Aunt Brini Ch. 03

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The next day, Jack told me that we were going shopping in the big city. “There are some…things…I need to buy, and I need you to go along to …help.” I shuddered to think of what kind of “things” were on his shopping list.

“We are going to stop at a specialty store that I know about. You have some nice lingerie, but I have more accessories in mind.” One of the things that I do for myself is buy pretty, lacy, frilly under things. It makes me feel beautiful. I didn’t know what he meant by accessories, but, he went on. “You are sadly lacking in the toy department and I intend to remedy that.”

I just stared at him. This was going to be one helluva shopping trip. We live about 45 minutes away from the city, so I quickly finished my breakfast and headed upstairs to take a shower. I didn’t linger, but when I got out of the bathroom, Jack had laid out a lacy bra that clasped in the front, and he was going through my walk-in closet. I went to the vanity and sat wrapped in my towel. I was brushing my hair when he emerged. He had several garments in his hands, but when he saw me, he stopped short.

“Take off the towel,” He said in a hoarse voice. Our eyes met in the mirror and I loosened the knot. The towel fell away and left my swollen breasts open to his gaze. “Continue,” he said after another long moment. I picked up the brush and took up where I left off. He continued to watch me in the mirror as my tits swayed rhythmically to my strokes. I had never had anyone just stand and watch me like that before, and the effect was incredibly erotic. When I was finished, I stood and turned to him, my hard nipples pointing the way.

He lifted the underside of one of my breast with his palm, and blew on my nipple. It tried to stand up more, if that were possible. Without warning, he snapped my nipple firmly with the fingertips of his other hand. I yelped in pain, but before I could react, his mouth fastened over the nub and he swirled his tongue to soothe the soreness. It was a short lesson in pain, but a sweet one nonetheless.

He led me over to the bed and showed me what he had found. Besides the bra, there was a short, pleated, denim casual skirt, my white 4 inch heels with the ankle strap and a white tank top. The tank top was stretchy and sheer, meant to be worn with a camisole, but today, apparently, I would be doing without. The skirt wasn’t way short, but it isn’t something I would wear grocery shopping. The pleated hem fell about 6 inches above my knees and swirled prettily in the breeze. The only problem with that is that I didn’t see any panties laid out. I looked at him pointedly.

“Nothing underneath for you today, slut,” he told me, sniggering. “You won’t need it any where we are going.” His words made my pussy quiver, and I started to get dressed. He leaned over and quietly whispered in my ear. “If it makes you feel any better, slut, I won’t be wearing any underwear today, either.” I blushed down to my toes. Somehow, that didn’t reassure me. I got dressed quickly under his gaze, acutely aware that I was being displayed like a possession. How many people would see my treasures before this day was out? I could only guess, but the thought had my clit throbbing and my pussy dripping.

As he was holding the car door open for me, Jack told me to lift my skirt up and put my bare bottom on the seat. Still a bit pink from the spanking I received yesterday, the fabric of the seat scratched my ass and reminded me relentlessly that I was in another’s control now. Maybe not my entire life, but I was surely the sexual plaything of this exquisite young man that had made me feel alive again. He grinned at me before starting the Jeep and heading for town.

As silly as it sounds, I was beginning to wonder who was going to pay for this shopping trip. It seemed like he had some expensive things in mind. I paid Jack what I could to work the stables, but it was a pittance, really. I got by, myself, but large, non Ranch related expenditures weren’t usually in my budget. I told myself that if I was going to trust this man and go forward with this relationship, I had to voice my concerns. I took a deep breath and let it all out. When I was done, Jack nodded and pulled over to the side of the road.

“Confession time,” he said. I had no idea what in the hell to think when he said that, but I stayed quiet and let him talk. “My second year of college, a friend of mine and I developed some computer programs that help children deal with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. kayseri escort It was a hit, and we sold it for a lot of money. I turned around and invested that money, and now I pretty much don’t have to worry about it. I won’t be buying the Trump Towers anytime soon, but I have the freedom to do as I please. I can certainly afford this little shopping spree.”

I was speechless. I had no idea. Not only was he financially independent, but he had gotten that way by doing something to help others. What a wonder this man was to me. The more I learned, the more I realized that I was one very lucky woman, indeed. The fact that he was my younger nephew was not an impediment, but an insight. “I love you, Jack,” I told him, quietly.

“I love you, too, Brini,” he replied, holding my eyes with his for a long moment.

Putting the Jeep back into gear, he eased back onto the highway and into traffic. I was starting to squirm slightly in my seat, anxious about the events that were ahead of me. I had no real idea of what he had in mind, but I knew that it would be a trip to remember. Good thing Denver is a ways from the Ranch, because I didn’t want to run into anyone that I knew. My lacy little bra could be clearly seen through the sheer top and the demi-cup allowed a peek at the tops of my areolas. It was going to be mortifying enough being around strangers dressed like this, let alone a neighbor or the town librarian or something. God.

The first stop was at the toy shop as promised. But instead of the usual adult bookstore, this place looked a little more…fetish. The front window displayed a vinyl cat suit with a zipper from neck to crotch and a chain mail bra with open nipple holes and matching bottoms. Which were crotchless. I took a deep breath. Okay, here we go. He ushered me through the door with his hand on the small of my back. It reassured me somehow as we entered the dim interior of the building.

I was unprepared for what awaited inside. Rows of racks filled with fetish clothes to fit every size and taste. Arrangements of what looked like furniture at first glance, but didn’t belong in any living room that I have ever been in. Perimeter wall shelves crammed with bondage gear, handcuffs, riding crops and ball gags. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Jack looking at me and turned to him. The look on my face must have said it all, because he burst out laughing. I joined him after a minute, the tension of the moment broken.

“That was great,” he said to me. “You would have thought that I just sold you into human slavery by the look on your face.”

“Not funny!” I snapped at him, but I was still smiling.

He took me by the hand and led me to an aisle that catered to the puppy lovers of the world. We stopped in front of a stand of hand made collars and browsed. “Stand up straight, put your hands behind your head and move your hair out of the way,” he said.

I did as I was told, my nipples threatening to pop out of my bra cups. I hadn’t blushed this much since high school. The store only had a few patrons, but I still felt like everyone there was focused on us. He selected a pink leather collar studded with pink rhinestones and tied with a big pink bow. It was totally gaudy, like something you would see on a poodle owned by a little old lady. He buckled it around my neck, but it wouldn’t adjust down small enough, and it was the only size they had. Thank God. “I had to at least see what it looked like,” he said, snickering.

Next was a, slim white leather choker with an ivy vine embroidered between the stitched borders. It was a perfect fit and seemed to be what he was looking for until he realized that the only white leashes that they had were nylon, not matching leather. Not to be discouraged, he kept looking while I stayed put with my hair up. A salesman came by and asked if we needed any help. He was handsome and buff, dressed in tight black leather pants and a tight black t-shirt that showed his package and abs nicely.

“No, I am just trying to decide on a collar for my girlfriend, here,” Jack said motioning to me, grinning.

“Well if you would like further assistance,” the salesman said, looking at me intently, “be sure to look me up. My name is Bruce.”

“Thanks, Bruce,” Jack said, genially. “I’ll be sure to do that.” Bruce moved away from us, his eyes still on me. I was horrified, but hornier than I could have ever thought possible. Standing here in public, being fitted for a dog collar. “What a slut.” Jack whispered in my ear, as if he could read my mind.

Finally, Jack came up with a hand tooled, wide black band studded with flat silver rounds etched with kayseri escort bayan delicate flower petals. It was exquisite in craftsmanship and looked beautiful against my tanned throat. He picked up a matching black leather leash, and we moved on to the next section.

Vibrators, dildos and anal plugs of every shape size and color covered racks on one entire wall. He browsed at leisure while I tried to stay invisible behind him. I had gone to a dirty bookstore or two in my time, but for some reason, today, I felt incredibly conspicuous. He picked up a standard 7″ vibrator that glowed in the dark. I giggled, but he put it back on the shelf. “You already have something similar, correct?” I nodded, and he moved on.

“Now here is something you need,” he said grabbing a medium sized butt plug. It was made of red latex and had a vibrating egg imbedded inside. I flushed as I realized that it wouldn’t be long until it was used on me. He tossed it into the basket he was carrying, along with a set of old fashioned anal beads on a string. “I like these with the string so much better than the jelly beads,” he murmured in my ear. “When they are inserted and you walk around, the string will brush your thighs, and you will be reminded that you are being a little slut, just for me.” I shuddered.

Against the far wall was 10 by 10 foot area devoted to nipple clamps. I was hesitant, but he pulled me by the hand and we went to stand in front of the racks. “I won’t make you try these on now.” I heaved a sigh of relief. “At least not here,” he said, grinning again.

I shivered as he selected several pairs to look at. In the end, he decided on a set of clover clamps and a set of tweezer clamps, both with chains. They looked fairly threatening to me, but I kept it to myself. On the next rack, there were all sorts of crops and whips. He grabbed a fairly wide riding crop and told me to put my hands against the wall, slightly bent at the waist.

I was horrified, but obeyed. I could see Bruce continuing to monitor our progress out of the corner of my eye, and I felt the wetness begin to creep down my thighs. The skirt rode up slightly, but I didn’t think that my cheeks were hanging out. He slapped my ass a few times lightly, but apparently this wasn’t what he was looking for, because he put it back and chose a crop with less width. This one snapped decidedly more, and I could feel the sting through the fabric. Before I could protest, he put one hand on the back of my neck, and flipped up my skirt with the other. I knew without a doubt that I was completely exposed now, but all I could do was stand there at his bidding. I really was a raunchy slut. Oh, God.

He brought the crop down smartly a few times over my cheeks, turning red the places that had lessened to pink before. I cried out, despite trying to stay calm. Bruce ambled up the aisle next to us and remarked.

“It is our store policy that any item making intimate contact with a customer will be considered sold to that customer.”

“And how intimate is intimate?” asked Jack.

“Let just say you are dangerously close to that line,” Bruce replied.

“Well we might as well make it official,” said Jack, bringing the crop up to lightly crack my bare pussy lips. I jumped and gasped. That hurt!

Jack handed the crop to Bruce and invited him to take a turn. I was in tears, but I continued to stand still, wanting to please Jack and this stranger that I had just met.

Bruce swung the crop lightly against my ass a few times, but quickly worked his way into heavier handed blows. I was completely humiliated by the spectacle we were making, now having drawn a few more onlookers from across the store. I was trying not to react to the crop, but when Bruce brought it up sharply against my wet, open cunt, I couldn’t stop myself. I cried out and flung myself into Jack’s arms. Everyone chuckled, and Bruce thanked Jack for the opportunity. Jack nodded and into the basket went the crop.

As we were checking out, Jack reached behind me and ran his finger up and down my wet slit a few times. I shivered, knowing the person behind us in line was watching, but I couldn’t bring myself to look anyone else in the eyes. Jack winked at me as he laid his credit card on the counter.

Back in the Jeep, I arranged myself as previously instructed and waited for Jack to load up. Before we pulled out of the parking lot, he turned to me.

“You were a perfect little slut back there. Doing as you were told, having those people watch. Just so you know, Bruce slipped me his card. We might be seeing more of him in the future.” He was grinning again at my horrified escort kayseri look. “Put your hands behind your head,” he instructed. He lifted the front of my tank top and unsnapped the front of my bra. My tits were now hanging out for anyone to see, and I was shocked that my body was reacting so eagerly to this.

Jack dug around in the bag and pulled out the collar and the tweezer clips. The collar fitted nicely against my skin, and I could tell that I would be used to it in no time at all. The clamps, however…those were another story. I managed to sit still while he attached them, mostly due to his dexterity, but I was in agony almost as soon as he withdrew. My nipples felt like they were on fire, and tears sprang back to my eyes. He crooned at me as he held my hands at the nape of my neck and made shushing noises. “It will be ok, just let yourself get used to it.,” he said.

I tried to focus on his voice, and slowly, the pain subsided to a dull ache. My nipples throbbed as my breasts heaved with each breath. “Good girl,” he whispered and kissed my cheek lightly. “I knew you could do it.” I felt the unfamiliar pride again. “Wait until I use the clover clamps,” he murmured some more. “You will wish you had these tame little things.” I whimpered.

He kissed me gently and traced my lips with his tongue while he tugged lightly on the chain. I groaned and met his tongue with mine and ground my throbbing pussy into the seat. I didn’t care who saw anymore. Jack broke the kiss and bent to lick my right nipple. It was an incredibly intense feeling. When he sucked the pinched nub into his mouth, I exhaled sharply and jumped in my seat. He laughed low and undid the button on his shorts.

His delicious pole popped into view, and I didn’t need any prompting to start sucking. Egged on by his gentle tugging on the clamp chain, I took the head as far as I could into my throat. I was so horny, I wanted to devour him whole. He groaned as I slobbered frantically, trying to push him over that fantastic edge. All at once, he pushed me away, and undid the clamps.

I screamed out loud when I felt the blood rushing back into my nipples. He massaged them gently and I eased my grip on the door handle. “That hurt,” I told him. “That’s the idea,” he replied. He pulled the top back down over my tits, but they were still clearly visible, with two little points stretching the material in front. Jack smiled at my chest before buttoning himself up and heading back to the road.

“We have one more place to go,” he said. “This one will be a quick trip. When he pulled into a large chain-type pet store, I was surprised. I was still wearing the collar, he had a leash, what could he possibly want to buy here? The thought brought shudders to my frame and made my nipples go hard again. He directed me to do up my bra, and I did so gladly. I didn’t want to create a scene here. My heels clicked on the pavement as we crossed the parking lot. Leading me by the hand, we entered the store, and I almost regretted having to clasp my bra. The cool air made my nipples stand up again, and the lace was scratchy and irritating.

Jack found what he was looking for easily. They have one in the front of every store. The machine that makes I.D. tags for your pets. Because I was the one wearing the collar and being led, I felt incredibly conspicuous to the cashiers and the people checking out. I was full-body blushing again as Jack dug in his wallet for bills. When he was done feeding the machine, he started to consider what he wanted.

“I like the metal ones, not aluminum, but the brass won’t match your collar. Oh, they have a silver color, good,” he noticed, pushing the button. He was talking like we were doing nothing out of the ordinary, but I was mortified. He continued, “Now which shape?” he asked me. I stammered and shrugged. I had no answer. He laughed. “I think the bone shaped one,” he said, pushing another button. “Represents the boner that I always get around you.” I just stared at him as he continued.

“Now lets see, script font in the largest size they have.” He said each letter out loud as he entered them. “L-i-t-t-l-e S-l-u-t. Perfect.” I was terrified, not daring to look around me to see if anybody noticed what we were doing. The machine whirled and clanked, and the tag was etched right before out very eyes. The screen mercifully went to the finish page and we were done when the tag was spit out along with a jump ring to attach it to the collar. He smiled at me. “We’re done here.” He nodded to a guy that was standing in line to use the machine after us that I hadn’t noticed before. I didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on it before Jack was again leading me by the hand out of the store.

Safely back in the Jeep, Jack attached the tag to my collar and undid the clasp on my bra again. I felt just as the tag read, and didn’t protest when he lifted the hem of my shirt and exposed my tits to the open air once again. Jack started the Jeep and we headed for the ranch. I had no idea what to expect anymore.

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