Bound Jenny Shows Off Again

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If you thought I was a showoff slut before, you should have been walking or driving through my neighborhood earlier this week! I think I’ve really gone all the way this time!

Several days ago I ordered a new toy online… I bought a dildo with a suction cup on the base. It looks remarkably like a real penis, with balls too, and I absolutely love it. It’s the first toy I’ve had that looks realistic, but what I love most is the suction cup. So many possibilities!

I refrained from using it until yesterday morning. I was horny anyway, and had come up with a way to “break in” the dildo in my own extra special way – in complete showoff slut manner. I started by getting myself very worked up Monday on the way home from work. After I left the office, I drove to a grocery store I never go to (unless I’m being naughty). In the car, I pulled up my skirt and removed my thong and my bra, which I removed by taking my blouse fully off, then taking off the bra, sitting topless in the car in the parking lot. On the spur of the moment, I decided to hang the thong and the bra from the rearview mirror!

I buttoned up my blouse (light pink, button up, a little tight) to just below my breasts, and got out of the car, carrying a $20 and my keys but leaving the purse in the car. It’s been cool but not cold here lately, and with the excitement, weather, and tighter top than I would normally wear to do this with, my nipples were very obvious. I promised myself that I wouldn’t cover up until I was inside, and walking in, made the day of the kid getting the carts in the parking lot who nearly dented a car with the several carts he was pushing as he stared at me walking by!

Inside, I decided to be a little more discreet, and crossed my arms across my boobs, covering the nipples at least. I grabbed a can of soup and some konya escort crackers, then picked the geekiest (legal age) looking checkout boy and stood in his line. When it was my turn, I put my two items down and then crossed my arms submissively behind my back. I pretended I was doing this on orders from a master, knowing it would please him to have me showing my hard nipples off like that. I don’t get turned on by flashing so much as I do from being made to flash.

The poor kid had a hard time (ahem) of getting my two items rung up, and was quite tongue tied. I know the older man behind me enjoyed the view and the time it took me to pay as much as the checkout boy did! I took the bag and again vowed not to cover up as I walked out to the car, but no one was really close enough to notice on the trip out.

Turned on but not satisfied, I waited until later that night, then had more fun by dressing in a black thong teddie, black high heels, my collar and leash, and going out at 10pm, walking down my long driveway, with the quarter moon making it more exposed than I thought it would be, to get my mail. This is very arousing to me, somewhat risky, though my neighborhood doesn’t have any street lights and my street doesn’t get much traffic at that time of night. I enjoy the possibility of being seen, exposed as the slut I am, but I don’t really want to get caught, raped or arrested. I walked back inside, went to the garage, and unscrewed the light bulb that turns on automatically when the door goes up, in preparation for the morning.

Inside, I set out the items I would need in the morning, then I then went to bed, playing with my nipples and clit until I almost had an orgasm, but stopping in time, then tossing and turning until I eventually fell asleep

I escort konya had set the alarm for 6am. The paperboy (man) comes by around then, and people start walking their dogs and jogging around 6:30. So I had some time where I could be seen, but probably wouldn’t get caught, if you understand what I mean. I lay in bed playing with myself some more, and had some second thoughts, as it has gotten cold in the morning! But I got out of the warm bed, went to the bathroom, then went up and down my stairs to my basement a few times, warming myself up though I was still naked. Then I went back into the bedroom and got busy with what I had laid out the night before.

I put on the highest heels I have, a pair of four inch black heels that buckle on at the ankle. I added my nipple clamps on my nipples, and the chopsticks from Chinese dinner last week (cleaned, thank you, with rubber bands on each end). I stuck my tongue out far, spread the chopsticks apart, slipped my tongue through the opening, and let them clamp down on it. I guessed it would take just a few minutes before I’d start to drool!

I grabbed the dildo, the garage door opener, my blind fold, key ring with a clothes pin attached to the ring, and handcuffs and headed out to the garage. I took the dildo, licked the suction cup base, and stuck it to the bumper of my car. Then I attached the clothespin to the chain of my nipple clamps and clipped my key chain to that. It immediately pulled on my nipples. I have to admit it hurt and I let out a little gasp. I put the garage door opener on the floor right in front of the bumper, my drool starting to come out of my mouth, then positioned myself on the dildo, spreading my legs as wide as I could, with it just brushing against my pussy. I checked the location of konya escort bayan the garage door opener button, put my high heel lightly on it, put the blindfold on, lowered myself a little more, then cuffed my hands behind my back.

I had to lean forward a little to get the dildo in more, which let my drool out, and caused the keys on the nipple chain to swing, pulling at my nipples more. I realized it was one of the kinkier thing I had done at that point, and as I sank down fully on the dildo, I let the weight of my foot press the high heel down on the garage door button, then kicked it underneath the car so I couldn’t get at it.

The garage door is pretty noisy, and as it went up, I realized that my plan worked really well – I was bound, leaning forward, drooling, nipples clamped and pulled as the chain swung, as I started bouncing up and down on the dildo in my pussy, not able to see or hear if anyone was driving by, or walking by, or stopped and looking, or glancing out their house windows to see me riding my new cock dildo, exposed for anyone to see. Being blindfolded, I got to assume someone was looking, and by the time the garage door was all the way up I was slamming down on the dildo and cumming noisily, my head thrown around, imagining myself putting on a good show for the neighbors!

I came down from my orgasm with the cock all the way in me, legs spread wide, with the realization of what I had done hitting me hard. I stood up on wobbly legs and felt my way slowly back to the door into the house, turned around to open it, got inside, found the handcuff key, uncuffed myself, got the blind fold off, then quickly took off the nipple clamps (which hurt like hell!). I took off the chopsticks, wiping the drool off my face and chin, and finally the high heels.

I took my morning shower, marveling about what I had done, got dressed, had a little toast, then went out to the garage to go to work. It wasn’t until then that it hit me – while I was getting ready, the sun came up, and the whole morning, my garage door was up with my cock dildo attached to the bumper of my car! I wonder what the neighbors think!

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