Cursed: Rebirth of the Idol Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual encounters in this story are 18 years of age or older. Remember that the term ‘teen’ can refer to a person who is 18 or 19 years of age!

This is the continuing saga of the Idol of Lesbos, which has been put to film by Margo Sullivan. I’m proud to say that my taboo story has succeeded in making headway into the adult industry. Enjoy a trip into my fantasy world!


Chapter 5

Charlotte Hitch’s wedding was less than twenty-four hours away, but the only thing on the minds of her nieces Leslie and Lisa was the bachelorette party. The two sisters had converted over a dozen women ranging from middle-aged neighbors to teenage schoolmates, each one being an exercise in how perverse they could be. Truly their greatest use of the Idol of Lesbos was on their own mother in turning her into their incestuous slave, but not before sadistically lesbian raping her for hours. The twins relished every moment, violating their mom with tongues and toys, her tears mixing with their pussy juices as they rode her face. Only after they had thoroughly ravished their mom did they convert her with the idol, wiping all consequence away and opening up a new chapter for their sexual exploits. But this bachelorette party was certainly going to trump that yummy afternoon – they were certain of it.

Vivian Shumaker was a forty-eight year old divorced mother of two grown sons and Aunt Charlotte’s best friend in the world. Tall, busty, nice hips, dyed blonde hair and brown eyes, ‘Viv’ as she preferred met Leslie, Lisa, and Margaret only yesterday. She went to their hotel under the pretense that they were wanting to make a few last minute changes to the bachelorette party. At first Viv was a bit concerned that it was too late to make any modifications; the stripper had been ordered, the novelty sex toys and chocolates in the shapes of penises already purchased, the alcohol already stocked in the living room bar her ex-husband built. At the same time this was her best friend’s sister, and she wanted Charlotte to feel unstressed – if that meant including Margaret in the plans then so be it.

Of course, all of that changed when Charlotte’s niece Lisa thrust the statue of the naked girl into her hands. Vivian barely had any time to even look at the thing when it began worming its way into her soul. She was no prude and had fooled around with other women a few times, mostly when she and her husband were still married and experimenting with the swinging scene. The experiences were fun but Vivian always felt comfortable going back to men. “I love cock too much” she would reassure her then-husband. But once the Idol of Lesbos touched her, she felt a change overcome her. The power coursed through her mind and flipped all of her switches. Women were preferred now – Vivian still couldn’t get over how comfortable she was with the change! Perhaps she was a lesbian after all? One of those women that just needed a little shove in the right (or wrong) direction to get her to go gay? Well, this was more than a little shove – it was being hurled off the cliff. The eighteen year old High school graduates that undressed her that night and initiated her made sure that her path to lesbianism was kicked off right. And sex with Margaret only helped Viv conjure up images of Charlotte and the fun they could have together, if it weren’t for the wedding…

The evening with the three other women was the kinkiest night Vivian Shumaker ever had; the orgasms the most satisfying. She was thoroughly disappointed when Leslie and Lisa told her that they wanted to take a break in order to modify the plans for the bachelorette party. That was, of course, until they told her what they wanted to do. Once their ideas were laid out, Viv was incredibly excited to make the few changes they wanted. She was on her phone within minutes…

The first call went to the stripper service, “Hi… I was just checking on the stripper for tomorrow… Vivian Shumaker… No, I ordered a female stripper… No, I’m positive… There must have been a mistake… Not a problem… Yes, a brunette would be fine… We need her there a little earlier too… About seven-ish?”

The second call went to her son’s new wife Andrea, “Hi sweetie, it’s your mother-in-law. No, no, I was actually calling for you. You know how we’ve got the wedding in two days for my friend Charlotte… Well, I was wondering if you could come over tomorrow night and help out with a few last minute items… It won’t take very long… Oh, you are such a lovely girl… I’m so glad my son married you!…”

The rest of the changes they discussed in the hotel room in between licks and moans, and each new idea aroused the foursome that much more. She watched the twins sixty-nine with each other while Margaret rode her hard with a thick strap-on. She didn’t know how long the three of them were lesbians but one thing was for certain and that was they each seemed to know exactly what she liked. Vivian liked to get fucked and Margaret pounded her with the phallus till she was dizzy. bursa eve gelen escort She barely made it out of the hotel!

The next day (an hour before the party), Leslie, Lisa, and Cindy showed up at Viv’s front door. She was surprised to see Cindy there since Charlotte had called her the ‘devil’s spawn’ since she started dating Bradley, but the twins convinced her that she was a changed girl. From the kiss she gave Viv in the doorway, she could believe it. Even afterwards, Cindy offered to set up the food tray and hang the balloons. The twins brought in two suitcases filled with sex toys and pornographic lesbian magazines and DVDs. Vivian had bought a few vibrators as a joke, but now she was enthralled to see so many fun items for them to play with. Each one was cleaned and set up on display on the chairs in the living room while Vivian placed the Idol of Lesbos in a decorative bag at the front entrance. She looked at it from the angle of somebody walking into her house and figured that none of their friends would see what was inside the bag without really peaking in. Just to be sure though she added some sparkly tissue paper to spruce it up.

The doorbell rang and a large burly man stood there with his arms crossed. A young brunette girl stood about fifteen feet behind him next to an open car door. “Hi, you hired some entertainment from Xquisite Dancers?”

Vivian smiled charmingly, “Yes, it’s for our party tonight. Come in, please!” She gestured to the hallway. He looked back at the dancer and she hesitantly joined her companion in the doorway.

“Hey, I thought I was doing a bachelor party,” the girl chirped nervously. “What is this for anyway?”

Vivian put her hand out and shook the girl’s sweaty palm. “Are you Roxy? I’m so glad to meet you. Don’t worry, this is just a fun thing we’re doing before the couple gets married. Nothing too crazy, just some games and laughs. Here, we’re having a contest. See if you can guess what’s in the bag just by feeling it.”

Vivian held out the bag in front of Roxy who eyed it suspiciously. She was young, maybe twenty-one years old, and clearly out of her element. Viv guessed that this was one of her first gigs dancing and seeing a woman at the door was throwing her off. But she held the bag out persistently, a smile plastered on her face. Kellie-Ann (or ‘Roxy’ as they called her) figured she was safe with big Joe standing right next to her, so she reached in and felt something metal. It was warm, and despite its hard surface it felt soft and fleshy, like…

Big Joe looked over at Roxy and watched her expression change from a frown to a look of excitement. A big smile appeared broadly on her face and she took a deep breath. Joe used his finger to pull the bag open slightly to peak and-

“No!” Vivian snapped, yanking the bag and the idol back from Roxy’s touch. Her smile reappeared quickly after a two second flash of anger though, “Sorry! Just for the ladies!”

“Why?” he asked incredulously. “It’s no big deal. I won’t tell anyone.”

Roxy tapped him on his barrel chest with her palm, “Joe, Joe, Joe… Don’t worry about it. It’s just a party trick.” She turned to Vivian and stepped closer, “So, where do you want me?”

“Oh, just inside. Make yourself at home. Have some food,” Vivian pointed down the hall.

Roxy took a step in when Joe grabbed her by the arm, “Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Privately?”

The girl rolled her eyes as Vivian stepped away, leaving them standing nose to nose by the door. Joe spoke as softly as he could, “Hey what’s up? You know I’m supposed to check out the place beforehand and something’s telling me this bitch is wacked. I’m sticking around for the show.”

“What’s your problem? It’s just a dance job. I’ll be fine.”

“Have you heard any men’s voices in there? It’s all women. Normally I’m cool with that kind of thing but… Well, you said it yourself it weirds you out being around dykes. Are you sure you’re up for this?” He was trying to talk her out of it, or at least get her to wise up. But Kellie-Ann changed her tune too quickly to make him think she was using her best judgment.

“I’m fine!” she shirked off his grip on his arm. “So it’s a bunch of women. So what? They’ll get their fun and I’ll get paid. It will probably be the safest party I’ve done.”

Joe eyed her closely, “Are you high on something?”


“I’m going in to check things out,” he announced, walking down the hall toward Vivian. This time Roxy grabbed his arm.

“Hey, cool it! Don’t piss off my customers! Just go wait out in the car and I’ll call you when we’re done.”

Vivian took the opportunity to walk up with a wad of cash and handed it to Big Joe. He looked at her then took the money. Thumbing through the stack he counted a thousand dollars. “Hey, you know this is a grand, right? Her fee is only three-hundred.”

Vivian opened the door and looked at Joe, “You didn’t know? We called into the office about twenty minutes ago. We’ve hired her for bursa escort the night.”

Looking down at his phone, sure enough he found a message from the dispatcher saying that ‘Roxy’ was hired for the rest of the evening. He didn’t feel comfortable letting her go, but he also knew Kellie-Ann needed the cash. She had confided that she was behind in her rent and needed a busy weekend. This one night with tips would easily cover her bills. He looked at the new dancer and watched her mouth the words ‘Get out’.

“Call me if there are any problems, okay?” he pleaded.

Kellie-Ann held up her phone and shook it with an impertinent smile. Big Joe walked down the walkway as the door closed softly behind him. He had been working for Xquisite for three years and never had a dancer hurt – that was his job, to make sure nobody pulled anything that might harm the girls. With Kellie-Ann, he felt personally responsible. He met her at one of his bouncing gigs and he was the one that recommended she do some dancing to make her bills. Joe climbed into the car and waited, parked in front of the Shumaker residence as two women dressed to the nines showed up and knocked on the door. He could barely hear them talking, even with his window halfway down.

“Hey!” Vivian greeted them warmly in the doorway. “Thanks for coming. Okay, one at a time, guess what’s in this bag without looking…” Vivian’s gaze was fixed on his car as she slowly closed the door with a shit-eating-grin.

Another woman showed up. And then another. And then two more. He figured that ‘Roxy’ would be safe. Still, it was a shame having so many women that good looking being carpet munchers. Joe shook his head, started the car and slowly drove off. He had no idea that they were all straight; at least they were when they arrived.


“Here we are,” Margaret announced to Charlotte as they pulled up to the house.

Charlotte knew her best friend’s house very well. Vivian got a big divorce settlement which included the stunning manicured property in an awesome part of town. Now she worked part time in order to keep the status quo and spent most of her time going from one fling to the next.

As Charlotte and her older sister Margaret exited the car, they could easily hear the music thumping away from inside the house. Nobody would complain about the noise, of course. Viv was well liked in the neighborhood and knowing her she probably invited the next-door-neighbors. Charlotte was wearing a white mini-dress that showed off her tanned legs and cleavage alike. She figured that a stripper was going to be involved and probably a night club later on. While she had every intent of staying truthful to Brad, it was still nice to be ‘appreciated’ by the men. On her own personal agenda was some light drinking and heavy flirting, handing out a fake phone number or three and calling it a night. She already had two glasses of wine before leaving the house.

Margaret rang the bell – normally Charlotte would just walk in, but she figured that some type of surprise was planned for her and didn’t want to ruin it. Vivian answered the door about a half a minute later looking flushed and out of breath with her lipstick smeared a bit in the corner.

“Hi, babe!” she cried, giving Charlotte a big, lingering hug. “You look good enough to eat!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Charlotte blushed. “I’m going to be a frumpy married woman by tomorrow night.”

“But not tonight!” Viv screeched, pumping her fists up in the air and swaying her hips. “Come on in, the party is about to begin. Hi Margaret – thanks for driving her over.”

“Sounds like it already started,” Charlotte glanced down the hallway to see a disco light spinning in the darkened living room.

“Oh, we might have gotten a few things going, but trust me when I say we’ve been waiting for you to kick things up.” Vivian closed the door and latched the deadbolt, then reached for a blindfold she had prepared by the door. She was about to wrap it around her friend’s head when Charlotte stopped her.

“Whoah! What’s up with the blindfold?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“No, I don’t want to mess up my eye shadow. I was struggling with it forever.”

Margaret touched her sister’s shoulder, “Come on little sis, you don’t want to ruin the surprise.”

Charlotte acquiesced and let Vivian blindfold her. She then took them both by the arm and walked furtively toward the music in the living room. She could have sworn she heard moaning, but figured it was a porno playing in the background. They sat her on a comfortable swivel chair somewhere in the room, cheered on by several women whistling and making cat calls. It was noisy, but even so she managed to make out a few voices.

“I hear you out there, Trisha! You too, Riley!” she called to them, smirking and sticking her tongue out.

“Keep that tongue out, Charlotte,” Trisha quipped.

“Shut up, dyke!” she laughed.

“Oh, you’re the dyke tonight!”


The playful banter kept her distracted görükle escort enough for her to not realize her legs were now bound as well as her wrists. When she finally figured it out, she complained for Vivian that she was going too far. Vivian didn’t answer.

“Viv? Sis?” she called.

Margaret spoke close to her ear so as to talk above the cacophony, “Don’t worry, you’re fine. So here is the game tonight. You have to choose no eyes or no mouth. You can’t have both. Which do you want to have tonight?”

Charlotte cocked her head, “I don’t get it. I’m already blindfolded.”

“Yes, but you can choose to remain blindfolded or get your mouth gagged.”

“You bitches are insane,” Charlotte shook her head, her amusement level dropping somewhat. “Whatever, I don’t care.”

“Fine, we’ll leave you blindfolded.” Margaret replied. A second late she called out, “Bring out the dancer!”

All the women in the room hooted and hollered and clinked their glasses together.

Charlotte could ‘feel’ somebody dancing about, occasionally brushing against her leg or her hair or her shoulder, but her hands could only reach out to the length of her fingers and even then found nothing but air.

Two minutes or so into the dance somebody put a shot glass against her mouth and Charlotte downed what tasted like vodka. The chair was spun around once or twice, disorienting her before it was stopped. Another round of cheers and soon a pair of hands were touching her neck seductively, running along her shoulders and tickling her arms.

“Hey now!” Charlotte warned, “I’m going to be a married woman tomorrow!”

A few more cheers broke out as an article of clothing was being removed and dumped at her feet. The moaning seemed to be either coming from a surround sound system or one of the guests. Maybe the stripper was making out with one of her friends? She didn’t know but curiosity was building to the point where she wished she could see.

She felt a slap against her arm. Then another. Each slap came with a chorus of laughs and ‘Oh my God’s. Whatever was touching her was rubbing along the top of her left hand, but the restraint kept her from bending her fingers back to find out what it was. She asked to touch whatever it was and the dancer complied, putting the ‘thing’ just on the tips of two fingers. She ran her finger over the ovoid shape and felt a small slit in the center.

Charlotte suddenly pulled her fingers back in a panic, “Hey, is that his dick? Don’t touch that thing on me! Seriously, that is going too far, ladies! And that goes for you too, Mr. Stripper!”

They all burst out laughing and Vivian answered, “I promise it isn’t a guy’s cock.”

“Okay. Fine. I changed my mind. I want the blindfold off.”

Somebody (maybe Vivian) approached her from behind and wrapped a silk fabric scarf around her mouth. It felt loose around her, although there was a knot close to the center. Somebody gently pulled her jaw open slightly, then yanked the scarf tight from behind, driving the knot into her open mouth and pulling back on her cheeks. Silk or not, it hurt when she did it. Charlotte tried to curse at whichever of her friends was treating her so roughly, but whoever it was was tying it firmly in the back of her head. The gag became the least of her worries though when the blindfold came off.

A strange young woman with heavy eyeliner and lingerie was standing over her. Fishnet stockings and high heels clearly identified this person as a stripper, but what was a female stripper doing at her bachelorette party? Dangling between her legs was a clear colored strap-on dildo that was shaped just like a penis.

“Like my cock, sweetheart?” Roxy smiled, rubbing it like it was a real one.

Charlotte screamed into the fabric and yanked against the restraints. She pulled against them with all her strength but found herself held fast.

Charlotte was yelling at her friends and her sister, “Not cool! Not cool!” but all that managed to come out of her mouth was “Aaaa oooo! Aaaa oooo!”

The stripper turned around and shook her ass in Charlotte’s face – the g-string she wore was covered by the rear strap from the toy she wore, both tucked into her tight cheeks. Roxy bent backward and started doing a lap dance on Charlotte’s bare thighs, the softness of her skin a sharp contrast to what she was used to with her fiancée. The whole display was way over the top and she was absolutely mortified that her friends and family would think this was okay to do to her.

Charlotte strained to look past the gyrating stripper and make eye contact with anyone. She first saw her friend Olivia who worked with her a couple years ago at a different office. Olivia was a Cuban beauty and married for ten years with four kids at home. Yet she was sitting in the living room with her legs vulgarly spread and her hand shoved into her panties underneath her miniskirt. Smiling, giggling, gabbing with the woman next to her, but masturbating?

Next to Olivia was Serena, and next to Serena was Robin. They were masturbating too! Serena was playing with her breasts while Robin was rubbing a vibrator on her exposed vagina. It was a bizarre display as she would have never suspected any of them to be so brazen as to expose themselves in front of other people, let alone at a party where there seemed to be no men at all.

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