Doris’ Itch Ch. 04

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This chapter was meant to be the final chapter in Doris’ fantasy, but the trip to the store became ‘involved’ and so took up the whole chapter. I hope the description has done justice to her fantasy and that you enjoy it.

Well the rest of the week was a turmoil of emotion for me as I pondered what had happened that night with Andy walking into our home and finding Toby riding me hard, doggie style in our lounge, and my world seemingly imploded in on itself. Only later to explode outwards in a couple of unbelievable orgasms after Andy entered my room and by some amazing twist of fate we had ended up making love, mother and son, incest. Would I now be burned in hell as our preacher promised every Sunday that God took care of sinners? How would this act affect our family?

At breakfast the following morning I wasn’t sure how I would be able to face Mike; or Andy for that matter. Fortunately Mike was just finishing breakfast as I entered the kitchen and he only had a couple of minutes to explain how much he had enjoyed his evening at the gun club, how friendly and helpful everyone was, and that he had been invited back the next week. Mike grabbed his last piece of toast and started out of the kitchen, but turned as he reached the door.

“Mum, I would love to join the gun club, is that OK?” He asked tentatively.

“Mike if you enjoy it as much as you have just described then I would love you to join it as well, now get off to college,” I pledged, my mind in a spin.

No sooner had Mike left through one door did Andy float into the kitchen through the other. He face was all dreamy & his eyes were glazed. I wasn’t sure if he was still half asleep or he was just retaining that ‘Just fucked’ look from last night.

“Here, eat your breakfast,” I instructed, “or you will be late.”

“How did Mike get on at the gun club last night?” he asked with a slight smile.

I paused as I poured myself some more coffee.

“He enjoyed himself…..” I replied, my voice trailing off.

“Is that all he said?” asked Andy sounding disappointed.

I considered my answer carefully as it would give expectants that would be hard to change. What did I want? Did I want to risk my marriage by continuing to screw around with Andy, or Toby, or both? ……. But I wasn’t getting the love I needed; correction the sex I needed from my husband. I knew in my heart and in my brain that what had happened over the past two weeks, and especially last night, was so wrong, but it was just so compulsive……. Did I want to continue getting my pleasure or did I want to get human pleasure and satisfaction from my two new young lovers? One of whom was my son?

I gazed at my coffee, lost in thought.

“Mum?” Andy asked behind me.

No; fingers, a vibrator, and porn would not satisfy me when I could have the real thing on my own terms and conditions. I could stop it whenever I needed to ………… who was I fooling?

“No,” I finally replied, “He said he loved it and wanted to join.”

“What, ……….. What did you say to that?” Andy asked his heart in his mouth.

I thought some more, I didn’t dare face Andy. This was my last chance to stop my continued journey into the fires of hell.

“Mum? Andy asked again.

‘To hell with it,’ I thought.

Not wanting to face him, I replied “I told him that was Ok and that I would love him to join.”

Andy’s chair scraped backwards on the floor and seconds later he kissed me quickly on the cheek.

“Cool,” was all he said as he headed for the door.

I quickly turned to finally face him, “Andy, remember our conversation last night, yes?”

“Sure mum, it’s cool.” Said the voice of youth as he left our home, for the first time as a man.


Saturday night I cooked a nice meal and sent Andy & Mike out with money for the evening so Ian and I could have a quiet evening together. I showered and wore some nice clothes that revealed my new sexy lingerie that I had bought to save my marriage. If I could entice Ian to make love to me, and then teach him some of my new found skills then I would not continue with Andy & Toby in future.

It is too upsetting to describe the effort I went to that night to seduce my own husband, but it was all for nothing. Even a slow strip failed to gain any attention as Ian turned on his side and went to sleep even before I had got down to my sexy throng. I shut myself in the ensuite and cried into a thick towel to bury my sobs and tears.

On Sunday morning I claimed to be ill and stayed in bed as the boys trooped off the church loyally with Ian. While they were out I threw away the lingerie, I knew I was now in a sex less marriage. I wasn’t even sure if Ian still loved me.

Thankfully Monday morning eventually arrived and Ian headed off to the airport and the kids out as well. I rang in sick to work, I needed time to think. Grabbing a coffee I headed down into my den. I tried doing some sewing as I tried to work bursa eve gelen escort out where my life was going. Thinking of Ian left me cold, but thinking of Andy sent a pulse surging through my pussy. God, then an image of Toby flashed through my mind and my nipples tingled as I thought about his fascination and love for my breasts. Lastly I pictured young Mike, and I knew I didn’t want to risk hurting him. How complicated life had become!

Sitting there in my high backed leather swivel chair I couldn’t focus on my sewing. Instinctively my hand reached between my thighs to rub the itch that was developing between my legs, distracting me from any sensible thought.

Images of sitting astride Toby’s cock as he played with my breasts filled my mind. And then I saw Andy step into the picture to take my head into his tender hands as he fed his hard upright cock into my warm wet mouth. This was just too much, I lost all common sense and ripped my sweat pants & panties off completely as I spread my legs wide and breathed in the aroma of my already excited sex. God the aroma of excited pussy filled the room as I flicked on the computer and quickly loaded up my favourite folder of young stud pictures. The screen filled with a slide show of young muscular hunks fucking into housewives in all stages of undress. Quickly I pulled up my t-shirt and bra to release my breasts from captivity and then settled back to bring myself off.

The images of the hunks on the screen and my thoughts of sucking Andy’s hard young cock soon had me desperate for an orgasm. Three fingers of one hand were soon ploughing in and out of my pussy; and my other hand was tugging at my erect nipples in the same rough actions as my inexperienced horny studs would treat me. God, I was so desperate for release of all this pent up frustration and desire; and it had to be here and now. My pussy clamped down on my invading fingers and waves of pleasure emanated from my tortured nipples as I bathed in self abuse and determination to relieve the itch burning between my legs. “Oh God, I need to come,” I cried out in my den as I pumped my fingers deep into my demanding pussy.

It didn’t take long before my body took over and dissolved all of my energy into a cocktail of heat that radiated from my nipples and pussy as I exploded into an all consuming orgasm that had my hips humping on the leather chair.

“Yes Toby, Fuck me, Fuck me,” I screamed at the images on the screen and imagined his cock exploded in my pussy. My mouth was a wide open ‘O’ as I imagined I was sucking down hard on Andy’s cock as it exploded in my mouth, and I continued to mesh my huge tits together as I tugged and swayed on my nipples.

“Oh God, Yes,…… Yes, ……. Yes,” I screamed as this tremendous orgasm continued to rip my whole body apart. Juices were flowing over my fingers onto the leather making it so wet I was struggling to stop myself sliding off the chair on a slick of pussy juice.

My head was bobbing backwards and forwards as I sucked on Andy’s spurting cock, it all seemed and felt so real.

Letting go of my nipples I reached into the desk drawer and pulled out my trusty vibrator and wiped its tip across my wet pussy lips before turning it on. The reassuring buzz of satisfaction to lonely housewives filled the room as I lowered it onto my clit.

As soon as it touched my horny erect bud, I was sent into deep space as my pussy just tripped the light fantastic. My hips arched in the chair and I screamed out loud as my glowing orgasm reignited into a super nova of intense pleasure. My fingers continued to hammer my swollen pussy as I pressed the hard tip against my clit.

“Oh fuck yes….” I screamed to myself.

I woke later feeling totally drained, my ass stuck to the leather with dried cum juices and the room filled with the scent of sated pussy. Oh God was I sore, it felt like a train had driven into my pussy by mistake. I had masturbated my own lights out and passed out in my trustee chair. The vibrator hummed gently on the carpet and the screen still scrolled with hunks continuing to fuck hungry housewives.

I felt so fucked, but so alive. If a delivery man had knocked on the door I would have fucked him to death, there and then on the doorstep. I literally needed someone to fuck me there and then, I was so desperate for both love and someone to hold me.

Well that wasn’t going to happen sat in my den, so I closed down the computer, put away my battery powered friend and headed upstairs to the shower. Within half an hour I was refreshed, spruced up and on my way to the mall. I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself now my hormones had had time to settle down and I had recovered some of my commonsense. Now I was more like my Sunday school teacher self than the sex crazed slut of an hour ago, but I still had an itch between my thighs that was impossible to ignore. I needed something but didn’t know what.

I sat in the food court bursa escort of the mall sipping a latte and nibbling on a bagel as my eyes roved looking for talent. Who was I fooling …… A Monday morning in a mall is not the best time to see young hunks strutting their stuff; more a case of male retirees looking for cheap breakfast deals. What was I expecting and what was I going to do to satisfy the itch? Was I going to pick up some stranger and be unfaithful to my family by having a quick knee trembler somewhere? I certainly wouldn’t risk taking a stranger home. Commonsense struggled to overcome my rampaging hormones. ‘When in doubt, shop,’ I thought.

I finished my latte & bagel and headed for the lingerie store.

Our local store is an enticement to fantasy and titillation, with some very beautiful garments that don’t leave too much for the imagination. I wandered in and was greeted by the sole sales lady, a thin shapely woman in her late 20’s with long brown hair, and a fine figure.

“Good morning madam,” she greeted me, “and welcome to our store. I am Helen and if you would like any assistance with absolutely anything please don’t be shy to ask. I am here to help you in whatever way you need today.”

‘I need a good fucking,” I thought, ‘bet you can’t help with that,’ I smiled back, but replied “Thank you Helen,” as I headed into the maze of racks and delights that abounded around the store. I wanted something very special that would keep my young lovers hard all evening, and this was the place to get it.

I mooched around for half an hour looking at the mass of choice, some of which was limited by the sizes available to wrap my 42DD breasts. There are too many thin stick women around these days that have no shape or assets to highlight with lingerie; maybe that is why the market caters to them as they need to promote their bodies more than us women with a good figure & curves.

Eventually I settled on 3 or 4 combinations and headed to the changing rooms at the side of the store, where I quickly stripped off behind the curtain that didn’t stretch right across the full width of the cubicle.

First of all I tried on a baby doll nightie in white, very 70’s, but still it looked sexy. The fine mesh rubbed over my nipples, quickly bringing them to an erect sensitive state. I looked down to where the fluffy hem hung at crotch level as I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I must admit I thought I looked good for a woman of my age that could still turn on two young men, one of whom was my son. The only disadvantage was that the fluffy hem was at crotch level and I didn’t want my young lovers catching their wet tongues on it when they licked me out down there. No, it won’t be good having them spitting out fluff by mistake. As I was about to take it off I caught a glimpse of the assistant, Helen, stood looking at me through the gap in the curtain while she pretended to tidy up the adjacent rack of panties.

“Do you like what you see Helen?” I asked.

“Yes Madam,” She responded, “Very nice.”

I felt wicked, “And what about the lingerie?” I asked teasingly.

Helen immediately blushed, embarrassed at my joke.

“It looks good on you as well,” she responded blatantly, making me blush this time.

‘God does this woman fancy me?’ I thought, ‘or does she have a faster sense of humour and response than me?’

“Thank you Helen,” I replied trying not to splutter, “I’ll try the next outfit on.”

I whipped off the baby doll and tried on a satin teddy in smooth satin, thoroughly enjoying the cool smooth sensation as the material enveloped my skin. As I turned to view myself in the mirror I saw Helen had stepped up to the curtain.

“Very fetching Madam,” she complimented me, “it highlights the fullness and curves of your breasts and entices with the way your nipples show through the satin.”

I was taken aback by the boldness of her comments.

“Why thank you Helen,” I said, “but please call me Doris.”

Helen stepped further forward and half opened the curtain. She looked into the mirror to look at me and commented “The way your nice hips and lovely legs are highlighted by the cut of the material shows your lovely body to its best.”

I was really taken aback by her sales pitch, but my heart swelled that she thought I looked good after the rejection by Ian at the weekend when I had stood in front of him in my lingerie then.

Helen grew bolder in her sales pitch, “The way the gusset fits neatly between your firm shapely thighs emphasises the curve of your mons underneath.

My eyes snapped first to the mirror to look at my reflection to check out her description, yes she was right; before my eyes lifted to look at this very forthright sales assistant. She looked very professional, …. and very beautiful, I noticed as I caught a scent of her perfume. ‘Very seductive,’ I thought. ‘Damn, why did I think that?’

“Anyone would fancy you in that outfit …….. görükle escort Doris,” she complimented again.

“Well, thank you Helen,” I replied, my chest swelling with pride, and my nipples hardened some more as the satin rubbed over them.

“I think I will try on the basque now,” I commented, a little embarrassment creeping into my voice, as I thought ‘Why didn’t she say any man, rather than anyone?’.

Helen stepped out of the changing room as I peeled of the teddy, but remained by the curtain openly admiring my naked body as it came into view.

“Madam, sorry, Doris, you will look very beautiful in the basque. It will show you off to perfection. It will make anyone instantly desire you,” she pitched.

I blushed as I took the garment off its hanger and started to wrap it around my naked body. It was hard to line up the hooks & eyes behind my back and Helen stepped back into the changing room.

“Here let me help you as it is not always easy the first time,” she offered.

I felt her warm soft hands brush against my back as she gripped the two sides of the basque and pulled them together.

“Err, thank you Helen,” I replied, feeling out of sorts with her proximity to my nearly naked body.

“The basque will highlight the beauty of your stunning figure Doris,” she complimented as she trussed me up in the tight fitting garment. As she secured the fastenings from the middle upwards I could feel the garment slowly start to lift and confine my 42DD breasts. I looked into the mirror to see Helen looking over my shoulder, admiring the way my breasts were lifting in the reflection, as my cleavage started to tighten and firm up in the confining garment.

“See how it is lifting and starting to showcase your breasts?”

“Err, yes,” I croaked.

After she secured the final fastener, I admired the stunning view of my breasts, all propped up and squeezed tightly together to show a vast amount of cleavage.

Suddenly I felt Helen’s hands under my arms pit as she spoken softly by my ear, “Here let me ensure that it is adjusted correctly. Without waiting for me to reply she ran her hands along the cups of the basque gently squeezing the firmness of my encased breasts which swelled upwards slightly.

“Does that feel better Doris?” she cooed softly against my ear.

“Err, yes thank,” I spluttered, not sure where this was heading. Was this exceptional service or was she chatting & feeling me up?

“That takes care of the top part, now lets finish off the outfit with some stockings and panties,” she guided.

I bent down to pick up the stockings I had already selected, and as I did so my ass brushed against Helen’s crotch.

“Sorry, I’ll move out of your way so you can put them on,” she offered.

She stood by the curtain as I sat on the bench seat to roll the white stockings up my suntanned legs. As I lifted one foot to slide on the first stocking I felt my pussy lips part with the movement of my thighs and I realised that I was damp again; I also realised that Helen was staring straight at my exposed pussy. I was shocked as I looked at her face and saw that she wasn’t diverting her eyes. ‘Oh God, where is this heading,’ I thought. I clipped the suspenders to the lacy band around the stocking tops and then I pulled on a pair of satin panties. The cool satin material brushed softly against my mound as I stood to ease the elastic onto my hips at the back.

I turned away from Helen to look at myself in the mirror, I was very proud of what I saw. My two young lovers would probably shoot their loads very quickly when they caught sight of me dressed like this. Next moment I realised that Helen had slid in behind me. Before I knew it I felt her hands on my satin ass cheeks, but before I could recover from the shock she purred, “This outfit suits your stunning figure and beauty Doris.”

I was still in shock at what was happening.

“Do you like the feel of the cool satin against your skin?” She continued to purr in my ear as her hands started to slide up and outwards onto my hips.

I couldn’t answer.

Slowly her extended fingers met at the front.

“Does this feel nice wrapped around your pussy? She softly asked as her finger slid down to the top of my mound before easing apart to rest on the inside of my thigh, narrowly missing contact with my pussy. Now Helen was standing tight against me and I could feel the heat from her body.

‘What is happening to me?’ I wondered as my pussy seemed to start to glow and my nipples seemed to harden inside the cups of the basque. I stood stock still, completely dumbfounded, seemingly detached from the events around me.

“Does the satin feel cool against your warm pussy Doris?” She blatantly asked, and even more blatantly I felt her fingers slid together until she lightly cupped my mound through the satin.

“Does this give you a strange warm feeling Doris?” she inquired as she lightly squeezed my mound in her hand.

I involuntarily shivered as new and unusual feelings surged through me. I surprised myself by answering “Yes”. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing anything to stop it. I have never ‘fancied’ a woman before, but the scent and actions of this young beautiful woman had anesthetised my reactions.

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