Bound Seduction

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The tube train rumbles and clatters around me. Absently, I smooth the fabric of my dress over my lap, and feel the bumps of the suspenders holding up my stockings. I smile to myself, a little thrill of delicious wickedness wriggling in my belly. I steal a glance at a clutch of my stony faced fellow passengers, stifling a giggle with a cough. If they only knew! I struggle to contain myself and turn my mind to what lies ahead.

Three days ago, you would have received my birthday parcel. I imagine for the millionth time, your face as you opened it, laid its contents out on your bed. The cuffs were the bulkiest things; you’d have seen them first. Then the blindfold. Then the card would have slipped out, with the instructions, the hotel room number and address. My smile growing again, I imagine your incredulity as you sift through the contents of the package, laughing but not understanding until you read the card. I savour the picture of realization slowly dawning on your face, of what I intend.

The train grinds to a halt at my stop. Quickly, I gather myself and step onto the platform. As the train trundles away down the tunnel, I turn to get my bearings and head off toward the exit. At the top of the escalator, I smell cold fresh air and spot the sign to the street. My dress whips around my legs, and I climb the stairs. A short walk takes me to a side street. A few yards this way and that, and there’s the hotel.

I feel my heart thump in my chest, suddenly it’s real, too real, no longer cyber chat or email but happening here and now, and I feel myself begin to tremble. I pause on the pavement and turn to look back down the street, hesitating. The street is bleak and empty, and I hear the sounds of the city on the wind that blows cold gusts into my face, taking my breath away. I turn back toward the hotel where the oval awning flaps over the small revolving door and warm yellow light spills out into the grey. Straightening, I take a deep breath and walk inside.

Checking in goes past in a blur. I try to sound confident as I ask whether you have arrived. I feel a rush of relief and excitement both when the desk clerk tells me you got here half an hour ago. But I can’t stop my legs shaking as I take the carpeted staircase to the second floor, and along a short corridor to our room. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign sways on the handle as I turn it. I open the door and step over the threshold, letting it swing gently closed behind me. Another three paces and…

… you’re there. I pause, taking in the scene. The curtains are drawn, and soft light from two bedside lamps light the room. A chair in one corner has some clothes thrown across it, trainers underneath. A dressing table with a mirror stands against one wall, and opposite, the double bed takes up most of the small room. I can see your form under the light covers, one leg bent and to the side and the unmistakable bulge of a semi hard cock at your crotch. It twitches slightly as my eyes travel up your body to your naked chest. Your arms reach above you, your hands holding on to the bars of the brass bed head, but at your wrists are the signs that you’ve followed the rest of your instructions; the black bands of the restraints that hold you there and keep you there until I let you go. I feel a rush of moisture and warmth flood between my legs, and my confidence returns. I am sure now, of my path, of myself; that I want to make you mine. My eyes come to rest on your face, slightly turned in my direction. Your jaw works uneasily, and you tilt your head to listen, your eyes seeing only blackness under the blindfold.

“Clarissa?” It’s the first time I’ve heard your voice, and you’re saying my name.

“Shh…yess”, I soothe. I take a step towards the bed as you breathe a relieved sigh, and glance into the bathroom. There’s evidence of a shower; a towel on the floor and a steamy mirror. I set my bag on the floor beside the bed and sit beside you, reach out my hand.

“Hey,” I say softly, with a smile you can surely hear. ” How are you doing?” You flinch slightly at the unexpected touch of my hand coming to rest gently on your warm chest, then grin up at the ceiling.


You shift slightly, and I can almost feel your senses reach out, trying to gather what information you can. My hand slides up to your neck, gliding over your skin, my thumb tracing the line of your chin.

“Pleased to meet you, Tom” I say, and lean in to plant a soft kiss on your cheek. I rise from the bed and pad over to the chair, unbuttoning my dress as I go. As I slip out of my over clothes and step out of my thong, you raise your head as if to follow my movement. Carefully, I smooth out the lace of my underwear, then, taking my time, move to stand beside the bed. I stay there, quiet for a moment, watching you, waiting, tantalizing us both, reveling in the anticipation. Then I lean forwards and place my hands on your soft belly. I stroke outwards to your sides, then descend, taking the sheets with me, slowly revealing almanbahis adres your body; past your hips, my fingers brushing the sides of your buttocks, down your thighs, knees and calves, to your feet. I stand back and my eyes feast on your nakedness, feeling my arousal grow.

I get onto the bed, and carefully kneel astride you, resting my hands on your shoulders and letting my long hair fall forwards, draping over your tethered arms. Slowly I lower my mouth to yours. I pause a moment, letting my breath wash over your face, then dip closer and brush your lips with mine. Your lips part in response, your head tilts up to catch me in the kiss, but I pull back. Again I dip towards you, only to pull back when you respond, smiling. Only when you let your head relax against the pillow, do I bend to your mouth again. Teaching you that I am in control. This time I stroke the tip of my tongue around your soft lips, before I pull back, leaving them glistening. I blow gently on them, making them cold, then back again, small, gentle licks, making your mouth wet and inviting. Your tongue flicks out toward mine, and I allow it, smiling, giving little pecks, little licks. Slowly, I let my body sink down toward you. As I finally press my mouth gently against yours, you begin to feel the swell of my breasts under the soft satin of my basque, the fastenings of the suspenders at my thighs, and the nylon of stockings scraping against your legs. I let my tongue wander past your lips, and feel the heat of your cock against me as it begins to swell and thicken. Tasting you, teasing you I open my mouth and kiss you deeply, feeling your breathing quicken and deepen. And slowly and sensuously, I start to rock my hips against you. I hear the restraints pull against the bed head as your body responds, and you try to move to touch me, your own hips pulling back in the beginnings of a slow thrust.

The movement excites me. I murmur into your mouth and you shudder as you push up towards me, pressing your cock against my mound. Again you pull back, and as you do, I break the kiss, and bend my head to your neck, just behind your ear. You moan softly as you push your ever-hardening cock against me, turning your head to allow me access. As we rock rhythmically, slowly, I nip softly at your neck with my lips, sucking at your skin, tasting, licking. I work my way down to where your shoulder meets your neck and bite gently down on the muscle, then suck, drawing the skin into my mouth. I hear you take a sharp breath through your teeth, as I mark you as mine. My hands roam over your arms and shoulders, my full weight upon you as I suck at your neck, feeling you tense from the almost-pain. I writhe against you, feeling the juices gathering at my nether lips, and my hunger for you increase. Finally I release, and pull back to admire the red, mouth shaped flower blooming under your skin. I kiss it, and touch my cheek to yours.

“You want to play a game with me?”

I whisper the words in your ear. You swallow and take a shaky breath. There’s a hint of trepidation in your voice when you reply;

“What kind of game?”

I smile at your unseeing eyes.

“A game of taste and tell.”

I give you a soft peck on the cheek, then slide over to reach my bag. Dipping my hand into a side pocket, I pull out a small bottle and a tube, setting them both on the bedside table. Sitting astride your belly, I first loosen my basque to allow access to the soft skin of my breasts, then squeeze a small amount of the smooth liquid from the bottle onto my finger. Watching you, I smear the liquid onto my breast, around and over my hardening nipple.

“What’s this, Tom?”

I lean forwards, my arms next to yours as they stretch above you, and lower my wet nipple to your lips, letting it drag gently across them, leaving a shiny trail. Instinctively, your lips part and I feel your tongue rasp deliciously over the hard nub before I pull back, inches from your reach. You lick your lips and swallow, and a smile crosses your face.


I giggle, my nipple tingling, glistening.



I lower myself down toward you and your tongue rises to greet me. Gently, you lap at the sweetness on my breast, causing me to sigh in pleasure. You lick carefully, exploring, blind as you are, all round the edges of the puckered skin. Then at once, you raise your head, capture my nipple between your soft lips and suckle, pulling and tugging it into your mouth. I gasp as a bolt of pleasure shoots through my breast, down my body, all the way to my clit. You suck rhythmically, insistently, your hot breath on my flesh. My own mouth opens in a silent cry. I feel the vibrations of your voice as you murmur against me, and I move my hand to cradle your head. I hold you to me; let you feed your fill. Finally, reluctantly, I ease my nipple from your mouth. You manage one last kiss on the hard nub before you let it go and let your head fall back against the pillow. almanbahis adresi

I pull back from you, eyes shining, and raise myself to my knees. My clit thumps and my cunt aches. I slip two fingers between my legs and feel my lips, drenched in syrup. You turn your head to listen to the wet sounds of my fingers as I soak them, and to my voice groaning softly, as they worry my hard and needy clit. Raising my hand to my other nipple, I paint the small bumps and the pink teat liberally with clear juice, making it stiffen at the touch. Again I lean down to you, cradling your taut arms with mine, dangling my nipple just above your mouth.

“Now tell me what this is…”

You need no further prompting. You raise your head and take my nipple in your soft, wet mouth and suck, moaning into my flesh, flicking the sensitive nub with your tongue. I tense on top of you, hot waves of pleasure racing through my body. I close my eyes and allow the sensation to wash over me.

“I still have some on my fingers, Tom,” I breathe. “I want to taste what you’re tasting.”

I whisper into your hair, as you pause to listen;

“I’m gonna suck them clean”

I close my lips around my still coated fingers, savouring my own sweet, tangy flavour. I feel more than hear you groan, and your grip on my nipple tightens. You suckle hungrily and my tongue slides between my fingers searching for any juice I may have missed. We share my nectar, more melting in my cunt as our tongues tease and taste. Eventually, I pull away, both nipples now swollen and red from your mouth. You begin to protest, but I press a moist finger to your lips, silencing you.

“Patience, sweetheart” I kiss you softly. “Patience.”

I shift my weight, sliding my body off to the side of you, as the fingers of my right hand trail from your shoulder across your smooth chest. My fingernails pause at your nipple to scrape across it, and my head bends to grasp it briefly with my lips. My hand glides across your belly, around your navel as I tug gently at your nipple, making it glisten. You push your hips up to meet my hand, but I quickly break the contact, leaving your cock twitching in mid air. I raise my head to whisper to you;

“Uh-uh, no you don’t, not yet babe………”

You sigh in frustration and shift your position, calming yourself. I watch your jaw work, smiling. I return my hand to your chest and slide it down to your belly once more. This time you’re still, but as I watch, a shiny drop of precum oozes slowly from the tiny slit, and dribbles into the slick patch that’s formed on your belly, just below your navel, where your swollen cock head rests. My mouth waters. I dip my forefinger into the moisture and scoop up as much of it as I can, then slowly trace a wet line with my finger from the head down the rigid shaft. About half way, I need to replenish the wetness, and this time, I stroke at the hole itself. It rewards me with clear drizzle, and I smear it wetly the rest of the way down towards your balls. I cup them gently, weighing them, rolling them in my palm.

“Now, what’s this, Tom?”

I reach for the tube I’ve placed by the bedside and click off the lid. Aiming carefully, I tip the tube up and squeeze it. Thick, golden liquid dribbles from the tube and lands almost squarely on the v of your cock, making you flinch and sigh. I trickle it, little by little from the tube, now down the length of the shaft, now directly on the head. Clicking the cap back on the tube and discarding it, I use my index finger to smear it all over your cock ’til it glistens with sweet promise.

“Well?” I smile and watch your Adams apple bob as you swallow.

“It’s cold…” You shake your head, smiling. “Lube?”

“Good guess,” I giggle softly, “but wrong.” My finger concentrates on the tip of your cock, rubbing gently.

“It’s better than that” I move closer to your ear and whisper,” It’s honey. And I love the taste of honey…”

I watch the penny drop and giggle again, as it registers on your face. Then I get up and move to kneel between your legs. Leaning forwards, I let my hair trail over your belly and lift your cock to my lips. Extending my tongue, I give you a long languid lick from the base, slowly up the shaft to the weeping tip. Sweet honey explodes on my taste buds, mixed with the syrup of your precum. I suck gently on the tip, wanting more of your juice, murmuring in appreciation, and swallowing the mixture. I dip back to the base for more, another long lick, but moving my tongue more this time, teasing along the shaft as you sigh in pleasure. I swallow again and move my lips to the other side of the shaft, licking, tasting, nibbling, the honey smearing round my mouth. My tongue probes all around under the ridge, lapping at the v, careful not to miss a drop. Finally, I part my lips, take the head into my warm mouth, savouring the taste of you, the feel of you, and suck. You swell perceptibly, and I murmur with pleasure to feel the effect almanbahis adres I’m having. My head moves slowly, up and down your shaft, taking you a little deeper each time. I move my other hand to your balls and hold them while I gently stroke just behind them with my finger. You groan deep in your throat. The honey makes me salivate and as I move my head, your cock becomes coated, moisture running over my fingers where I hold you, firmly stroking as I suck. I press you to the roof of my mouth with my tongue, letting you feel more friction. You groan again, and your cock presses up to my throat, as you raise your hips upwards to meet me. My cunt floods with excitement, and I moan around your shaft, sucking harder and quickening my pace. You respond, matching my movements with shallow thrusts of your hips. I take you as deep as I can, my hand stroking in time. I feel your balls tighten and pull up towards your body and I know if I carry on like this, you’re not going to last. And I want you to last. I move my hand from your balls to your hip and gently press down, holding you still. I pull you slowly from my mouth, with one last, long, hard suck and kiss the straining tip before I let you go. You’re breathless, shaky. But now it’s me that can’t wait.

Urgently this time, I straddle you, and reach down between my legs. My fingers slide through the wetness of my lips as I part them, outer and inner, and I lower myself onto your cock lying stiff, wet and swollen on your belly. As I let go and the warm flesh settles along your shaft, I relax and let my weight press it firmly between us. I feel a deep pleasure as my clit is pressed down onto the ridge of your cock. I close my eyes and moan. My hips begin to grind of their own volition, small circles, rubbing my clit against the head of your cock, sending delicious shock waves through my groin. My swollen lips engulf you, press hungrily against you, and wetness oozes from me. Lifting up a little allows my hips to drag my shuddering body back and forth, causing my lips to slide along your hard shaft, spreading the warm syrup over it, adding to the slickness and leaving it primed and ready. Finally, my aching cunt can take no more. I tremble as I reach behind me, grasp the base of your sticky cock and hold it proud of your body. Taking a shaky breath, I lower myself down and allow the head to slowly spread and stretch me open. The feeling is exquisite. Whimpers of pleasure escape from us both, as I slide more and more of your throbbing, flexing cock inside me. Tight and wet, my cunt walls cling to you, surrounding you in pulsing live velvet. Your hands clench and you lift your head, your voice gravelly as you speak;

“Babe? Please…let me see…”

I lean forwards, my hair falling over my face and onto your chest as I reach for the blindfold and slip it off. You blink, your eyes dazzled by the sudden light. I run my hand through my hair, pulling it from my face and then catch your gaze as you see me for the first time. You drink me in. Long, blonde, tousled hair; full breasts barely contained in the lacy cups of my basque; shiny black satin bodice, once laced at the front. You look down to where our bodies meet and see a trimmed fuzz of soft brown hair, with your cock half imbedded behind it, framed by lacy black suspenders stretching down my parted thighs to sheer black stocking tops.

“Oh God…”

You close your eyes and your cock twitches and flexes beneath me. Then you look into my flushed face and smile, your eyes ablaze.
And you watch me as I sink slowly down, taking you deeper and deeper, until you’re buried within me. Breathing deep, I sit, your cock filling me, stretching me, getting accustomed to your girth and length, my cunt alive, buzzing with pleasure. Then I begin to slowly rock my hips, moving you inside me, our eyes locked upon each other, hooded with lust. Electricity shoots through us, making every movement seem twice as big as it is. You raise your hips up off the bed, your mouth open, trying to push your self deeper still. And I take you, rubbing my clit against your pelvic bone, shuddering and shaking, trying to keep control. But I can’t. I’m past the point of no return. My body takes over, and I begin to grind myself against you, your cock, hard as steel deep within and my clit, sparking with arousal, shooting arrows of pre-orgasmic spasms though me. I feel my wet cunt squeeze you like a vice and hold you, tight and hot. It spurs you on. Breathing heavily now, you thrust up and back increasing the friction for us both. I meet your thrusts, rising and falling, fucking you wetly, dragging your cock from my recesses, then pressing it back inside. Riding you, milking you. I move faster, pulling your sweet essence from you, drenching you with mine. We pant and writhe. I lean forwards, grasping your upper arms and bracing myself against them, holding you down. My hair falls forwards but through the fronds you glimpse my swollen breasts swaying as I fuck you harder.

“This… is what it means, Tom.” My breathing is ragged and my voice shakes as I speak. ” This is what it is… to be taken… fucked…” I feel your arms, tense and straining, taut against the restraints. “What’s it like… to have no control? What’s it like… to fucked like this? To be … helpless?

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