Cousin Love Pt. 05 – A Magical Journey

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Crazy adventures with my cousin! Adventures into the magical world with unrealistic sexcapades. If you are not into magical ideas and huge cocks of enormous proportions, this chapter is not for you. Kathy and I will get back to regular incest in future chapters.

Summer 1982

A week had passed since I had had the run in with Kathy and her wizard friend Teressa. I had to have been dreaming. There are no wizards, witches or sorcerers that are real! Had to have been a dream. I went about my daily routine, getting ready for fall sports at the university. I had managed to put on about 25 pounds to my frame. I was looking good!

Finally, on Friday my pager went off. I called Kathy immediately.

Her voice was sweet music to my ears. “Can you get away tonight and spend the night with us?”

I knew my friends were going boating and doing some sandbar camping, so I had an out.

“I can make that happen. What time Should I come over?”

“How does 6 sound? Everyone should be able to be there then.”

That was pushing it a little. “I will be there as close to 6 as I can.”

IT was 4pm and I was still an hour from home. I pushed it getting home and took a quick shower. I grabbed my stuff to go “boating” and told my parents I was leaving. Being 18 made me a technical adult but since I was still at home, I always let my parents know I was going to be gone.

I arrived at Kathy’s at 6:15. The girls were sitting in the living room. They were in robes. Kathy was grinning and Teressa had several small bottles on the table beside her.

“Let’s get this party started!” I undressed and stood there. Neither moved an inch, other than looking at me.

“What is the deal? Did I miss something?” I was perplexed.

Finally, Kathy spoke. “Sit down big guy. Teressa applied some lotion to my pussy area and we are seeing if it will take effect.”

I sat by Teressa and noticed she was sporting some big tits again tonight. The nice thing about her naughty potions were the tits were all natural. Not like the porn chicks with big old silicone bags for titties.

“I think its working T!!” Kathy squealed showing off her tented robe.

“Keep it covered for a little while longer Kath. Let’s keep it a surprise!!”

Teressa looked Gaziantep Escort Reklamları at me. “Your turn, Kenny.”

She produced a bottle and put a couple drops on her hand and started rubbing it on my growing erection. I soon reach my normal length. She applied another drop or 2.

“This is powerful stuff. We have to be careful!”

Soon my erection was a foot long and thicker. I could feel a tingle, but it did not hurt.

Kathy was in obvious lust watching my cock grow.

“How about it Kathy? Bigger?” Teressa teased.

The only thing Kathy could mutter was, “Uh huh!”

Teressa applied 3 more drops and rubbed it in. My cock still growing right before my eyes. I looked like a horse.

Even my balls grew. Teressa pulled out a measuring tape. “I think that is good for tonight. 20 inches long. And thicker than a can of coke.”

Kathy was literally drooling. Teressa turned to Kathy. “Time to open your robe Kath. Let’s see what you have going on.”

Kathy dropped her robe and a 10 inch cock hung where her pubic hair used to be.

“Go ahead Kathy. Grab it. Make it hard.”

Kathy grabbed her new appendage and started to stroke it. It quickly hardened.

Teressa looked at her. “Fuck that is beautiful. I hope you like it!”

Kathy stared at her cock. “I fucking love it. Will it work like a man’s? Will I cum, I mean?”

“You will have the sensation but I doubt any actual semen will come out.”

Kathy looked disappointed but kept stroking her new cock.

My cock was rock hard and sticking out from my body. Kathy fell to her knees and I stuffed my entire cock into her throat. She didn’t even gag. I fucked her throat. She pushed me away and struggled to catch her breath. “Fuck that is big. Almost too big. But I still love it.”

I helped Kathy up and she stood in front of Teressa. Teressa put both of her hands on Kathy’s cock and guided her into her mouth. Teressa did not deep throat her, instead she made slow sensual love to Kathy’s massive erection.

I slid behind Kathy and my fingers found her ass and pussy. I wondered if she would retain her pussy. She did. And it was dripping wet. I guided the head of my new cock into her cunt. Kathy moaned loudly when I pushed the first 6 inches in her. “keep going Kenny. More!”

I pushed more and more into her. She easily took all 20 inches.

“I feel you in my chest. OH MY GOD!! FUCK ME!!”

I fucked Kathy as hard as I could Teressa was still trying to keep up with the rhythm while she was sucking Kathy’s cock.

I yanked my cock from Kathy’s body and let Teressa wok on Kathy’s blowjob. Soon Kathy moaned, “I am cumming. OH GOD.” Teressa was wrong. Kathy could cum. She unloaded a waterfall of cum. She plastered Teressa’s face and tits with a huge load.

“Well, I can see I was wrong about that. Good God that was a lot of cum Kathy. How did it feel?”

Kathy was wild eyed. Almost crazed. “Fucking awesome. I want to do it again! And again. And again!!”

Teressa went off to shower off Kathy’s semen.

Kathy laid on the floor and spread her legs. “Come fuck me, Kenny I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me. PLEASE!!”

I knelt between her thighs. Her big cock on her stomach. I pushed into her several inches at a time. When started pumping I could see her stomach rise each time I entered her. I also noticed her cock was now up between her tits. She was titty fucking herself.

“I think your cock is still growing Kathy.” I said, astonished.

Kathy grabbed it I pulled my enormous cock from her groin. She was almost as big as mine. Probably 18 inches. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and entered her again. Her big cock was now long enough that not only could she titty fuck herself, but she could also suck her own cock. And that was just what she did.

When Teressa came back in she had to have been shocked. I was balls deep in Kathy’s abdomen and Kathy was sucking her own cock. Kathy’s giant tits bouncing with each thrust. Her big cock head in her mouth.

“Oh my God you guys. What have I done? This too much magic!!” Teressa wailed.

Kathy hissed. “Fuck you Teressa. Don’t you even think about changing a thing.”

Teressa was in shock. She watched me impale my cousin. Soon though Teressa was fingering her cunt. It was too much for her. “Lay down Kenny. So you and Kathy are balls to balls.”

When I reach the spot Teressa wanted, she asked Kathy and I to hold our cocks upright.

Kathy pushed hers up and Teressa settled her ass onto the head of Kathy’s massive cock. I pushed mine into her cunt. She was now getting filled with a combined 38 inches of cock. She bounced up and down on our rods.

Kathy and I came at the same time. Filling both of Teressa’s opening with a pint of cum each. Teressa fell off our cocks and fell to the floor panting.

I crawled back into Kathy’s cunt. I fucked her until I needed to cum again. I unloaded into her eager pussy at the same time she jacked herself off onto her own face. I pulled my deflated cock from her pussy. We were both spent.

The magic was wearing off. My cock was returning to normal and Kathy’s was disappearing. Soon, her beautiful normal body was back. It was a relief to see her beautiful body again. Teressa had disappeared. Her potion bottles were labeled and left on the table.

“I am going to lock these up. We do not need them getting out. Besides, maybe one day soon again, I will need a cock!” Kathy laughed.

I looked at Kathy. “Would it bother you if the next time we try this and you get a cock, I want to suck your cock?”

“Would you let me fuck your ass?” Kathy asked right back at me.

“Just between us. I think I can do that.” I agreed.

Kathy smiled. “Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We have delved into things that a large majority of people would never do. If you ever need a break, just let me know.”

I pulled her close and kissed her beautiful mouth. My cock was hardening again. “All I want to do is fuck you every day and make you cum. This is a dream come true for me. None of my other friends are getting laid like I am. I don’t care if you invite anyone else. I just want you. You are prefect. And I think I am falling in love with you. I know it will never be a real relationship. But I will always treat you like you are the love of my life.”

“Ah, Kenny. I love you too. I really do. Now. Please make love to me. We have the rest of the night just to be together.”

After a quick shower, we made real love all night. We fell asleep around 5 am. We were exhausted. My cock was sore, and Kathy’s pussy was stretched and filled with semen.

We had sex numerous times over the next few weeks. We eventually slowed a little, but the daily fucking was over. It was more quality now.

Kathy threw me a big party before I left for school. That is another story in itself.

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