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Seemingly endless hours driving the highways and byways seemed to run together. Here I was, making my way from state to state, traveling from the West to the East coast and not knowing or caring what the next day would bring. With my recent divorce finally behind me, I was once again feeling at ease, and not having to worry or wonder what the angered voice on the other end of the phone would say or demand.

At the end of each long-drawn-out day, I would reluctantly enter my hotel room knowing full well that an empty feeling would soon fill my body. Reaching for my trusted laptop, I felt a sense of ease knowing that I would soon be reading and replying to the many emails, which would wash away the loneliness.

After reading and answering several, I noticed a familiar name, smiled in anticipation, and clicked on it. As the page opened, I read:

My Dearest,

My heart aches for you, knowing the turmoil you must be going through. I long to hold you close, to comfort you, to ease the pain, and to smother you with kisses. I can almost feel the heat of your body pressed to mine.

I’m here for you, waiting patiently.

I met her online one-day, back before my marriage fell apart. We chatted with each other at every available opportunity. We would tell each other our problems and try to help and console each other. We shared our dreams and our fantasies. She was always there for me, and I for her. And, at the end of our conversations she would lovingly send me into ecstasy with erotic words.

I could always count on her to brighten my day. She held a special place in my heart and I longed to be with her.

Being single again, I knew I had one more problem to overcome. She was married! I ached to be with her; to hold her in my arms and never let her go; to shower her with kisses; to consume her; to love her! Even though these and many more thoughts raced through my mind, this dilemma presented me with a very difficult decision. Should I go to her and possibly be held responsible for destroying a marriage? Or, should I, stay away, keep our relationship a platonic one.

It was a very agitated night, tossing and turning in my sleep; visions filled my head of the two to us engaged in passionate love. I awakened the next morning, sweaty and amorous. I knew I had to make a decision. Night after night, these reoccurring dreams of erotic encounters haunted me, only to awake the next morning without her.

So, with my mind made up, I set out to find her. I carefully studied the map and calculated that it would take me approximately three days of determined travel.

On the third day, I pulled into the city where she lived. Anxiety coursed through my body. Would she want to meet me? I decided to check into the nicest hotel I could locate and email her; to ask if she had the time to chat. My mind up, if she said “No” to us getting together, I would understand and move on, but if she said “Yes”?

A minute or two passed after I sent the email. I waited anxiously, and then the response came. “I’ll be waiting for you always”, was her reply.

With trembling fingers, I pressed the “Log On” button. Almost immediately, I was asked to join her in a private chat room. Words of sensual endearment filled my monitor once I entered. I replied, hesitantly, unsure, did I really want to find out what her response would be? She sensed something wasn’t right and asked. Now came the moment of truth. My body shaking, my fingers feeling heavy, I slowly typed, “Can we meet, I’m here in your town”, pressed the enter button and watched as my questioned appeared on the screen. The seconds that passed seemed like hours, as I awaited her response. The million questions that raced through my mind came to a crashing halt as I read her reply. “YES, WHEN”!

I typed back, “You decide”, wanting this meeting to be on her turns, After jotting down the name of the restaurant and the time, that she suggested, I closed our communication with, “I will wait for you with open arms, but if you have second thoughts, please don’t come” and closed the chat line before she could respond.

Happiness filled my heart and for the rest of the day I floated gaziantep escortları on clouds. I called the restaurant and made reservations, explaining that a lady would be joining me. I still had several hours before our meeting and wanted to look my best, if she arrived. I had my haircut, bought a new suit and went to find a florist to purchase three flawless roses, one pure white, one soft yellow and one fiery red.

Nervously, I entered the restaurant, was seated and ordered a stiff drink, hoping it would calm my nerves. I don’t usually drink, so by the second one, I was pleasantly relaxed. Looking up, I noticed and incredibly beautiful woman being escorted to my table. Standing, I took her into my arms and whispered, “I prayed you would show”, with her soft painted lips close to mine, she replied, “I would never disappoint you”, and kissed me. The kiss combined with the alcohol, made my knees buckle, but before I could fall, she wrapped her arms tightly around me and seductively pressed me against her. Looking into my eyes, she asked if I was OK. Re-centering my strength, I reassured her that I was fine with a long, slow lingering kiss. A smile cascaded across her face, “did I do that?” she softly whispered. Smiling back, “you will always”, I replied. As I gave her the roses, I asked her is she would like a drink, with a seductive smile she said, “as long as you are on the list”! I had a hard time swallowing her comment and equally hard time trying not to show my arousal.

She questioned the three different colored roses, to which I responded with, “White is for the purity of the feelings I have for you. Yellow is for our friendship that I cherish. Red is for love, the loving passion I want to show you”. Looking into her eyes, I could tell she was about to cry, so I asked “would you care for that drink now?”, and watched her nod silently.

Throughout diner we visited about everything, every now and then I would feel her foot caress my leg and she would place her hand in my lap. This of course, would make me jump and she would smile and laugh. By the time we had finished our dinner, the band had begun to play. A slow song started and I asked her to join me. Hand in hand, we walked through the crowd, once on the dance floor, as I pulled her close, our bodies started to sway to the enchanting rhythm of the music, both of us grinding into each other. Her head resting on my shoulder, I could feel the electricity coursing through our bodies. I tilted my head; she raised hers, our lips met. I could barely hear the music playing in the back ground as I lost myself to her. Our tongues dueling, all I wanted was to devour her right there and now. As the song ended, we walked back to the table grabbed her things, paid for the meal and drinks and walked out the door.

I asked her if she had brought a car, and secretly smiled when she said a friend had dropped her off. Walking to my car, which was parked in a secluded area, I asked her of her intension. With a kiss she said, “Making love with you all night long”. Suddenly, every emotion that I had carried for so long cascaded through my body. A tear appeared in the corner of my eye, with a delicate finger she wiped it off my face. “It’s a tear of happiness”, I said with a smile.

Gently, I picked her up and placed her on the hood of my car. Lifting her skirt, I saw she wore only a garter and sheer stockings that encased her beautiful legs. Leaning down, I kissed her inner thighs. Running my tongue the length of her pussy till I found her clit and started to teasingly suck it. Her hands continued to run through my hair as I devoured her. Licking and sucking her incredible juices into my mouth, she was as sweet as wild strawberries growing in the mountains. Inserting a finger inside her, coating it, I cautiously placed it next to her little hole. Rubbing it around, as I pressed lightly and ever so slowly it slid to the first knuckle. An enchanting moan escaped her mouth as I explored her. Thrusting my tongue deep into her pussy and with my finger inside her, I started pushing both into her at a slow pace.

Raising one leg, she placed it on my shoulder to give me better access to her delicious juices. Seconds later, moaning loudly, she grabbed my hair, pulled my face hard against her and came. Juices poured into my mouth. Not wanting to let any escape, I licked and sucked feverishly. Realizing that she was too exhaust to move, I lifted her up into my arms, kissed her, and then placed her in my car.

A sweet smile filled her face as she snuggled her head into my shoulder during the trip) to my hotel. Her soft delicate hand rubbing my swollen member as she licked and whispered into my ear of all the things she was going to do to me.

The drive seemed to take hours, but actually only minutes. Arriving at my hotel room, I once again took her into my arms and carried her across the threshold. Once inside, we kissed feverishly, devouring each other with our mouths. Almost ripping each other’s clothes off, she urged me back towards the bed until I was seated. As she slowly backed away from me, I was able to finally cast my eyes on her beauty, what a site! Her body was incredible, her breasts firm with ¼” hard nipple that reached for the sky and my touch. Her clean-shaven pussy glistened with her sweetness. What else could a man desire more? Wearing only the garter and stockings, she knelt before me, and took my throbbing engorged cock completely into her soft, warm, hungry mouth. Having never felt such an incredible, talented mouth like hers in all my life; I gasped “Oh My God”. Skillfully attempting to push me right to the edge without actually making me cum, she gazed directly into my eyes revealing a twinkle of lustful playfulness as she dipped a finger to her wet valentine, coated it, and painfully slowly massaged her juices around my hole. Never have I been so completely overwhelmed and consumed by an experience before. Suddenly, she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked harder.

Pulling my cock from her tiny mouth she said, “cum for me”. Then engulfed me again and with increased suction and her finger playing around my hole, I knew an orgasm was inevitable. Starting at my toes, it washed over me like a strong ocean wave, carrying me into the world of ecstasy. Then she took me into her throat, something that I have always wanted a woman to do, which sent me over the top. Stars circling my head, I poured into her mouth. No one has ever made me cum the way she did. With one more lick, she slid me back onto the bed and straddled me. “You are incredible”, I said. Wiping some of my juices that escaped from the corner of her mouth with a finger she sucked on it. “You haven’t seen anything yet” she giggled seductively.

Pulling her to me, I kissed her passionately; as she caressed her pussy on my semi hardened cock. As we kissed, I gently moved her onto her side facing me. Lowered my face to her breasts and I started licking and sucking. Moving from one to the other, I reached down to her wonderfully wet succulent pussy and inserted a finger inside her, coating it with her juices, I then inserted it into her ass. While fingering her ass and sucking on her breasts, I used my thumb to further excite her.

With a scream of passionate abandon, she reached her second orgasm of the night. Not wanting her to completely recover, I licked my way down to her navel, caressed to seductively with my tongue, then continued my journey to the center of her universe. “Oh, no you don’t”, she said “not unless I get your cock too”, “then swing your pretty legs over my head and enjoy”, I retorted. I have always loved this position, receiving and delivering, what a way to enjoy each other at the same time.

Within minutes we had built each other into frenzy. “Enough”, she yelled, I quickly moved her onto her back, separated her legs and moved between her thighs. Her heels next to my ears, I gingerly inserted my hard throbbing cock into her wet tight pussy. Inch by inch, I slid deeper, slowly at fist than increasing the speed. Swinging her head from side to side, as I drilled her deeper and faster. “Yes”, she screamed, “harder, I love it”, she yelled. I could feel her pussy walls clamping down on me as I devoted my heart, soul and body to her. Our bodies glistened with sweat; I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. All of a sudden, her pussy clamped down on my cock, as she came yelling, “YES, YES, YES”, coating me with her wetness.

I deliberately slowed down to a snails pace, enjoying the wonderful sensation of her pussy wrapped around my cock, as her spasms massaged me. Allowing her to catch her breath, I kissed her. “You didn’t cum”! “I know”, “why”, “I wanted to save it for your ass”, “then you will have it”, she said and kissed me.

I helped her to her knees, and watching as she bent forward. She looked incredibly sexy, with her ass in the air, her breast hanging freely, and looking back over her shoulder. As I slowly, pushed forward she said, “Only for you” and winked. Balls deep and using her garter for leverage, I started to piston my cock into her. She was incredibly tight and I loved it. With every thrust forward, she would push just as hard back. Moans of sexual bliss filled the room. Once again, she knew how to control the moment, tightened her muscles around my cock and screamed, “cum with me”. This was more than I could take. With one final thrust I pushed my cock into her as far as I could and exploded. Both of us fell forward, too exhausted to move, prolonging the final wave of passion that coursed over our bodies for as long as possible.

Pulling free, I slipped off the bed. I stood and gazed at her with loving eyes. Retrieving a wet warm washcloth from the bathroom, I gently cleansed her from head to toe.

As I carefully covered her then slid in besides her, and watched her heavy eyes close. A smile never leaving her face as she drifted into unconsciousness, I leaned forward kissing her softly on her lips and whispered, “I Love You and will forever” and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning knowing she wouldn’t be next to me. I inwardly smiled, as I remembered the remarkable evening that had occurred. Stepping out of the shower to answer my cell phone, a soft sexual voice said, “Good morning wonderful, did you sleep well after our little get together”! Speaking before I could think I said, “I LOVE YOU”, silence filled the air. My mind finally registering what I just said, even though I felt it deeply. But “AND I LOVE YOU”, she replied. As the seconds past, my heart once again started to sadden; I knew we could not repeat what happened, EVER! She has a husband and children. I felt guilt cascade over my body. In my mind I was spiraling out of control, deeper into the bowels of the earth. How could I have been so selfish, and careless, I sat down awaiting the inevitable, the BAD new!

“Are you still there”? She asked. A softened “yes” was my reply. “Good”. Here it comes, brace yourself I thought to myself. “How” was all I heard as she went on talking! I was so caught up in my self-pity I didn’t hear anything. I wanted to crawl under a rock, to disappear into thin air, anything, just not rejection!

“ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME”! Her voice yelled into the phone. “I WANT YOU, ONLY YOU”! My eyes filling with tears I replied, “listen to me for a moment, last night was the greatest night of my life, I can never be able to express or to show you the way I feel and love you”, “never will I be able to wake up beside you or to hold you in my arms”, “never to make wild passionate love to you”, “you will always hold a special place in my heart, a place that will never ever be filled by another”. With the last of my words entering into silence, I stopped speaking. The line disconnected.

I threw my phone onto the bed, sat down and wept. I hadn’t cried since I was ten, the last time my father punished me, now here I was sitting in a hotel room with tears cascading down my face. Once again, I was alone.

Forcing myself, I had to pack and leave. After placing my suitcase in the trunk of my car, I returned for my cell phone and laptop. I looked around the room one last time, remembering the wonderful evening, trying to engrave those images into my mind, then closed the door behind me.

As I started my car, another vehicle pulled up in back of mine, blocking me. “Now what”, I said under my breath and got out of my car. I was astonished to see her. Walking straight up to me, she threw her arms around me and kissed me. “Don’t say a word”, she said, “listen, you will never be without me, you are mine and I am yours, we will never ever be apart”!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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