Baby Learns The Rules Ch. 04

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The days waiting for her Daddy to come home were so long for Baby Girl, especially the ones where she wasn’t allowed to touch herself.

Sometimes, if she was really good the night before, Daddy turned on the webcam and gave Baby instructions throughout the day. He’d watch her finger herself and tell her exactly how to make herself cum. Other times he’d leave a dildo out from the toy closet and make her practice giving head.

But her favorite was when he invited others to watch her. She loved putting on a show for her Master and his friends. He’d smile as their jaws dropped at what an obedient little bitch she was for him. He’d make her tell them how much she loved the taste of cum and let them watch her use the vibe on her pussy and ass. Nothing made her cum faster than that.

But other days, she wouldn’t hear from him at all. Her pussy was so wet thinking of his cock, waiting for him to come home, wondering if he’d bring another guest to use her too.

Sometimes, she thought, “if I just give my bead a little flick, Daddy would never know.”

But then she’d remember what happened last time she had thoughts like that. One afternoon, when she just couldn’t take it anymore, Baby Girl straddled a throw pillow from the couch and began to hump it furiously. Afterall, Master said she couldn’t touch herself. It was only a couple of minutes before she got carried away and came all over the pillow.

When Daddy came home and sat down, he could immediately smell her pussy juice all over the couch. Daddy swung her over his knee and delivered ten hard spanks. Then, without a word, he went to the garage. When he came back in, he carried a large dog cage.

She could hear his voice so clearly, “If you want to act like an untrained puppy, then I will treat you like one.”

He put her in the crate. Baby Girl watched her Master prepare dinner, but did dare make a sound. What was he going to do? How long was he going to keep her in there?

Thankfully, he let her out at dinnertime. She went to take her seat at the table, but saw no setting. On the floor next to Daddy were two food bowls.

“Don’t speak,” Daddy said before she could open her mouth. “Dogs don’t talk. Now sit.”

Baby assumed her present position on the floor next to Daddy. He picked up one bowl and put some cut up meat in it. Baby started to pick up the meat with her hands, when she felt another swat on her butt.

“Bad puppy.”

Baby ate her dinner like a dog out of the bowl.

When he finished eating, Daddy picked up the other empty bowl. Face to the floor, Baby heard his pants unzip. She glanced up, Swat.

“Head down.”

A few moments later, Daddy placed the bowl back in front of her filled with his cum. She laped it up, happy to know he wasn’t withholding that.

Next, he took her out in the yard. Daddy placed a stake in the yard and attached one end of the leash to Puppy’s collar and the other end to the stake.

“Present,” He demanded. Baby took her place on the ground, her face in the grass and ass and pussy pointed toward the sky. Daddy walked around her as he talked. “You do not decide when you touch yourself. You do not get to cum as you please. You are my little cumslut.”

He rolled up a newspaper and swatted her on the ass repeatedly. Baby yelped. “Yeah, just like a little dog. But you’re a bad little dog.”

He swatted her again. Baby whimpered. She could feel Daddy standing above her. He looked down sternly, “I decide when you fuck, where you fuck, who you fuck and how you fuck. Do not forget that.”

Something cool and wet hit her ass. She felt the tip of his hard cock poking the opening of her littlest hole. Baby tensed up. She loved the small vibe in her butt, but Daddy’s cock was a lot bigger. She’d never taken it in the ass before. A small whimper escaped her lips.

“You don’t get to get fucked like a good bitch tonight. yalova escort You’re a dirty little cumslut and you’re going to get railed like one.” He pushed his cock into her ass. Baby felt her hole opening up to take him in. The pain was excrutiating. He pushed all the way in and held it for a moment.

As Daddy began to pump his cock in and out of her ass, Baby buried her face in the ground, whimpering and gripping the grass with her fists. She could hear the neighbor dogs barking at her sounds. “Listen to you, just like all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Getting fucked outside like a puppy.”

Eventually her hole stretched out and his cock slid in and out of her ass with ease. She loved feeling his balls against her pussy with each thrust. Daddy held her hips up preventing her from losing her present position. Just as she began to enjoy the ass fuck she felt her Daddy tense up and a hot liquid shoot into her ass. He pulled out, spraying her whole body with cum. He dropped her hips and Baby fell to the ground, cum pouring out of her ass.

Without a word, Daddy pulled up his pants and headed inside, leaving his dog outside to sleep.

Baby Girl didn’t want to be punished again. It wasn’t that the punishment was so bad, in fact, ever since he fucked her ass the one time, he was doing it on a regular basis. She loved getting filled by him. After all, any attention from her Master made her instantly wet. But he was so disappointed. She didn’t want him to be mad. And she really didn’t want to sleep outside again. So

Baby Girl restrained herself and waited until Master got home. About an hour before the usual time, the phone rings. “Please prepare the Billiard room for company,” said Master over the answering machine. “Dress for company.”

Baby Girl goes to the closet where Daddy always put the clothes he wanted her to wear. In there is a shear black dress and a pair of black spike high heels. Pulling the skin-tight dress down, Baby could feel her hard nipples poking through the material. It was strapless and rested just above her breasts. The dress barely covered her bottom and Baby knew anyone Daddy brought over would get a full view of her luscious round ass and perky tits. She slid on the heels and went to the study to grab some glasses and liquor for the evening.

Baby takes her place by the door and waiting for Daddy to arrive. What does “company” mean? Last time it was just Miss Amelia, but that was dinner. Billiards could mean any number. Men? Women? Baby had no idea.

The car pulls up and Baby hears several voices talking outside. The voices are low. Well that settles that, it sounds like Master has invited some men over. Baby’s pussy gets a little wetter. Since she became his Baby Girl, Daddy hadn’t invited any of his friends over. She must have been a real good girl for him to want to show her off.

The door opens. Daddy walks in followed by three friends. Baby recognizes them from the webcam. Daddy gives her a pat on the head.

He turns to his friends. “This is the fucktoy I’ve shown you online. Tonight, you can use her as I have. Every hole is ready to be fucked.”

“Slut,” he continues to her, “This is Mark, Jason and Kevin.” For the first time Baby looks up.

Mark is skinny and blonde. He has shoulder-length hair pulled back into a pony-tail. His piercing blue eyes stare her down.

Jason, the shortest of the three, still towers over her at six feet tall with tan skin and muscular build.

Kevin, a large black man, stands in the back in awe of the little slut before him.

Master heads toward the billiard room. Baby Girl follows on her knees. The three men walk behind her.

Master racks the balls. The men begin to grab sticks and chalk the tips. Baby Girl sits on the floor with her knees open. Her pussy dripped in anticipation.

“Get everyone edirne escort a drink.”

Baby girl rises to her feet and pours four glasses of scotch. She delivers them to each man, her Daddy last. Without a word, he bends her over the pool table and pulls up the back of her dress, exposing her pussy and ass. Daddy shoves one finger in her pussy. Using the same finger, he stirs his scotch giving it a little extra flavor.

“Mmmm”, groans Baby.

“Do you want these men to use you?”

“If it will please you, Sir.”

“Why don’t you show them just how turned on you are.”

Master sits Baby on the high-top table, legs bent and spread wide, her pussy completely exposed and her back against the wall.

“Show them how much you want them to fuck you.”

Baby begins to flick her clit. Her pussy glistens in the light, getting wetter and wetter.

“She’s got a pretty pussy, man,” says Jason. “Looks tight as hell.”

Baby continues to flick her bean as she moans.

“Don’t get too excited yet,” says Master, “You have a lot of work ahead of you before you’re going to get to cum.”

With Baby still touching herself for all four men, Master places his pool cue behind the cue ball and breaks. Two solid balls go in.

Daddy misses his next shot. “Mark, you’re up.” Mark shoots in a couple stripes as Daddy, Kevin and Jason watch Baby shove her fingers in her pussy, fucking herself.

Mark looks up and sees her, missing a shot and Jason takes over the table. He misses on his first try and Kevin knocks in a few more stripes before it’s Daddy’s turn again.

Daddy is in the zone. Daddy knocks in three balls right off the bat. Meanwhile, pussy juice seeps out of Baby’s pussy, she desperately trying not to cum.

“This is going to be a long run, guys. You may want to find something to do while you wait,” he said gesturing toward Baby Girl.

Mark walks up to Baby and unbuckled his pants. Knowing her place, Baby immediately slides off the table and squats in front of him, pulling his cock out of his pants. It’s already rock hard. Looking up at him, she slobbers all over his cock. Out of the corner of her eye, she looks to her Daddy who smiles approvingly. Their glances holding, Baby takes all of Mark’s cock in her mouth, grabbing his hips and pulling his cock further into her mouth feeling the tip his the back of her throat.

Daddy misses the eight ball, “Mark, you’re up.”

Mark pulls his cock out of her mouth and shoves it back in his pants. Before Baby can recover, Jason picks her up by the hips, shoving her against the table. She grips the table hard as Jason’s cock pounds into her pussy, fucking her from behind. Jason grabs her tits, squeezing her nipples. Baby yelps.

Master comes up beside her, grabbing the back of her head and turning it to look at his face. “God, you are such a good little fucktoy. Look at you servicing all these men. What do you say to your Daddy?”

“Thank you, Daddy. For letting me be a true little fucktoy and please anyone you see fit.”

Another hand grabs the back of Baby’s head, turning it the other way. Kevin’s cock waits for her, hard as a rock and Baby begins to suck him off. She runs her tongue all over, using one hand to stroke it as she takes his whole cock in. Jason continues to pound her from behind, Baby moans over Kevin’s cock.

Master takes a seat in a chair in the corner, enjoying the show his little slut is putting on.

Mark comes over and taps Jason on the shoulder. “My turn.”

He turns Baby Girl around and lifts her so her ass rests on the edge of the table and he begins to fuck her pussy with slow long strokes. Baby Girl feels herself close to cumming. “Daddy? May I cum?”

“No, you dirty little slut, you must please each and every man before I even think about letting you cum.”

Jason sinks the eight erzurum escort ball, ending the game.

Mark lays Baby Girl back on the table and begins to climb on himself. He pulls her to a sitting position on top of his cock, lifting her hips up and down, forcing her to ride him. With every thrust, Baby feels her pussy opening up more and more.

Jason jumps up on the table, shoving Baby’s mouth on his cock.

“You know, she still has one hole left to fill.”

Kevin positions himself behind Baby, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide. Her tiny puckered hole is completely exposed. “Are you sure she can take it?”

“Baby Girl? Do you think you can handle another cock inside of you?”

Between Jason’s thrusts, Baby Girl cries out, “Yes, Master, however you wish to see me get fucked, I can handle.” With that, Kevin licks two fingers and shoves them in her ass. Tears stream down Baby’s face. He opens up her hole and quickly pulls her ass against his cock, pushing it inside her.

“Fuck that ass is tight.”

The men get a rhythm as they fuck all three of Baby’s holes.

“Does my little puppy like getting shared?”

“Yes, Daddy, you’re little puppy wants all the cock she can get. She wants all the cum she can take.”

“Your little bitch really knows how to suck cock,” says Jason. “If she wants cum, I’m going to give her a big load.” With that, Jason pumped in her mouth two more times. “Open your mouth, bitch.” Baby opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue as Jason strokes his cock and shoots a large load of cum in her mouth. It drips out of her mouth and Baby struggles to lick it all up with her tongue.

As she laps Jason’s cock clean, Mark and Kevin continue to fuck her pussy and asshole. Kevin says, “I don’t think that’s enough cum for this little cunt. Let’s give her another couple loads.”

Mark grunts as he feels Baby squeeze her pussy around his cock and cums inside her. Kevin is not far behind as he fills her ass with his juice, pulling out and letting the cum cover her ass. He wipes his cock on her ass. Baby Girl leans down and sucks Mark’s cock clean. The men get off the table as Baby Girl collapses from exhaustion.

They join Master in the corner and laugh and talk while finishing their scotch. Daddy shakes each of their hands as they make their way to the front door.

Still covered in cum, Baby slides off the table and crawls behind her Master to say goodbye to her guests. Each give her a pat on the head and she licks each of their hands before they walk out the door.

Master turns to Baby, “You did a very nice job tonight. I’m very proud of you.”

Instantly, Baby is wet again. How is she such a common slut for her Master’s approval?

“Let me see that just-fucked pussy.”

Baby takes her place in the present position. “Is that a wet little slut I see?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Oh yes, little bitch never got to cum, did she? Well, I did make a promise.” Daddy snaps his fingers as he heads up the stairs to the master bedroom. Baby slowly crawls behind him. She hears the shower turn on. Baby crawls into the bathroom where Daddy waits.

“Get in.” Baby gets in the shower, her Master following her. He washes the cum off her and as she reaches down, she can feel his cock stiffening. She strokes it with her hand. Suddenly, Master picks her up, shoving her in the corner of the shower, water running down her body as he wraps her legs around his waist and begins to slowly shove his cock in and out of her. Baby grinds up against him, kissing his neck. He pulls her head back, kissing her hard on the mouth, pushing his own tongue against hers. Baby can feel herself building up, his cock feels so good inside her.

“Cum with me, Baby Girl.”

His magic words are all she needs as her pussy tightens around his cock. She feels his hot cum fill her up and she screams his her own pussy shutters with the orgasm that has been building for hours. He holds her against the wall, water running over both of them, his cock still inside her, as they breath heavily, finally getting the release.

He lets her down slowly and as he turns off the shower, Baby Girl squats down to clean her Daddy’s cock as always.

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