Daughter Training Ch. 04

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Fertile Valley is known for its good weather but just like anywhere else, it has its rainy days, and this is one of them. James came home to his two-story house he shared with his darling daughter-wife and would have heard the heavy rain that he had just driven through if not for the loud music coming from the living room. He walked into his house with the confidence of a man who had conquered the world, surveying his domain with a straight back and his head held high; he had the posture of a Fertile Valley man. He may have only had one house and two cars, but it was like a kingdom to him, complete with his own princess and his heir already on the way. The men in Fertile Valley knew the secret to happiness: trying hard to be a man who deserves the amazing woman a good woman who was faithful, obedient, and your own personal slut.

James noticed two backpacks and pairs of shoes by the door, all of which were soaking wet. Daisy must have a friend over, he thought, probably the next door neighbor, Mckenzie. Each of their bags had the coveted “3H Club” patch on their bags, marks of membership to the most prestigious girls club at school, the “Three Holes Club.” They had each become members before graduating two years ago, and like all 3H Girls kept showing it off even after starting college. Membership in the 3H Club meant that one man in her family, usually her father, exclusively owned her body, used all of her holes whenever he wanted without needing to ask, and was actively trying to breed her. All 3H members must also show school spirit, usually by being active in at least one other club, and have a minimum GPA. Girls who arrived at school with family seed running down their thighs tended to get some leeway on the GPA requirement. After all, it can be hard for even the most academically-inclined girl to keep perfect grades once her father was fucking all of her holes at any time, day or night.

Girls with 3H Club membership proudly displayed that fact with in many ways, with some girls putting the coveted “3H” logo on everything they could. 3H Girls strive to represent the ideal of how a girl should be. James was happy to hear his daughter get her membership soon after her 18th birthday, and it just added to the reasons that he couldn’t help but show off his slut around town. He and his daughter-wife lived with fewer luxuries than they could afford, but he couldn’t help but buy her the expensive, but tasteful, 3H locket she wore frequently when leaving the house. The locket contained a picture of them smiling together, a happy daughter sitting on the lap of her daddy, but if one looked closely Daisy had some cum splashed across her face. In fact, each of the photos on display around their house like any normal photos of a happy incestuous couple at first glance, with the marks of ownership becoming obvious after further inspection. Daisy really loved her daddy’s cum.

The music continued to play as James took off his shoes and hung up his jacket. He had gotten home early, around four o’clock, without letting his daughter know of his plans. Usually, he came home at about five-thirty to the smell of her cuisine but decided that tonight he’d come home before she started cooking and surprise her with a night out. In the living room, he saw his daughter and her friend Mckenzie, two wet teens who were clearly caught in the rain by surprise. Daisy and Mckenzie lived right next door to each other and shared (almost) everything. They were friends through high school and were both now starting their second year of college, with Daisy working on her psychology degree and Mckenzie studying nutritional science.

Both girls barely passed the 5-foot mark when standing up straight, and both had long hair that ran past their shoulders, but they had a number of differences as well. Mckenzie’s dark red, wavy hair contrasted with her green eyes and she was really proud of her plump ass which got abused and groped much more frequently by her father than her A-cup tits. Daisy’s brown eyes and hair framed her angelic face, and while her ass was a sight as well, she loved to show off her C-cup cleavage. Mckenzie sat cross-legged on the long couch, a little too haphazardly, one might say, as her short plaid skirt did not cover her crotch. That was probably on purpose, however, as she loved to show off her panties that were embroidered with a message declaring who owned the holes they covered. Mckenzie was a tease that enjoyed on antagonizing men by giving them peeks of what they can never have and then faithfully return home to her father, a burly fellow named Angus, who would pound her asshole senseless out of jealousy as she described how the other men ogled her.

Daisy was James’s perfect princess, her Korean features from her mother barely softened by the caucasian looks of her father. Daisy acted much more proper than her friend unless she had her daddy alone and in private when she couldn’t keep away from the daddycock she loved so much. She never teased other Uzun porno men like her friend did. In fact, she made sure that any men who might show interest in her knew she was already taken so there were no mixed signals. She sat on the floor with her laptop on the coffee table looking at a recipe she wanted to try out for dinner tonight as she chatted with Mckenzie. Neither of the girls had seen James yet as he paused by the entryway and looked on in admiration at the love of his life.

Daisy’s wet hair clung to her as she hadn’t completely dried off after coming in from the rain. She looked gorgeous and was always trying new looks and styles for her daddy to enjoy but always made sure to wear a dress or skirt for him. James’ heart filled with love as he looked at his daughter. He was sure he didn’t deserve an angel like her and thanked God every day for every moment they had together. He was sure that if he told her right now how beautiful she was with her wet clothes, minimal makeup, and her hair in disarray, she would rebuff him, claiming that she looked frumpy or messy or some other nonsense. She never seemed to believe him when he said she looked perfect and beautiful no matter if she was lounging around the house in a simple camisole and a ponytail or in high heels and a thousand-dollar dress. This daddy felt the most amount of joy and admiration that a man could feel every time he laid eyes on his daughter-lover.

The personalities of the two girls contrasted somewhat, with Daisy more reserved, preferring to limit most public displays of affection to hand-holding and kisses, instead of the active public groping that her friend did with her father. In fact, on one road trip, Mckenzie had slipped her pussy on her dad’s cock as they rode in the back seat as James drove to the bed and breakfast with Daisy’s head resting on his shoulder. The amorous couple in the backseat tried to make it look like an innocent case of a daughter sitting on her dad’s lap, at some point pretending to be sleepy and turning around, straddling her dad and trying not to moan as the car bounced on the dirt road and her daddy’s big hands massaged her small A-cup breasts. Daisy felt bad for her daddy as she knew he loved road head and his erection was practically crying out for it, but she was too shy to do anything with anyone else in the car, even when those other people were clearly fucking their brains out and not paying attention. She made it up to him, though, as she gave him wonderfully long, teasing, sloppy blowjobs twice a day for the entire week-long getaway. And like any good 3H-girl, her asshole and pussy were filled with paternal cum daily as well.

Daisy was determined to come out of her shell because she saw how hard her daddy got whenever they walked through the park saw other incestuous couples go at it. He never said so, be she knew he wanted to show her off with his cock in her. Of course, Daisy sucked off her father in the car as they parked in the parking lot outside the mall, being sure they did not enter until she was able to walk around hand-in-hand with him showing off the cum on her face. She also walked around the county fair with dried streaks of cum on her thighs (even if it itched a little) with a beaming smile as she clung to the man of her dreams and played carnival games and ate unhealthy food. Those were things that a good daughter does to show how much she loves her daddy and appreciates being owned by him. It was also how a father showed off his sexy cum dumpster slut. It was a perfect relationship.

Unlike most other girls her age, however, Daisy had yet to even suck off her father in a movie theater or fuck him in a dressing room, much less slip under the table when they went to a restaurant. Nevertheless, though, James was happy. Daisy was shy, but he knew he raised her right and their love was pure. She loved him and worshiped his cock, and he returned that love in kind. He would be happy even if the only sexual contact with her was looking into her beautiful brown eyes as she took him down her throat and caressing her face with his hand as she mewled over his cock as he read her bedtime incest stories. Yes, he was addicted to all of her, including her tight asshole and squirting pussy. It was sublime to cause her to shudder and wail as her squirting pussy drenched his face and filled his mouth, and he savored her flavor as he lapped up and swallowed her juices, just as she did for him. But they weren’t just father and daughter or inseparable sexual partners; no, they were soulmates. They did everything together, and what mattered most to him was that she was his. He felt lucky to find his soulmate and made sure she knew it. Even if something happened and sex of any kind wasn’t an option, his heart would ache without her nearby.

While Daisy was jealous of her friend’s seeming lack of reservation of incestuous sex with an audience, Mckenzie was very jealous of her friend for one thing: being pregnant by Öğrenci porno her dad. It wasn’t that Mckenzie didn’t try to get pregnant, it was just that her dad really loved fucking her in the ass. A lot. Sure, her dad used the rest of her body, like any good dad should, but he hadn’t been trying hard to impregnate his daughter, at least not like James. Sometimes Mckenzie just wanted to somehow tie each of her limbs to the posts of the bed she shared with her dad with a note over her pussy saying, “BREED ME,” and that he’d dump load after load in her until they were sure she’d be pregnant for the next ten years.

Daisy and Mckenzie talked about each of their concerns before James came home, and Mckenzie was convinced that the obvious solution to her problem was to just come right out and demand her dad breed her, just like she imagined. She was also sticking around to help Daisy with her own problem.

After a few minutes of James soaking in the beauty that was his offspring, Daisy finally looked up to see her daddy standing there, looking at her like a man who was just told he had won the lottery but didn’t quite believe it. She jumped up excitedly, saying, “Daddy! You’re home early!”

Daisy ran over to James and they kissed as James’ hands groped her ass. She usually wasn’t this frisky with people around, but today was different. Daisy’s right hand drifted down to her daddy’s crotch and gave it a squeeze as she tilted her head slightly down while looking up at him with her cute face, her big doe eyes displaying an innocence that contrasted with the sluttiness of her actions. She then said whispered an entrancing voice, “Is this for me? I’ve been waiting for it all day.”

James was immediately at full length, his cock straining against his slacks. Daisy traced the length of his meat with her fingers until a wet spot started to spread near the tip due to all of the precum she was making him produce, a wet spot mirrored in her own panties.

“What brought this on?” James croaked out as Daisy pushed him back to his chair and sank to her knees.

Daisy started unbuckling his belt, “Silly Daddy, I’m eating for two now, and I need my afternoon snack.”

“I mean, your friend…”

“She told me I’ve seen her Daddy do a lot with her and now I owe her. I agree.” Daisy’s delicate fingers unzipped his fly.

James had always wanted an audience, someone seeing the woman he loved more than anything take him into his mouth, and even swallow his cum.

James’ slacks were pulled down, leaving boxers with a huge tent and a sticky wet spot. Daisy grabbed the sides and dragged them down with her face close enough that James could feel her breath on his cock as it popped out.

“Thank you, Daddy, this is what I wanted all day!” Daisy’s tongue barely brushed the length of the cock she dreamt of, the cock that filled her holes at any time, day or night, even if she was sleeping. As she reached the top she kissed the wellspring of precum and slowly backed away, a string of fluid connecting the tip of her daddy’s cock to her lips. Her fingers pinched it off and she licked it up greedily.

Daisy removed her top and her bra, letting her beautiful C-cup breasts breathe. “Can you tell they’re getting larger, Daddy? I’m going up a cup size, I’ll need larger bras soon.”

Daisy started rubbing her breasts up and down the thick shaft that gave her life and put new life inside of her. “Look how your big cock fits between my tits, Daddy. It fits so snug, just like everywhere else.”

Mckenzie looked on, getting wet but reluctant to touch herself. Her daddy allowed her to tease others but made it clear that only he gets to see her uncovered intimate places unless his cock was inside her.

James had a hard time thinking clearly as the vision before him fawned over his throbbing member. “That’s my girl,” James said, “you know what Daddy needs..”

“What’s that, Daddy?” Daisy said between small licks and kisses, holding the big strong cock still as she kept up her teasing onslaught.

James moved his right hand to her face and palmed her cheek as her eyes moved up to his, and he said, “…you.”

With that, each of their hearts overflowed with love. Daisy looked over at her friend who had slid one hand in her panties and then looked back up at her man. She then opened her mouth wide, took the cock she worshiped daily into her mouth, and slid all the way down to the base. James held her head, caressing her and intertwining his fingers in his daughter’s hair.

Daisy came back up for air. “See, Mckenzie? I told you.”

Mckenzie had a glassy look in her eyes as she witnessed her friend taking daddycock all the way down her throat, just like she said she could. It was impressive, though Mckenzie always believed Daisy when she said she could do it. She had just thought some taunts here and there would help her friend become the exhibitionist cumslut she wanted to be.

James and Daisy were lost in each other as Daisy served the cock that she would suck in the middle of the night as her daddy slept, the same cock that had woken her up on many occasions as it filled her teen pussy. James had a hard time speaking but was able to croak out phrases like, “That’s my girl,” “I love you so much, honey,” and “That’s right, it’s all yours, only yours.”

Daisy was in a trance-like state, a situation in which she found herself frequently after seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting the cock that made her. She loved how each of her holes was used by her daddy, but she definitely spent the most time worshipping his cock with her amazing oral skills. Daisy could spend hours cuddled up with daddycock on the bed or couch, darting her tongue and lips around the head and shaft as he caressed her. Other times, she knelt between his legs as he sat at a table or desk, doing work or playing games. This incestuous couple connected with each other heart and soul, from mouth to cock, as they discussed almost anything as she fawned over her own favorite property.

James could see Mckenzie out of the corner of his eye but his beautiful daughter always looked even more radiant when fellating him that it was hard to look at anything else. Time and again, Daisy alternated her intensity, transitioning between small licks and impressive cock-swallowing, with slobbering sounds and gagging noises filling the air as her face was fucked by daddycock.

“Love your cock, all mine, daddycock.”

Lick, slurp.

“Mine, mmmm, love it.”

“Made me, owns me.”


“Tasty, yummy, mmmmmmm! Mine forever.”

“So big, so hard, all mine.”

“These balls put a baby inside me. They’ll put in even more.”

Lick, lick, slurp, kiss.

“Daddy’s slut, daddy’s property, made for each other…”

For the next forty-five minutes, Daisy displayed her mastery of edging her father close to climax and then backing off, over and over again. It was clear that if these two lovers needed no food or sleep, they’d be perfectly content fucking and sucking each other forever as two halves of the same soul.

Daisy was a true cumslut, but a cumslut for one man and one cock, the cock that created her and now created life inside of her. Her pussy creamed just thinking about it. Her hands were used only to hold the cock steady and move it only so that she could taste it and worship it from different angles. It was pure oral stimulation, with no hand movements, just like her daddy taught her. Occasionally Daisy would move one hand down and finger herself just enough to orgasm, having cum three times already during her oral assault.

To this couple, at this moment, all was right in the world.

Mckenzie has cum a few times watching this incredibly erotic and loving display. A mischievous thought crossed Mckenzie’s mind as her friend sat between her father’s legs, mewling and sighing over the big cock she was so proud to call her own. Perhaps she would tease her friend, just for fun.

“Hey Daisy,” Mckenzie spoke with a slanted grin with one hand in her panties, “mind if I try that?”

She didn’t mean it, of course; after all, she was a 3H Girl, and fidelity was one of the core tenets of the club. Her words hit Daisy like lightning, though, and the look of content concentration vanished from her face as she looked over at her friend with a stern look and fiery eyes before saying loudly and firmly, “NO! This is MINE!”

Daisy had just finished bringing her father down to a low point and decided the next time he came close to orgasm she would allow him to empty every drop inside of her as evidence to her friend of just how serious she was.

“NOBODY touches this cock but ME!” Daisy told her friend in a firm tone before gripping her father’s thighs roughly and hammering her throat up and down, feeling paternal prick pound the back of her throat as she made a sloppy mess of her saliva and daddy’s juices that coated her face. James felt a wave start to rise inside him once more as he viewed the sexy sight on his lap and heard the obscene sounds of a girl who literally hungered for his seed.

Daisy sprang up suddenly, leaving her soaked through panties and skirt on the floor, breaking contact with her daddy’s prick for the first time in almost an hour. She quickly remedied that situation by sheathing it in her tight pussy and sinking down on it as she faced her friend.

Daisy bounced up and down on daddydick, with a serious look still covering her face. James groped the ass as she found her rhythm, straining to keep her composure as the pleasure of mating with the cock she came from almost two decades ago rubbed along her walls.

“I’M the ONLY one who gets this cock! I’m the one daddy breeds!”

Daisy tweaked put her right hand on her tummy and tweaked her left nipple she continued to bounce up and down. The fact that she’d soon be feeding both her sibling and daddy with her swelling breasts entered her mind and she tightened around her father’s shaft.

“Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine…” Daisy chanted as she bounced up and down, her eyes losing focus as her friend frigged herself furiously.

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