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Requested by sadmanofstorms.

All characters are 18+

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Sophie dove forward, her arms outstretched and palms clenched together, desperate to get the deflection her team needed, but it was no use. She was inches away from the volleyball as it fell past her reach to a collective cheer from the opposite team and a groan from her own. They’d needed this point to win the set and the game, to finally get a mark in the win column at all this season, but she’d missed it.

“Shit, shit, shit!” she muttered to herself.

She laid face down on the floor, her disappointment not allowing her to get up. Her bob cut black hair created a curtain either side of her face hiding her expression. Maybe if she stayed down here long enough, the team might think she was hurt and go easy on her? No, she wouldn’t get away with that, not if Vivian had anything to say about it.

Vivian was Sophie’s girlfriend but in this moment she was more importantly the captain of their volleyball team. She was a harsh taskmaster who led by example being both the fittest and tallest member of the team and she had set a very specific rule prior to this game:

“We are better than the games we have been playing. Frankly it’s embarrassing having to watch us lose every damn game to teams that shouldn’t even be able to lace our shoes. So here’s what’s gonna happen: if we lose, whoever is responsible for us losing this game, including me, will have to face a forfeit. I won’t tell you what it is until the game is over, but believe me you don’t want to have to face it.”

Leading by example and making conditions like that was easy enough when you were the best player on the team by far; Vivian knew full well that whatever this forfeit was, it would not be her taking it by any means. At 5′ 11” she was the tallest member of the team and the most athletically gifted, her long red hair seemingly betraying her fiery passion for competition, even when pulled into a practical ponytail during games and practice.

Whilst the forfeit had been an unexpected measure, and arguably an extreme one at that, it certainly seemed to have worked in some capacity. They’d played the best game they’d had all season, drawing with the opposing team two sets a piece. The final ball had been literally just that. It was the difference between winning and losing. And Sophie had messed it up.

When she finally drew herself up off the floor, the first thing she saw was Avery still sitting in the crowd, giving her their best sympathetic look. Avery was the third member of their relationship and had the kind of face that was difficult to traditionally gender but was undoubtedly pretty to look at, particularly beneath their pixie cut blonde hair. They were also easily the biggest fan the team had, but particularly Sophie and Vivian of course. Their three way relationship raised eyebrows in a lot of circles, but Sophie felt it wouldn’t have worked any other way.

Vivian and Avery were two very different people; one exuded commanding confidence, the other a kind of shy eagerness to please. If Vivian was the stick in a situation, Avery was typically the carrot. Individually, Vivian would have been too intense to deal with and Avery too much of a pushover. The two of them balanced one another out as Vivian was quite happy to have an extra person to boss around and Avery was happy to have another person to please. That left Sophie to get the best from each of them.

Vivian suddenly stood between Sophie and her view of Avery, offering a hand up off the floor. She didn’t look mad, just disappointed. She might have been intense, but at least she wasn’t cruel. Sophie took her hand and pulled herself up.

“I’m sorry Viv,” she said, dusting herself off, “I tried to get it, I really did…”

“If you’d been in the position we agreed in practice, you’d have gotten it no problem,” Vivian countered. “But I don’t suppose I can really claim you aren’t dedicated enough after eating the floor to try and save the point. Still, I made a promise before the game and I’ve gotta keep it Soph…”

“I know, I know…” Sophie said with a grimace.

Chapter 2

The team stood around Vivian in the locker room, Sophie stood awkwardly opposite her and flanked on either side by her other teammates. There was Donna and Tracey, two sisters who had the typical mix of competitive drive and stubborn refusal to acknowledge one another’s achievements, Leah, who served as Vivian’s defacto second in command, and Charlotte, a girl who had transferred to the high school they’d all attended in their final year and had remained in the mix ever since.

Vivian was holding an envelope which she lifted and began to speak.

“In here is the forfeit I warned you all about. Unfortunately it looks like Soph will be the one who has to open it,” she said, addressing them all and then handing the envelope to Sophie. “Read it out please.”

Sophie took the envelope, opened it and began to read.

“As a result of causing the team even more tokat seks hikayeleri embarrassment, you must now take on some of that embarrassment yourself. Each member of the team will…”

Sophie trailed off as she read the rest of the note internally and looked up at Vivian in horror.

“Keep reading,” Vivian insisted. She didn’t exactly look pleased, but there was resolve in her eyes.

“Each member of the team will now take it in turns to give you a single slap on the ass each.”

Some of the other girls began to laugh under their breaths, but Vivian stepped forward and took the letter back from a traumatised Sophie.

“Hey, quit your laughter. I’m gonna keep this letter and I will be handing it out to anyone who either isn’t pulling their weight or directly loses us a game. And it won’t just be one team member per game either, so no deliberately trying to screw up someone else’s game to try and avoid it. If you mess things up for someone else, you’re in the firing line too. Everyone is eligible all of the time, understand?”

As the rest of the team nodded, Sophie tried to prepare herself mentally for what was about to come. It would be so embarrassing! Their uniforms wouldn’t provide much in the way of padding either, being not much more than a kind of athletic underwear in appearance. Her best hope was that her teammates felt as embarrassed about it as she did but given the way they’d laughed, she doubted that would be the case.

“Ok Soph, turn around, bend over and hands on the bench please,” Vivian told her.

“Please don’t make me do this,” Sophie asked her.

“I’m sorry, Soph, but I’m a woman of my word and if I give you a pass just because you’re my girlfriend, how can I expect anyone else to take me by my word?”

Sophie looked dejected.

“Hey,” Vivian said. “If it’s any consolation, I didn’t want it to be you.”

“Thanks, I guess,” Sophie said.

She took a breath and assumed the position Vivian had told her to, with her hands on the bench her ass was firmly in the air. Vivian moved around to the other side of the bench so Sophie could see her.

“Right, Leah, you first.”

Sophie could hear Leah move into position behind her.

“And remember,” Vivian said, “you aren’t trying to hurt Soph here, understand? Make it firm but don’t take liberties. She’s still our friend and teammate after all. Plus, maybe consider what might happen if you go a little too hard and you end up in this position next time…”

In a weird way Sophie appreciated that Vivian was trying to protect her, but she’d have appreciated it even more if she’d called the whole thing off instead.

Leah’s slap was exactly what Vivian had asked for, firm but not violent. Regardless, Sophie yelped slightly as the smack of Leah’s hand against her buttocks echoed around the room. She felt a red hot tingle starting to form where Leah’s hand had struck and the initial sting quickly dulled into a vaguely sore throb.

Vivian called over Charlotte next who delivered a similarly firm slap just to the left of where the first had landed. The initial explosive sting made Sophie gasp but there was no yelp this time. The warmth from before seemed to be starting to travel around her body and not in an entirely unpleasant way either. Before she could think too much about it though, Donna was called forward and delivered a stronger slap that rippled through her body. She could tell there was maybe a little malice behind that one but oddly it didn’t hurt more. Rather there was more sensation, but not necessarily more pain.

Tracey was next and clearly was trying to one up her sister as usual as her slap was the hardest yet. But Sophie didn’t yelp or gasp this time. She simply shuddered. All of that warmth and sensation was beginning to pool somewhere else in her body. She didn’t understand why, but in place of shame she felt something else. She felt alive.

Only Vivian remained. Sophie expected her slap to be just like Leah’s but to her surprise, it was harder still than Donna’s had been. She suddenly felt weak at the knees, but not from pain. This was a whole other sensation altogether.

“Right, show’s over everyone,” Vivian said. “Go get changed.”

Chapter 3

“That sounds awful,” Avery said, sitting beside Sophie on their sofa.

They had spoken to one another about the game and had gotten onto what happened after whilst Vivian showered.

“Yeah it was… er… it was really bad,” Sophie replied.

“That’s not how it looked from where I was,” Vivian suddenly said, appearing before them both in nothing but a towel.

“Wh-what do you mean, it must have been a little degrading,” Avery tried to protest.

“Well yeah, that was kind of the point,” Vivian riposted. “But Soph here didn’t exactly feel that way, did you?”

Sophie had gone bright red. She knew exactly what Vivian was getting at but didn’t quite understand it herself yet.

“Let’s put it this way Aves,” Vivian continues. “You know that face Soph does when she’s about to cum? That sort of midpoint between pain and pleasure?”

Avery looked at Sophie for a moment as Sophie tried desperately not to meet her gaze, practically glowing bright red with embarrassment.

“Let’s just say I never expected to see it today,” Vivian grinned.

“Th-that’s not what it was…” Sophie tried to protest, barely believing her own words.

“Really? Then how come when I went to give you that final spank you stuck that tiny little butt of yours out even further?”

“N-no I didn’t…”

“Yes you did! Why do you think I slapped your butt so hard? As soon as I knew you were into it, I wanted to make sure you got to really enjoy it…”

She didn’t want to admit it, but Vivian was absolutely right. That one part of her body all that warmth she’d felt had rushed to had without a doubt been her pussy. Her knees had buckled as she silently came from Vivian’s hard smack on her already tender buttocks.

“Ok fine,” she finally said. “I don’t know why but that was really, really fucking hot.”

“Well, this is a new and interesting bit of information we have about you isn’t it?” Vivian grinned. “It’s almost a shame you’ve got such a small little ass, can you imagine what it would have felt like if your ass was a bit bigger?”

Sophie hadn’t really thought about that, consumed as she had been by accepting how much what they’d done had turned her on, but now that Vivian had suggested it…

“That would be amazing!” she said, finally fully embracing the fantasy.

“Better hit the gym then,” Vivian grinned.

“Yeah I guess,” Sophie said, looking a little let down, “but it’s not like it’ll make a huge difference though is it? And any change would take ages!”

‘Not necessarily,’ Avery thought to themselves.

Chapter 4

It had taken a few minutes for Avery to clear what they had heard Sophie say in their head, but those thoughts quickly changed into excitement at potentially having a new way to please her. They particularly took her last comments to heart.

‘There must be a way Sophie can grow her ass a little that’s both quick and effective’, Avery thought.

They knew they’d not be able to give much in terms of pleasure in the spanking department, being far too dainty and light, but Vivian would have that covered anyway. What they could do however, was find other ways to make the experience everything Sophie wished for. They stayed up all night searching the internet, finding keep fit guides on building bums, glute exercises designed to tone and shape but nothing that didn’t require a lot of additional work and time.

As a last resort, they joined a chatroom on a less than reputable site that seemed to have lots of users looking for similar answers to them. After a few hours of interacting with them, they suddenly got a direct message through.

‘Hey, you wanna get a big butt fast right?’

Avery knew replying to these things was almost always dangerous and a bad idea, but they also felt they had to leave no stone unturned, for Sophie’s sake.


‘Then you need to try this…’

Avery was presented with a link to another site. They knew they shouldn’t click it, it was internet safety 101. And yet their finger hovered over the link for a second and they clicked it.

Chapter 5

It had been a few days since Sophie’s embarrassment had become an awakening. Her butt was no longer sore but in an odd way she found this disappointing. Still, she had plans. In a few days, it would be time for their next game. She’d give it all she had to prove herself, but if it looked like the game was about to be lost, she’d make sure it would be her fault. She’d act all dejected and disappointed, but she’d be getting what she wanted. Maybe if her performance was particularly bad, Vivian would tell them to slap her harder, or maybe even more than once? The thought made her shiver in a very, very good way.

“What you planning in there?” Vivian asked her.

“Hm? Oh, nothing,” Sophie replied.

“Is that why your legs are crossed so tightly?” Vivian asked with a grin.

Before Sophie could respond, the doorbell went and Avery immediately jumped up.

“I’ll get it!” they said.

Sophie and Vivian watched as they practically ran to the door.

“You ordered food or something?” Vivian asked after them.

Avery seemingly ignored her and opened the door, briefly greeting and speaking to the delivery person before taking a package from them and closing the door.

“What’s that you’ve got?” Sophie asked.

“It might be the answer you’ve been looking for,” Avery replied, unwrapping and unboxing what they’d ordered as quickly as possible.

A few moments later, they produced an odd looking necklace and pendant from the packaging. Sophie and Vivian’s interests were piqued and Avery now had their full attention.

“What’s that?” Sophie asked.

“It’s an enchanted pendant,” Avery began. “It’s designed for growing the size of your ass…”

“Bullshit,” Vivian immediately said. “Are you telling me you ordered a magic ass growth necklace off the internet?”

“It’s not as stupid as you make it out to be,” Avery protested, a rare sight that only ever happened when they were 100% resolute in what they were saying. “This is the real deal. I’ve seen videos of the results myself and trust me, it’s exactly what you need!”

“Wait so, what, I put this on and my ass just gets magically bigger?” Sophie asked, hardly believing what she was hearing but still intrigued.

“Yes,” Avery smiled. “I got it because it’ll work quicker for getting you the bigger ass you want than anything else will.”

Sophie was oddly touched by that.

“There is just one thing though…” Avery continued.

“Oh there’s a catch, imagine that,” Vivian said sarcastically.

“Don’t be mean,” Sophie shot back. “What’s the catch Avery?”

“I don’t know how to make it work. That is to say, I know that it won’t just make your ass grow indefinitely as soon as you put it on but I don’t know how it’s ‘activated’ per se.”

“Didn’t the guy you bought it off tell you?”

“He just said something about it responding to the wearer, so I don’t know really…”

Vivian huffed.

“This is ridiculous, Avery, of all the things…”

“Ok, I’ll give it a shot,” Sophie suddenly said.

“Woah, woah, woah. Are you serious?” Vivian asked her incredulously.

“Either it works or it doesn’t, what else can happen?” Sophie replied.

“You’re really going to waste your time indulging this? Even assuming it’s actually magical, how do we know it’s not dangerous in that case?” Vivian responded.

“Avery, are you sure it’s safe?” Sophie suddenly asked them.

“Pretty sure yeah. All my research says so.”

“Good enough for me,” she said, holding out her hand.

Avery lifted the pendant from its box and handed it to Sophie. Sophie held it for a moment, taking the time to quickly look the piece over. It was a very simple design, silver with what looked to be a number of small symbols engraved into it. It would be pretty enough to wear in any case, even assuming it didn’t actually do anything. Sophie put it on.

“Now what?”

Chapter 6

Sophie and Avery tried a few methods to try and activate the pendant as Vivian looked on disapprovingly. Sophie tried wishing in her mind, wishing out loud, rubbing the pendant, none of it doing any good. Vivian tutted as Sophie and Avery sat pondering over what to try next.

“Why are you so against this?” Sophie asked her.

“It’s just so ridiculous, Soph, that’s all…”

“But it was your idea!” Sophie hit back.

“What? No it wasn’t!”

“Yes it was, you said ‘can you imagine if your ass was bigger’ and now here we are!”

“Why do you want a bigger ass anyway? Your’s is amazing as it is!”

Vivian’s surprise compliment stopped Sophie in her tracks. Vivian wasn’t one for random declarations like that and hearing her say her ass was already amazing made her feel a little tingly.

“W-well at least Avery tried,” Sophie said as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

“Is everything ok?” Avery asked, noticing her discomfort.

“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just these yoga pants are starting to dig into me, they must have shrunk in the wash or something…”

It took a second, but the penny dropped for the three of them simultaneously as they realised what Sophie had just said.

“Wait,” said Avery, “You don’t think…”

Sophie went wide eyed and immediately stood from her seat, turning so her ass was visible to both Vivian and Avery.

“Does it look any bigger?” she asked them.

“Not really…” Vivian said.

“It’s hard to tell,” Avery added.

“I mean they feel a little tighter…”

“What happened? Like what made you think it had worked?” Avery asked.

“I dunno, I just sort of felt a bit tingly after Viv said my ass was amazing…”

“Tingly?” Vivian said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah like, you know, good tingly…”

“Maybe it’s activated by pleasure?” Avery suggested.

“Yeah it could be,” Sophie mused.

She thought for a second and then pointed at Avery.

“Aves, smack my ass,” she commanded.

Avery looked unsure for a moment, but their eagerness to please took over very quickly. They walked forward and placed a relatively light slap on Sophie’s ass.

“Oh come on, harder than that!” she retorted.

Avery tried again, their slap making a much more audible noise this time and producing a slight ‘ooh’ from Sophie. Even if this didn’t work (which it likely wouldn’t) there was at least a cheap thrill in having her ass spanked again, particularly now she knew what it did for her. Before she could think anymore however, she jerked slightly and her ass visibly, impossibly, expanded. Both Vivian and Avery went wide eyed and their mouths dropped open.

“Holy shit!” Sophie exclaimed both in shock and a little excitement.

Her yoga pants were clearly tighter on her now. The small, pert little package she’d been working with before was now both wider and more apparent. It wasn’t a huge change but very noticeable to the three of them.

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