sex; it just depended on what the mood was.

It turned out that I loved harder sex. I loved being tied up, gagged, and paddled. He had even picked up a few more wild toys, like nipple clamps and butt plugs, and we began experimenting with anal, which we both loved. The best part of everything was that we could have sex all the time – the birth control implant had made my periods light at first, and nonexistent after a few months.

I began seeing a therapist shortly after we moved into the home, although I seemed to be bouncing back pretty well from what happened with my father. Nikolai helped significantly with that, and the crying spells were almost gone by the time I graduated from high school. I thought less and less of my father and the farm, and when those thoughts came, they were usually fleeting, gone just as soon as they’d showed up.

The only strange thing that happened were the continued phone calls. Just noise in the background, and no matter how many times I blocked the number, a new one would call within a few days. It got to the point that I changed my number, which stopped the calls for good. We figured it was someone with the wrong number, and I had gone three months without a creepy call by the time school was set to begin.

Finally, summer ended, and I was ready to start my classes. I was receiving two or three dress orders a week by that point, and I wanted to learn as much as I could to offer new products. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up soon, but fortunately, Vanessa had been helping out in exchange for part of the income we were receiving from the dress.

Nikolai, for his part, had taken a part time job at the coffee shop I’d had lunch with Vanessa at when we’d first made our appearance in the real world. They worked around his school schedule, allowing him to work between classes so that he had most evenings off to spend time with me.

On the day in question, I was exiting the doctor’s office. I’d gone in for a check-up, and had gotten the surprise of my life. When it was clear that this was a surprise and tears sprung to my eyes, Dr. Fry went over my options with me, but I assured him I had absolutely no need for an abortion – while it wasn’t something we’d planned on, anything made by Nikolai and I, especially a little life growing inside of me, was beautiful and perfect. I couldn’t wait to tell him.

I was walking to my car, smiling to myself, when the phone call that would change my life came in.

“Hello?” I answered without looking, thinking it was Vanessa. I’d sent her a text message, telling her that Wellbaum, party of four (with cats!) was about to become party of five.

“Amelia?” My name was whispered, and the voice on the other end was hoarse and dry. I didn’t recognize it at first.

“This is Amelia. How can I help you?”

“It’s Rachel. Please help. Your father -” I heard heavy footsteps in the background, along with a loud slap, followed by Rachel crying out. The line went dead then, and pulling it away from my ear, I stared at it, heart pounding. My father was hurting Rachel.

The phone rang again, from the same number, and I immediately picked it up.

“Well, if it isn’t my runaway bride.” My father chuckled darkly, and I could just picture the evil glint in Lefkoşa Escort his eyes, the same one that he’d had when this all first started – when he’d tried to rape me.

“What did you do to Rachel?” I asked, voice cracking as a tear rolled down my cheek, thinking back to that horrible day so long ago. Memories clouded my mind, rushing back to paint horrible, fragmented pictures of the reality that had taken place that day.

“Your brother took something of mine, so I took something of his. Don’t worry, I’m treating her exactly the way she deserves to be treated, but she’s not you. I just want to talk to you. Meet me here, and I’ll set her free. I just want to see you, one last time, and then she can go home with you.”

He listed off the name of a coffee shop that was halfway between the city and the farm, along with a time for later that day, before hanging up.

I didn’t know what to do. Rachel had not sounded well on the phone, and I knew, without a doubt, that my father was hurting her. Of all the possibilities that had popped into my head, my father taking her to be his wife had not been one of them. He was fixated on purity, and I had been certain he would have picked a freshly eighteen year old girl.

Bringing my phone up once more, I tried to call Nikolai, but he didn’t answer. I knew he was at work and kept his phone on silent while he was there. This all was in the past, after all. What reason did he have to keep his phone volume up against policy?

Shaking, I called Vanessa next, whose phone also went to voicemail. Same with Aunt Sharron and Colin.

Jameson, however, picked up on the first ring.

“Hey, little bit. What’s up?”

Frantically, I explained the situation to him.

“Whoa, okay. Okay. The first thing we’re going to do is call the police. Can you do that?”

Shaking on the sidewalk, I nodded, murmuring my yes to him.

“Good. Breathe, Mia. Breathe.” I took another deep breath, trying to do as he instructed. “Now, are you good to drive?”

I looked at my hands, watching as they jerked up and down in the midst of my panic attack. “No.” My voice came out high pitched, foreign to my own ears.

“Okay. I’m coming to pick you up, and we’re going to go to the coffee shop to find Nik. He’ll help, okay.?”

“Okay,” I cried, tears reely falling, as though I knew what was coming.

After giving Jameson my address, I dialed 911, where I was informed that the police in the small town were currently held up at a bank robbery, and that unfortunately, there were gunshots – that took precedence, the woman on the phone claimed.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Soon enough, Jameson arrived, and after taking one look at me, he hopped out of the car, wrapped his arms around me and squeezed.

“Come on, Amelia. Let’s go find Nikolai.”

As we rode, I explained my conversion to Jameson, whose jaw clenched and unclenched until we parked.

“You wait here,” He said, leaving me in the car as he ran into the store to get Nikolai. Nik, who I needed more than anything in that moment. Nik, who would somehow know how to make it all better. Yes, Nik would make it better, I thought in between gasps for air between hyperventilating.

Just the thought of him coming calmed me down some, enough for my hands to stop trembling, at least.

Except, Jameson was alone when he returned. “He told his boss he had a very important errand to run and needed the rest of the shift off.”

Panic welled inside of my gut. “Do you think it’s related to anything?”

He shook his head. “No, I know he’s been working on yet another surprise for you. The manager said he was really happy when he left, not distressed at all.”

“So what do we do?” I asked.

“You go to Aunt Sharron’s and wait.”

“He’s going to kill her,” I whispered, bringing my hand to my stomach. What if my baby was in that situation someday? What if someone had the opportunity to help her or him, and neglected to do so?”

“No he’s not. I said that you are going to wait. I, on the other hand, will be going to meet your father. And I won’t be coming back alone.”

With that, we were moving. The world was a haze around me when we pulled up to her house. She wasn’t home, so I let myself and Jameson in. While he used the restroom, I sank into the couch where Nikolai and I had shared one of our first kisses. Was Rachel thinking of him to hold on, as well? Would Jameson be able to save her? Could he finally stop the terror my father was pouring down on those around him?

Absentmindedly, I pulled the ultrasound out of my white faux fur bag, running my fingers along the edges. Our baby, so small, so perfect. How could such innocence spring into a world full of hatred? Hopefully, the love of myself and Nikolai would be enough to raise him or her without fear, without being stifled, without any of the things he and I experienced during our later childhoods and early adult life.

“Are you pregnant?”

Jameson’s voice sounded from behind me, and I jumped before giving him a watery smile and nod.

“Holy shit, Amelia. Yeah, you Girne Escort are definitely staying here. Does Nikolai know? Oh god, he’s going to fucking murder your father for stressing you out when you’re in your… Uh. Condition. Not that it’s a condition. State of being. Pregnant.” He was jittering around anxiously, and I bit my lip, trying not to smile at his awkward display. “This is a good thing, right?”

I allowed a full smile then, forgetting the intensity of the situation for a moment. “A very good thing. Not that we were expecting it, but I know he’ll be happy when he finds out.” I stroked the outline once more with my thumbs, still not quite able to wrap my head around all that had happened in one day.

Without warning, Jameson’s arms were around me, squeezing. “This is such a great thing. You just watch, I’m going to get Rachel out of there, and it’s all gonna be okay.”

Without waiting for a response, he rushed out the door, and I was left, alone, with my thoughts.


The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and I was practically skipping down the sidewalk towards the jewelers. I knew it was soon in our relationship, but as I thought of the gorgeous ring waiting for me to pick it up, I knew it would never be soon enough for me to officially begin my life with Amelia.

The pear-shaped diamond was set into rose gold, her favorite, and the band was thin and elegant with two smaller diamonds on either side of the main stone.

With any luck, she’d be crying tears of joy when I dropped down to one knee in front of her.

I had it all planned out. First, a dinner of grilled chicken and mushrooms – her favorite – over candlelight and a bottle of Asti. Afterwards, I’d play some music and dance her around the house, twirling her and making her laugh. When she spun back to me, I’d be on one knee with a ring in my hand.

In my head, it played out so seamlessly. Her hands would cover her mouth and she may even cry a few happy tears, which I would kiss away before slipping the ring onto that beautiful, elegant finger of hers. Then, we’d make love, followed by me fucking her brains out until she was a sopping wet mess.

Reality played out much, much differently.

When I arrived home, it was to an empty house. Mia had a routine – she should be home by then. Pulling out my phone to text her, I realized it had died, so I plugged it in.

Restlessness overtook me suddenly – I could feel in my gut that something was wrong. Very, very wrong. It was as though some threat connected me to her, and it was pulling on me, telling me she needed me.

As if propelled by some outside force, I grabbed my phone and rushed to my car, plugging it into the mobile charger that I carried in the console. If I were Amelia and I were distressed, I would be at Aunt Sharron’s or Vanessa’s, most likely the former. So that’s where I went – to our Aunt’s house.

Her car wasn’t in the driveway, but I charged towards the door anyways, opening without knocking.

“Amelia?” I called. I hadn’t felt this shaken up since that horrible day so long ago when I’d found our ‘father’ on the couch with her, trying to do the unspeakable.

And just like that day, she was sitting on the couch, looking completely shell-shocked.

That was when I saw it – the picture in her hand. I looked down at her. She hadn’t noticed me yet, she was so busy staring at the ultrasound. My breath caught in my throat, and tears sprang to my eyes. A baby. Were we having a baby?

Warmth flooded my chest at the thought of us creating a life together. Visions of Mia’s stomach growing round with our baby swam through my mind; images of us chasing after a tiny human running around and creating chaos around us. Of us rocking and singing a baby to sleep. Of bedtime stories and perhaps even another, later on down the road.

My stupor was broken when I saw the tears streaming down her face. Did she not want the baby? As much as it broke my heart, I would support her decision if she wasn’t ready for this yet. A child was certainly unexpected, but not unwanted or unloved, at least not by me.

“Mia,” I choked out, dropping to my knees and taking her hands in mine. “Why do you look so sad, sweetheart?”

Her eyes snapped up to mine, and she started sobbing, muttering incoherent words that I could barely make out. Something about Rachel.

“Hey,” I told her, stroking her cheeks. “Rachel doesn’t matter to me. Only you do. And this baby,” I said, reaching out to stroke her stomach with a trembling hand. “If you want it.”

She inhaled a sharp breath. “Of course I want our baby, Nik. It’s Rachel, though. Rachel’s in trouble.”

All of the joy I’d been swimming in throughout the day evaporated as Mia told me about the phone call, the police’s inability to help, and Jameson going to try and get Rachel.

“Oh god.” I thought I was going to be sick. I’d seen firsthand the way Amelia had looked after just a short period of time with my father. While I had no romantic feelings for Rachel, it didn’t mean I didn’t care about her. I’d spent months living Magosa Escort with her in relative harmony, and had considered her to be a friend before leaving.

She didn’t respond verbally, just nodded and leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly and murmuring reassuring words into her ear.

“Jameson is smarter than he looks. I know he seems carefree most of the time, but he’s strong. If anyone can get Rachel to safety, it’s him. Okay?”

The only reason I was even remotely holding it together was for Amelia and the baby’s sake. This level of stress could not be good for our baby, and I knew this must be bringing up dark memories for her.

“Why don’t I call Jameson and get an update for us?” I asked her. “Would that help put your mind at ease?”

I climbed onto the couch beside her, pulling her into my lap and draping a blanket over our forms.

“Yes,” She whispered. “Let’s call.”

My phone was charged enough at that point, so I made the call, and he answered on the second ring.

“Dude, where the absolute fuck have you been?” His voice came over the speaker. “Amelia is freaking the hell out, and your dad is on the fucking warpath.”

“I know,” I said, squeezing my eyes shut. Not only was Rachel in trouble, but now, Amelia was carrying our baby and his sights were set on her again. None of this was good. “I’m with her now. What’s going on?”

“I’m following your dad now. He flipped out when Amelia wasn’t at the coffee shop, and it’s a good thing she wasn’t. Rachel wasn’t there. He just wanted to get his hands on Amelia.”

I squeezed my eyes shut at his words.

“So what’s the plan?” Amelia asked.

“I’m following him and hoping he leads me to Rachel. I’ve already called the police again, and while they’re still held up with that stupid bank robbery, they’re aware of the situation.”

“Please be careful, Jameson,” She begged. “Please don’t get hurt. He’s dangerous.”

“Don’t worry,” He said. “I can take care of myself.”

And with that, we said our goodbyes, us agreeing to call the police again if we hadn’t heard from him within two hours.

While we waited, I got Mia to agree to go home, and I drove us there, her hand clasping mine tightly the entire drive. When we arrived, Mittens and Snowball swarmed us both, paying extra attention to Amelia, as though they knew she needed it. We curled onto the couch together, me finding a dumb movie to pass the time – something mindless that required little to no emotional investment on our part.

Finally, ten minutes before the two hour mark was up, my phone rang. The both of us jumped as I rushed to answer it, putting Jameson on speakerphone.

“Hey man, I’ve got her. The police finally fucking showed up, and your dad’s in custody. I’m going to ride with Rachel to the hospital, but she’s asking for Amelia, and for you. You may want to get here.”

“How bad is it?” Amelia asked, her voice cracking.

Jameson was quiet for a moment, and his voice was as hard as stone when he spoke. “She’s going to be okay. But listen, I’ve got to go. Meet me at Mercy Hospital.”

After writing down the name and location, we disconnected the call and exhaled heavily. Amelia threw her arms around me, and I could feel her heartbeat.

“Calm down, sweetheart. She’s okay. She’s going to be okay.”

As I stroked her hair, I felt her breathing even out, and her grip around me loosened. “Sorry,” She offered a smile. “I’m just so emotional. Even more so than normal. Silly hormones.”

The relief at seeing her lips curve up was instantaneous. Rachel was safe. Amelia was safe. Our baby was safe.

“Those silly hormones,” I whispered, bringing my lips down to hers. “Just make you even more perfect to me. Do you have any idea how happy I am with this news?”

“No,” She shook her head, her eyes bright and mischievous. “Perhaps you should say it.”

“I’m so happy,” I told her, bringing her close to me and swaying back and forth. Maybe there wasn’t champagne and music. Maybe there wasn’t the perfect dinner, or the happiest of moods earlier in the evening. “I’m so happy to start a family with you. But maybe we should do this as a real family.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

Instead of responding, I thought of my earlier idea – of dancing with her. I hummed a tune, something completely made up and off-key, and I spun her. Once, twice, three times.

“Nikolai!” She laughed. “We have to go!”

“Not yet,” I grinned. God, how I loved her smile. I’d do anything to see it.

I spun her again, and just like I’d planned, I got down on one knee while she was turning back around. When she saw me, she froze, her perfect pink lips parting.

“What are you doing?”

I dug around in my pocket, pulling out the box. “Asking the most perfect woman in the world to marry me.” I opened the box, and yep, just like in my head, her hands came up to cover her mouth as she gasped. “This is why you couldn’t find me earlier. Amelia, I know that today has been abso-fucking-lutely insane, but I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want our baby, and I want to be your husband. I want to spend every day waking up with you before going to bed with you, and maybe going to bed a few times in between. I want to raise our child as a family. I want the world to know that we belong together. So what do you say? Will you officially be my Mia?”

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