Capture Me

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** This is the Fourth in a series. You can read it as a stand alone story or for a fuller experience please read my other stories, Hidden Pleasures, The Desire, and The Island which involve the same characters.**


Capture Me

Chapter 1.

Lightning flashed brightly in the distance, followed shortly after by the low rumble of thunder.

Jennifer Stokes turned her chair to look out the large window at a storm rolling in fast from the west and sighed heavily. Rain would soon be pelting the glass as it had, on and off for most of the previous week.

The dark clouds seemed to reflect Jennifer’s mood. She was usually a much happier person, but lately, something wasn’t right in her life.

Jennifer told herself it was the gloomy weather and a heavy workload that was getting her down, when in fact, it was simply a case of being lonely.

She had been on several dates over the previous few months, but none of the men had seemed that interesting to her. Jennifer had even slept with one of her dates, the least boring of the bunch, and while it wasn’t the worst sex she’d ever had, it was sub par at best. Or maybe her standards were a bit higher after the incredible things she’d experienced during the past year.

She also missed her best friend Tess O’Brien terribly. They had met one day completely by accident, their relationship quickly growing to be more than just friends. But things had changed.

Although they worked in the same office building, they saw less and less of one another.

During the last month they had met a couple times for a coffee or drinks after work, but it wasn’t like it used to be.

A smile slowly spread across Jennifer’s face as she remembered the day Tess had dropped by one afternoon to say hi. Jennifer was on an important conference call at the time, but that hadn’t stopped her impetuous friend from spending twenty wonderful minutes with her head between Jennifer’s legs. The things that girl could do with her tongue were simply magical. Simply thinking about that day made Jennifer shiver.

But unfortunately, that had been weeks ago. At one time, the girls had been inseparable, sharing everything, including Tess’ new boyfriend Marcus on one occasion.

These days, Tess spent nearly all her free time with him. And who could blame her. Marcus Johnson was literally tall, dark, and handsome. At 6’2″ and 195lbs., he was athletic, but also looked fantastic in a suit.

Jennifer also knew how amazing he looked wearing nothing at all. The way his ebony skin reflected the light just so, enhancing his muscular physique.

Thinking back to the time the three of them had spent together stirred something in Jennifer. She closed her eyes and in her mind she pictured Tess, her pale, freckled body a stark contrast to Marcus, as she rode his thick dark cock. Tess’ fiery red curls cascaded over her shoulders, partly covering her large breasts, that bounced and swayed with each thrust he made.

A tingling had started between Jennifer’s legs and the more she thought about it, the more she realized she couldn’t wait until she was home to quench the fire building inside her.

Unlocking the bottom right hand drawer of her desk, Jennifer removed a small white box with a red ribbon around it. The box was empty at the moment because the sparkly green princess plug it usually contained was at that very moment snugly between Jennifer’s ass cheeks.

She loved the feeling the toy gave her and wore it several times a week. It excited her to walk around the office, speaking with clients and co-workers with the shiny metal plug filling her ass. Sometimes, when she was feeling naughty, she would wiggle in her chair at staff meetings for a little extra thrill.

Today though, the little plug just wasn’t doing the trick, so she reached into the drawer once again to retrieve a long black silk pouch. Undoing the drawstring, she turned the bag over and the contents dropped into her hand.

This bit of plastic and silicone was by far Jennifer’s favourite toy. There was nothing fancy about it, no knobs or bumps, and no spinning beads. The smooth slender blue vibrator offered three speeds of pure joy, and that was all she needed.

Jennifer had become very skilled at pleasuring herself, and could get off in thirty seconds if she wanted, but today would not be one of those days. She was going to make this last as long as possible, enjoying every single second.

Turning to face the window again, Jennifer placed her expensive heels on the low window ledge and slowly spread her legs wide. She flipped up the hem of the dark blue skirt she wore past her waist, the leather chair squeaking as she made herself more comfortable.

Jennifer rarely wore panties these days. It was another of her dirty little secrets, but one that she would soon come to regret.

Jennifer was fairly certain no one could see into her office this high up, but if anyone did, she really didn’t care and hoped they enjoyed the show.

She gazed down her body at the smooth pink Gaziantep Escort skin between her legs, and the perfect triangle of short dark hair on her mound.

More than anything, this was Jennifer’s favourite part of her body. She took good care of herself, eating right and exercising, and she was very happy with her figure. While some women liked their butt or boobs, to her, it was all about the few magical square inches between her legs.

Holding the vibrator in her right hand, Jennifer pushed the button on the bottom of the toy with her thumb, and it came to life with a soft purr.

Jennifer paused, staring at her reflection in the glass, the tip of the vibrator hovering only a fraction of an inch away from her beautiful pussy. She watched herself and waited. Jennifer often did this sort of thing. She enjoyed teasing, almost tormenting herself, which intensified the pleasure to come.

‘C’mon, what are you waiting for?’ she thought.

Her mischievous side answered.

‘You want this?’ she asked herself, quickly touching the vibrator to her soft lips and then pulling away.

Jennifer’s hips recoiled involuntarily from the sensation, but then she relaxed, eager for more.

“Oh, yes,” she replied.

‘So…you…want…this…do…you?’ her other side asked, the vibrator sending a jolt through her as she tapped her clit between each word.

“What I really want is a big thick cock, but this will do for now,” she said aloud.

After daydreaming about Tess and Marcus for the previous ten minutes, Jennifer was so wet the toy slid past her parted lips with ease.

“Uuggghh, yes!” she moaned, probably a little too loudly as the vibrations hit just the right spot.

It was late in the day though, and her assistant had already gone home, so she wasn’t too concerned about anyone hearing her.

No sooner had Jennifer pushed the toy into herself for a second time, when a knock on the door made her jump. She slammed her legs together and spun her chair around to face the door.

A moment later Will Davis popped his head into her office.

“Hi Jenn. I know it’s quitting time, but have you got a minute?” he asked.

“Umm, ya sure,” she said.

If it was anyone else she would have said no, but it was Will. The two of them had a good, albeit complicated relationship.

Wanting, no, desperately needing more than anything to finish what she had started, Jennifer smiled and waved him in. She only prayed he was quick with whatever he wanted to talk about.

Her smile quickly faded as he stepped into her office, followed closely by another man.

The stranger was slightly taller than Will and well dressed in a dark grey suit that appeared to be tailor made. He looked very fit and was probably in his late forties. His dark, close cut hair was streaked with a touch a grey, especially at the temples.

Jennifer found the stranger extremely handsome. Why did some men seem to get more attractive as they aged, she thought to herself. It really was unfair.

Will introduced the man as Jonathan Blake.

“Pleased to meet you,” he said, smiling warmly and extending his hand toward Jennifer.

Everything was going just fine until Jennifer stood up to greet him. That was when she felt the vibrator that had been quietly buzzing away, start to slip.

Leaning over the desk made the situation even worse and she squeezed her legs together trying desperately to keep the toy in place.

Taking his hand she said, “Jennifer Stokes, it’s nice to meet you.” His hand was warm and soft, but his grip firm. And Jennifer felt a strange sensation in her stomach as she touched his hand that had nothing to do with her vibrator.

Every second she stood, Jennifer could feel the toy slowly slipping further, and she silently cursed herself. Of all the days not to wear panties. She knew she had to do something quickly to avoid complete embarrassment.

“Please have a seat gentlemen,” she said, motioning to the chairs opposite her.

She was in her own seat before either of them even had a chance to move.

Unfortunately for her, Jennifer sat down too quickly, hitting the power button to the next level, and in the process, driving the vibrator deep into herself.

An involuntary whimper escaped her lips, more out of surprise than anything else. With apparent concern, both men asked if she was alright.

Thinking quickly, she told them not to worry, blaming it on a stiff back muscle from a strenuous workout.

Unlike many vibrators, this one only had three speed settings, so the intensity from low to medium was a significant increase, and Jennifer felt the difference immediately.

She also knew that a faster speed meant more sound, and Jennifer could only hope that with the entire thing buried inside her, the two men sitting only a few feet away wouldn’t notice.

Luckily for her, the storm outside had increased, with the wind howling and thunder booming every few minutes. Hopefully, it would help mask the Gaziantep Escort Bayan buzz coming from her skirt.

“So, what can I do for you gentlemen today?” Jennifer asked.

“I was showing Jonathan around the office, introducing him to some of the people he’ll be working with,” explained Will.

“Okay,” Jennifer said, unsure where he was going with this.

“We’re brining him in to work on a few new projects,” continued Will.

Jennifer turned an inquiring gaze to Jonathan in hopes of speeding the process along.

“I’m a photographer. My specialty is architectural, but I’ve also done some wildlife and fashion photos,” Jonathan explained.

Will began outlining some of the things they would be collaborating on, but Jennifer barely heard a single word he said. The vibrations between her legs were incredibly distracting, and she was doing her best to block them out.

As Will droned on, Jennifer found it more and more difficult to ignore the feeing building in her. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep her impending orgasm at bay.

Will noticed her inattentiveness and the flushed look on her face. That was when he spied the white box on the corner of her desk, and hid a smirk behind his hand because he knew exactly what the box contained. He knew this because a year ago, he had given Jennifer the gift.

“Well, I think we’ve taken up enough of your time today,” Will announced abruptly. He and Jonathan stood, thanking her again for her time. Jennifer didn’t dare stand, in fact, she wasn’t sure she could. Her legs probably wouldn’t have held her up.

“I’m looking forward to working with you Jennifer,” Jonathan said with a smile. “Goodbye for now.”

The two men exited the office, and not a moment too soon. As the door clicked shut, Jennifer ground her ass into the leather chair, revelling in the feeling of her toys.

The plug filled her ass perfectly, and the buzz deep in her pussy was quickly bringing her toward the release she so desperately needed.

Jennifer closed her eyes and pinched both nipples through her blouse as she rocked her hips back and forth.

In her mind, Jennifer pictured Tess between her wide spread legs, lapping greedily at her pussy while Marcus pounded away at her ginger friend from behind.

A few seconds of this image sent her over the edge, and Jennifer gripped the desktop with one hand to steady herself so hard that her knuckles went white. She rode her chair hard while the exquisite orgasm coursed through her body, but once was not enough.

Her second orgasm followed quickly, more like an aftershock of the first, but she knew a third would take some work.

Jennifer leaned back and gripped the vibrator with her left hand and she began slowly fucking herself, sliding the slick blue toy in and out.

She soon picked up the pace, pushing the toy deep with each thrust. It was making wet, squishy sounds now as she moved her hand faster and faster, closer to cumming with each passing second.

Her hard, swollen clit ached to be touched, and she moaned out loud as she scraped a fingernail across the sensitive nub.

“Unnnhgg…that’s it.”

Jennifer squeezed her eyes shut, she could feel it. She was almost there.

Pinching her clit hard she bucked in the chair, clamping her legs together as she came.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled as the orgasm washed over her.

At the last second, a vivid image of Jonathan Blake flashed through her mind and her eyes flew open.

Chapter 2

The next morning, Will was waiting in the lobby for Jennifer when she arrived at work.

“Good morning,” he greeted her.

“Morning,” she replied.

As they rode the elevator up, Will said, “I apologize again for dropping in on you yesterday unannounced. I hope I didn’t keep you from anything important.”

“No, it was no problem at all. I was able to wrap up the project I had started before going home,” she told him.

They both knew exactly what the other was talking about, and it definitely wasn’t work related.

Thankfully for her, none of the other people in the elevator had the slightest clue as to the real meaning of their conversation.

The previous afternoon, when Jennifer finally caught her breath, she was shocked to see the white box still on her desk and the black satin bag next to it. She was fairly certain now, that Will had seen them as well, which would explain his abrupt departure from her office and also their conversation this morning.

If Will had been alone when he dropped by the previous afternoon she might have asked him to stay and watch, or maybe help her get off, but he hadn’t been alone. Not that that was a bad thing. She wouldn’t have met the photographer, Mr. Blake otherwise.

She was still puzzled by the sudden vision of the stranger while she climaxed, but there was something about him that made her tingle when she thought about their brief encounter.

When the elevator reached her floor, Will wished her a Escort Gaziantep good day with a wink and a barely concealed grin.

Jennifer shook her head slightly, but smiled herself as she walked to her office.

Later that morning Will phoned Jennifer, asking her to meet him in his office, if she wasn’t busy with anything important, he added.

She laughed sarcastically and told him she’d be there in a few minutes.

As Jennifer reached Will’s office and was about to knock, the door opened suddenly, startling her and she jumped back.

“Oh, hello again,” said the handsome man standing in the doorway. “Miss Stokes, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Jennifer, please,” she said.

“Yes of course, Jennifer,” he said. “I’m glad I ran into you. I’d like to get started on our joint project as soon as possible, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to discuss it properly right now. Could you call me this evening, after, let’s say seven?”

“Yes of course,” she replied, nervously tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“That’s great, I look forward to hearing from you,” he said. “Goodbye for now.”

With that, he turned and walked briskly down the hall.

There was something about this man that made Jennifer feel strange inside and she stared after him, her mind full of impure thoughts.

Will cleared his throat, breaking the spell.

“Earth to Jennifer,” he teased.

“Shut up!” she said, entering his office and closing the door. “Now what did you need to see about?”

He waited until she was seated in one of the two chairs opposite his before he began.

“I asked you here today to discuss a unique opportunity for your advancement within this company.”

“You’re giving me a promotion?” she asked.

“Of sorts,” he said. “Please allow me to explain what is being offered. I will answer any questions you have once I’m finished.”

Jennifer sat back, crossing her legs. “I’m listening.”

“As you know, this is a multifaceted company that has offices all around the world, but I won’t bore you with details that don’t pertain to this meeting.”

Will leaned back in his own chair and continued.

“Many years ago, a small group was formed which was entrusted with providing the, shall we say, entertainment, for a select few and their guests. Over the years, the numbers have grown, but the mission has stayed the same.

I, as you know, am one of those that was chosen to organize and oversee these special events.

You have had the privilege of attending some of these parties, but now I’m offering you the opportunity to be the one in charge.”

Jennifer sat forward, clearly interested in what he was saying.

“I won’t lie and say it will be easy, but the perks are well worth it,” said Will. He began counting them off with his fingers. “Travel, first class of course, free rein to do as you see fit for your events, and an almost unlimited budget to get it done. As long as the people at the top are happy, that’s all that matters.”

Jennifer was momentarily lost for words. She could hardly believe her good fortune.

“Did I mention the substantial pay increase?”

“I’ll do it!” she said enthusiastically.

The pair discussed the details of Jennifer’s new position for nearly an hour.

As she was leaving Will’s office, he said, “Oh, I forgot to mention that the Parks, the Korean couple you met on the island, were instrumental in you receiving this new position. They have invited you to visit them in the near future. You must have made quite an impression on them.”

Jennifer shrugged and gave him a wicked smile before leaving his office.

Chapter 3

The phone rang almost ten times before someone picked up.




“Jonathan, it’s Jennifer Stokes.”

“Oh yes, Miss Stokes, sorry, I’m mean Jennifer, thank you for calling.”

“It’s no problem at all,” she said.

Jennifer switched the phone to her other ear as she reached to retrieve a glass of wine from the coffee table.

After a very long day, she was in relaxation mode this evening, wearing only a dark grey tank top and her favourite pyjama shorts. She stretched out on the sofa and took a sip from her glass as Jonathan continued to speak.

“Good, good,” he said. “If your schedule permits, I would like to get started on our project as soon as possible.”

Something about his deep voice made her tingle all over and she could feel her nipples growing harder.

“Ah, yes of course,” Jennifer said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

She tried, but failed to keep her thoughts clean. She had been fantasizing about Jonathan since seeing him earlier that day.

What she really wanted to say was “I’m looking forward to you bending me over my desk!” but she kept that to herself.

They talked for a while longer and agreed to meet the following day to get started.

Chapter 4

Over the course of the following two weeks Jennifer and Jonathan met four separate times. They got along wonderfully from the start, as though they had known one another for ages.

Jennifer caught herself more than once staring at him when he wasn’t looking.

She was secretly hoping this would turn into more than just a working relationship, but she was too scared to make the first move.

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