Caught Fishing

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This happened years ago, about ten years before my wife died and I came to be the dirty old man that I am today…. The boat I had back then was a Kingfisher. They were called coffin boats because they were long, narrow, and deep. It was fifteen feet long, about five wide, and almost three feet deep. There was a pedestal seat in the bow with the outboard motor controls and a stick to steer with and another pedestal in the rear. The rest of the boat was open except for the fishing gear and an ice chest. I had carpeted the floor to deaden noise.

I was pre-fishing in the middle of the week for a bass tournament, which would be held the next weekend. Caddo Lake is a shallow, cypress lake in Northeastern Texas, with part of it crossing the state line into Louisiana. We were back up in a cypress pocket, off of Jamie’s Bayou, it’s not an area usually haunted by serious fishermen. A channel had been dredged up along the thick button cypress trees to allow an oil company to float a barge mounted drilling rig into the area. I was fishing the drop off along the shady side of that channel.

My wife, Kitty was sitting on the rear seat reading a book as I slowly fished a worm along a button cypress tree line. As the sun had rose higher, the more clothes she had shed. Now I grinned at her, as my eyes wandered over her bikini-clad body. My hands were working the rod, feeling the lake bottom, and roots around the cypress trees, but my mind was on feeling another type bottom and another type of root.

Suddenly, she looked over the top of her book and asked, “What?”

“Nothing. I was just admiring and enjoying the scenery.” I replied.

She lowered the book and grinned at me, saying, “Uh huh.” Laying the book on the ice chest, she stood up and went about spreading a big beach towel on the floor of the boat. Once she had it spread out to her satisfaction, she sat down on it and reached back to untie the bikini top. “In that case, this should just make your day.” She said as she removed the top. She laid the top next to her book and then ran her hands over her breasts. Her breasts are a respectable thirty-four C, but on her five foot eight inch body, they look small.

I gave a low wolf whistle, which brought the grin back to her face. “Are you trying to distract me?” I asked softly.

“Now, would I do something like that?” She asked back.

I reeled in the worm and made another cast up between two trees. After a moment, I clicked the reel into gear and waited. It would only take a few seconds for the worm to reach bottom in this shallow water. My line started to go slack, so I raised the rod tip until I felt the worm bump on the roots. I put my hands back on autopilot and looked around at Kitty, saying, “Yeah you would, and every chance you get, you do.”

This made her laugh as she lay back on the towel. She lay there a moment, watching me watch her. Slowly, a mischievous grin spread over her face. Her hands went to the strings almanbahis at her hips and she slowly pulled on them until the bows came free. She hooked a finger under the strings and finished loosening the knot.

“Now you’re getting serious.” I said in a soft whisper. She chuckled and nodded. About then, there was a heaviness on my line and it started to move out toward the deeper water. I didn’t set the hook; I just held a light pressure, trying to feel the size of the fish. “This feels like a good fish.” I said mostly to myself as I dropped the rod tip and gave the fish slack. I waited a moment and then lifted the rod slowly. The fish was gone. I reeled in and looked down a Kitty. “I’ll have to remember those trees; that was a good fish.”

Kitty grinned and raised her feet up, spread her legs, and hooked a heel over each edge of the boat. Lifting her hips, she removed the bikini bottom as she whispered, “I think I know how to make sure you never forget those trees.”

With a grin of my own, I stuck the rod in its holder and whispered, “I just bet you do.” As I moved off my seat to kneel between her feet. I leaned over and kissed her inner thigh near her left knee. “I have this map in my mind that leads straight to my honey’s hole, I mean honey hole.” I whispered as I kissed and licked my way down her inner thigh.

She chuckled for a moment and then it turned into a soft moan as my lips and tongue found the smooth skin of her plump outer lips. The moan got louder and her hips lifted as I traced the outline of her slit with the tip of my tongue. I teased her a moment more and then moved up to kiss and lick her right inner thigh. Her hips gave a little shivering twitch and she made a whinny, whimpering sound, deep in her chest. I grinned to myself and moved back to take a long slow firm lick, right up the center of her slit, from her opening to her clit. Her hands shot out and grabbed the sides of my head as she said loudly, “Oh, yeah!” I paused and lightly flicked the end of her exposed clit with the tip of my tongue. She groaned loudly as her hips jerked and twitched with each flick.

After a few seconds, she pushed my head lower. I knew what she wanted and circled the moist sweet opening to her inner secrets with the tip of my tongue. She lifted her hips higher and tilted them, allowing me easier access. When she pulled at my head, I stabbed my tongue into her sweetness as deep as it would go and fluttered it around. She came with a loud yell and a gush, her hips grinding her sex tightly to my mouth. I kept working my tongue in her sex, until she sighed deeply and gently pushed at my head.

She sighed again and whispered, “Damn, I didn’t know I was that horny.” Her eyes fluttered open and she grinned up at me. “Now that you’ve taken the edge off, get those damn shorts off and finish what you started.”

“Me? You’re the one that started this.” I said as I got up to my knees.

“Nope, you started it.” She shot back almanbahis giriş at me. “Every time you turned in that seat just right, I could see the head of that big dick of yours peeking at me from under the leg opening of those shorts.”

I slipped my shorts down, exposing my manhood to her. It was standing up hard against my lower belly. “Well, you bought these shorts for me, knowing full well that I never wear underwear.” I said with a big grin.

She chuckled and held her hands out to me, saying, “I sure did. Now get your ass down here and give me that thing before I have to come and get it.”

Still grinning, I shook my hips causing my shaft to sway back and forth. “You mean this old thing; I figured you were getting tired of it by now.” I said softly, teasing her.

Suddenly, she reached for her purse under the seat she had been in. “My vibrater’s in here, if I’m not mistaken, so be careful how you tease.” She said softly.

I laughed and moved down on top of her, saying, “I’m not worried, there’s two holes down there and you know how much I love that backdoor of yours.” My hot manhood pressed tightly into the folds of her open slit.

Kitty moaned deeply and wrapped her legs around my hips, rubbing her slit along my shaft. “I love for you to love my backdoor to, but this ain’t the time or the place. I want you and I want you right now.” She whispered fiercely.

She tilted her hips as I raised mine. I felt the head of my dick line up in her hot slippery sex. I pressed my hips forward and felt myself sliding into her wet heat. She gave a soft yell and flexed her hips up hard and fast, jamming me in deeper. She hadn’t been kidding about being in a hurry, so I lifted my hips and slammed into her. Her hips tilted and moved up to meet me as she let out a sharp yell, “Oh hell yeah!”

From there it was hard, fast, and to the point. She came quickly and I slowed my assault, until she started to move with me again. As she peaked the second time, I tried to slow down but she let out a yell and sank her claws into my ass. I got the message believe me, and hammered into her, my own orgasm building rapidly.

When I came, she yelled even louder, her hips fluttering and jerking as she came for a third time. I made one last hard thrust and held on tight, reveling in the feel of her scorching hot sex, as it milked and massaged my manhood. I would move from time to time, feeling my hardness, move easily in her slippery depths. Each time I moved, she would whimper softly as a shiver ran up and down her body.

After a while, I had softened and her body was slowly pushing me out. I shifted positions, pulling out of her and rolling us over onto our sides. She sighed deeply and cuddled up with her head on my shoulder and upper arm. We lay this way for a while, just relaxing in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

Slowly, I became aware of the sound of an outboard and it seemed to be rather close and headed in our direction. almanbahis yeni giriş I rose up and looked around. To my surprise, there was a boat with two guys in it, less than fifty yards from us, and another boat coming up the channel. The one coming up the channel looked like the game wardens boat.

“Uh, we’ve got company.” I whispered to Kitty. She just smiled sleepily and nodded her head. I shifted my position and wiggled back into my shorts. I covered the lower half of Kitty’s body with the towel and used her shirt to cover the top half.

I had just returned to my seat when the game warden pulled up to the other boat and started to check their fishing licenses. Both of the guys were watching me more than they were paying attention to the warden. I grinned as I used the trolling motor to move the boat back out a ways from the tree line. Our rocking of the boat had almost moved it against the trees. I wondered just how much those two guys had seen and for that matter, how long they had been there. There had been no one in sight when we had started.

The game warden cranked his motor and eased across to my boat. “Good afternoon, I need to check your license.” He said, as he got close alongside.

His loud voice, made Kitty sit up suddenly, the shirt falling off her shoulder. The warden’s eyes got wide as he took in her bare upper body. Kitty grinned at him and lay down on her back, not bothering to mess with the shirt. “And which license would that be?” She asked in a coy voice.

“Uh, your fishing license.” He answered, his eyes never leaving Kitty’s chest.

“I’m not fishing officer; I’m here fucking my husband’s brains out or is that the other way around.” Kitty replied without batting an eye.

The warden glanced at me and then back at Kitty, not knowing what to say. Finally, he stammered, “Huh, well, huh. Oh, never mind, ya’ll have a good day.” With that, he pushed off from my boat and fired up his motor. With a final look at Kitty, he nodded and eased off and on down the channel.

Kitty started to chuckle and then it turned into a laugh as she sat up again to watch the boat move away. “A few minutes earlier and he would have sure gotten an eye full, wouldn’t he?” She said to me.

I chuckled and nodded towards the other boat across the channel. “You mean like those two guys?” I asked softly.

Kitty’s head snapped around, her eyes getting big. “Oh, shit.” She whispered, “When did they get here?”

I shrugged, grinned, and answered, “I ain’t got a clue.”

With a chuckle, Kitty waved at the guys and then slowly laid back down as they both waved back. “Uh, I think it’s time for us to make an exit. It’s getting too crowded around here for my tastes.”

I laughed as I lifted the trolling motor and started the outboard. “You do know that I’ve still got three other places to check out, this afternoon, don’t you.”

She looked up at me and grinned. “You’d better find some more fish for me to mark, when you do. Suddenly, I’m real horny again.”

I laughed as I put the motor in gear and eased off toward the main lake channel. Both of the guys in the other boat gave me a thumbs up as I went past. I just grinned.

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