David’s Tall Girls’ School Ch. 03

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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for apparently being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’.

I had decided not to get the police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the ‘traditional’ Punishment Rules of the School. This involved being stripped naked, spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet and fettered to the floor with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in the floorboards. I was then required to orally pleasure the whole school. This is part three of my tale)


“Gillian Goulding-Ashby please step forward,” said the headmistress sipping her tea.

I looked down the room to see another long legged eighteen year old striding towards me.

She looked like a young model. Her blonde hair was in a French Pleat which exaggerated her slim elegant neck. Her skirt twirled and flared about her slim waist as she swayed dangerously close to my exposed testicles and penis.

Her legs appeared to extend vertically forever and her skirt hem was well above her knees. Presumably the school uniform shop did not sell the correct length for supermodels. To emphasise her grace she twirled around and her pleats flared out to reveal her wide white lacy underslip and jet black stockings.

“OK. OK that’s enough Gillian, you are not in one of your brother’s photo-shoots now madam.” Said Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford curtly behind me.

Gillian pushed her hips forward and struck a pose. So she was clearly an amateur model after all, I thought in awe. She looked rather disdainfully down her nose and mouthed “Pervert” to me silently.

I was actually afraid of her. Clearly she was spirited and confident and I felt ill at ease. I looked at Matron as she sat on a sofa some distance away.

“Alright Gillian, knickers off please.”

The eighteen year old schoolgirl model towered over me as she stared at me in the face. She twirled round and placed her four inch heels next to my ears facing my feet. I looked up at her arse which jutted up above me hovering.

She wore exquisite white French knickers in delicate nylon with deep stiff lacy hems which almost concealed her exposed thighs above her stockings.

I frantically wanted to wank myself into oblivion at the sight above me.

She wiggled her bottom from side to side as her pleats swung out like concertina shapes above me. Her petticoat emphasised and exaggerated the swirling movements of her skirt. She looked down at me over her shoulder and whispered “Pervert” as she swung her French knicker clad buttocks over me again and again.

My penis was almost pumping precum by now and I wondered if my heart might give up as I was so excited sexually. I desperately wanted to come inside her.

My eyes focussed on her crotch and pubic hair as she swivelled her body above me. She placed her shoes in the usual squatting position so that they now faced my head. She squeezed my ears hard between her heels and pulled in her skirt in and mouthed “Pervert” one more time and smiled like a tiger.

Slowly, above me, her hands lifted her skirt and petticoat. I saw her knickers slowly being pulled down towards my face. She shook her legs so that they slid down her smooth black stockings and covered my face and nose. She looked down at me. Hands on hips and again whispered “Pervert”.

For some irrational reason the word made my penis rise again and I felt as if I could conduct an entire orchestra with it.

“Come on Miss Goulding-Ashby, get on with it please,” pleaded the headmistress clearly realising that things were taking a lot longer than envisaged initially at the outset of my ‘punishment’ session.

Gillian kicked off her expensive knickers and settled her bum on my face. She was already damp and rubbed bursa seks hikayeleri her slimy lips over my nose and tongue. She clearly knew what she was doing and reached her orgasm efficiently and effortlessly.

I thought that she was clearly in control and probably had had many boy friends who had enjoyed themselves between her legs and I wished I had been one of them. She left the room to join her class.

“Elizabeth Greenberry please step forward.”

I looked down the room to see a fifth eighteen year old walking towards me. She was average looking and appeared a bit bored with the situation. I could tell that she probably wished she was back in her classroom or dormitory. She glanced down at my penis but wasn’t interested or surprised at what she saw. She stifled a yawn as her head teacher ordered her to remove her knickers.

“Straddle the ‘Tom’ Elizabeth and try and show some interest,” sighed Miss W-N behind me putting down her teacup.

“More tea anyone?” she enquired.

She put one shoe next to my neck and lifted her other shoe over. Her movements were sloven and slipshod. I didn’t care for her at all. She looked very morose and sullen.

She stood above me as I stared up her skirt and petticoat. Her long legs seemed to extend forever but I noticed one of her suspender clips was loose. I wanted to tell her but her bottom came down onto my face and I was swamped under damp pubic hair. Her vagina was almost lost amongst her thick coarse hair.

Her white nylon petticoat spread across her splayed stockinged legs contrasted with the ‘jungle’ which lay above me. Her hair appeared to block my nostrils as I sniffed loudly trying to clear them. I probed about with my tongue to find a path to her inner lips.

After a minute her inner lips opened and her juices began to flow. Elizabeth seemed to settle into my rhythm and we made a dash towards her orgasm. Her vaginal secretions were very powerful and I had problems breathing through her slimy hair. Again I snorted to try and clear an air passage.

Sweat was pouring off me as her stockinged thighs slid noisily over me over and over again. Eventually I felt her buttocks clench and her muscles tighten around me. Then ‘whomp’, she orgasmed and, at the same time, broke wind above me. Inside her tartan skirt the stench was overwhelming but she continued to push down on my face further until her final muscular spasm had passed.

She seemed to take an age to get off me.

I felt I was fighting for breath as Matron sauntered over with a fresh face flannel and wiped me thoroughly. She massaged my neck as I salivated at the sight of her flabby inner thighs above her stockings. I would have given anything to lick her thigh flesh.

“Natasha Grzesiczek please walk forward,” I heard the headmistress yell out at the gaggle of girls at the far end of the room who were beginning to sound restless.

“Matron, it’s going to take forever for the girls to punish the ‘Tom’ at this rate, isn’t there anything we can do to speed things up?”

“If it were a question of simply ‘pleasuring’ the girls but not take them all the way to orgasm we may get through a few more in a shorter timescale.”

“Yes that’s a good idea Molly. I had originally thought along those lines myself but found watching our juniors orgasm to be so much fun. I do believe seeing a young woman experience her first orgasm is almost a privilege, do you not think Molly?”

She continued, “We could give the girls a choice. If they just want to feel the ‘Tom’s’ tongue up their vaginas or bottoms they could form one line. If they’d like to experience an orgasm they could form another.” Matron sighed at the logic but was prepared to go along with it.

Amelia clapped her hands and told the girls that we could move things on a bit faster if we did not allow them all orgasms. There was a general consensus that they could leave orgasms out but wanted to feel their juices flow over the ‘Tom’, i.e. me.

Natasha Grzesiczek stood above me having removed her knickers. Her concertina pleats moved from side to side as she swayed over me.

I didn’t know whether it was stimulating her to have me beneath her but it was definitely having a stimulating effect on me to have her above me.

Her skirt and petticoat descended on my face. She pulled her outer layers to one side so that she could see my face between her legs. Her juices flowed and after two minutes she stood up and swung her shoes over my face. She had a great arse.

Emily Hall stood between my legs staring at my penis and she gave it a ‘friendly’ nudge with her shoe. I tried to twist out of her reach but I was clearly restrained. Down came her knickers which she dropped on my face.

I was furious at her disdainful manner. She giggled as if she was in a little world of her own. Her very long legs gave her the appearance of an awkward doll perched on exaggerated legs.

“Emily, Please.” came from the headmistress.

Emily placed her feet to each side of my face and squatted down with her hairy cleft pushed firmly onto my mouth. Within thirty seconds her juices began to flow.

“Next,” shouted Miss Wiff-Naseford clearly absorbed in a book. I looked round and saw that the other teaching staff were all reading too. I felt in some respects that I no longer was the centre of attention and for some reason felt disappointed.

Kathryn Harper stood between my legs and reached up her skirt and slid her knickers off. Her knickers were white with deep lace edging. She ignored my penis and stepped over my leg and up to my chest.

She held her skirt up at the front so I could see her pubic mound, stockings and suspender belt. Her petticoat was a full flouncy lacy affair with several layers. It appeared quite full. My penis twitched at the sight of it and I yearned to be able to masturbate myself into all that nylon and lace.

I wanted to persuade Kathryn to wank me off but there seemed to be no opportunity. I sighed with real frustration as I thrust my tongue up into the deepest folds of her vagina and wiggled it about furiously. The young girl above me thrilled as I pushed up further. I heard little yelps and sighs of joy.

Miss Wiff-Naseford appeared engrossed in her novel.

I pushed Kathryn further and further, her buttocks bouncing up and down on my face which was covered with secretions from between her legs. We were both lost in giving her an orgasm. Her whimpering increased and so did her breathing. Her buttocks clenched and she screamed “Yes..yes..yes…yeeeees” at full volume.

The staff members looked up with a start and Miss Wiff-Naseford reluctantly lowered her book and stared at the proceedings over her steel rimmed glasses.

“I thought we just agreed no more orgasms from now on,” she said looking at me under Kathryn’s uniform. She reluctantly got off me as number nine was summoned.

“Maria Kingsland come forward please.”

I looked across the room wide-eyed as a very tall willowy girl strode towards me. She was African, possibly Ethiopian, and her skin was very dark. She had beautiful brown eyes which stood out from her other features.

Her pleated skirt seemed to flick from side to side as her hips swivelled and slid around provocatively. She walked like a model and stood next to me looking down, her eyes smiling. She reached behind her and slid off her panties. She waved them over my nose. Her smell was intense; it appeared to cut through the air.

“I’m warning you that I can be extremely smelly down here between my legs,” she told me in an aristocratic clipped English accent.

“Just get on with it Maria, we’ve got another eleven to get through today, please”

It dawned on me that my punishment would not end today, nor perhaps even tomorrow and began to feel very very worried.

Maria straddled my face and brought her feet together to constrain my face firmly. She probably realised that I was likely to struggle against her vaginal smell. Above me her legs disappeared under her flared pleated tartan skirt and white lace petticoat. Her suspenders contrasted markedly with her beautiful dark skin. She shook her prominent arse from side to side and I stared up at her glistening exposed fleshy vagina nestling between her pubic hairs. Her bottom looked immense.

“Well I did warn you ‘Tom'” she said splaying her legs, bending her knees and placing her hairy vagina firmly on my face.

I tried to flinch but couldn’t. Her vaginal odour appeared three times stronger than any other I had ever experienced. I was sucked into its intensity and was drowning in its headiness.

My penis, for the nineteenth time that day, tried to do hand-stands. I was completely and utterly intoxicated by this eighteen year olds genitalia. Her engorged lips brushed against mine and her clitoris unfolded like exotic fruit.

She was off me before I could pay ultimate homage to her womanhood. I envied her boyfriend if she had one.

Samantha Knowles walked up to me and stared at my genitals. She appeared very ordinary. I noticed that her schoolskirt was quite long and her heels were low kitten heels. She appeared to be rather shy for an eighteen year old.

” Get on with it Samantha,” appeared to be the standard retort from our ‘dear’ headmistress behind me. I could hear her reading her book clearly disinterested in my valiant attempts to stimulate all her girls.

“Come on, pull those knickers down, we haven’t got all day”.

I told Samantha that everything was alright and she needn’t do it for long if she didn’t like it. I told her that I’d just move my tongue around a little bit and she could get off at any stage.

My wrists and ankles were quite sore as I had been in the same position for one and a half hours.

Samantha reached under her skirt at the back and slid her white cotton knickers over her rounded buttocks and stepped out of them. She dropped them on my face. I suppose she had seen Maria do something similar with hers. They smelt quite mild and sweet in comparison.

“Come on Samantha, squat over him please.” came the encouraging remark from Amelia Wiff-Naseford.

Samantha placed her feet on each side of my face and I closed my eyes and pushed out my tongue in encouragement. I heard her laugh as she saw me in this ridiculous pose. She bent her knees and parted her legs and once again I was inside a private little petticoat world.

Her hairy pubic area contrasted with the smooth whiteness of her lacy underskirt and the smooth blackness of her stockings which slid over my cheeks as she rocked to and fro. The froufrou sounds of her clothes sliding over me were sexually exciting.

Samantha was quite gentle but persistent. I began to warm to this girl. She began to open up to me, literally, as I licked her delicious inner lips and concentrated on her clitoris. I established a tempo which I thought she could respond to and we increased it as I pushed her further with my tonguings and nosings.

Her hairy slit brushed over my face and her secretions pervaded my nostrils. Pubic hair however became trapped in my teeth as I pushed her ever further towards our goal and became aware of something powerful welling up inside her.

Her nerve endings surrounding her vulva were incredibly sensitive. It appeared she would orgasm at any moment judging by her breathing. It hit me and her unexpectedly as an intense juddering gripped her as she spasmed.

She screamed and wept above me while my face was drenched in discharge. This went on for several minutes as she slowed down and calmed herself.

She pushed herself off me but then did a strange thing much to Miss Wiff-Naseford’s intense surprise and annoyance.

Samantha knelt down and kissed me full on my lips. I was quite taken aback and wondered what was going to happen next.

( continued in part four)

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