Bound , Teased

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You and I are sharing a joke on the couch after having a nice meal. I take a sip of the wine and you pick up your glass and hold it up for a toast, “To good friends and good times!” We clink our glasses, drink the contents down, place them down with vigor as if we are drinking something stronger, and fling our heads back in laughter once more. My head feels a bit lighter and dizzier than before, and I cannot judge the distance between my head & the wall behind the sofa. I slam my head against it harder than I intended, and immediately wince in pain. You aren’t nearly as affected by the alcohol and immediately rush to my aid.

“Are you alright? Does it hurt? If it does, I’ll kiss and make it better,” you say, holding my head and rubbing your hand where mine is on the bump that’s probably forming.

“I’m fine, but that ruined my buzz pretty quick… I do have other boo-boos you could kiss better though,” I smile warmly and wink at you.

“By all means, tell me where I can be of assistance. Preventive medicine, you know,” you wink back, going along with my game.

I reply, “My neck, where it meets my collarbone hurts now… and my earlobes always ache. Those have always been boo-boos, I’m afraid.”

Without uttering anything in reply, you lightly brush my hair away from my neck; slightly moving my shirt to the side to kiss one of my sweet spots. You nipped at the bone, smirking as I shivered in response. You can hear my breath catch as you move your way up to my left ear, your hot breath on my neck as you whisper, “Shall we continue this in the bedroom?”

I cannot take this innocent teasing any longer, my hands shaking slightly, come up to cup your face there is nothing innocent about our kisses. They are deep and sensual, our tongues battling for domination and slowly but surely you win the game. I never win, but you know that I like it. Tonight I know you have something fun in store, because you cannot hide that glimmer in your eye.

“Yes, the bedroom sounds wonderful. Can I get more wine?” I inquire, motioning towards our empty stem glasses.

“No darling, you’ve had enough. Plus, I want you to be aware of everything we’ll be doing tonight.” You wink at me, rising from the couch. I take your outstretched hand, intertwining our fingers, and smiling at you as you lead me towards your room.

A short walk down a sparse hallway, one right turn into a darkened bedroom, the drapes closed and only the sliver of light under the door to the adjacent bathroom sets a shadowy scene. You gently sit me on the bed, my hand feeling the fluffy red satin duvet. I’ve never been in your bedroom before and it already feels warm and comfortable.

I don’t have time to come up with a compliment on your personal space before you invade mine again with an eager kiss, your hands busy at work undressing me. Both our hands work to rid me of my blouse, flying through the buttons and then unzipping me from my skirt. Quickly, those items are on the floor and I’m somewhat prone on your bed. You lean over me, gently maneuvering me to the center of the bed, taking the opportunity to let your hands roam over my curvy hips, stomach and breasts, breathing heavy in the surprise of no bra and skimpy panties. Oh yes, I did come prepared, my eyes say as I wink and giggle.

Ever so gentle, you grab my breasts kneading them, denizli escort working my nipples stiff and chuckle when you feel me buck my hips against yours. I feel how hard you’re getting and I wish you’d move things along faster, but you ignore my body’s plea for more and continue at your own pace.

Getting less and less gentle, you move my arms away from your neck and place them on the bed. Distracting me, you reach past my wrists and I feel something wrap around each of them. I try to turn my head to examine what you’ve placed on me, but you keep me facing you, that mischievous smirk reaching your smoldering eyes again. I remember jokingly pointing out handcuffs on a particularly handsome cop this evening after dinner, saying how I wouldn’t mind being restrained by him.

You chuckle as I start to ask, interrupting my question with more kisses, more rubs up and down my body by your huge hands. I can feel myself soaking the thin cloth between my legs. I’m imagining how wonderful your fingers, lips, and tongue will feel on my pussy. I give into these wonderful sensations all over my body, leaning my head back letting out a long, deep moan as you touch my pussy for the first time.

You don’t waste any time getting rid of the soaked strip of fabric I call panties, leaving a fingertip just inside my soaked nether lips. I move my hips around, bucking up and down, desperate for more penetration. You tease me so well and you seem to know what I want, without asking questions or needing direction.

You lean down resting your arms on either side of my hips, lifting them up into your open waiting mouth. I gasp and scream out my first orgasm, after all the teasing, and you lap up everything I have to offer you. A finger enters me while your talented tongue works my poor clit, inserting with quick in and out thrusts, just to get lubed up. You pull your finger out just as quickly as you gave it to me and rim my tight asshole. Just that action surprises me, because you seemed to remember another mention of mine—also meant as a joke—that I had never had the pleasure of dual penetration.

Soon you’re driving me crazy with your long, wet finger in my ass and your seemingly longer tongue in my pussy. I’m driving to my peak again, getting ready to cum a second time, and just as I start to shudder you pull out, dropping my ass onto the bed. I lift my head up to inquire why and you cover my eyes with a scarf, folded over several times so my vision is even darker. I feel you reach over to the bed table, click the light on, and reach under the bed for something else. You spread my legs open wide, spread eagled on your fluffy duvet, continue by restraining my ankles, and I hear another clink-click of chains cuffed to the bedposts.

I feel your weight shift off the bed then your breath, hot on my ear, whispering, “Stay here, baby, I’ll be back shortly.”

I start to protest but soon realize after a couple seconds you really have left me alone, trussed up on your bed, blindfolded, subject to your whims. Just like my fantasies, I’m completely bound and unable to see or touch anything on my own. I’m just thankful you didn’t decide to gag me this time…

I hear the door creak open, your soft sock-covered feet cover the room with your long strides. You set down stuff on the floor diyarbakır escort and then move them to another surface near the foot of the bed. “Hello, baby, doing alright in here?”

“Y…yes,” I stammer, trying to hide my tense, aroused state. You hold a straw to my lips and utter one word, “Suck.” Even though I know you’re only referring to the liquid—chilled wine, it seems—I deeply wish it was your cock poised at my lips that very moment. After I’ve wet my parched mouth and throat, you move the straw away and dab lightly at any drops that I couldn’t keep inside. “Good girl,” you reply.

You move away from my head and I lose track of where you are until I feel your weight again on the bed, but between my legs this time. The next thing I feel is something cool and light on my pussy, which you quickly rub and smother all over, on my trimmed bush and puffy pussy lips. It takes me a second to realize you mean to trim me completely bald! I do my best to hold still especially when you move your hand away and I feel the cool steel of the blade touch me. You work quickly, I feel the razor scrape across my skin, and I feel you pull my lips apart and away to shave every inch of the area down there. A wet rag meets my pussy lips, sending a wave of goose bumps up my body, as you wipe away the cream and remnants of hair. You release a cool breath of air on my oversexed pussy and enjoy watching me shiver from the change in temperature again.

As you pat me dry with a soft, fluffy towel, I can’t help but wonder what you have next for me. I notice how you’re taking extra care not to rub too hard on my overly sensitive mound, but you seem to “accidentally” slip a finger between my folds to dip into my honey pot and restart the river of wetness like before. I never actually came down from that orgasm you teasingly stopped, it just seemed to be on hold, and I can feel my body start to react again.

And just like that, you leave me again, making me squirm and fight the restraints always looking for that release I so crave now. I feel your weight leave the bed again, the soft footsteps on the hardwood floor, and the door creak shut. I release the breath I had been holding, trying not to focus on the utter need to touch myself and cum, but moan in frustration.

You come back quicker this time, whistling a tune to let me know you were back, just in case my senses weren’t working in overdrive. I feel you sit on the bed again, right next to my side and suddenly there are fluttering touches all over my naked body—light kisses of your lips and small attentive brushes of your finger tips. Shockwaves of chills expand from the points of contact. I can’t take them and it causes me to huff and moan even louder in frustration.

“P…puh…leeease!” I beg, arching my breasts to the sky, and rubbing my ass on the satiny duvet. I hear your chuckle once again and can almost see your smirk in my mind’s eye.

“You’ll get what you crave soon, my dear,” you reply to me. Again you sink down on the bed, on my left side this time. I hear a faint clinking of what must be ice cubes in a bucket as something shifts around in it.

You spread my pussy lips wide open, and as if it’s a last minute thought, you flick my clit sending me a shock of pleasure. I’m sure you enjoy that because I antalya escort grunt and groan, moving my ass as much as my shackled position allows.

The next thing I feel is something unbearably cold and solid entering my love hole. I gasp out, trying to squirm away because it’s freezing me from the inside out. Your warm hands cup the outer lips and rub me, creating friction and warming me a little bit. The sharp contrast in temperatures, freezing cold to warm hands and hot breath on my sex, teases me to no end. I can feel the item melting soon, only mere seconds after being placed in me, though it feels like hours on my end. You must know my poor pussy can only take so much so you quickly latch your mouth over it, and suck out the remaining liquid, moving your long nimble fingers in and out, across my clit, my rosebud, and inside my ass.

Finally, with the cold numbness retreating from my body, a warm hot feeling radiates from my core, and I can somehow tell the teasing is over with. You’re letting me reach my peak. I silently remember to thank you later and give into the sensations taking over me. My mind stops thinking just long enough for the pleasure you’re stroking from me take over. I shudder, scream obscenities, clench and unfurl fingers and toes, and moan out the biggest, most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced outside of penetration. You diligently lick and slurp up all the juice and cum my pussy gushes out, slowly cleaning my inner thighs that got splashed a bit in the mayhem.

Letting me have a couple seconds of rest, you quickly unbuckle my ankle and wrist restraints and remove my blindfold. I blink for a little bit, ridding my vision of the post-orgasm blurriness and adjust to the dim lighting. Slowly my eyes adjust and see that you’ve freed your raging, throbbing dick and it’s resting near my mouth. I watch it twitch with your heartbeats for a second or two, then quickly engulfing it and worshipping it like I wanted to earlier tonight.

I can tell from your rigid stiffness, how your eyes close in surrender of that moment, and from your nearly silent groan of happiness that you’re not far from an orgasm yourself. You’re standing on the edge of the bed still, now more leaning as I begin my treatment of you. I reach a hand between us to cup your balls, lifting and squeezing them, as I work my mouth up and down your dick, bottoming out on you every other down stroke.

Your hand on my head tells me you must be close, so I work even harder to get your cum in my mouth. The next down stroke, instead of just deep throating you, I work your balls into my mouth snaking my tongue down and pulling them in. I start humming and moaning, asking for everything you can give me just like you took everything I gave you just now. A couple quick thrusts on your part, and I’m sucking hard on the head of your dick, looking up into your eyes as you shoot your load into my mouth.

I stop pumping your dick with my hand, just concentrating on sucking out every last drop of hot, sticky cum from you. I leave the huge load in my mouth, savoring the tangy taste, before swallowing it with a couple gulps. You’re shaking and twitching above me, hands fisted in my hair, slowly letting go and caressing my face now. I see satisfaction and pure love from your eyes looking down at me. Letting your dick flop out of my mouth with an audible pop, I sit up as you collapse on the bed next to me.

“Tremendous,” you say.

“Fantastic,” I say next.

“Thank you,” we say at the same time, looking at each other, then laughing as we curl up under your fluffy red duvet, our hands gently exploring the other person, getting ready for the night we have ahead of us.

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