Beautiful Goodbye

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It was his last night in town, he was leaving tomorrow to go back home. We had had an amazing week together yet we would never see each other again. That was what we had agreed upon. He was in town for work and despite the passion between us it would never work. He’d never leave his job or his kids from his past marriage, and I could never move from where I am because of my children. We knew this was a once in a lifetime fling for us and we had agreed to it.

We were going out for dinner, I dressed up fancy. He had told me it was a fancy restaurant, so I had on my long red silk dress with red high heels. The dress accentuated my 5’8″ curvy frame in all the right places and hid some areas I didn’t like so much. My long strawberry blonde hair hung loose around my shoulders. I had on little makeup but I made sure to have bright red lipstick, because he loves it on me.

When he picked me up and he saw the dress on me he pressed himself against me and kissed me like he never had before. His hand slid along my thigh, up under my dress and cupped my cunt. I heard the growl when he realized that I didn’t have any panties on underneath the dress.

His lips parted from mine, our eyes opened and looked into each others.

“Fucking slut going out with me without panties on and in that dress!”

“Don’t you like my outfit? I picked it out with you in mind.”

He growled louder as he slid a finger inside my already wet sex. His teeth captured and tugged on my bottom lip before he slid his finger out of me. He brought his finger up, and before he could clean it off, I took it in my mouth like it was his cock and cleaned my taste off of his finger, my red lipstick marking his finger.

“Oh my bad, I got my lipstick all over your finger!”

He grinned in that way I was familiar with now.

“I have wet naps in the car to clean up with. Let’s go before we’re late for our reservations.”

I couldn’t help but sigh and frown and he noticed it. He held the door open for me while I slid into the car. Once he got in the drivers seat he reached across me for the wet naps then sat back while he cleaned the lipstick from his fingers. I made a big display out of pulling down the mirror and fixing my lipstick, making sure to apply a fresh coat.

The restaurant was lovely and very fancy. The place I had told him I had heard so many great things about. We got to our table and was told our meal would be ready shortly. After the waiter left I looked at him astonished since we hadn’t been given menus or anything.

“Don’t look at me like that. You should know me well enough by now to know I have connections all over the world. The owner of this place is friends with my dad. I called ahead and ordered something special not offered on the menu.”

“I’m sure whatever you ordered will be delicious, I’m just surprised you ordered ahead.”

He leaned across the table, his big hand grabbed my small one gently and he squeezed it.

“I have many more surprises for you before I leave town tomorrow my dear.”

The meal was delicious, yet I barely noticed what we ate. We talked and laughed like we were a couple together for ages, and like we’d have many more dates together in the future. A little bit later the owner announced that tonight there would be a live performance by a singer. I had never heard of this restaurant doing that before. I looked over at him but he had a poker face on as he looked straight into my eyes talking about the dessert that was going to be brought to us momentarily. He kept me distracted until I heard that voice singing that song. That song casino şirketleri I had told him so much about. The song that he knew was my favorite and how much I loved it.

I turned in time to see her standing there singing my favorite song of hers. His hand had reached under the table and squeezed my knee. I turned and looked at him and he asked me to dance. Nobody was dancing but it felt right. This song was perfect for us tonight and we had to dance to it.

We got up and danced. His 6’3″ frame made me feel small and tiny. His black hair shined in the light, but his brown eyes were on me. I stared into his eyes as we danced. I let the lyrics wrap around us holding onto this moment. Nobody else joined in to dance but it didn’t matter to us. When the song was done everyone gave her a standing ovation. We took our seats in time for the chocolate soufflé to be placed on the table. We finished our meal quietly, talking a little then he paid and we left to go back to his hotel.

Inside the car we made small chat till we got to the hotel. In the elevator he kept kissing me, his hands caressing my back and my ass until we got to his floor. Once we got to his room we were barely inside before he was pulling my dress up and off of me. The door closed behind us as I got his jacket and tie off and tossed them on the floor.

We were in a frenzy to get undressed. He pushed me against the door, my breasts pressing into the cold wood, my hard nipples ached against the cold wood door. His hands roamed over my body like he just couldn’t get enough of me, like he needed to memorize every inch of my body. I knew we’d never have this again, but I also knew we’d keep in contact. There would be emails, text messages and phone conversations. If ever another opportunity arose for us to meet we would, but right now life didn’t appear to look like that would happen until our kids were adults.

He spanked me, and instead of screaming or asking him what he was doing I moaned and wiggled my ass at him. All week we had fucked like teenagers but we didn’t do anything rough or kinky. I knew he was into rough and kinky. We had discussed it and he knew I was curious but that I had no experience in it.

We’ve known each other since high school, and yet nothing ever happened between us until we were both divorced and bumped into each other at his sister’s wedding. That night in his hotel room was amazing, we knew we wanted more but also knew life would make it next to impossible. Months of phone calls, texts and emails and he had this week in town on business. I took it off as vacation, my kids were with their dad so I was free for every free moment he had.

My reaction to his first spank surprised both of us but more so him. He spanked me several more times and then he ran his hand down and slid a finger inside me slowly feeling my wetness growing.

“Fucking slut you like me spanking you!”

I couldn’t talk so I just moaned and pressed myself onto his fingers. Grinding my wetness around on them as I moaned louder and louder. He knew I liked it when he called me names but the spanking and this roughness was new to me. He growled as his other hand came up and tangled itself in my hair and pulled my head back roughly. He kissed my lips while his fingers kept invading me, pushing in and sliding out of me faster. He kept this up till he knew I was close to orgasm and he slid his fingers out and shoved them in my mouth to clean them off.

Once I had them cleaned off they slid out of my mouth and he used his hand in my hair to turn me around, and shove me onto my knees.

“Show me what casino firmaları a good whore you are for me!”

My hands unzipped and pushed his pants and boxers down. I licked eagerly at his cock. My tongue slowly sliding down the length of it then back up. I savored his taste. I sucked all of my ex’s cock’s but none tasted as good as his did. I don’t know what he did but his tasted like candy and I was already addicted and wanted more.

I carefully took each ball into my mouth. Sucking and tugging on them with my lips. My hands stroking his cock as I made sure his balls got attention as well. I wanted to make sure he was thoroughly pleasured. That when he remembered our time together he’d get hard and would message me some naughty comment to let me know he was thinking of me. He growled with appreciation of my attention to his balls. I slowly started licking my way up his shaft. Then just as I started to lick the head, both of his hands grabbed hold of my head and he shoved his cock in my mouth.

Gagging as tears welled my eyes as he started to fuck my mouth. God how I love when he fucks my mouth, I’m going to miss that. Finally I got used to him fucking my mouth and my hands started to massage his balls ever so gently. He slid his cock out of my mouth with a growl about how he was ready to cum. This time though he wanted to cum on my face. The thought of that made me growl as he shot his hot sticky cum on my face.

When he was finished he pulled me to stand up and he kissed my lips and told me not to move.

He went and cleaned himself up and came back in the room. He sat on the bed and looked at me.

“Crawl to me whore. Show me how bad you want me, how bad you need me to fuck you.”

Wait. What? Crawl? I’ve never crawled to anyone before. Why would I crawl to him? Yet as I thought it over I quickly realized I was already sliding down onto my hands and knees. Hands in front of me on the floor as my big green eyes focused on him and nothing else as I crawled ever so slowly across the room to him. If he’s going to make me crawl I’m going to fucking make it slow so he has to wait and hopefully enjoy it.

I sunk down low, my body barely off the floor. My hips moved with feline precision as my strawberry blonde hair bounced and swayed slightly around my shoulders. My C cup breasts swayed beneath me with my nipples lightly grazing the floor as I moved. My eyes were focused on him. I licked my lips seductively as my juices from my cunt were sliding down my thighs and dripping onto the floor beneath me. There was a clear path of where I crawled that shone with my pussy juices. I wasn’t thinking about that nor worried about it. I was focused on him and he was focused on me.

I used my hunger for him, my desire, my passion to move me across the room. My eyes would have been undressing him if he had any clothes on. His eyes, however, were fucking me as I moved slowly towards him. They couldn’t undress me, but I could feel them fucking me. I didn’t understand the crawling, but now I did. It was all about seduction and anticipation. If he wasn’t leaving tomorrow I’d crawl to him all the time because it’s so incredibly arousing and sensual.

Once I reached him though I didn’t wait for a command or anything. Instead I acted on instinct and impulse. I leaned down and kissed the tops of his feet. My head nuzzled along his calves to his thighs and then I let my face nuzzle his crotch and cock. Whimpering softly as I inhaled his manly scent. God I love the way he smells! My tongue flicked out and licked the tip of his cock. Then before I get distracted with his cock, I settled güvenilir casino my ass on my heels as I spread my legs wide, palms rested face up on my thighs, my back was arched slightly with my breasts jutting forward, my head held high as I lowered my eyes. I had read about how to present yourself to a dominant, ever since he mentioned anything about BDSM to me so long ago, even before I ever thought we’d get to meet in person. Pretty sure if my best friend and ex college roommate knew I was here with her brother right now like this she’d flip.

He grunted slightly but he rose and walked around me slowly. I could feel his eyes looking me over, his hand brushing against the back of my neck till he was standing right in front of me. One hand reached down and dug into my hair again.

“I see I am not the only one with surprises! Very lovely.”

Then he squatted before me, his mouth moved next to my left ear as I heard him say.

“Tonight you are MINE. Tonight you are my whore, my slut, my everything. I will make you feel as beautiful as I know you are. It will make me leaving tomorrow difficult but we will both always look back on tonight with fond memories.”

“Yes Sir.”

He stood and asked me to stand. He sat on the edge of the bed and drew me to him. His hand squeezed my ass as I felt his mouth move onto my nipple. His teeth tugged at it slightly causing me to whimper more. He moved behind me and pushed me over the foot of the bed, while his hands caressed me. He nibbled along the back of my neck to my shoulder and bit me gently. I winced from the shock but the pain that came with it caused a moan and I felt myself getting wetter.

He spanked my ass harder this time. I yelped and pushed my ass back enjoying the sensation of the stinging from his hand. He spanked me over and over and I lost count. He kept doing it until my juices were running down my thighs and his cock was hard.

He grabbed me and pushed me up onto the bed and climbed on behind me. I barely had time to get onto my back before he pinned me down. Our mouths met as he positioned himself on top of me. We made out for a while, one hand tugging my hair while the other groped my breasts. He reached into the bedside table for his condoms and got one on. He was inside me before I knew it.

God how I love the feel of him inside me. He thrust into me hard and deep. He started a steady rhythm, then I shocked him once again.

“Fuck this shit. Fuck me like the whore I am for you. You want me to be your whore tonight then treat me like one.”

In all honesty I shocked myself with that too, but I meant every word. He growled as he started building his speed and intensity. Soon my head was hitting against the padded headboard, we were grunting and moaning so loudly the neighbours in the next room were banging on the wall but we didn’t stop.

One hand pinned my hands above my head while his other one fingered my ass while he fucked me like he never fucked me before. He grunted and told me to cum, and I did cum. I came more than I ever had in my life. I came over and over again. I was floating from my orgasms when he reached his. He kept fucking me harder and faster.

When we were done we had a bath together. I spent the night, though we didn’t sleep. After breakfast when he was checking out he was told there had been noise complaints made. He just tilted his head towards me and winked at the manager.

I drove him to the airport, knowing we’d never be able to repeat what we had experienced this week, but I also knew that I’d never be the same after this week. We hugged and kissed at the airport as we said goodbye. I saw him off through the gate before getting back into my car and driving home. As I drove away my song was on the radio. That beautiful goodbye. Those words had a newfound meaning for me.

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