B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over – Vengeance On A

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B7 Chapter 8 Rhiannon Takes Over – Vengeance On AChapter 8: Rhiannon Takes Over – Vengeance On A Goddess Rhiannon had grown. She felt herself swell into even greater size, her mighty cocks lusting to spew forth a flood of milky cum into the depths of the Enchantress’ body. She now stood over eight feet in height; the incredible shafts of her cocks looming over the Enchantress in Ebony’s body, visibly beating in all their glory and power in strong throbbing pulses, pink and glistening in the lights of the room. The testicles dangling between her legs now swelled until they dangled almost halfway to her knees. The Enchantress watched in horror as even Rhiannon’s nipples began to transform, hardening into long tapering shafts, jutting out from her areola. The Enchantress squirmed frantically, kicking spastically, trying to prevent Rhiannon from her ass and pussy. Her screams became more hysterical, as the three Vectran girls held her helpless. The Enchantress felt the other Vectran girls’ cocks press against her, their huge, distended cockheads poking insistently at her face. Below, the hot flesh of Rhiannon’s titanic pricks were sliding between her legs, searching for her holes, like a hot knife through butter. She felt the slick shaft of one slide along her ass cheek, and then felt the bulbous heat of the other head probe her pussy for entry. “Go ahead and squirm all you want honey,” teased Rhiannon. “You’re not going anywhere, and I think you know it. All it does is make it more satisfying in the end for me!” The Enchantress felt the poking pressure at her pussy lips increase, while the probing bulb at her anus slowly worked its way into her. Then with a single mighty shove from Rhiannon, the Enchantress’ ass and pussy were smashed open properly, the massive missiles sinking straight inside between her hard sexy buttocks, pushing the double cocks into her ass and cunt just past the flared rim of their heads. The Enchantress’ brain was on fire with pain and outrage at what was happening to her. She managed to not cry out, but her eyes shot open in shock at the penetration. “What’s the matter, girl?” sneered Rhiannon. “Bit of a tight fit down there, is it?” “Maybe Dee Dee or Tiffany has some ‘KY’ jelly she can borrow,” teased Vantha. “No fucking way,” growled Rhiannon. “This bitch has earned what’s gonna happen to her tonight. You two get busy and stuff her throat with your cocks. That’ll cut off most of the noise that she’s likely to make.” Vantha and Rayleena didn’t have to be told twice. “Open wide, sweetie,” said Vantha. She promptly shoved her cock at the Enchantress’ mouth. Vantha lowered her enormous appendage, until it was pointed directly at the cringing Enchantress’ mouth. The tip touched The Enchantress’ lips, forcing them apart. She felt it worm its way in, forcing her jaws apart into gaping surrender, the hot length of it cramming into her mouth. It slid in, forcing its way down her gurgling throat. Vantha could feel it slip down her stretching gullet. The Enchantress glared at Vantha with all the hatred and spite that she could manage. “You’re not getting off that easy,” said Rayleena. “You’re part Vectran for the day. That means you can open your mouth even farther than you think you can. You’re gonna suck both of us off at once.” A series of inarticulate grunts and groans, and an even more astonished look on her face was all that the Enchantress could muster. “She’s right, miss ‘goddess’,” said Rhiannon. “If you concentrate, you can do it. If you don’t, I guarantee that I can make room for Rayleena’s cock along with mine, in your asshole!” Struggling to overcome the shock from Rhiannon’s threat, the Enchantress brought all her will towards opening her mouth as far as it would go. After a moment, it seemed as though her jaws were made of rubber, or some elastic substance, and she could actually feel them open farther than she felt was possible. While the goddess possessed Ebony, her physical size was just over seven feet, so the mouth was already proportionately larger than a normal mouth, and the ability the Vectrans had given her allowed her mouth to open even further. “That’s it ‘queenie’,” said Rayleena. “All you need is the right motivation.” Rayleena stood before the gurgling Enchantress, gazing down at her distorted face as she struggled to keep pace with Vantha’s rolling hips pistoning the turgid shaft of her cock down her throat. Rayleena smiled as she saw the Enchantress’ mouth expand to make room for her cock next to Vantha’s, and grunted with ecstasy as she began to force her shaft down her captive’s gullet next to Vantha’s. “I don’t think we’ve had this much fun since we fucked Tarina,” said Rhiannon. “Now, where was I?” She paused to gather her strength for a moment. “Oh yes…” Rhiannon rammed her mighty shafts up into the screeching Enchantress’ asshole and pussy. The incredible cocks between the Enchantress’ legs now battered their way into her, wrenching her spasming holes to fantastic dimensions. She saw Rhiannon staring at her in evil satisfaction as the giant Vectran woman’s hips thrust her huge monster cocks slowly deeper and deeper into her, with a burning, heavy heat. The Enchantress felt Rhiannon’s shafts thicken as they slid deeper into her, already feeling the small spurts of pre-cum squirting from them which promised to grow into a raging torrent later on. The Enchantress moaned a hissing groan as she felt the hard pillar of Rayleena’s cock smash down her throat next to the other. The two Vectran girls peered down at the writhing form of the goddess frantically sucking at their straining shafts, feeling her licking tongue and causing their hips to buck. Each one began to slide her cock deeper into the Enchantress’ belugabahis giriş suctioning throat, feeling the bulbous heads worming their way past the back of the goddess’ swallowing mouth to slide into the girl’s throat proper. Each moaned at the wondrous feeling of being swallowed by the Enchantress. The Enchantress gulped endlessly at the two hot shafts, forced to swallow them deeper into her body as Vantha and Rayleena had their way with her. She could already begin to detect the streamers of hot jism beginning to jet from their meaty glans into her belly. Rhiannon watched in satisfaction as the Enchantress’ belly began to stretch until she could begin to see the form of her cockhead almost bursting through it. Pleasure coursed along the length of Rhiannon’s pricks inside the Enchantress as she began the first pull back, the sensitive crown of her cockheads dragging back across her insides. Now Rhiannon began fucking her, in and out with each of her lengthy spears. She began to savagely ram in deeper and deeper, allowing both members to grow even more titanic as they forced their way into the body of the spasming goddess possessing Ebony. Her slim belly now clearly showed the out-line of Rhiannon’s upper cock. With each breathtaking thrust, the Enchantress writhed back and forth on the platform, causing the skin of her tummy to ripple and trace the outline of Rhiannon’s upper prick against the skin of her belly. At first, the Enchantress was wracked with wave after wave of gutting pain. She wanted to scream until her lungs burst, as her body felt the double penetration. She felt each giant organ inside her simultaneously. Deeper they both lunged, and the Enchantress could actually feel one dick alongside the other dick as they pounded deep into her insides. The Enchantress felt her lips being spread wider, her jaw being forced open by Rayleena’s cock next to Vantha’s. She tried to scream, but the swelling meat in her mouth turned it into a garbled moan. The goddess felt each cock sliding further down her throat, turning from rubbery hardness, into steel with thin padding. Each Vectran girl’s ball sac gave off heat from the passion racing through their bodies. They had not shoved their cocks completely down the Enchantress’ throat, but they were close enough that the bucking of their hips caused their distended sacs to land heavily against her chin and jaws, and the goddess’ head swam from the onslaught, as the Vectran girls slowly plunged their cocks deeper into her gullet. Finally Rhiannon succeeded in smacking her heavy-laden ball sac against her spread ass cheeks. The Enchantress jerked convulsively as the massive spearheads moved inside her pussy and ass. The Enchantress would have thought any person would simply pass out from such pain, but the cruel science of the Vectran technology kept her awake, seeking escape futilely. Now Rhiannon began savagely fucking the Enchantress, pumping with all her inhuman strength and power, like an unstoppable tank. The two missiles of Rhiannon continued fucking their way through her mid-section and her bowels. Rayleena’s cock made its way further downwards, forcing the Enchantress’ lips to stretch painfully in accommodating its rapidly swelling girth. The goddess’ jaws opened to aching width as it slid further down her throat, next to Vantha’s. The Enchantress’ lips felt like they were tearing apart. The cocks in her maw grew, and continued to grow, her jaws now forced apart like a snake eating its oversized prey, her throat distended by the huge pricks sliding into her. The goddess could only gurgle with the pain, all screams choked off by the hot columns of flesh sliding ever deeper into her. The Enchantress felt the Vectran girls’ cocks pound deep into her, swelling by the moment, seeking ever onward as they slid almost unimpaired down her throat and towards her belly. She stared a moment at Vantha and Rayleena, seeing no mercy but a joy in their faces she didn’t think was possible for someone doing this to her to feel. The Enchantress was certain her lips would tear if but one more inch of cock was slid into her. Both Vectran girls continued shoving their cocks downward, swelling as they went. She felt it throbbing, a heat within her, pounding deeper into her, and then it happened. The Enchantress suddenly felt a dull ‘thud’ in the pit of her body. At first she was too shocked to fully register what had happened, and what it meant. Then it was followed by another, and then another impact. “Is that you, Rayleena?” Rhiannon asked with a wicked smile, pausing in her reckless humping of the Enchantress’ body. “Or maybe it’s you, Vantha?” Suddenly, the meaning of Rhiannon’s question hit home to the Enchantress. The impact she was feeling in the pit of her body was the heads of two of these Vectran girls’ cocks mash-ing into one another from different directions. She was not a physician, but the goddess real-ized that only by a miracle, and some tenuous body membranes, was she being kept from being spilt into pieces. This was the final indignity. She would suffer no more from these insolent mortal women who were having their way with her tonight! The first thing she knew she must do was to gather her will power. She was after all, still a goddess, even if the mortal girls had her at a massive disadvantage just now. If these strange women could manage to harness and redirect their sexual energy, then by the all-father, so could she. Vantha and Rayleena watched the Enchantress’ eyes roll back, and then shut as the sensation of their flood into her started. “Damned party pooper,” muttered Rayleena. “Never mind her,” said Vantha. “I’m almost ready to shoot off. Let’s drown this gal.” belugabahis güvenilirmi They could feel the roiling cum begin to rush down along the shafts of their pricks, gushing in impossible amounts into the goddess, flooding her belly with the gathering load, then bloating her cheeks into a parody of a chipmunk. By now ten minutes had passed, and Rhiannon could feel the final flood, her ultimate orgasm beginning to build within her. She rammed her now incredibly sized cocks in a final savage lunge, burying them as deep as she could each time in the agonized body of Ebony, feeling the roiling cum within her straining balls begin to flow, rising slowly to a frenzy that she knew could not be held back forever, her rounded ass-cheeks clenching as her hips locked into quivering rigidity. The Enchantress felt Rhiannon’s cocks slide to their final depths, and begin to pump their incredible loads into her flailing body. It felt like scalding water was being shot into her from high-pressure hoses. That was fine, for she would need the energy they provided. She let her body go limp, gathering all her will to focus on the task at hand. This was one of the most perilous spells she had ever attempted, because of the dangerous situation she was currently in; as well as the most difficult, with her spirit possessing Ebony’s body across space and time, in another dimension. She ceased caring about what might happen to her physical form, and strained to focus her mental powers. By now, the Enchantress’ breasts were blown into vast rippling mounds of flesh. Her belly bulged from the pillar of Rhiannon’s cock within it, and swelled larger by the moment. Rhiannon screamed in ecstasy, her huge cocks rippling by the flow of cum being forced through them. Rhiannon screamed again, as new ecstasy coursed through her, and felt the ocean of cum from her balls began its slow, turgid travels seeking its release in the now spurting body of the Enchantress. Rhiannon’s ass locked into trembling rigidity, and she began to moan gutturally, the moan rising in pitch and intensity as her huge organs throbbing in the goddess’ body once again began to grow. Throughout all of this, Ebony’s body seemed to have become a rag doll. It was only due to the frantic humping of the three Vectran women that there seemed to be any movement at all from her. “What’s the matter with this dumb broad?” exclaimed Vantha. “She just lies here!” Tiffany and the other girls watched in astonishment as the Enchantress flopped limply in Ebony’s body as Rhiannon rammed her shafts in bestial anger into the writhing form beneath her. A hoarse growling and grunting was all the enraged Rhiannon was capable of, and the thudding slap of flesh on flesh as she pounded into the Enchantress echoed loudly. Rhiannon’s hips now thrust in uncontrollable frenzy, the hardened flesh of her cocks beating into the Enchantress with rippling drives. The twin columns of her flesh were almost bursting the goddess, when she suddenly swelled to truly titanic proportions. The moan scaled into a deep throated yell, then into a piercing shriek as her massive cocks grew even larger, until they expanded into swollen sausages of beating flesh, the Enchantress’ body surrounding them like a living prophylactic. “Rhiannon, be careful!” Tiffany called out. “You’re almost splitting Ebony apart!” “Shut the hell up, or one of you just might be next!” screamed Rhiannon. Sweat was pouring off the Enchantress’ face now. The goddess was straining every cell in Ebony’s body, as well as using all of her mental powers and abilities. She was actually starting to be able to channel the incredible energy of the three Vectran women, and store it temporarily, to direct it back at them. Their own passion would soon be their undoing. She knew that she would need still more energy to carry out her plan. After a moment, it came to her. Already her belly bulged with the roiling cum within her, and the Enchantress felt herself lifted higher, the incredible shafts of Rhiannon’s cocks sliding between her two holes was actually raising her off the padded platform. Rhiannon’s cockheads splayed her legs wide, and then began to insistently ram into her cunt and ass at the same time. Rhiannon screamed with the sensation of her release, as her cum blasted into the Enchantress’ already bulging form. Vantha and Rayleena’s incredible flood filled her belly. Ebony’s breasts had become twin balloons of wobbling flesh, her nipples so stiff and erect, it was a wonder that they didn’t burst. Still the flow went on, until Rhiannon felt her pricks thrust-ing as if striving to bury themselves even deeper in the flesh of Ebony. Suddenly, Rhiannon’s cries of passion changed in tone to that of astonishment, as she felt the almost endless supply from her balls being actually sucked from her against her will and being engulfed by the Enchantress as the flow went from a torrent to an overwhelming flood. Then with Ebony’s hands, the Enchantress reached out and grabbed the ball sacs of Rayleena and Vantha, squeezing them for all she was worth. The river of cum flooding her throat nearly doubled in intensity as a result. “Holy shit, watch what you’re doing there!” shouted Rayleena. Vantha was too shocked at the moment to even say anything. Rhiannon’s moans of pleasure became high-pitched shrieks, as she fought to regain control of her body and she pitched forward in one final, breath-taking lunge, spouting a veritable river of gouting cum into the Enchantress. “What the fuck is going on here?” she cried out. The stretched body of Ebony, possessed by the Enchantress rippled, and then swelled, as the Vectrans released their loads in pouring gouts of hot, sticky cum. Rayleena belugabahis yeni giriş and Vantha now struggled to pull their cocks slowly back in a withdrawal from the Enchantress’ throat, the flow from their flaring heads now only a trickle. Rhiannon felt as if both of her cocks within the Enchantress were gripped by a vise. She exerted all of her strength, and slowly, she pulled them from the Enchantress’ distorted holes, each massive member being followed by the roiling cum inside the wobbling, rippling form of the goddess. A steady river of jism poured from each of the Enchantress’ holes, thick and heavy, as the bloated mass of the goddess slowly drained its load. As Rhiannon exerted her strength, she briefly had a mental vision, or moment of contact, with the Enchantress, the being who was possessing Ebony. Their two minds met for a moment, and then the goddess promptly used her powers to expel Rhiannon. Utter shock and disbelief was on Rhiannon’s face as she finally extracted her twin pillars of flesh. The loss of resistance caused Rhiannon to lose her balance, and she promptly landed on her rump on the floor. Rhiannon moaned as her still monstrous cocks slowly returned to a more reasonable size, and grew flaccid as she got to her feet and stood, panting and gasping. For a moment, there was silence in Dee Dee’s lab, as everyone tried to fathom what had just happened. Suddenly the figure of Ebony rose to a sitting position. This time her face and eyes appeared normal. Then a voice rang out in the room, seeming to come from everywhere at once. The voice was clear and melodic, but with a definite tone of menace and anger within it. The Vectrans and the human women were finally hearing the Enchantress’ voice in its normal state. “Heed my words well, mortals! You have dared the unthinkable, laying your hands upon a goddess, and doing what you have just done to me. That I could free myself, even when the trio of you had me pinned, is but a sample of my powers. “Know that I concede this first battle to you mortals. Take whatever joy and comfort you may from that fact. But know this also for the truth. “I shall not forget this insolence from you, and I shall most certainly return! This round is yours, but you have not heard the last from me!” Ebony’s body suddenly went limp again, and collapsed on the platform. Dee Dee and Tiffany rushed over to examine her. “Oh, my gosh,” exclaimed Dee Dee. “Is she all right?” Rhiannon summoned her concentration, and her two cocks now transformed back into a single member. With another grunt of effort, she willed it away, resuming her normal female form. Taking a cue from their commander, Vantha and Rayleena did the same. Rhiannon winced as she moved, and rubbed her buttocks awkwardly with one hand. She walked over join Dee Dee and Tiffany, next to Ebony. “Her breathing looks like it’s back to a more normal state. I think if you give her some kind of sedative, so that she’ll sleep for a day, she should be back to normal tomorrow.” Dee Dee quickly produced her medical bag and gave an injection to Ebony. “Does that include getting her prick back?” asked Tiffany. “Yes. I told you that this was only a temporary measure, so that we could teach her a lesson.” “I’m beginning to wonder who taught who here, just now,” retorted Tiffany. “What the hell happened just now?” “Tiffany, it’s like I said before,” said Rhiannon. “Ebony’s body was possessed by some-one or something earlier. We all saw what she did to Jeanne, and the way she talked and acted after that.” “Like we couldn’t bloody well figure that one out by ourselves,” retorted Clyda. “Did you learn anything useful, while you were nearly splitting Ebony’s body at the seams?” Rhiannon fought to control her emotions. “Listen honey! There’s no damned procedure manual for dealing with the type of situation that we just had! Everybody in this room knew something had to be done, or whoever was possessing Ebony might have picked someone else to be next in line to get the same treatment as Jeanne did. “I put my ass on the line, because we were the only ones that were strong enough to deal with her physically, and subdue her. I’m sorry if the whole affair wasn’t a textbook operation, but I did the best I could on short notice!” “At least this way, we managed to get whoever was possessing Ebony out of her,” said Vantha. “All right,” agreed Tiffany with an exasperated sigh. “At least you accomplished that much. Were you able to find out anything else about who possessed her, before she made her speech at the end?” “As a matter of fact, yes,” said Rhiannon. “Since I can manipulate my body with my mind, I have very limited telepathic abilities. I’m certainly not a psychic or a seer, but I got certain images or impressions of the person possessing Ebony towards the end. “I got images of vast plains of snow and ice, with large mountain ranges all around. All I could tell about the person possessing her is that she had very blonde, almost white hair. Where she calls home is somewhere far away, in the northern reaches of some planet or dimension. That she refers to herself as the ‘Enchantress’ is a title of sorts from wherever she’s from, but it’s not her true name. At the very end, she started cursing that was like none of the current languages on Earth. It was probably the same dialect that she jabbered in when I sucked her off earlier.” “Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell us a heck of a lot,” said Dee Dee. “All we can do from now is be on our guard, and hope that whoever possessed Ebony doesn’t come back soon.” By now, Barocca was nearing Dee Dee’s laboratory. To her amazement, she was actually starting to get her second wind, and beginning to feel slightly better. It must have been thanks to the diet and exercise regimen that Dee Dee and Tiffany enforced on everyone on the Island. That was one of the few things that Barocca was thankful to those two girls for. Barocca wasn’t sure just what she’d do when she arrived at the laboratory, but she had to do something.

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