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It all started about a month ago when I got a phone call from an old boyfriend of mine that was now living in Florida. Dan is very muscular and teaches weight lifting in his own gym. Dan is a very tall man and besides being very muscular, he is very well endowed and is black.

I dated Dan a couple years ago and I had to stop seeing him because things were getting too serous to continue. Dan moved to Florida a few months after we broke up our relationship. You see. My husband allows me to date black men on occasion and loves to be cuckolded.

My husband and I have a very special relationship and he has a very busy work schedule that keeps him away from home often. How I got started fucking other men is a whole other story that I won’t get into right now.

Dan is a handsome black man that I met in a club a couple years ago and I remember the first time he screwed me. He was a perfect gentleman the very first moment we met and we ended up screwing at his house that night.

Over the next several months we met every weekend and always had terrific sex and spent time together including a few sleep overs.

Now. When my husband and I made our arraignment, it was to be for sexual pleasure and I promised myself that I wouldn’t get emotionally involved with any of these guys I would go out with.

As you might have guessed by now, that was easier said than done. The last couple times I had gone out with Dan were very emotional and I had to make a decision to end out relationship before things got out of hand.

The phone rang and I ran out of the shower to answer it and when I answered, I was shocked to hear Dan’s voice on the other end. We talked for almost two hours that night and he finally talked me into flying down to Florida to see him.

I told him I would let him know once I could make arrangements to come and visit him. I had to coordinate my trip with one of my husband’s business trips and although my husband knew that I was flying out of town to meet with someone, I didn’t tell him who it was at the time.

Not trusting myself alone with Dan once again, I made arrangements with a friend of ours to fly down with me. He is the husband of my very close friend and they enjoy the same sort of lifestyle as us so if knew what the situation was going to be once we got to Florida.

As a matter of fact, he mentioned that he would bring two video cameras’ down with us so he could record everything. The only thing I didn’t mention to him was the fact that the black man I was going to meet was still in love with me and I really didn’t want him to bring his camera’s but I didn’t want to tell him the whole situation.

We had everything all set for the trip and my husband wished me luck and to be very careful before he left that morning for his trip and I told him I would see him in five days.

Later that morning our friend Mark picked me up and we left for the airport along with all his video equipment. We got to our hotel room and I called Dan to let him know I was in town and gave him the room number.

Mark had the room next to mine but had his video equipment ready to go in my room before he left and waited for my call to let him know it was time.

I got into the shower and shaved and trimmed my pussy and applied bright red nail polish to my toes and finger nails and squirted Dan’s favorite perfume around my pussy and belly before putting on the dress I had bought when I arrived in Florida.

It was a typical tropical looking tight fitting dress which was cut short and displayed my tits. I just finished applying my lipstick when someone knocked on the door. I straightened my dress and walked over and opened the door and there stood Dan with a bunch of roses in his hand.

Dan walked in and put his arms around me and we locked in a passionate kiss for several seconds until he broke the kiss and said how lovely I looked and how he had missed me and began to kiss me again. His tongue entered my mouth and I began to suck it as my own tongue wrapped around his as we kissed furiously for several minute.

I could feel my emotions heating up as we kissed and everything began to come back into my mind as if we had never broken up. I kissed him lightly on the lips one more time as I tried to pull away to place the roses on the table.

Dan wouldn’t let go of me completely as I placed the roses on the table and Dan pulled me back into his arms as we kissed more passionately than before. I could feel his hands moving down to my ass cheeks as he cupped them in his big hands while we continued to kiss.

Where was Mark when I needed him? I had brought him with me as sort of protection adana escort from getting myself involved again and I didn’t make the call. Instead, I was kissing Dan in a heated passionate kiss as two lovers do after being apart for such a long period of time.

Dan held me tight against his body as I felt his hands moving along my back and up to my shoulders as we broke the kiss and looked into his eye’s he said. “You do know I’m still deeply in love with you don’t you?” I continued to look into his eye’s and said. “Yes I do and I still have the same feelings for you too.”

Dan held me tight as he continued to look into my eye’s and replied. “I want you to tell me how you feel about me. Are you in love with me?”

I looked away from Dan’s eye’s because I couldn’t answer his question the way he would like me to answer it. I desperately wanted to see him again and maybe my mind was playing tricks on me but I wasn’t going to tell Dan what he wanted to hear from me.

Dan took his hand and placed it under my chin and said. “Tell me how you feel.” I couldn’t think straight as I looked into Dan’s puppy dog eye’s and the only reaction I could give him was a giggle as I pulled his hands down into mine and I said. “I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear.”

Just than a knock came at the door and Dan looked at me as I walked over to open it and saw Mark standing in the doorway. I introduced Mark to Dan and said that Mark had come along with me to video tape our meeting for my husband. Dan knew that my husband loved to watch me fuck other men and at least bought the idea but didn’t like the fact that I had brought my friend Mark with me.

Dan wasn’t very happy with the idea of another man being around but seemed to get over it fairly quickly as we all went out for dinner and a few drinks.

We returned a few hours later and Mark got the video camera’s ready and working and said he was going to leave Dan and me alone for a while. I didn’t know Mark had already turned the camera’s on before he walked out the door as Dan and I sat on the bed.

Dan didn’t hesitate a second after Mark walked out the door before he began to kiss me again and started to say. “Tell me what I want to hear.” I just laughed and said. “No. I’m not going to tell you what you want. So there.”

Dan continued to kiss me as he pulled my dress down off my shoulders and said. “Tell me.” I giggled some more as he tickled my neck with his tongue and said. “I don’t care if you do get mad. I’m not going to tell you how I feel.”

Dan placed his lips on mine and we passionately kissed as he began to pull my dress down exposing my tits. Dan broke our kiss and lowered his head to one of my tits and began to suck on my nipple as I moaned and said. “Oh Yeah. You know how to get to me don’t you?”

Dan laughed as he began to move his tongue around my tit making it all wet as he moved his head up and kissed me on the lips again. I sucked his tongue into my mouth as he reached out and gave my tit a squeeze with his large hand.

I moaned as we kissed and Dan knew he was getting to me just like he had before we broke up and when we broke the kiss he said. “I plan to find out how you feel about me before the end of the night.”

I just laughed as Dan pulled me to my feet and I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his big shoulders than worked on his pant’s buckle and slipped them down as he stepped out of them.

Dan took hold of my dress near my hips and pulled it over my head as I raised my hands over my head and let him slip it off over my head. He tossed the dress down on a chair and walked forward saying. “Tell me how you feel about me?” I backed up toward the bed laughing as I said. “No. I’m not going to tell you.”

The back of my legs touched the bed as Dan moved closer and pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me and began to kiss me again. I opened my mouth to let his tongue back into my mouth as he squeezed my tits with his hands and moved his lips off mine as he began to kiss his way down my neck toward my tits and circled his tongue in small circles around my nipples.

Dan than moved his lips down lower and started to kiss around my belly button than moved toward my pussy mound and when he began to kiss around my mound I let out a low moan as I took hold of his hands in mine and squeezed them tight.

Dan moved himself down off the bed and pulled me lower so he could lick my pussy from the edge of the bed. I held his hands as I felt his lips touch the top of my pussy lips and I slowly opened my legs for him giving him better access to lick my pussy.

Dan eskişehir escort placed his mouth over my pussy and began licking me as I felt his tongue part my pussy lips I raised my legs back and held them open with my hands. Dan was working his tongue in my pussy flickering my clitoris and gently licking around the sides of my pussy than poking it inside as much as he could as I moaned with pleasure.

Dan kept sucking my pussy for several more minutes until I began my first orgasm. “Oh . . . Yeah . . . Baby . . . Oh . . . I’m cuming . . . ” My whole body was shaking as I came in Dan’s mouth and he continued to lick me gently as my body began to relax again and he climbed on top of me and kissed me on the lips and reached down and placed the head of his big cock between my pussy lips and gently pushed himself inside me.

I lifted my legs back and arched my hips taking more of his thick cock inside my pussy. His cock felt so big and hot as it slowly sliced its way deep inside my belly. Once Dan was fully inside my pussy, he held himself still while looking deep into my eye’s and said. “It feels so good being inside you again.”

Dan lowered himself down so he could kiss me on the lips as he slowly began to move his big cock in and out of my pussy. My pussy felt so stretched as I worked my muscles and squeezed his cock around my pussy.

Dan let out a moan and whispered. “God. Know I know why I missed fucking you so badly this past year.” Dan kept fucking my pussy and neither of us noticed that Mark had come back into the room as I noticed him adjusting his video camera on the side of the bed.

Dan began to kiss me passionately again as we continued to fuck and I wrapped my legs around his ass digging my heels into his ass with each stroke of his cock. Dan moaned and whispered into my ear and said. “I’m cuming inside you. Oh . . . Yeah . . . Can you feel it?”

In between kissing him I was able to whisper back as I felt his hot seed splashing deep inside me. “Yes . . . It’s so hot.”

Dan bucked his hips a few more times and held himself deep inside my pussy as if to make sure he was planting his seed inside my womb. Dan kissed me a few more times before sliding off me and laying down next to me on the bed.

I could see Mark moving around the bed with a camera in his hands as Dan leaned over and kissed my tits. I looked over at Dan and said. “It feels like my pussy is gaped open.”

He just laughed as he rubbed his hand over my belly and said. “I just planted my seed in this belly.” Dan than pushed a finger inside my pussy feeling the cum he just pumped inside it.

We lay there on the bed for a few minutes until I got up on my knee’s and took hold of his cock which was already hard again and placed my mouth over the head and began to suck on him. I could taste his cum and my pussy juice as I began to take his cock into my mouth.

Dan was moaning again as he began to play with my tits as I worked on his cock. I could feel his cum as it leaked out of my pussy and down my legs and onto the bed. Neither one of us was paying much attention to Mark as he left the room again while his camera’s were still running on the tripods.

I worked on Dan’s cock with my mouth than bent down to lick on his balls which made him jump and I laughed as I took him back into my mouth and sucked him more vigorously until he arched his legs up and I knew he was going to cum inside my mouth.

I worked my head down his shaft as I felt his cum as it spurt inside my mouth and worked my tongue around the bottom of his shaft as I felt several spurts hit the back of my throat. I gave his cock another squeeze along the side making sire ever last drops had been released than laid back down on the bed as Dan hugged me close to him.

We rested a few minutes and talked about our past relationship and I told Dan the truth why I couldn’t tell him how I felt about him. I knew he was hurt but I know he was determined and I knew he wasn’t going to give up that easily.

I lay on my back as we played with each others hand until I reached over with my free hand and began to stroke Dan’s cock again. He was already hard again as I remembered how this man could cum several times in one night and still achieve an erection no matter how many times we fucked.

I got up and straddled Dan’s legs placing his cock between my legs and looked straight down into his eye’s. I could see how he felt as I raised my ass of his legs and reached around with my hand and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy.

I rocked my body back and forth and slowly lowered myself sakarya escort on his thick shaft as I looked into his eye’s and saw that he was starring at me as I slowly lowered myself back down onto his cock.

I rested myself on his legs once I was totally impaled and leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips. I felt his large hands squeeze my ass as I ran my tongue inside his mouth. Mark came back into the room and walked back out before I could say anything as Dan asked me point blank. “Does Mark desire you?”

I was surprised by his question but I answered back and said. “Mark is just here taking video’s for my husband and even if he did desire me, it doesn’t matter.”

I knew that Dan seemed like he was jealous of Mark being with me on the trip and I made it clear that he was only traveling with me for my safety and to video tape our meeting. Dan kept fucking me as I kissed him on the lips and said. “I really missed you too.”

We were locked in a heated passionate kiss again and didn’t even notice that Mark had walked back into the room and started to run the water in the hot tub that was in the room. We broke the kiss and both looked over at Mark and looked at the tub being filled with water.

Mark said. “I thought you two might like to take advantage of this nice hot tub in the room.” Dan and I looked at each other and laughed.

I gave Dan few more passionate kisses on the lips and climbed off him and walked over to the tub and got in and sat in the water. Dan soon followed me in and sat next to me as Mark turned on the water jets.

We sat in the water a few moments until Dan started to play with my pussy so I toke hold of his cock at the same time and started to get him hard again. Dan was moving his fingers around my clitoris almost bringing me to another orgasm until I moved up and straddled his legs and sat on his cock.

I was able to work myself down his shaft with one easy push as I sat in his lap and gave him another kiss. Dan placed his hands on my ass and began to move me up and down his big cock. There were mirrors all around the tub and I starred into the mirrors as I watched my tits bounce up and down with each thrust of Dan’s cock.

We fucked for several minutes in this position and as I looked down at Dan I could see he wanted to cum again. I grabbed a hold of the sides of the tub and began pulling myself up and down his thick cock as Dan closed his eye’s and enjoyed the movements I was giving him with my pussy.

It only took several more minutes before Dan began to groan and I felt him blast another load of hot seed inside my pussy. I waited until Dan opened his eye’s and reached over on the floor and wiped his face off and gave him another kiss before lifting myself off his cock and stepped out of the tub.

Dan followed me out and we stood drying each other off as we watched Mark get into the tub. I whispered to Dan and said. “I think you’re cum dripped out of my pussy and back into that water.”

We both laughed as we lay back down on the bed and I rested my head on his big shoulders. I could see both video cameras’ on the tripods in the on position as we watched Mark sitting in the hot tub.

Dan started to kiss the side of my face as he stroked my tits and we talked about our relationship and I listened to Dan as he asked me to continue to see him. I didn’t give him an answer but told Dan I would think about it.

During our talk I began to stroke Dan’s cock again until he was as hard as rock again. I lifted myself up and began to suck on his cock again as Dan played with my nipples as they hung down.

Dan than grabbed hold of my hips and swung me around until I was laying on my back again and mounted me from the top again. He was able to slide his cock inside me with two easy strokes as he bent down and kissed me on the lips again.

I locked my legs around his ass and kissed him passionately as he fucked my pussy for the forth time that evening. I could have kept him inside me all night but I had already made plans to have Mark mention that we had to catch an early plane in the morning. I now wished I didn’t say those words as Dan’s big cock stiffened for the forth time that evening and felt his cum as it spewed deep inside my womb.

Dan laughed at me as he finished pumping his seed inside my pussy and said. “Now you keep that inside there and let it bake for me.” Dan than gave me a long deep passionate kiss before letting his cock slide out of my pussy.

Dan laughed and said. “Do you think Mark enjoyed that hot tub full of cum?” I couldn’t help but laugh as we both got up to wash up and got dressed and as I kissed Dan good night I told him I’d call him as soon as I got back and would see him again.

Dan kissed me again before leaving that night. He has said he knew I was a married woman and understood I could only meet him for sex. I really don’t think he’ll stop trying to go further but I do love that cock of his and I’m not ready to give that up yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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