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Big Balls

“Which bus are you waiting for?” a young woman politely asked.

“The 518.” I looked at her, and then added, “I could get the 124 if it comes first though.”

Her china cream cheeks lustered rose. She was pretty enough to make anyone change bus; slim limbed, vibrant, but with a vulnerable softness.

“I can get either,” I continued to explain, “It’s just a minute more walking on the 124.” She squinted as a car with full beams on shushed past, wincing even though the spray didn’t reach under the shelter. I shuffled up so she could sit, my buttock going cold enough for me to wonder if I’d slid into a puddle. She sat, and then moved closer into my lingering warmth. I could smell chlorine in her hair.

“You were at the pool too?” I asked.


She looked to see if the bus was anywhere. I followed her gaze after an indulgent instant inspecting her delicate facets. I felt her looking at my earing and I closed my eyes, hoping to feel warm breath on my neck. A flurry of cars passed, leaving the road silent bar the downpour. I listened to the rain on the metal roof and was glad it wasn’t blowing in. She half sneezed; her eyes gleaming with yellow sodium twinkles.

“It’s the chlorine. Makes my eyes water.”

“Mine too.” I lied, gazing at the intricate glossings of sodden chestnut hair.

“You live on the estate?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “you?” She looked at her pumps and toe dabbed a puddle. The rain strengthened, and with it the wind, blowing drops in at us.

“Yucky,” she said, grabbing my arm and ducking into me. I put my hand on her back and endured both elements for her. She felt firm and warm. The squall passed and she looked up.

“Your tattoo is cool.” She winked, but I wasn’t certain it was deliberate.

“Thanks. It’s a dragon.”

“Oh. I only saw the top bit.” almanbahis adresi The rest was across my hip, crossing over to my thigh. It would have been mostly hidden by my trunks.

“I’m thinking of getting one.” she said.


“Why?” she pouted.

“Don’t spoil it. Your skin.”

I saw dimples. “You’re sweet.” She kissed my cheek.

“I’m not.” I replied, wondering how her lips would taste. Her hand moved to my leg, and then she squeezed.

“I’m not either.”

I wished I’d noticed her at the pool. I could tell from the long shapely thighs in her tight cords that she would look fantastic in a swimsuit.

“How naughty are you?” was all I could muster.

She looked around, and checked me out again, lingering on my crotch. “Show me your tattoo. Over there.” She indicated some bushes. Despite the warming prospect, it looked dark and drenched. The bushes whipped around in the wind.

“You serious?”

She got up and walked out into the rain. I followed her, thinking that rain isn’t so bad if you relent to becoming soaked. I watched her arse darken as the soft material saturated. The bushes looked awkward, but finding a bramble free path, she led me to a clearing in front of a high wall. It was lit by an overlooking streetlamp from the road behind, and looked to be used by teens wanting privacy when they had nowhere else to go.

“Show me then,” she requested. I unbuttoned, unzipped and pulled down the side of my jeans and boxers. She traced the pattern with an unpainted fingernail. She could see my cock, curled and aching for release, but she didn’t touch it.

“Wanna see more?”


I pulled it out. The rain felt fantastic, making it bounce a little. She grabbed it, and started to tug.

“Not so hard.” She wanked more gently, and I grabbed almanbahis adresi her sodden arse, squeezing out trouser soak from between my fingers. There were footsteps on the other side of the wall, so I watched her pupils throb as we waited for them to pass. Rain dripped from the thin line of her bottom lip, making her seem to drool. I kissed the drops from those soft ledges, and then she bent to put them around my cock. The angle was awkward, so I only received a few moist sucks before she went back to tugging. She looked to me for the next move.

“You want to?” I asked.

“Fuck,” was all she whispered, arms dropping in submission. I firmly guided her around so she was against the wall, back to me. She helped me unbutton her soaked cords, and I tugged them down further than needed so I could admire her legs; pale sheened and smooth, slashed by shadow. After some groping I realised she still had her swimsuit on, so I eased it aside; her pussy steaming in the chill, everything sopping. I gave her butt cheek a squeeze to open her, drinking in the view. She twitched as a leaf drip bulls-eyed her arsehole, pooling there. I pressed down between her holes to let it run into her cunt lips, which I kissed sloppily before straightening to start my fuck. Despite the wetness, my first stroke was a slow push. I grabbed her hips as I bottomed out, catching her from buckling legs. I lifted her back onto her feet as I withdrew, but had to support her again at the end of my second push. With each repeat I quickened, and her balance improved until she was taking me unaided. I pushed her sweater up to reveal a backless swimsuit, her skin shimmering with milky tautness. I put my hand on her back, feeling the muscles tense and release with my strokes. She felt damp and sticky and I left gritty finger marks as reached to grab almanbahis adresi her thighs, my thrusting becoming more urgent. Her hand twitched at me, fingers locked straight. I thought it might be a stifled response of cumming, but she straightened and put a finger to the matted tangle of hair which was obscuring her lips. I stopped pumping and listened. The voice of a woman was passing the wall now, talking to another woman by the sound of it. We remained still, the rain blowing over us, running down our fuck tightened muscles. I shifted my feet, the mud sound matching that of my cock in her soft folds as I slowly teased and flexed. She muffled a giggle and half whispered,

“Stop it!” I pulled out quickly and she yelped. The chatting and the footsteps halted. The girl twisted to face to me, holding my head as she put her tongue in my mouth to prevent me from speaking. My cock was rubbing up her hip, and I lifted her swimsuit fabric and pushed it into the warmth. The women walked on after a few moments and I grabbed my cock and wetly slapped her thigh.

“Keep going then,” she said, shuffling her feet to face me. I lifted her against the wall, and moved the fabric from her slit again, entering without any further guidance. With her arms around my neck, eyes tight shut and rain swollen, I fucked her, awkwardly hindered by the cloth shackles at our ankles. She came as I hardened for my climax, biting her shivering claret lip, hair meshed over her pale face. I held back while her pulses clenched my shaft, and then pulled out.

“Don’t!” she gasped, but I was already shooting into the mud, a few drops dissolving onto her cords. We lent on each other, both shaking from the effort and the seeping cold. I pulled up my twisted underwear and saturated trousers, water pooling at my elbows. She recovered slower, and I almost got hard again watching her wiggle her waterlogged pants on.

“Listen. The bus,” she said.

We got to the shelter just in time to hail it. She pushed me forward, and I squelched up to pay for us both. The driver looked puzzled, and I turned to see her walking away into the rainy night.

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