Breaking The Rules

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I’m married and I like nice tits, and I’ve never been good at following the rules for married men. I couldn’t believe my luck when she opened the door wearing nothing but a robe and a smile. I could see the generous cleavage of her 34DD’s. It was a great view! I immediately imagined sucking and playing with them and I could see from the knowing smile on her face that she liked to have her nipples played with… as do I. Damn… my dick was getting hard and I almost forgot why I was there.

“Uhh, you called about a problem with your computer, Miss?”

She stepped back and invited me in as she said, “Oh yes, it’s this way, in my bedroom. Just follow me.”

Fuck… the silky robe was shimmying over her swaying ass cheeks; her ass was almost as nice as her tits and she sure as hell knew how to work it!!! I looked down and noted the tent my hard dick had created in the front of my pants, so I adjusted myself to try to hide it, not sure why. I knew damn well this chick was doing it on purpose.

But was she doing it just because she was a tease, or did she really want some action?!!

I sat down at her PC and started doing some simple tests to check for whatever the problem was. She wasn’t hovering over me; she was wandering around her bedroom, straightening some things, putting away laundry, acting like she wasn’t even paying me any mind. Until she started making her bed.

She was facing toward me, bending over and crawling partly onto it as she arranged the sheets. Her robe came loose and fell open just as I glanced up at her. I hissed through my teeth and my dick throbbed to see the hard nipples on her pendulous breasts swaying freely for a moment.

She smiled widely at the look on my face; she knew I wanted her, the little cock teasing slut!!! If she really did want a good fuck, she wasn’t going to get it unless she sucked my dick first!

She she was a pretty woman; curly shoulder-length hair the color of cinnamon and gray-blue eyes that were twinkling at me with humor and a hint of lust. She wasn’t a very tall woman, but she was shapely. And I still had no idea if she really wanted me or just wanted to tease me!

Fuck it… if she wanted me, she’d have to make the first move. I’m married; I wasn’t about to actively pursue another woman. Been there, done that, and it had been too dangerous emotionally; but a hot, one-time encounter with a complete stranger, that was doable. Especially when she was so fuckin’ doable!

I continued to try to ignore her as I finished my tests; it was no big problem, just a minor software issue that I was able to resolve quickly enough. Which was good if she turned out to be nothing but a tease; the sooner I could get out of there, the better.

That’s it, Miss. I’ve resolved your problem,” I said as I wrote the resolution on the call ticket and invoice. I stood up and turned toward her, ready to hand her the bill. She was standing just a few feet from me and the invoice slipped through my fingers onto the floor when I saw that she had dropped her robe.

My dick twitched in my pants and she smiled when she saw it, her eyes had been glued to the bulge at my crotch. I nearly groaned aloud when she licked her lips. Then she looked up into my eyes as she asked, “Would you prefer a check or a blow job?”

I growled a laugh as my hands went to my fly. “On your knees, you gorgeous cock sucker! And you’d better be damn good!”

She dropped to her knees in front of me and helped to push my pants and shorts down until they fell to my ankles. I would love to have felt her sucking me hard, but my dick had been hard since she’d opened the door! Oh, well…

She started to suck me slow and steady, all the while making an “mmm” sound, like it was the best cock she’d tasted in months. She leaned back and purred at me, “I love to suck dick and you taste fantastic! I want your cum.”

At this point I knew I wasn’t going to last long. She had her hot mouth wrapped completely around my throbbing pole, sucking me so good, stroking me with her velvety tongue while her hands followed her mouth and massaged my balls. Just a couple of minutes later, I was moaning, “I’m cumming!!!”

She thrust her mouth onto my cock and sucked and swallowed every drop. Then she stared up at me with her beautiful eyes and squeezed out every last drop, lapping them up with her tongue. I pulled her up and gave her a long tongue kiss, savoring the taste of my cum in her mouth.

I had just gotten one of the best tips ever on the job, and I was looking forward to servicing her more in the future.

As I was leaving, she gave me a light kiss on the cheek and said softly, “It was great to see you again, Al,” just before she closed the door behind me. And as I headed for my car, it suddenly stuck me…

How did she know my name…?


Her name had been listed as Sue Richards on the Invoice; it didn’t sound familiar to me at all. A week after the best blow job I’d almanbahis adres ever gotten, I was still trying to figure out how that woman had known my name. I wasn’t wearing a name tag and I hadn’t introduced myself when she’d opened the door; I had been rendered mute from staring at her huge tits!

I thought perhaps she’d gotten a look at my name on the invoice when she picked it up off the floor from where it had landed when I dropped it at the sight of her gorgeous naked body. But my name was listed as A. Johnson; how would she have known my name was Al?! Short for Allen, but everyone who knows me calls me Al. So, she must know me from somewhwere…

It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t place her, because I sure as hell would’ve remembered meeting any woman as sexy as her! Every woman I meet usually sparks some sort of fantasy, mostly just imagining them sucking my dick! But her… I was fantasizing doing everything imaginable to her and she to me! Fuck… my dick was getting hard again just thinking about her.

I reached down to adjust myself so the bulge wouldn’t be obvious and almost jumped out of my chair when I heard one of my co-workers bark my name.

“Hey, Johnson! Stop thinking about your johnson and get your ass in gear! I’ve got a call for you. A customer who says she won’t let any other rep but you touch her pc; a Sue Richards. Says you know where she lives and what she needs! Damn, Johnson, just what did you do for this woman?”

I couldn’t stop the wide grin when I heard her name, and my co-worker had noticed it, too. “I just fiddled with her software and figured out that it wasn’t a hardware issue. She was very grateful for that, but her tip left me wanting. Hopefully she’ll be more generous this time.”

I strolled out of the building with my case in hand, a huge smile on my face and my dick twitching in my pants! I sped to her house, praying I wouldn’t get a ticket. I made it there in about half the time it had taken me the week before, but I hadn’t been quite sure where I was going that first time.

This time, my cock was like a homing beacon; the closer I got, the harder I got! If she answered the door in that robe again, I was going to nail her cunt as soon as I got inside!

She must’ve been watching for my arrival; as soon as I was out of my car and headed up her walk, she opened the door wearing nothing but that beautiful smile! Goddamn… my dick was almost pointing straight at her trying to get out of my pants on its own!

She backed up to allow me in and I slammed the door behind me, dropping my case on the floor so I could get my fly open as quickly as possible. She was right there with me, both of our hands fighting furiously, grabbing at my pants and underwear and shoving them down.

I grabbed her shapely ass and lifted her up as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. Spinning around, I pinned her against the door, lined my dick up at her dripping cunt and shoved inside her hard. Fuck… she had the tightest, hottest, wettest pussy I’d ever felt!

I nailed her to that door! I fucked her hard and she was just moaning my name over and over, getting louder and louder as I pounded faster and faster! I could feel her cunt juice dripping down my balls, it felt so fucking hot!

I drove deep inside her and froze for a moment when I felt her pussy clamp on my dick as she screamed. I growled a laugh as I felt her cumming on my cock; it was the first time I’d ever made a woman scream as she came! It was the hottest fuckin’ sound I’d ever heard!

The next thing I knew, I was pumping a load of cum inside her throbbing pussy. The hard contractions of her cunt made me unable to hold back, she was milking the cum out of me! And I decided right then and there that I’d give her all the cum she wanted.

That’s what she’d said to me when she gave me the fantastic blow job, that she wanted my cum! I’d be more than happy to oblige whenever she wanted it.

Afterward, she helped clean me up with her tongue, which made me hard again. She led me back to her bed, laid me down and rode my dick until we both came again. She sucked me and fucked me twice during the hour I spent at her house, talking dirty to me the whole time she was impaled on my pole.

“You like getting your dick sucked, don’t you Al? And my little pussy just loves your cock! You’re so hot and hard and I loved the way you fucked me so hard up against that door! I think you like a woman to be aggressive, but I just love that you wanted me so bad that you couldn’t hold back! I like making you hot, Al! I love cock, and I’ll take yours whenever you want to give it to me!”

She had me so hot and horny even when I had to leave that I completely forgot to ask her how she knew me…



I couldn’t get Sue Richards off of my mind. I love my wife, but she’s never been as aggressive as I’d like. I’d love for her to grab me by the balls and drag me away somewhere, suck almanbahis adres my cock and then beg me to fuck her hard! I know she enjoys the attention I give her; my dick just needs way more attention than she’s ever been able to give.

And Sue had made it perfectly clear from the start that she wanted my dick and I had enjoyed the hell out of having her mouth and pussy! She sure as hell knew what to do with a cock! And those damned ED problems I’d been suffering lately didn’t seem too much of a problem with her; hmmm. That was strange.

I wasn’t about to call her. I didn’t want to give her the impression that I was desperate for her or anything like that. She was a nice diversion, something to spice up the routine sex I’d been getting at home. Like I said, I love my wife and I know I can give her pleasure, but I need more and she just doesn’t understand that.

About a week after Sue’s fabulous fucks, I was sitting at my desk trying not to think about her when a co-worker walked over with a brown envelope with my name on it.

“Hey Al, some woman stopped by a few minutes ago and asked someone to deliver this to you. I told her she could bring it to you herself, but she declined, saying you’d know who it was from. She was kind of pretty and damn sexy. You’d better be careful, man. She looked like the type of woman who could get you into trouble really easy. If she looked at me twice, I’d fuckin’ nail her hard!”

I snorted a laugh. “You’d be lucky if any woman looked at you twice! Just give me the envelope and go away,” I said with a growl as I sat forward to hide the fact that my dick was getting hard again.

My co-worker chuckled silently shaking his head as he handed me the envelope and walked away. I didn’t want to admit to him that the image of both of us with our dicks up Sue’s pussy and ass had popped into my head, making my cock pop up in interest!

Huh uh, I wasn’t sharing her with anyone just yet. I just realized I hadn’t even gotten a good whiff or taste of that cunt yet myself! Now just what was in this envelope?!! Fuckin’ hell… it was a pair of women’s panties with the crotch still wet and a note.

“Hello Al, I just dropped by to let you know that I’m still thinking about you! You make my pussy so wet just thinking about you. I just took these off in the ladies room in the lobby of your office. Take a good whiff; wouldn’t you just love to taste me? I left a call request at the front desk as well. I’m still having software issues that need your delicate touch! I’ll be waiting.”

I lifted the silky panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. Goddamn it… she smelled sooo good! My dick was straining inside my pants. I looked down and muttered, “Fuck you, buddy, you’ve already had a taste! This time, you’ll have to wait your turn! I’m gonna eat that sweet cunt and then you’ll get your fill!”

My balls were starting to ache for release as well. “Let’s go, boys! There’s a nice wet pussy just waitin’ for us and we don’t want to disappoint it, now do we?!!” I grinned as I stood up and strode out of the building, feeling my dick twitching again and my balls tingling in anticipation!

This time, she wasn’t watching for me; I had to ring the bell. When she opened the door naked again, it was all I could do not to nail her on the floor just inside! But she backed away toward a large chair, sat down and threw her legs over the arms, spreading her cunt wide open.

She held two bottles in her hands. “Do you prefer strawberry or peach, Al?”

I had dropped my case and my jacket on the floor as she’d backed away and was working on the top buttons of my shirt. My answer came out as a low growl as I sank onto my knees in front of the chair. “Neither. I just want your pussy, babe!”

She moaned loudly as I bent down and raked my tongue up her dripping snatch. I finally noticed that she was hairless, completely bald. I couldn’t even remember if she’d had hair on her pussy before! She’d been completely naked both times and all I could really remember seeing were her beautiful, huge tits and her gorgeous, sexy eyes as she’d sucked and fucked me!

Now, all my attention was focused on her hairless cunt and the delicious juices dripping from it! Fuck… she tasted good!!! To me, there’s just nothing like the taste of pussy! Not that I’ve tasted all that many, they were all pretty similar in scent and taste but each one was still unique in some way! And Sue’s had just the most erotic scent and taste to me!

But that was probably because it was the thought that she was so hot and dripping just for me! But maybe not; maybe she was just a hot little cunt who’d take any guy’s cock! So what?!! I’m married; it’s not like I owned her, she could share her pussy with whomever she wanted! I was just grateful at the moment she was sharing it with me!

I tongued her pussy gently while rubbing my thumb on her clit. She liked that. “Oh fuck, yeah, Al, tongue fuck me good! I love to feel a hot tongue almanbahis adres fucking me like a dick!!! Ooooo, yeah baby, that feels soooo gooooood!” She moaned and kept pulling my face into her until she flooded my tongue with a nice hot gush of her juices as she moaned loudly.

After that, I moved up and tongued her clit while my fingers went to work on her throbbing pussy. She was on the verge of cumming for a long time. Her juices were constantly coating her hot flesh and I would lean down once in a while and rim my tongue on her ass to lick up the juices running down and coating her there.

I could tell she liked that so I moved back up to tongue her clit again and kept rubbing my ring finger on her ass as she squirmed and moaned loudly. When I could tell she was about to peak, I sucked on her clit and shoved my finger up her ass; she screamed again. I smiled to myself; I fucking love making this woman scream!

Then she said something that nearly made me blow my load in my pants.

“I want your dick up my ass, Al, NOW!!! FUCK MY ASS WITH YOUR HARD DICK, YOU HORNY BASTARD!!!”

I couldn’t get my pants open fast enough. She had to help me, I was shaking so hard with the need to get my cock up her tight ass! She finally freed my quivering dick and pulled it to her dripping pussy, so I dipped my stick into her slick juices and then I went for the back door!

She screamed again when I rammed my pole up her ass; it was even tighter than her pussy!!! I stayed still for moment and felt her ass relaxing, so then I started to pump her for all I was worth, ramming my aching cock inside her tight, hot body!

I felt so fucking hot; my shirt was hanging partly open, my pants down around my knees. It suddenly struck me that every time I’d started to have sex with this woman, she was completely naked and I was still mostly clothed! I was so fucking hot for her that I couldn’t even take the time to disrobe properly before getting my dick inside her! But it was her fault, too, she hadn’t wanted to take the time for that, either!

I was about to come inside her ass and she did something that always makes me explode; she reached up and grabbed my nipples and pinched them HARD! I screamed as I came; well, not exactly a scream, more like a loud yell. One that any man would’ve recognized as the sound of a good, hard orgasm!

I was spent. I barely had enough energy to clean myself up with the damp washcloth and hand towel she brought me. She helped me dress again and handed my case to me as she walked me to her door. She was wearing the silky robe again and I couldn’t stop from staring at her nice cleavage.

Before she had a chance to open the door, I dropped my case and pulled her into my arms for a nice long, deep kiss. I liked the way she melted against me, liked it too much, so I ended the kiss as quickly as I could and opened the door to leave. As I was headed down the walk, I heard her teasing voice behind me.

“Have you figured out yet who I am, Al?”

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to ask her. But all I saw was her smiling face and heard her soft laughter as she shut the door. Goddamn it… why was she doing this to me?!! I marched back up to her door and knocked until she opened it again.

“Would you please just tell me how you know me? I don’t have a clue who you are and this is driving me crazy! Please, just a hint or something…?!!”

She shook her head and chuckled softly as she said, “OK, a hint. We attended the same high school. That’s all I’m saying! Bye, Al, and just keep following the rules. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Rules?!! There were rules?!! Just what the fuck was going on here?!!


I broke the rules. I showed up at Sue’s place unannounced, hoping she’d be up for a nice, slow fuck since I had a more time after work that day. I didn’t have to be home; my wife and kids had gone on a daytrip and weren’t going to get home until late.

And I was tired of feeling like Sue was doing nothing but using me. As hot as she was, it bothered me a little to think that she was a slut who’d fuck anything with a dick! I wanted to feel like I was more than just a dick to her; I was getting into dangerous territory again.

I was relieved to see her dressed in somewhat “business” attire when I showed up at her house. She’d been wearing a respectful top and a straight skirt that hugged her shapely hips and ass and showed off her toned legs from her lower thighs down. And her legs looked great in those black stockings and high heels!

She was shocked to see me at first, so I gave her my most charming grin and luckily, she invited me in. I was glad she let me take it slowly; I wanted a little more “romance” and the chance to kiss her longer. She was a damn hot kisser; her tongue knew just how to explore my mouth as well as my cock!

She relaxed wih me for a bit and I was hoping she’d open up a little and tell me why she’d tracked me down since we hadn’t known each other in high school. I knew who she was when I looked her up in my old yearbook; Sue Morris, but I wasn’t aware that she knew of me. We knew some of the same people when we went to school but we’d never hung out together.

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