Daphne I Ch. 01

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This is my very first attempt at writing an erotic story. I’m generally more into poetry when inspired but I had this idea that didn’t leave me for two weeks so here it is. English is not my primary language although I manage to maintain a decent level. I still hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for reading and please leave comments.



It’s been three years since I had seen Daphne, ever since she left me for Florida, miles away from our Toronto, Canada. She got an offer she couldn’t refuse. We had spent a weird evening the night before her departure, and ever since I kept wondering what could have been. Watching her going away was really painful but it was her destiny. I never understood what she was doing for a living but yeah, she was smart and the pay was good. We kept contact by phone or by chatting from time to time via Facebook and Skype —Thank you, Technology!— and now I was on my way to visit her. It was long overdue; we had both been extra busy and had a hard time getting our schedules to match. I knew Daphne since our tender years. I was about eleven years old when Daphne entered my classroom. The teacher sat her beside me, the only place available. She smiled at me and, since that very moment, I knew we would be best friends.

Daphne Delgado, wearing her name well, was a hottie and always had been only she didn’t know it. She’s always been shy and reserved. She really blossomed in her teenage years, attracting men, but she didn’t know what to do with that kind of attention. She was the definition of the sweet girl next door. She’s not much taller than me but much slender and lighter with a nice tight ass that I used more than once as my pillow during our girls night either at my place or hers, while watching DVDs or reading magazines. Her Latina ancestry gave her a nice silky smooth latte colored skin.

Last time I saw her, a couple of days ago, in video chat, she was wearing her curly brown hair by shoulder length which gave her a pretty lioness look and every time she smiled or laughed I couldn’t help my eyes being drawn to the few freckles on her nose and cheekbones. I was excited to see her. I hoped we could spend the week together, only the two of us, and have fun like in the old days. The only problem: she had a boyfriend.

Matthew was the perfect boyfriend though. When I say perfect, I don’t even exaggerate it’s annoying. Tall, black with a dark caramel skin complexion, strong and muscular, built for physique competitions, sexy tattoos at the right places, fun, dependable and on top of that, a firefighter. I told you, annoying. Totally my kind of guy. I’m sure I could work my charm on him but that would be betraying my girl, so no. I had decided early on he was off limits.

Oh but, I’m being very rude. Let me introduce myself, first. I’m Gabrielle Larose, Gabby for my friends and family, a second generation Haitian Canadian. I’m a computer geek, tech support. I’m twenty eight but when people look at me, they generally think I’m 10 years younger. I even got ID’d at a bar recently. It always makes me smile. I take it as a compliment. I guess my flawless skin and my toned muscles help. I’m single at the moment. I don’t have any kids yet but still looking for the right partner with whom put this project into motion.

I’m 5’2″, so on the short side but not too much, with a strong build. I am rather fit but, still, I have a very feminine figure, shaped like a pear. I weigh more than I look and stand strong on my legs that I keep in shape by three to four sessions a week of weight training at the gym. Of course, I have a visible six pack, a good 36D rack and a round and firm behind that goes with it all. I’m dark-skinned and wear my hair short and natural. Short hair, I love. It’s practical and doesn’t remove from my femininity that I underline with the right amount of makeup and a bunch of accessories. I’m a slut for all that glitters. Yes, to resume, I’m kinda fine. I’m not boasting but being realistic.

At the moment, I was just focusing on one thing, or rather one person — Daphne.

I was so excited, not only to see her and spend a week in the sun having fun but I was on a mission. This time around, I wanted to seduce her. Last time I saw her, right before she left for the US, I caught her looking at me in a strange way. I started hoping that there might be a possibility there which led to numerous nights of wet dreams and masturbating sessions in my bedroom, my bathroom, my kitchen. Well, you get the picture. I was obsessed with her. It was a long time fantasy that now needed some action. I was gonna get her. The only problem, yep, you guessed it: she had a boyfriend.

Let me clarify the situation a minute. I’m attracted mostly to men, tall, strong men. Not only strong physically but mentally. Men that are grounded and fun and who possess a killer smile. Yes, that’s my sweet spot. So men are my thing but from time to time, I can’t resist a sweet little candy that is offered to me. My type of women? Although, I don’t exclude any race, I have bursa escort a clear preference for sexy whities or latinas, tall, short, blonde, brunette, redhead, straight or whatever, I don’t care as long as they have the right curves at the right places and a beautiful face. You could put me in the bisexual box, I guess, although my preference is for men. I’d say seventy-thirty if you absolutely want a number although I wouldn’t quantify my relations that way. It’s more like a subtle mix of personality and physical attraction.

I’m a confident woman, I like to express my desires and I have a lot of patience that I put in good use, especially if it’s to seduce the woman I choose, if I want to get in her panties or, even better, get her between my legs. Sometimes, I just like to tease them, for fun, men or women. The seduction game is really thrilling. You never know what the outcome will be.

I arrived in Florida on a bright and sunny Saturday morning. The plane had completed its landing phase and was rolling towards our gate. I love to travel but let me tell you something, I could do without taking off and landing. I can’t wait for them to create teleportation. Yeah, I know, we can keep dreaming. Anyways, it was good to feel the ground again and I couldn’t wait to see my sweet BFF. I was traveling with just a sports bag filled with goodies. I waited a fair amount of time to retrieve it and headed directly to the customs. After the mandatory security check, I went through and headed to the exit door. I suddenly heard a shriek and my name being called.

“Gabby! Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re really here!” Daphne screamed, jumping into my arms.

I’m rather strong for my size but with her speed and the effect of surprise, I almost lost my balance. I dropped my bag and held her tight in my arms, lifted her and made her spin. She hadn’t changed much since last time. She was wearing a knee length floral dress showing off a nice cleavage and white sandals. Her skin and hair smelled like vanilla.

“It’s been three years, baby!” I whispered in her ear as I was clearly enjoying the contact of her body against mine.

I put her back on the ground, holding her waist while she still had her arms around my neck, caressing my short frizzy hair. I got closer to her and kissed her on the cheek close enough for the corner of our mouths to actually touch. I kept the pressure much longer that necessary, hugged her again then whispered in her ear “I’m really happy to see you, babygirl.” I felt a shiver running down her body and thought, “it’s on!” I enjoyed this moment fully, oblivious to the world around. As we were hugging, I felt a shadow near us so I broke our sweet embrace. Matthew was standing there, displaying one of the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.

“Gabrielle, I’m so glad to finally meet you. I heard so much about you”, he said in a deep masculine voice as he offered his hand.

“Well, Matthew, I sure heard a lot about you too but Daphne didn’t tell me how handsome and charming you were in real life.” Rejecting his hand, I added with a smile “Please, my girl’s boyfriend who makes her so happy deserves a tight hug,” I answered and with that I just gave him a tight hug, long enough to confirm he was all muscle. Damn.



We arrived at their place in the early afternoon. The airport was not so far away but with traffic, it took us a good hour to reach their place. We got the time to chit chat and talk about Matthew’s life that I obviously knew a lot less than Daphne’s. Plus, he got to know me too. He was a cool guy with a great sense of humor.

Daphne and Matt, as he invited me to call him, were living together, renting a house in the suburbs with enough backyard to have a 20m long swimming pool and isolated enough by the fence and the vegetation around to sunbathe in peace without being disturbed by the neighbors. They walked me through the house up to the bedroom area. The one-story house had a large living room and kitchen, two bedrooms, one master and one smaller that they converted into an office with a double size bed in the corner opposite to the desk, more than enough for myself. The room was decorated with taste and full of light as this part of the house was facing south west.

Matt put my bag on the bed and said “There you go, girl! Please make yourself home.” he reached for Daphne and took her by the waist. “We’re glad to have you with us. Now, I’m gonna go and prepare you a snack and leave you girls to it.”

“Matt, that’s very sweet of you but not something too heavy. I’m not that hungry.”

“Duly noted!” he added before turning around and heading to the kitchen.

“He’s a doll. You chose him well,” I told her with a smile.

“I know,” Daphne added in a chuckle. “Do you want to take a nap before eating a bite?”

“Not really, not now at least. Maybe later. The flight wasn’t that long but I’d love a shower. I need to change.”

“Take your stuff and let’s go!”

A minute altıparmak escort later I was shown to the bathroom. She took some time to explain me how the shower worked. It was multi-function, with various types of spray. Fancy!

“If you need anything, help yourself. Mi casa es su casa, mamacita!” she said with a lovely smile adorning her face.

“Muchas gracias, guapa!” I answered with a somewhat defiant attitude.

It made her laugh. She remembered I was not bad at learning new languages and with her help, back in the days, I managed catching a fair amount of Spanish.

“Oooh I see you still have it!”

“Of course, I do! Who do you take me for?”

We both laughed and hugged each other tight.

“I’m so glad you’re here, mamacita!” she said softly.

“Me too.”

“OK, take your shower and join us in the kitchen when you’re done.”

I nodded and she left the room, closing the door behind her. The bathroom was cozy, all decorated in white and pale blue colors. There was a bathtub and a large counter of dark wood around the sink. There were several feminine toilet articles on one side and more masculine stuff on the other. There was no doubt about who was winning the sink battle. I put my clothes on the far end of the counter and picked up my liquid soap in my toilet bag. There were many drawers and cupboard doors. I opened them one by one to find the towels. I found it pretty quickly then proceeded to unfold my clothes. I soon realized I had forgotten my underwear. I went back to the bedroom-office to get it.

When I got back to the bathroom, I started to undress. I had removed almost all my clothing and only my panties were remaining when I felt a presence. I turned around and Daphne was there. I had forgotten to close the door behind me. Living alone, all my doors are always open, why bother? Daphne had her eyes opened wide. She was looking at my body, looking hypnotized but as she was admiring my silhouette, something shifted in her. I saw it in her eyes, in her body language. I could see her chest heaving stronger, hear her breathing shortening. Even if I was already almost naked, it was as if she was undressing me all over again. I just stood there, letting her take it all in for I don’t know how long.

She looked up again and our eyes locked. It was as if time froze. Her big hazel eyes were talking to me. No words were needed. We were connected. I had the sensation I was penetrating her soul and she was penetrating mine. It was magical… None of us could speak for a while then she opened her mouth and struggled to articulate. Her cheeks had become slightly red.

“I… huh… I… just… wanted to see… if… hum… if… you had found… huh… a… towel… a fresh towel…”

The last words died down in her throat as I walked slowly and confidently to her. She swallowed hard and I smiled as the only thing she could look at was the voluptuous breasts coming closer to her. I stopped by the door and held its knob. As if the situation was perfectly normal, I softly said “Oh thank you, sweetie, but that’s OK. I easily found one. Your bathroom is well organized.”

My words seemed to have pulled her out of her trance. She cleared her throat and regained composure despite her redden cheeks.

“Oh don’t thank me. Matt is the one keeping it in order,” she answered.

“Thanks, anyway,” I said as I bent forward.

I tried not to show it but my heart was actually racing like crazy. I innocently pecked her cheek and closed the door. I took a minute, laid my forehead against the door. I exhaled slowly, taking the time to calm my nerves. Wow. That was intense. I wanted more of that. I removed my panties and realized they were soaking wet.

“Daphne, you’re driving me nuts.”



It just took me about ten minutes to shower and get ready. I had the time to calm down. As I was only planning to relax for the first day, I had chosen very short denim shorts showing off my strong legs to go over a black g string and a large white tank top. I let my boobs free.

I joined the sweet couple in the kitchen. The table was set. Matt was finishing making burgers while Daphne was finishing preparing a fruit salad.

“Hey, guys!” I exclaimed, entering the room.

“Hey, girl! How was this shower?” Matt asked enthusiastically.

Daphne looked up. I could see she was still a bit shaken by the past event. I warmly smiled to her and she smiled back despite her visible embarrassment. Good omen. Matt didn’t seem to suspect anything. I wondered if he knew his girlfriend had dormant bisexual tendencies. I doubted that.

“Quite refreshing actually. Thank you. Am I right or do I smell bacon?”

“Your nose didn’t betray you. I just finished making my special burger recipe of which I am the sole owner and intend to take it with me to the grave. I know you asked for something light but I’m sure you’re gonna love this.”

“Oh, it’s that good, görükle escort huh?” I teased him.

“You bet, it is!” retorted Matt, proudly.

“OK. What’s the secret, then?” I said with a hint of challenge in my voice.

“All is in the marinade, my dear, ALL is in the marinade. That’s all I can say.”

“Matt is very protective of that recipe. It’s ridiculous.” intervened Daphne.

The casual conversation between Matt and I seemed to have helped Daphne relax.

“It is not!” protested Matt.

“Well, let’s have a taste,” I suggested.

“OK. Do you want to eat here or in the garden,” Matt asked even if the table was already set.

“Let’s go outside. I wanna enjoy every minute of this sunny weather.”

“Help me move the stuff then. It’s gonna be real quick.”

In a couple of minutes, it was all set. We could access directly to the backyard from the kitchen that had a large bay window. The garden table was already set with a parasol. We just had to rearrange the chairs. We moved everything, the plates, cutlery, glasses, the salad, the burgers and Matt was bringing the condiments to the table while Daphne and I were bringing the drinks.

As we bustled about, I noticed Daphne kept looking at me. As I moved about my boobs were shaking and my tank top let a good part of my side boobs visible. I was really excited because I really thought then that I had a real good chance of seducing her.

“OK. Bon appétit!” I said once we were all seated.

We enjoyed the meal with a good wine, a bubbly conversation and a lot of laughter. They both had a great sense of humor in their own style. The burgers were delicious and the salad refreshing. We cleaned the table and I insisted to do the dishes. It’s the least I could do to thank them for their warm welcome.

“Et voilà! It’s all done,” I proudly said folding the hand towel after drying my hands. “Do you mind if I enjoy one of the long chair by the pool for a while? “

“Not at all, mamacita,” smiled Daphne.

I headed to the back yard. I adjusted the parasol to cover my chair, laid down and relaxed almost immediately. I was alone for a good while so I lifted my shirt so that all my abdomen but my boobs were visible and slowly caressed my belly. After a while, my hand on its own accord went further down into my shorts and started brushing the soft curls crowning my mound. I didn’t really want to get off. Caressing my pubic hair always helped me relax. My eyes were closed. Everything was silent except for the chirping of the birds hidden by the surrounding nature.

“Can I join you?”

It was Daphne’s voice.

“Sure, girl.”

I opened my eyes and looked in Daphne’s direction. She had changed and was holding two drinks of some sort. A transparent tote filled with sunbathing kit was adorning her shoulder. She had on a pair of sunglasses, not the all black ones but with the brown glass. I still could see her eyes. However, what really caught my eye was the neon pink bikini showing off her perfect body. She was not as fit as me but her belly was flat, her chest was smaller than mine but perfectly shaped. Her skin was flawless and tanned all over. I suspected nude sessions by the pool. Her body was well balanced between her shoulders, her waist and her hips. The sight was simply breathtaking.

I was still caressing my abs thinking maybe she was hitting on me. She was way too sexy for a little afternoon nap. I tried to provoke her a little bit to see her reaction. I looked directly in her eyes, licked my lips and said, with a provocative smile, “Mmm… babygirl, you look delicious.”

My words made her turn crimson. She was so cute. I knew I was getting the desired effect on her. She tried to hide it and changed subject showing what she had in her hands. I didn’t insist. My goal was to tease her not make her run away.

“I made us lemonade,” said Daphne, offering me one of the glasses.

I took the fresh glass from her hand and had one sip. She put hers on the small table between our chairs, put down her bag at its feet and laid down on the empty chair next to me, enjoying the sun.

“Mmmm thanks, girl. It’s super refreshing. I didn’t know I needed it until now,” I said putting my glass next to hers.

“Yeah, the weather here is really hot. You better stay hydrated.”

“Where’s Matt?” I asked

“Oh he went to take a nap.”

OK. I thought this would be the perfect occasion to have my hands on her sweet body.

“Do you need me to apply sunscreen on you?”

“Thanks. You’d be a doll,” she answered with a smile.

I’d be more like a devil, you mean. I always loved massaging people. I find it really sensuous. Daphne handed me her sunscreen bottle she’d brought with her. I stood up and picked it up while sitting by her side on the edge of the long chair. I poured a small amount in my hands and heated them up a bit.

“Should I do you front or back first?”

Her cheeks reddened a bit.

“You don’t need to do my front. I can do it myself.”

“Nonsense! You invited me in this nice house and gave me a princess treatment. That’s the least I could do for that precious time. Resistance is futile!” I finished in a mock Borg accent that made Daphne laugh. As the nerd she was, she knew the reference. “Front or back first?” I asked again.

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