Congruence of Want Ch. 02

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“This ain’t happening… this just can’t be happening,” Debra internally grasped for any shred of rationale sense to what had just transpired with Grant.

“You were just sitting down and having a nice dinner with him less than three hours ago… and now… now… now you’re sitting on his coffee table… in nothing but your panties… and you just… just helped fondle him…”

Her vocal chords seemingly injected full of Novocain, everything Debra tried to say came out as a garbled and dull whisper.

“And his cum Debra… his cum… his warm cum is all over you… what in the Hell have you done… You’ve barely even known him two days… and this happens!” Her conscience taunted. “You swore you’d never be this weak with a man… ever again… that you’d never do anything like this with a man before you earned his trust… much less his love!”

In a sick way though, Debra knew she’d never done anything quite like that with any man in her past. While there had been a few ‘wham-bam’ type experiences bracketed around her 20 year marriage, those had been pure, straight forward and rather unfulfilling sex. What she had just shared with Grant, she didn’t have any Earthly name for.

Still feeling the aftershocks of what had just happened, Debra continued to crouch there silently on top of the table, feeling the heat radiating from Grant’s pleasure stricken body.

“You just sat there like a model on display… like a magazine foldout on top of the table and let him jack off staring at you,” Debra’s rational mind told her, still unsure if she was disgusted or strangely inspired by the truth of it all.

It was then the sheer thought that a man had been that aroused by her settled into Debra’s craw, unnerving her to no end as she tried to divine some clarity to it all. In a strange way at that moment, Debra became fixated on a flashback to her childhood Even though she had just taken part in the most adult act of her life. Even though it might have taken every therapist in Hollywood’s combined efforts to diagnose the confusion and uncertainty that had stricken her, just for a crystal clear instant, Debra understood that it took the amount of trust she, for some reason, felt for Grant to feel safe enough to do what she had just done. So when Grant extended his arms out towards her, Debra giggled like a small child as she fell into his waiting embrace and allowed him to pull her nearly nude body back on top of his.

* * * * *

“You haven’t had sex with a woman in nearly a year and now you get this chance… this perfect fucking chance… and what do you do… you cum all over the place like a desperate teenager… God… I wanted this to be perfect… ,” Grant internally beat himself up, unable to come to grips with how impatient and lewd he had been with Debra.

And still, there she was straddling his lap with her bare breasts flush against his chest as she nuzzled her face on his shoulder.

Swaying the back of his head against the sofa as if lost in a dream, out of the corner of his eye Grant saw just how late it was getting.

“Don’t say a word… don’t ruin it,” a wise and prudent voice whispered inside his head as Debra purred like a content and satiated kitten on his lap.

His eyelids growing heavier as his and Debra’s breathing began to synchronize, just as Grant was about to doze off again on the sofa, he drowsily looked down and saw Debra working the buttons of his white dress shirt open. His energy completely tapped out, all Grant could do was sit there and watch as Debra worked her soft fingers down the front of his chest.

A low ‘ohh’ oozed from Grant’s lips when Debra pulled his shirt apart and slid her angelic fingertips through the hair on his chest.

Carefully raising each of his hands into the air, Grant softly placed them on Debra’s shoulder and back as she snugly lounged on top of him.

“OH… MY… ” Grant trembled out loud when he felt Debra’s fingernails slid across his left nipple for the first time.

Flailing his hands out to each side in a clear show of surrender to whatever Debra wanted to do to him, Grant felt a solar flare shoot through his spine when Debra’s panty clad crotch started grinding down on top of his suddenly re-energized groin.

A slave to Debra’s will for what seemed like an eternity, all Grant could do was stare down with wide-eyed admiration as the younger woman playfully kissed and tongued her way up his bare chest.

Like a lit fuse on a stick of dynamite, Debra steadily worked her lips up the length of Grant’s torso, across the width of his barrel chest, up his neck and finally exploded onto his waiting mouth. A frightening and fierce show of passion played out on the sofa between the two for several moments until a rejuvenated Grant grabbed Debra by the waist and deposited her once again on the coffee table in front of him, only this time with her back flat against the sturdy hardwood surface.

Debra’s legs spread wide in front of him, Grant eased Escort Fatih forward and knelt in front of the prone young woman, just like he was praying before a pagan alter. Pressing his hands into each of Debra’s toned and girlish thighs, Grant positioned her squarely on top of the table before leaning down to resume kissing her.

Giddy from the way Debra’s knees felt bracketing him on each side, Grant’s lust raged when he felt the glowing warmth of Debra’s vagina compressed against his belly. Tracing his tongue down the tanned expanse of Debra’s trembling body, Grant dreamily tasted her naked essence until his roaming lips came to the waistband of the shivering woman’s sopping wet panties.

Inhaling her ripe and fragrant aroma until his eyes nearly watered, Grant focused his eyes on the moist fabric that concealed his ultimate goal. With Debra securely perched on the table, Grant eased her legs high into the air before digging his fingers into the satiny sheen Debra’s undergarments and pulled them free from her clinging crotch.

“Wow,” Grant mumbled under his breath when he got his first unfettered glimpse of Debra’s private lair.

Raising his weathered right hand above Debra’s body, Grant could feel her anxious warmth against the underside of his arm before lowering his fingers down to the center of her flat belly. Raking his digits steadily down her midriff before he finally enveloped her steaming genitals with his palm, Grant tenderly closed his grip around Debra’s pussy, holding it in his hand as if it was a treasured talisman.

“There it is,” Grant parted his fingers and whispered, resting there on his knees for a good moment or two, simply admiring the shape and contours of Debra’s complete nudity before focusing in on the thickly furred triangle below her waist and the pink blossoming oval that glowed underneath.

“It’s mine… Goddammitt… it’s mine,” Grant thought with ravenous delight as he squeezed and caressed Debra’s swollen vagina.

“It’s just like holding an oasis in your hand,” he marveled before beginning to rotate his fingers in slow and sensuous circles around the bubbling warmth of Debra’s secret cauldron.

Keeping the pressure of his palm clamped over her vagina, using it to scour the damp, hair rimmed fissure until his wrist was coated with Debra’s slick secretions, Grant never took his eyes off the way her body bucked and swayed on top of the table each time he pressed harder against her flared womb. Finally spreading his fingers aside when he felt Debra teetering on the edge of delirium, Grant leaned forward and planted and deep, soulful kiss of possession directly on top of the puckered slit of Debra’s pussy.

A loud, “UHHH,” shot from deep within Debra’s gut when she felt her older lover’s lips collide with her dripping bloom. Her eyes closed as she squirmed under Grant’s churning mouth, a million random mini-explosions detonated behind her clenched eyelids.

“… Fuck… Fu… Fuck… Fu… Fu… Fuck,” Debra moaned in her distinctive Southern twang, feeling a man’s mouth on her sex for the first time since her marriage began to take a downturn several years earlier.

Grant’s tongue feeling like a dragon’s tail swiping through the buttery pool of her cunt, Debra could feel the ticklish presence of several warm tears rolling down her cheeks.

Content just to lay there enjoying the way Grant devoured her clitoris and labia to orgasm, Debra yelped in shock when she felt his steady hands reach under her back and in an awkward but effective slingshot motion, raise her into the air and pull her back onto the sofa on top of him. Only this time Grant held Debra’s body about a foot above him so that her knees were pressed into the back sofa cushions and her cunt was still nestled securely on his wanton mouth.

“OH… GOD,” Debra mumbled, feeling her legs and upper body go limp until Grant circled his hands around her hips, in the process forcing her sex even tighter against the whirling dervish of his tongue.

Suspended in the air on top of Grant’s face, Debra churned her waist in short, quick and violent circles until it felt as if someone was holding a lit torch up to her long deprived cunt. Her knees trembling wildly on top of the sofa as Grant held her ass in his vice grip, Debra’s head teetered back and forth like a life-sized bobblehead doll.

Each time Grant pressed his face further up inside Debra’s crotch, her gyrations grew in intensity until she was literally clawing her fingernails into the fabric on the top of the couch. Her facial ticks becoming more and more demonstrative with each passing second, Debra’s voice suddenly filled the room with the same screeching tenor of a car’s tires during a wreck when she submitted to the most intense and bone jarring orgasm of her life.

“OOOOHH… MMYYYY… GGAAWDDDDD,” the normally sexually reserved woman’s screams echoed through Grant’s quarters as she writhed and thrust her aching crotch repeatedly against Fındıkzade escort his plowing oral assault.

Exhausted and desperate for air himself, Grant gradually eased his submerged mouth from the quivering and slick depths of Debra’s cunt. Keeping her asscheeks tightly in his grip, Grant massaged Debra’s trembling weight like a rag doll in his hands, allowing the spent woman to gracefully settle down on top of his lap. Tenderly squeezing each of Debra’s small breasts between his fingers as she curled up on top of him, Grant allowed her to go limp as she straddled his naked crotch.

“You OK?” he softly asked, to which Debra silently nodded.

Feeling the residue of Debra’s joy when her tearstained cheek brushed against his bare chest, a jolt went through Grant’s flesh causing his nurturing instincts suddenly kick in. Raising his right hand to the top of Debra’s head, Grant gently petted the shivering woman as he fought back tears of his own.

* * * * *

For the second time of the evening, this time with their naked bodies intertwined, Debra and Grant fell asleep on the sofa. Each content and basking in the glow of their recent orgasm, the two slept soundly in each other’s arms well into the night.

This time however, it was Debra that stirred first. Blinking the cobwebs out of her tired eyes, she surveyed the length of her coiled body just to make sure it was still attached after such a violent release. Her right ear pressed against the pillow of Grant’s bare chest, Debra could feel his steady heartbeat on her cheek as he slept like a hibernating bear beside her.

Allowing her eyes to drift lower as she steadily awoke, Debra couldn’t help but gaze down at the now flaccid appendage between Grant’s legs. Reaching down lazily with her left hand, Debra grazed her fingertips across the muscled expanse of his thigh before creeping it ever closer to his groin.

“Let him sleep,” a cajoling voice inside her head begged Even though she could already imagine the warmth and power of his pending erection in her approaching hand.

Gently easing her body down Grant’s torso as he continued to sleep, Debra tried to remember the last time she had been that close to a naked man. Her skin buzzing to the touch inhaling his masculine scent, Debra had to dab the accumulated saliva from her lower lip as she studied Grant’s sleeping penis. Inching her manicured hand forward, she gently tapped her long red fingernails over the ruffled skin of Grant’s scrotum before training the path of her advances straight for his shiny but limp cock.

Scooting her behind into the sofa cushions while simultaneously anchoring her left foot on the floor, Debra pressed her face down to the exact spot her hand was freely exploring. Feeling the naked man twitch slightly when her warm breath tickled his crotch, Debra had no idea Grant had opened his eyes just as her mouth descended towards his sleeping manhood.

“Fuck,” Grant dreamily mouthed, his body seeming to inflate instantly when he felt Debra’s velvet lips securely wrap around his penis.

Rubbing his left hand through Debra’s hair, Grant sat there measuring the younger woman’s bobbing rhythm, loving the way Debra’s lips were forced to adjust each time she sensed his cock ballooning in her mouth. Lowering his free hand down to his balls, Grant lazily began to massage himself, allowing the drool from Debra’s churning mouth to ooze out over his fingers.

He could tell from the tentative way Debra went about her lurid chore, she was somewhat inexperienced and hesitant. That realization sent another superheated rush of adrenaline through Grant’s groin as he lounged there watching the way she lovingly lathered and bathed his dick.

Rocking his head side to side again against the back cushions of the sofa, Grant had to fight the suddenly urgent call to steal another peek up on the mantle.

“Don’t do it… for the love of God… let this be,” part of his conscious persona argued fiercely Even though his eyes had already latched on the smiling, framed face above.

Several seconds of soul tearing emotion swirled through Grant’s senses before he was finally shamed enough to bow his eyes shut. Opening them a few moments later, Grant wallowed in a mixture of self loathing guilt and unmitigated arousal watching the way his growing cock caused Debra’s cheek to steadily bulge out as it expanded in her mouth.

“I could just sit her and watch her do this all night,” Grant whimsically thought as he slid his fingers tenderly through Debra’s curly hair.

Replacing his left hand on top of Debra’s head with his right when he noticed her perfectly round ass out of the corner of his eye, Grant brushed his fingertips down the smooth lines of her naked midriff, over her tanned and well toned hips until they disappeared between her slightly parted asscheeks.

Immediately feeling the moist warmth against his palm when he ground it into Debra’s still tingling pussy, Gaziosmanpaşa escort Grant shivered and bucked several times when he felt Debra’s mouth gasp and shudder on top of his cock. Angling his index and middle fingers into the crevice of Debra’s quim once more, Grant began to surgically rotate the embedded digits until Debra was forced to grind and hump the sofa below.

“Fuck Yes… Damn she’s wet, ” Grant groaned in amazement to himself as Debra squeezed his wrist tight between the constricting grip of her well toned thighs.

His cock fully grown and alive inside the snug sheath of her hungry mouth, Grant slid his right hand gently down Debra’s neck and clamped his fingers just below each of her ears.

“Goddamnit Debra… I want to fuck you so bad… I want to fuck you right now,” he frantically murmured, the desperation clear in his voice as inch after saliva drenched inch of his jutting appendage were freed from Debra’s distended lips.

“I feel like I’ve been wanting to do this… with you… my whole life,” Grant whispered as he helped Debra roll over on the sofa.

Somehow Grant’s simple, hauntingly heartfelt statement struck Debra deep to the core. Flat on her back, as naked, anxious and vulnerable as she’d ever been, she couldn’t help but tremble with anticipation when she looked up at Grant’s face above her.

“You’ve been waiting for this your whole life too,” a skittish voice of lost youth distantly reminded Debra.

Her eyes glued to Grant’s, Debra couldn’t help but follow the path of his steady gaze when he briefly turned his head towards the mantle. It took a moment, but Debra gradually came to grips with what Grant was searching for in that picture. Reaching her tiny but warm right hand up to Grant’s chest, Debra softly massaged the man’s rapidly beating heart and when he finally turned his head back to face her, she mouthed the words “It’s OK,” in a tone of primal and shared understanding.

Instantly spreading her thighs apart when Grant’s left knee pressed down just below her glistening pussy, Debra extended her arms in show of acceptance and invitation. Bowing his head when he realized Debra inherently understood what he was struggling with, and understood himself what she was maybe struggling with as well, Grant slid his body down on top of hers until his pelvic bone came to rest perfectly on top of hers.

Gently allowing his weight to settle on top of hers on the cramped and barely adequate couch, Grant lowered his lips to kiss Debra, first on her forehead, then her right cheek and finally down onto her waiting mouth.

“MMMM… YEESS,” he heard a muzzled gasp escape the younger woman’s throat at the same time her long fingernails dug 10 tiny swaths into his shoulders and back.

Cupping his right hand over Debra’s left breast, Grant teased and thumbed at its jiggly warmth as he used his left to position Debra just right beneath him. Relaxing the suction of his lips on Debra’s when he felt the head of his cock graze against the furry heat of Debra’s vagina, Grant pulled back slightly until he could see his turgid hard-on nesting on top of the splendid, oily pool between Debra’s legs. Guiding his right hand down to his groin, Grant took his cock into his hand and swiped it through the damp, buttery slit.

“OHH… GOD,” Debra cringed below, her startled eyes rotating like aimless marbles inside their sockets as she tried to look down at Grant lubricating his cock with her own languid juices.

Using his left hand to straddle Debra’s right leg over the top edge of the couch, Grant then used his right knee to force Debra’s left thigh just a little further to the side until her pussy opened up completely in front of him. Watching with a cosmic hunger as Debra’s well stoked sex blossomed before his eyes, Grant simply knelt there admiring it for a lingering moment before pressing down and aiming the throbbing helmet shaped head of his penis directly into the pink and puckered void.

Unable to reconcile which he wanted to watch more, the image of his rock hard cock disappearing into the tight and churning sheath of Debra’s cunt or the look in her angelic face as he gradually split her womanhood open, Grant darted his gaze up and down Debra’s shimmering frame until he was nearly dizzy with lust.

“GGRR… OHHHH… YEAH,” he groaned, feeling Debra’s liquid cavern envelope his cock and pull him steadily deeper.

Dropping his chest down on top of hers, Grant nuzzled his lips on the nape of Debra’s neck and gently worked his front teeth into her soft fragrant flesh until her penetrated crotch began working upwards against his.

Wanting to feel Grant’s manhood all the way inside of her, Debra lowered her right leg off the back edge of the sofa and clasped it down around Grant’s back, clamping his sweaty body down even tighter on top of hers.

* * * * *

The only sounds in Grant Barrett’s townhouse at that dreadfully early hour of the morning were his and Debra’s bodies crashing together and the growling howl of their breath as they groped, pawed and feasted on each other. For nearly an hour the two made love on the sofa, their pace ranging from frantic to sensuous and everything in between as they worked out a lifetime of pent-up sexual and emotional energy on the other.

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