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Cum see our vacation pictures“Come see our vacation pictures, and help us pick out which ones we should post on Facebook?” My friend Dave said. “Sure, I can only think of about 2.36 million other things I’d rather do on a Friday night.” I thought to my self. What kind of fun would there be seeing pictures of Dave, his wife Kate, and their daughter Susan on vacation? I mean, I wasn’t there. It would just be adding insult to injury. Well I agreed knowing it would be a free meal and I could ogle Susan and Kate all night. Maybe even sit close enough to Susan to cop an “accidental” feel. Maybe brush up against one of those pert little 16-year-old breasts. Hopefully she would be in a pair of shorts and I could touch those smooth teenage legs.Dave, Kate and Susan were one of those “attractive” families. The kind that should be on the cover of ‘Uber family Digest’ or something. Dave is a little older then me at thirty-eight. He is six-two, dark hair, toned but not muscular, but nowhere near fat. You can find him running in the mornings, most of the time miles from his house so you know he’d been running a long time and would still take him a long time to run home. He met Kate in college running track so she is equally athletic. She is about five-five, natural blonde with kind of tear drop C size tits with the cute little button nipples that would poke through about everything she wears. Susan, well she could be Kate’s sister. She was not quite her mom’s height yet and her tits were more perky but sometimes you could tell she had the same nipples. So I d**g my bachelor, no life having ass over to their place on a Friday night when I should be out enjoying my freedom. I made the right choice as you all will find out soon enough.Kate met me at the door with a little firmer then her normal hug, pressing her still fairly firm breasts into me, and then gave me a little peck on the cheek. When she turned around and bounced back to the kitchen to finish the final touches on dinner, I could see her panty lines through her tight Khakis. She had a flowing white blouse that let the dark contrasting straps of her bra show through. She pointed me to the living room telling me “Dave has a beer waiting for you”. He was playing cards with Susan on the couch, I mean come on, who just hangs out and plays with their k**? Actually what teenager hangs out with kastamonu escort her Dad? That’s a better question. Dave pointed to the beer on the other end of the couch next to Susan. Part one of my dirty little fantasy happened. She was wearing skorts, and a kind of frilly blouse that when she moved just right I see the tops of her breasts in her white lace bra. Susan patted on the couch and when I sat down she patted my knee and said “Glad you’re here, you can help me whips Dad’s ass before dinner” That cute little version of Kate looking up at me, and me looking down her shirt at her breasts. It was going to be a good night, I could tell already. We only had time for a couple rounds before Kate popped in the doorway and said “Dinner’s ready” It was an incredible dinner, these people could do anything. We weren’t just having steak and taters, she had put together an incredible alfredo with a vegetable medley which she put together herself. A couple bottles of wine, and an hour and change later we were about to settle in the living room for my “payment” portion of the night. I had eaten a great dinner and for that now I had to watch their slideshow.It wasn’t really a “slide show” like with a real projector, I mean with today’s tech he just plugged the thumb drive into the big screen and we began. All of us sat on the oversized couch, Dave, Kate, Susan, and then me. Well it began as usual, “here’s the suitcases”. “Here’s the car loaded down”, “here’s the airport”, “Here’s Susan drooling on herself sleeping on the plane”. “DAD!?, Gosh, why’d you show that?” she said with a giggle, “You’re so mean” We all were chuckling a bit. Then we got into the meat of the pictures. Scenery shots, the hotel room, then Dave surprised me “Here’s the nude beach” as he displayed a picture of Susan and Kate sunbathing, NAKED. I instantly got uncomfortable; I didn’t expect that, and was really surprised he was ok with showing that to me. Dave was quick with “We hope you are ok with these? You are the only friend we have that we felt comfortable showing these to. Everyone else would judge us, but we knew you would be ok.” “Yeah Uncle Steve” Susan piped up. She calls me Uncle since I’m around so much. “We had so much fun, we want to show you and hope maybe next trip you can come with us?”Dave flipped through a couple more before I responded. escort kastamonu Susan’s hand was on my knee now, looking at those two beautiful women on the beach, naked, enjoying themselves. My pants got a touch tight, I settled back in my seat and grabbed my beer, looked past Susan and Kate, smiled and said “Let it roll.”The next several pictures, disguised as “family photos”, were some of the hottest porn I have seen. They were porn, well at least in my perverted eyes. Once I allowed myself to get comfortable I began to enjoy the beauty of these two. There were pictures of Kate rubbing suntan oil on Susan. “See just like Mom, she didn’t want me to burn” Susan said. “I like not having tan lines” She finished while running her hand up and down my thigh. Seeing Kate’s awesome breasts hanging there as she ran lotion on Susan’s soft skin, my pants were getting tighter by the minute. “Check this out” Dave said, “I shot some video too” and then a video of Susan and Dave playing Frisbee on the beach. And just like I thought, he was very nicely hung. Dammit! Why can’t they have some flaw, or was this casualness towards nudity and sex it? Susan would throw it and her pert breasts would hardly move. Staying nicely in place, her nipples pointing straight out. Her athletic body glistening in the sun. Dave would through it back, his dick swinging free. Muscles flexing. Soon there was another video, and as soon as it started I heard Susan say, “Mom and I didn’t want Daddy to burn either” and there they were, Dave had the camera held over his head looking down at his crotch. Kate and Susan were on either side with suntan lotion on their hands stroking his hardening cock. “See Steve, this is why we need you to join us next time, we need a camera man we can trust?” “Are you sure you can trust me? I mean what kind of trust are you talking about, because to be honest I would need lotion rubbed on me too” I replied with a smirk. And with that Susan leaned into me. “Well the next couple of videos you’ll see why we need an extra set of hands.”As the video ran I got to see my friend Dave get stroked off by his daughter and his wife. It was incredible seeing those two what could be twins running there hands up and down his body. Rubbing their breasts on his thighs. Kate was making sure his balls were well covered while Susan was running kastamonu escort bayan her hand up and down his fully erect cock. Dave chimed in and said “we were getting a couple looks on the beach so we moved this to the hotel room. This next part is when the real fun begins” I looked over at him with a grin and noticed Kate slowly stroking his hard cock through his pants. My cock was so hard too and I started to believe this was going to be a different kind of torture, one that would leave me with the biggest case of “Blue Balls” I have ever had. Like making out with a girl in high school in front of her house and having to drive home hard to jack off.The continuation was in their hotel room, the next scene started with the camera set up on the counter in the bathroom and the 3 of them showering the beach off. There was a line, Kate’s awesome body next to the shower head, her breasts swaying as she soaped up Dave’s back. Running her hands up and down his legs, lathering up his ass. Dave meanwhile was soaping up Susan who was facing him paying attention to his cock. He ran the soap over her breasts and let his hands make sure all the sand was out of her cracks. I heard Susan in the shower say “Hey it’s cold over here, Dad’s blocking all of the hot water.” “Switch!” Dave replied and they shuffled around, kissing each other as they passed each other. Now Kate was in the middle with Susan next to the hot water. Kate was facing Susan and getting her front washed by her daughter now while reaching around behind her to make sure Dave’s cock was as washed as it needed to be. Susan was running her hands all up and down her mother and kneeled down to get in close to “Taste Test” that her Mom was clean. She must have been dirty because Susan spent some time down there. Kate arched back against Dave to open herself up to Susan. She was running one hand through her daughter’s hair while the other was working his cock. He was reaching around and making sure her tits were nicely cleaned. Running soapy hands under each one, grabbing her nipples and pinching them in his fingers. After a minute or two of this sensory overload I could see Kate’s knees go a bit weak as they brought her to orgasm. Susan’s mouth on her neatly shaven cunt, Dave’s hands playing with her breasts, she let out a loud moan and that video was done.“Oh my god guys, that is one of the hottest videos I’ve seen.” I stated. “That’s the first time I’ve seen something like that where I’ve known the actors.” Kate’s response was “Well that was one of the best orgasms they’ve given me. Wait till you see the next part” She finished with a wink.

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