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There’s a new girl I’ve seen around college, a striking redhead that I sometimes pass in the corridors between classes. She’s not taking any of my three subjects, so I’ve not had the chance yet to find out her name. I’ve noticed her a few times now, she’s a redheaded version of me in many ways, she’s small and petite and keeps herself to herself just like I do. The first time I saw the new girl I had to turn to take a second look at her and her wonderful long hair, take a few moments to admire the foxy ringlets cascading down her back. She must have sensed someone looking at her because she turned around as well, and I quickly looked away before she had chance to realise it was my eyes that had been gazing upon her.I saw her again the following day, this time I did let our eyes meet and we nodded an acknowledgment of one another. The next time our paths crossed we nodded once more and both added smiles to our greeting. The day after that we nodded and smiled and even said “hi” to each other. We had spoken at last, but I thought at this rate it will be Christmas before I get to know her name.I don’t know why I’m so shy of her or why I think she could be my friend. It’s not as if I fancy her or anything, I just feel drawn to her and think she could be my soulmate, someone to share my thoughts with and listen to all my woes. I wonder what she’s really like and where she lives and hangs out. I want to know all about her, what music she likes and what kind of boys she goes for. I’d like to spend some time with her to talk about her dreams and ambitions. I’d like to know her favorite color and her star sign. And for some strange reason, I’d love to know if her breasts are covered in freckles as well as her pretty face and nose. I could do with a close friend here but it’s not so easy as I don’t get involved with any college activities except one, and that’s with Mr Wilson and his girls cross-country running club. I’m good at running, and once a week I take on all comers and beat them all easily. I’m a full one minute faster than my closest competitor. I’ve got the right build for it with my small frame and good legs, and I don’t have big boobs to lug around like most of the other girls do.We need at least ten to sign up each week or Mr Wilson simply won’t bother with the next meeting. Somehow we always manage to rustle up enough runners, and as usual I’m the last one to write my name on the noticeboard. Mr Wilson’s very proud of his noticeboard, Küçükyalı escort bayan there’s a map of the course, a list of each fastest time, a few photos that never survive the boys writing saucy comments on for long, and the latest entry form for the week.As I scribble on the form it’s my turn to feel eyes burning upon me, and I look around to see my foxy mystery friend staring at me. We smile once more at each other and she chuckles a little all shyly. This is my chance, an ideal moment to introduce myself, but the moment is lost when a tutor interrupts her with some papers he wants her to see.I shuffle off and leave them to it, but not before we’ve exchanged smiles again and both given a little wave, another new gesture of our would be friendship. When I return there I can’t help but notice a new name on the running club form. “Hazel” is entered after my name, and I guess straight away that it’s my mystery friend. She could be good at cross-country, I might have a decent runner to challenge me for once.I seem to have Hazel on my mind all the time now, and it’s weird how we’re always so bashful of each other. We’ve had more than one chance to exchange a few words but somehow we both always seem to hold back. Maybe just as well, the other day I almost went up to her to tell her how lovely I think she is, that would have been a strange opening remark from one girl to another. I wonder if she thinks I’m attractive? It doesn’t matter I suppose but I hope so.I don’t see her again until the next day when the running club meets up at the back of the college. My heart sinks at first as there’s no sign of Hazel and she wasn’t in the girls’ locker room where most of us get changed. All the regulars have turned out and together we make a fine looking group of young women, especially with Melanie amongst us, she’s gorgeous, and treats any occasion as a chance to dress up like a porn star.I’m just getting over the shock of seeing Melanie in her new, x-rated running outfit, when Hazel appears looking all bright and perky in her little black shorts and white sports vest. Her long red hair is tied up in a ribbon behind her head, except for a few strands that she’s left to hang wild. She looks lovelier than ever and even more Celtic with her arms and shoulders covered in freckles – so she could have some peppered around on her breasts.”Hi, you’re Steffanie aren’t you?” and it’s only me that she Escort Kartal says more than “hi” to.”Hello Hazel.” I don’t let on either how I know her name.”I hear you’re the best runner here,” she says to me.”By a mile,” I tell her.”Well, we’ll see about that,” and she playfully pokes me as she makes her challenge.I’m all excited that Hazel has turned up, so is Mr Wilson who loves it when a new member joins his club. I reckon he gets off on having a whole bunch of girls under his control. Not that he has much natural authority over us, he’s in his own little world but he’s nice enough, so we never give him too much trouble. He does his roll call thing and checks to make sure Hazel knows where she’s going, and then he makes his usual “inspirational” coaching speech, before lining us all up for the start. “Catch me if you can,” Hazel calls out to me.And straight from the off she goes storming along down the grass track, going far too fast for the early pace. Either she’s completely mad or she has no experience whatsoever of cross-country running. She’ll soon burn herself out at that rate, but she presses on at her frantic pace and in no time at all she’s a considerable distance ahead of the field.I trot along with the pack at our usual speed and we’re all using Melanie as our early pace maker. I’m right behind her and many a guy would pay good money for the view that I have of her bum. She’s really gone for it this week in her new tiny tight shorts, determined as ever to hang on to her crown as the hottest of all the college babes.Melanie is very sexy and pretty and everything, but she wouldn’t be my type if I were a guy. My type would be a girl more like Hazel, the more thoughtful kind of girl that I could show my true feelings to and be all romantic with. I reckon that way I’d have the best of both worlds, as they do say the quiet ones are the hottest in bed. And guys love that don’t they? We leave the college grounds and Hazel is still rapidly increasing her advantage. Up and down the rolling mounds of the next field we go, with me running in rhythm now to the hypnotic wobbles of Melanie’s bum cheeks before me. By the time we’re through the small copse I’m starting to lose sight of Hazel. She’s still going far too fast and in half a mile or so we’ll be jogging past her burned out body no doubt.There’s no sign at all of my new foxy friend when we cross Lime Tree Avenue, making our way behind the big Suadiye escort fancy houses. Melanie decides to speed up a little, she speeds up even more when we hit open country and tackle the long slow rise around the newly ploughed fields. This is crazy, we reach the turn for home and we’ve not even caught a glimpse yet of Hazel ahead of us. Melanie’s bum is bouncing around but her pace still isn’t enough. I decide I’d better break early and easily glide past the sexy college queen, driving myself harder than I’ve ever done to win. “Go get her Steffi,” Melanie calls out as I pass her.I think it’s so sweet of Melanie to say that and offer me her support, maybe I might be making two new friends today. Melanie is a pass around slut but she’s all full of heart, she never has a bad word to say about anyone. She tries so hard and I do feel a bit sorry for her, seeing as she always comes last every week.The other girls respond to my breakaway and try to keep up with me. We’re all being spurred on in pursuit of our fox, all of us going much faster than usual. Everybody wants to be in on the action and see if I can catch up with the elusive vixen. We head along Lime Tree Avenue once more, this time passing along the front of the big terraced houses. I begin to pull well away from the pack as we reach the last leg, back on the track where we started from. I turn a corner and there she is, a couple of hundred yards or so ahead of me I see Hazel, she’s standing in the copse looking back like she’s been waiting for me. As soon as she sees me she waves and sets off running for home. This isn’t real, she can’t possibly have got where she has without cheating, but I’m determined to still beat my crafty new friend. I’m driven on by her blatant skullduggery, and I’m eating into her lead with each step that I take. I’m closing the gap but I’m running out of breath and there’s only two fields left to go. She’s still going quite fast and I realise I can’t catch her, there’s not enough left of the course and Mr Wilson is beside himself with excitement as Hazel arrives at the finish.”My God Hazel, that’s… that’s a new college record!”She collapses breathless at his feet, with me collapsing as well as soon as I get there behind her. I’ve never been so exhausted.”Your best ever time Steffanie!” says a thrilled Mr Wilson.The other girls troop in one by one, all of them with a personal best announced by our coach. His enthusiasm is infectious and there’s quite a buzz going around the girls cross-country running club. There’s only Melanie left to finish and even she’s going to smash her best time.”C’mon on Melanie, c’mon,” we all shout and scream to encourage her home.She’s giving it all she’s got, her big boobs wobbling up and down as she struggles along.

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