Cabin Fever Ch. 03

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I woke up after a night of unusual dreams. For the most part, they hadn’t been unpleasant, but the last one had me sitting bolt upright in bed and sweating profusely. Strangely, I couldn’t remember anything that had happened in any detail, just a cold fear in my stomach as I faced something terrifying. My breathing slowed down to a normal rate as I let myself sink into the daylight world, where the shadows of my nightmare proved to be ephemeral and powerless. Faint sunlight was coming through the window, despite the morning fog. I turned my head to watch Tim sleeping beside me. It had warmed up a bit overnight and he had kicked off some of the blankets. He lay there, on his front, with his arms wrapped around the pillow. There was a faint smile on his face; apparently his dreams were more pleasant than mine had been. His shoulders and upper back were exposed to me and I pulled my knees up and hugged them while I drank in the view. I let my eyes idly trace the muscles in his back as I let the last traces of my bad dream subside. My breath began to quicken again as my thoughts turned to what had happened yesterday when I woke at dawn. Smiling, I slipped out of bed, pulling the blanket back over him before stepping out and closing the door. I wanted another session, but after yesterday’s exertions, my balls were still feeling a bit achy. Besides, given Tim’s preferred sleep patterns, I figured that I should probably limit my early morning booty calls if I wanted this relationship to last. And I did, most sincerely.

I grabbed a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and pulled them on. Richard had said that he would give the other rangers a heads up, but I still didn’t feel like taking any chances. I spent a little while just watching the curlicues of mist skating across the surface of the lake. I couldn’t see the other shore. The patterns were soothing, almost hypnotic. As the mist cleared in the area which I had been watching, I started moving again. I opened the back door a crack to check the temperature. It was cool and damp, but not really cold enough for me to worry about laying a serious fire. A small one in the stove for coffee would be enough. It took me a little while to make coffee and toast with jam. I like the flavor of toast made over a wood fire, but it’s a delicate operation and time consuming if you prefer your bread toasted rather than charred. As I ate, the mist cleared, to be replaced by faint sunshine. It was still cloudy outside, but it wasn’t raining. Yet.

Deciding to take advantage of the weather, I looked around for my pants from the previous night. I found them under the loveseat. They must have gotten shoved there in our excitement the previous night. I shook them out and put them on, then grabbed socks and my boots. I took the two water jugs which we had emptied with me, and walked at a leisurely pace down the path to the car, pulling the wagon behind me. I drank in the fresh air. I loved the clean, crisp smell with a hint of rich earth and wet vegetation. At the garage, I left the wagon for a while and wandered into the woods for a little ways. I stood under a maple, looking at the sunlight filtering down through the colorful leaves. I heard a faint rustle behind me and turned around to see a doe staring at me. My motion startled her and I watched as she bounded away into the bushes. I stood there for a little bit longer, enjoying my feelings of peaceful contentment, before I went to fill the jugs. I took a deep drink myself after putting on the lids and loading them into the wagon.

I made my way back up the trail and put the jugs on the porch. I then went down to the woodshed and checked inside. We had brought in most of the split wood and I didn’t want my aunt and uncle to have to deal with chopping any the next time they decided to come up. I grabbed the axe and took a pile of logs out behind the shed. It took a bit of time before I found my stride, but after that I started piling up suitably sized pieces at a good rate. By the time I had stacked up as much as I wanted, my shirt was soaked with sweat and I had worked up a good appetite. I grinned, feeling pleased with myself. If Tim had been awake, I’d have given him a good show, but he had managed, as I had expected, to sleep right through the noise I had made. I went inside and cleaned myself up a bit before putting on last night’s shirt, which I left open. I had a look at my watch and, since it was about 11, started to prepare lunch. I peeled some potatoes and put them on to boil and grabbed a lemon and an orange out of the fridge. I took a large fish fillet out, leaving two smaller ones for supper, and wrapped it in aluminum foil with butter, lemon juice and the peel of both lemon and orange. I slipped the package onto a shelf in the stove and then hurried to make another pot of coffee, drain the potatoes and open a can of tomatoes into a bowl. The smell from the oven was terrific, if I do say so myself, but Tim wasn’t up yet.

I filled a mug with coffee, added a little more sugar than I like and took it into Sakarya Escort the bedroom. Tim had rolled over onto his back and was still peacefully dozing. I put the coffee down on the bedside table, leaned down and gave Tim’s ear a gentle bite as I rubbed and pinched his left nipple. There was instantaneously a large tent in the blanket and Tim opened his eyes. I gave him a light kiss and whispered, “Time for lunch, love.” He slid a hand around to the small of my back and pulled me back for a longer kiss. “Mmm, are you sure that there’s not something else you’d like to eat instead?” He murmured as he drew my hand down to his cock.

I gave it one slow stroke through the blanket before rising and heading for the door. “That’s for dessert.”

Tim snorted and picked up the coffee, “Prick tease.” I just gave him an evil smile as I went to take the fish out of the oven. I was mashing the potatoes when Tim emerged from the bedroom with the empty mug.

He put it down on the table and said, “Refill, please.” Before pulling on a pair of briefs and shrugging into a t-shirt. He grabbed a pair of my shorts which were a little big for him, grabbed his mug and headed towards the coffee pot.

“Why are you wearing my shorts?” I asked as I poured him another cup.

He shrugged, “I figured I should dress for lunch and I wanted you to have some motivation to take them off of me afterwards.”

“Oh, trust me. I have plenty of motivation already.” I said as I put the pot on the table, unwrapped the fish and put it on a plate. Tim went to get cutlery for us and we sat down to eat.

As we ate, we talked about making a trip into town in the afternoon to replenish our vegetables. “And condoms!” said Tim, “We definitely need condoms and lube.” I choked on my mouthful of mashed potato and spent the next few minutes coughing with Tim patting my back until my airway was clear. My face was red and there were tears coming out of my eyes.

Tim was apologizing, “Marc, of course if you’re not ready, that’s okay, I just thought we should be prepared. I’m sorry.” I put my hand on his forearm and he stopped talking.

“It’s alright. I think I may be ready. You just caught me by surprise and I’m still not quite used to thinking this way.”

He nodded and took another mouthful of fish, chewed, swallowed and spoke. “You know, this is really good. I don’t ever remember you cooking this well before. Or is it a talent you only show off to people you sleep with?” he said, raising one eyebrow.

“Hah! When was the last time you actually had my cooking? It’s been ages since we’ve had the chance to share a meal at my place. Even so, I seem to remember one dinner party a couple of years ago where you stuffed your face quite happily.”

“Well, yeah. I was just teasing you because I’m nervous too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s just that I haven’t, well you know…either” Tim looked down at his plate, clearly embarrassed. His face started to redden.

“You mean you’ve never been fucked?”

“Yeah. Jason and I never got that far. We broke up before I was ready. I mean, he had this massive dick and I didn’t think I could take it without some preparation and he was a real shit about it.”

“Oh crap, I’m sorry. Well, on the plus side, I don’t have a ‘massive’ dick.” I tried to keep the disgusted tone out of my voice on that last part and failed.

“Oh, come on!” Tim shouted, “You can’t get mad at me because I dated a guy

with a big cock. Besides, yours is just as thick as his, which is what I’m worried about.”

Feeling vaguely infantile, I grumbled “That’s not making me feel any better.”

“Well tough shit.”

We ate in silence, scowling at each other for a little while. I was disgusted, mostly with myself, for my reaction to what Tim had said. He was glaring at me as he reached for the salt and started to shake it … into his coffee. “Tim,” I said, with a tiny smile.

“Yeah, what?” he spoke with an edge to his voice that I hadn’t heard before as he continued to pour salt into his mug.

“You’re salting your coffee.”

He looked down in surprise and stopped. “Yeah, well maybe I like it that way.” I tried to keep a straight face, but a little chuckle slipped out. Tim was starting to shake and gave a little snort of laughter and we were off. Neither of us stopped laughing until we were in each others arms, holding each other tight.

“I’m so sorry, Tim; I just hate the idea that I might not compare to your first boyfriend.”

“I’m sorry too. Besides, even if the cock was big, I like what’s attached to yours a hell of a lot better than I liked Jason.” He said, running his hands over my back.

“I’m glad. You know, you don’t have to be nervous, by the way. I plan to spend a long time preparing you before we fuck. I’m glad that I’ll be your first. I think I would have been even more jealous if you had done it with him.”

“Marc,” he said, pulling away from me and looking into my Adapazarı Escort eyes, “you don’t need to be jealous. If I didn’t love you much more, I might still be with Jason. If I didn’t love you the way I do, I wouldn’t have had sex with you.”

Looking into his beautiful green eyes, I had to believe him, “I was just worried that it was the situation, and not me, that when we got back to the city you wouldn’t care for me anymore.”

“God, Marc. What happened to you to make you so insecure? You’re a gorgeous guy and, despite your apparent confidence issues, I am madly in love with you and you’d damn well better feel the same way about me if you’re getting jealous.”

“I do. In fact, I think I’d like to prove it to you right now.”

That warranted a smile from him, “What did you have in mind?”

“Maybe I could have dessert early?”

His eyes twinkled and I could see his cock lurch under my shorts but he said, “Now, now. We should finish lunch first.”

“Now who’s the tease?”

“Be nice, babe.”

We finished lunch very quickly with a pleasant atmosphere of anticipation. We put the dishes in the sink and Tim had turned on the tap. I had other ideas. I turned off the tap and lifted him in my arms. “Hey! What are you…?” I kissed him deeply and I felt him respond and return the kiss. With our mouths entangled, I carried him over to the loveseat and put him down on it. I yanked my shorts and his briefs down to his knees and dove onto his hard dick. I sucked the whole thing down without any preamble and started to hum the first tune which came to mind. Tim spread his legs wider to give me better access and began to grunt and gasp with my efforts. I reached one hand up under his shirt to tweak his right nipple and stepped up the volume of my ministrations. My mouth was absolutely full of his cock and my throat was beginning to object to the intruder. I was having a fine time. I slipped my other hand inside my pants and started to jerk myself through my boxers. I came up for air briefly and than went right back down before he had a chance to recover. It wasn’t long before my efforts were rewarded. I swallowed his whole load; it wasn’t as big as the last few had been, so I could manage it. I held him in my mouth until he softened and then got up and gave him a big kiss, sharing his flavor with him.

I felt his hands groping for my fly but I brushed them away, “Hold off, love. I’d like to save this for later, when we’ve got the proper equipment.”

He grinned. “Fine, I’ll let you have first crack at it, but don’t think that you’re getting away without a good fucking.”

“I wouldn’t dream of trying. I want that dick of yours up in me tonight.”

We made quick work of the dishes and headed down to the car with a wagon. The rain was still coming down sporadically as we pulled into town. Having no particular desire to stay in town for long, we flipped a coin to figure out who would go to which store. I lost the toss, so I had to hit the drugstore while Tim went to the supermarket. The lady behind the counter looked up from her reading and gave me a friendly smile as I walked in. She looked about 60, with blonde hair which was gradually fading to white. She was dressed very conservatively in a long skirt and matching blouse under her white lab coat. I smiled back, a bit sheepishly, as I headed to the contraception shelf and she went back to her book. I found a box of 20 lubricated condoms and a bottle of water-based lube, just for good measure. I also grabbed a stick of deodorant and a bottle of shampoo on my way to the cash because I was running low. Finally, I found a package of razors and some shaving cream. Both Tim and I had forgotten to bring any and I was feeling distinctly stubbly. It took a while; the shaving cream was hidden on a low shelf, far away from the razors which were up high, out of reach of small children.

I piled my purchases on the counter and the woman started to check them through. She smiled again, “Big evening planned, hon?”

I coughed nervously, “Well, yeah, I guess so.”

“You know, you should really grab a tube of the spermicidal jelly as extra insurance.”

I blushed as I looked out the window and saw Tim putting grocery bags into the trunk of the car. “No, we don’t really need that.” I stammered.

“Oh, I see. Prefer the fellows, do you? You know, my son is gay. He’d probably go right for you. Mind you, I’d have a bit of a time introducing the two of you. He doesn’t know that I know. Still hasn’t figured out that he should wipe his internet history when he visits porn sites. At least, he should when he lets me come over to use his computer. Close your mouth, dear. You’ll attract flies. Anyway, a nice innocent fellow like you is just what he needs,” she continued as I shut my mouth and held out money,

“Mind, I suppose that you’re fully occupied with that handsome fellow outside, can’t say as I blame you. If I weren’t married and were thirty years younger, I might go chasing Serdivan Escort after him myself. Now you have fun dear and if it doesn’t last, you drop right on in and I’ll find some way of introducing you to my son.” She handed me my change and smiled at me.

Flustered, I came right out and said, “Thank you. You’re very direct, you know.”

“Oh, I know. I used to be shy at your age, but after raising 6 kids I’ve found that beating around the bush is a waste of time. Have a nice evening, dear. Give him a good shag for me.”

Totally mortified, I nodded, picked up my bag and made my escape as she went back to her book.

I jumped into the passenger’s seat and let Tim drive. He glanced briefly at me before giving his attention back to the road. “Why do you look so embarrassed? It’s not like you’ve never bought condoms before.” I started to tell him, and he looked surprised and then amused. Then he started to giggle. He pulled over to the side of the road and started to roar with laughter. I couldn’t help smiling a little myself at his reaction, but I certainly didn’t think it was THAT funny. In between outbursts, he opened the door and we switched places. He spent the rest of the trip in stitches while I drove. I liked the sound of his laughter, even when it was partially directed at me. I egged him on with my best possible imitations of the woman.

As we got out of the car, I told him “You know, this means that I’ve got to do you twice.”

“How do you figure, Casanova?”

“Well, she told me to give you a good shag for her, but as far as I’m concerned, the first one is entirely for us.”

“Oh, you are a smooth talker. I have a feeling that if I let you have your way I’ll be walking extremely funny tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll carry you.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Marc. You may not be so stable yourself by the time I’m done. Besides, I think it’s only fair that I give You a good shag for her too.”

“Hmm, I guess we’d better get started quickly then.”

We loaded the wagon and headed for the cabin. We took turns pulling, with the other walking in front. Tim stared at my ass with frank appreciation, making me grin and blush and I had a chance to scope out his gorgeous backside again. I was eager to fuck him, but a little nervous at the same time. Surprisingly, I had mostly gotten over my own worries about being penetrated. I knew how much I had enjoyed his fingers and tongue up my chute, so it was only logical that his dick would be good too if he prepared me well. No, I was worried about making it good for him. He had agreed to let me go first, even though he was afraid too. I decided that I would spend a long time preparing him, and wait until he asked for it. “What are you so deep in thought about, love?” He asked as we arrived at the cabin.

“I’m just thinking about your fabulous ass, baby.”

“Wait until we get the groceries put away, Romeo. Then it’s yours.”

“Mmm, sounds lovely.” I gave him a hug and he leaned up to kiss me. We stood there, making out for a little while before we separated and picked up the bags.

Tim had gotten fresh bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables and juice as well as some more marshmallows for roasting. It was a tight squeeze getting everything into the fridge. “Why’d you get so much food, Tim?”

“It’s because I thought that we might end up staying in for a while. And since this has turned into a romantic getaway, I figured we could have food to match.”

“Well, then I’d better keep up my end of the bargain and provide the romance. Let’s hit the bathroom.”

“I’m not sure that’s the most romantic place, but I guess it’ll do.”

I took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom. I slid my hands under his t-shirt and ran my fingers up and down his sides as we kissed and he unbuttoned my shirt. I pulled his shirt over his head and let him slide mine off. We started to make out a bit more seriously as we fumbled with each other’s pants, trying to remove them quickly. Tim managed to get mine off first; I blame the fact that he was wearing a belt. I stepped out of my pants and let Tim slide his hands over my ass, under my boxers. I finally managed to get his shorts undone and I let gravity take care of the rest. I started to kiss him more aggressively as I pushed him against the wall and ground our crotches together. A small gasp escaped him as our erections made contact. Then, all of a sudden, his legs were wrapped around me as he welded his lips to mine. I thrust my hardness against his as his tongue wrapped around mine. He had put his arms around my shoulders for balance and I cupped his ass in my hands, partly for support, partly to enjoy the feeling of those fleshy globes of muscle.

Tim slowly let his legs down as I reluctantly broke the kiss and backed away. We were both panting and my dick had poked through the front of my boxers. Tim’s briefs had a fairly sizable wet spot on them, probably from both of us, judging by the amount of precum that I was leaking. “Sorry love,” I murmured as I gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “but if we’d done that much longer I’d have creamed myself.”

Tim gave me a brilliant smile before bending down to pull off his socks. “Well, at least you’ve changed my mind about bathrooms.”

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