Endless Cum

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It was soon to be their 13th anniversary. He really wanted it to be special. So special that he had been planning it since their first anniversary. The idea and plan often brought his long, thick cock to attention. As he planned it out his desire for the plan intensified. He baited her with it over the years as they had sex. He had been taunting her with his plan to feed her endless cock. He really thought that she could handle an extended session of cock coming at her from every direction. Because this excited him so much he continually had difficulties with his staying power. Ultimately he hoped that carrying out this plan would help him with that minor issue.

As she arrived home dinner had been prepared and was awaiting her arrival. All seemed quite normal to her. Honey was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a lovely table that had been set for dinner which included flowers, candles and cuffs (which she did not notice immediately. He poured her a glass of sparkling wine, her favorite kind which seemed to loosen her up to the form he very much enjoyed her in. He ordered her to the bathroom to freshen up and told her to change into what was wrapped in the bathroom. “Oh! And don’t open it until you’ve finished your shower and shaven.

She headed to the shower and dropped her black slip dress around her ankles and hung it on the hook. Sliding her panty hose off she dropped them in the trash thinking it a shame they couldn’t be put to good use. She turned on the water and stepped into the shower sipping her wine. Winding her long hair up from the waist length pony tail to a tight bun she clipped it up on her head. She scrubbed every inch in her normal O. C. D. fashion of 20 scrubs per inch. Brushing her teeth she played with her clit with the other hand. She knew that they would have a good fucking tonight as she had bought him flowers and a small gift of oil. Carefully she shaved the sparse hair from her body. Finished she briskly toweled her smooth skin dry and then sprayed the essential mineral oils over her entire body and commenced in rubbing them in.

She had worked quickly as she was eager to open the package that was on the vanity awaiting her unfolding. The large pink bow wrapping the 5 boxes promised something that she would enjoy very much. As she pulled the ribbon she opened the first box and it contained delicate pink satin trimmed in black lace open crotch panties. She slid them on and moved on to the second box. Carefully unwrapping it she discovered it contained a shelf bra in pink satin and black lace. She fastened the back and pulled the straps over her shoulders. It lifted her breasts and caused them to be displayed perkily. She turned and admired herself in the still slightly steamed mirror. She smelled dinner nearly done and so she opened the third box which contained Black thigh high stockings. After she slid them on she opened the next box which contained the cutest pair of come fuck me heels she had ever laid eyes on. Sliding them on she was feeling sexier by the minute. There were only two boxes left, each one larger than the last. She smiled and thought of their private joke as of late: “Yes! Size does matter!!!” Opening the next box she pulled out a pink and black dress that was very fitted, very short, and very sexy. She buttoned the front down and opened the last box to find a pink apron framed in black lace. She slid it on with a smile imagining that he planned to use her as his maid this evening.

As she entered the kitchen he was sitting in his chair. He smiled at her and in that low and deep come fuck me voice he asked her to bring him his salad.

The salad was light and laden with fruit and nuts. He had planned the menu to maximize her protein intake. She really was going to need it to be capable of fulfilling his plan for the weekend without passing out. He was so excited it was difficult to hide his giddiness. In fact, she knew him so well it was quite impossible.

The fish, rice, vegetables and fresh bread perfectly timed to be ready upon completion of the salad. She rose from her chair to serve them very conscious that her ass was barely covered and her labia were peaking through the slits of the panty. He reached over and slid his finger easily up her vagina. Ohhhhh he thought! Her nice juicy vagina was always so ready for what ever he brought her way. She was so completely malleable to him sexually. He twirled the finger around as she dished up the food. Freezing as he slid the second finger in along side the first. He tickled her denizli escort g spot and thick white cream encompassed his fingers. He banged them home a few times before sliding the third finger in filling her little pussy quite full. Reaching around with his other hand he encompassed her body and reached inside the low necked dress clasping her breast. He purred in her ear and threatened to stuff her to capacity this evening. This helped her juices to flow even faster and his fingers were now easily able to slide in and out. He pushed the fourth finger into her and he felt the bones of her pelvis pushing hard on his knuckles. Her stature wouldn’t allow his large hand to fist her. He’d been fantasizing about fucking her in a way she had never been fucked before.

She was finding it difficult to concentrate on serving the plates and seemed to have frozen in utter distraction from his manual administrations. He pulled his hand from her breast and slammed it on her ass. My dinner is getting cold. I did not tell you that you could enjoy yourself yet! And another firm slam came on her thigh and a large bright red hand print immediately replaced his hand. She moved forward and pivoted on his hand to put the plates on the table. He pulled a large dildo out of his back pocket and stuffed it up her vagina ordering her to sit with that in place as he started operating the machine with the remote it began moving within her and removing her focus on serving him or eating. He ordered her to eat and told her she needed to hurry along as the night was about to get quite exciting.

She was curios as to the plan he had up his sleeve but he was not showing his hand to her at this moment. She savored the flavors of her dinner and the chocolate in the double boiler on the stove began to disburse it’s aroma into the air. As she finished her dinner she quickly cleared the table to prepare herself for what ever lie next.

He moved the vase of flowers from the table and patted it like he did the bed instructing her to lie on the table on her back. As she climbed on she noted how he had removed leaves so that the table was the length of her torso. Caressing her through her apparel he pulled her arms over her head and quickly cuffed them to the legs at her head. He sauntered to the other side of the table where her ass practically hung off the edge and she had to use her feet to keep herself from slipping down. Pulling the cuffs from the other legs he clasp them to her ankles and pulling a hood with only a mouth hole she was now in a ripe position to spring his surprise upon her. In an effort to protect the guests he had purchased an “O ring” gag to assure she never bit. He fastened this in her mouth rendering her unable to speak clearly.

She heard the door open and she heard footsteps. She felt hands touching her…..everywhere all at once. She tried to count the pairs but they moved to quickly and there were too many for her to be able to discern the numbers or the owners. Most of the men had been contacted through Craig’s list her year book or Face Book. He discovered that most of the men she had met were amicable to giving her a good fucking. He had never been more wound up in his life sexually. He continued to remind her that she was going to get a good fucking. The fucking of her life as a matter of fact. He shoved his hard cock in her wet and waiting vagina and began pumping her hard. Everyone knew the rules were simple. Anything goes as long as he was always able to find an open hole. He planned to fuck all three holes first and last and quite possibly and probably a few times during the marathon event.

He had opened the event for 48 hours. He knew it was quite a long time for her to be in use, believed she was up to it and he hoped it would leave her happily cum covered and utterly used. He found her slut side erotic and enticing, frequently urging her to let it out. After several minutes of fucking her pussy he had to stop and shift gears lest he cum too quickly. He moved around to her mouth and entered the waiting vessel. He ordered her to suck and covering her ears with his hands he announced that it was open season on her pussy. Slowly and invitingly he pulled the little apron ribbon and removed it from her waist. He moved on to slowly unbutton the front of the little black dress and slid it aside, revealing her firmly nipped breasts. The men were dripping in pre cum and had lined up according to a graded size. This formation assured she was stretched to his diyarbakır escort desired capacity slowly and in an orderly fashion. The first tiny dicked man barely made it 20 strokes before he came in her ultimately textured pussy. He stepped aside as his cock softened making way for the next. The line was out the door with men holding their ‘fun house’ passes.

Un-be known to her he had sold rides and the men had to pay for each orifice ride. They all knew it could be defined as illegal but the years of fantasizing about fucking this little slut overcame any objection they could otherwise find. The next man stepped up to the hole and her Master was satiated in her mouth yet slapped her when she ceased sucking his cock. “Get it hard again he ordered and don’t stop sucking cock until I say you stop sucking cock. Understood?!?!” She indicated her understanding by commencing in sucking his cock until it had firmed back up. He was so excited watching the men quickly shoot into her that he had little difficulty rising to the occasion a second time.

He removed his cock from her mouth once hard and slapped her face with it. Covering her ears yet again he ‘opened season’ on her mouth. With another cock quickly taking his place he ordered her to suck! Quickly she complied. Stretching the leg cuffs they twisted her onto her side so that all orifices were now easily, quickly and very readily accessible. He lubricated his cock well from the fresh tube of K-Y on top of the fridge. Sliding into her ass it was incredibly full. Six men had now cum in her pussy and the seventh was equal to his size and buried to the bone. She was so tight he really didn’t want to move out of fear of damaging her tiny cavity. Seven moved slowly in half pace sync with her Master who he could feel caressing his cock with the tip of his cock ran in and out of her vagina. Feeling this through the walls of her cavities brought on sensation that were better and more than he had ever imagined. It took every ounce of his determination not to cum in mere seconds. It was becoming more difficult by the second and he almost lost it as number seven hammered her full force as he reached climax.

Returning to her head he began caressing her fore head as he carefully covered her ears and announced ‘open season’ on her ass. With all three holes in use the men were quickly rotating and using their chips. Master was so glad to see them being redeemed. He had been leery as to if this type of offering would be equitable and satisfying. So far it was looking like it was to be an overwhelming success.

The bowl of condoms was filling quickly, more quickly than he had anticipated. He wondered if the event would be capable of lasting the entire duration at the rate the chip holders were rotating. He wondered about tossing out an additional invitation to assure completion to his specs and opted to take a wait and see approach instead.

She was a writhing mess as she embraced her inner slut and eagerly moved to the satisfaction of every cock each orifice was presented. Two men were wrapping her hand around their cock after tiring of waiting for one of her juicy splashing holes. It was dark outside and he really wanted to have some out door fun and announced they would be moving his slut to the swing he had hung inside the curtains draping the pergola.

Like a wet towel she was unleashed from the table and moved to the sex swing in the pergola. He planned to leave her there until the event was over. Cocks or no cocks she was hung to drip until dry. She didn’t get a moments rest and the relentless cocks quickly filled all of her hole and hands and began pummeling her. She was shocked that after hours of being fucked that she was able to continue and with each cock she actually longed for the next. He had lost count of the numbers of entrants and knew this had blown her previous count to the stars. As she trembled and shook in orgasm after orgasm; many of the entrants behaved as if this were their first time. Of course for some this was absolutely true. Several had invested in quite a number of chips. For her Master his assessment was that they had been suffering desire for her and fully intended to be satiated. Master wondered if a few who had bought obscene numbers of chips would probably have chips left at the end of the event.

Greatly enjoying the live show her Master mulled the idea of a more regular event based on the popularity and pleasure this event seemed to be providing. Giving antalya escort her away was proving to be even more exciting for him than he had even hoped. Fully hard again he stepped into line and began his next full rotation. Her pussy was dripping wet and steaming hot from all the excitement and friction. She quickly came as he ordered her to cover his balls. Driving his cock home he was able to feel the man in her asses cock through the thin walls. He came in her pussy and then took his cock to her mouth to be cleaned.

Half comatose she swallowed her own juices from his cock. There had been so many condoms used that her pussy had taken the flavor of hot rubber. Not her favorite but she knew better than to present an objection in her current frame of mind. Soon his flaccid cock rose to attention under her eager administrations.

Master recognized that she was beginning to smell ripe. In anticipation he had hooked the hose to the kitchen faucet and was prepared to freshen things up. He set the nozzle of the hose within the walls of her vagina and pulled the trigger. The pressure of the water on the walls of her vagina caused her to start climaxing. He moved the nozzle and used it to flush her entire body and landing it at the entrance to her anus. The intensity of the climax was so strong that she felt herself drifting off to another place. Master slid four fingers into her easily and was able to force his thumb in as well but only to the knuckle.

This stretching pleased him as he helped him move closer to one of his little sexual goals for her. Feeling pleased as punch about the fabulous success of her first sizable soirée. The hours flew by and the sun began to rise. He knew they were well past the half way mark for the duration of the party. He had only climaxed four times and felt a fresh urge coming his way. He rubbed his cock on her cheek as another gentleman rubbed his on the other side. They watched as she swallowed the third as he drove his sizeable cock down her throat. Having taken dozens of loads of cum she was beginning to feel over full from swallowing. When the next load came she allowed it to dribble down her cheeks and was immediately slapped by 5 hands simultaneously for wasting their precious gifts to her!

Exhausted she began to feel some numb from the experience. She could not stop from drift off to another land in her mind while her body remained obedient to the relentlessly demanded usages. Her Master could not have been more pleased with her obedience, cooperation, lack of resistance and stamina. Caressing her cheek he ordered her to cum immediately as he dropped his forceful hand upon her browned ass cheek. Without a thought or resistance she complied by squirting all over the cocks filling her nether holes. Master beamed with pleasure of her obedience. Finally she was capable of following the rules he had outlined for her to completely submit her sexuality to his demands.

Wrapping her fingers around his cock he used her hand to facilitate covering her breast with cum. Seeing the cum dripping from her hair, face, breasts, stomach, thighs, ass, knees he thought she had never looked more beautiful. Her beauty had become overwhelming to him by her perfect obedience to his decisions on this anniversary.

As the sun rose and the guests began to dissipate her exhaustion shown through as she drifted in and out of what seemed to be semi consciousness. Master worried that he might be pushing her too hard but knew that he would be able to define when too far actually had grown comfortably close.

Her pussy throbbed from the continual use. She was shocked to discover that it was absolutely true that the more cock she got: the more cock she wanted. Her obedience caused her to appear insatiable: something Master imagined her to be. Who ever was team tagging her nether holes was doing a fantastic job of bringing her to the brink and then shifting over the edge to the seemingly never ending climaxes.

The neighbors had taken notice of their invitation for morning release and a fresh batch of cock arrived for satiation. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she imagined this fucking may well never end. Her new role in life was to be tethered, endlessly fucked. She was barely coherent as she heard her Master offer the neighbors’ regular release on her. They merely needed to schedule it in and he would make her available to them. Suddenly the neighborhood men were much more solicitous and friendly towards both of them.

At 11:52 am she slipped into a deep and un-wake able sleep hanging from the sex swing. He contemplated hanging a free sign over her head and then thought better of it. She had done enough to prove her abilities and compliance. He lifted her and carried her to bed. He simply could not help himself and he positioned her to give her a final fuck before allowing her rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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