Audrey Pt. 02

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*All characters are above 18 years old*

** This is part 2 of my first and original Literotica story “Audrey”. I would encourage you to read that first as this is a continuation of that story.**

*** I tried to pump this story out quickly for my new readers just to see how you all would respond to the progression of the story. Keep the comments coming! ***


I opened my eyes for the second time inside of that cookie cutter hotel room. There was the ceiling fan, in its leisurely rotation, that was there to meet my first gaze when Audrey, my lovely daughter, took me into her mouth for the first time. As my mind continued to reboot, the alarms were starting to be tripped. A cold sweat broke out on my forehead as I looked down at my daughter’s blonde head on my shoulder.

“Shit… Shit… Shit! Oh Fuck… Fuck. How am I going to explain this to Georgia?” I thought hurriedly to myself. I could feel my heartbeat start to quicken and my throat start to constrict. Sliding my arm out from under my daughter, and trying not to wake her, I slipped out of that inviting and warm cocoon of our newfound love. I moved over to sit in the chair which started this dangerous affair. So many emotions ran through me: guilt, anxiety, love, panic, etc. But this is my daughter, now a woman in my eyes, and even more than that, a lover.

I couldn’t shake the cold sweat and contemplated leaving the room and sorting my feelings, but I had to take my daughters feelings into account. She had just given all of herself to me, and to find me gone might hurt her, and that’s something I just couldn’t do especially after the night we shared. After some mental turmoil, I decided that I would get away from her for a few moments by taking a shower. As I stood up, still naked from being undressed by Audrey last night, I stole a glance over at my precious girl still in bed. She just looked perfect… the soft and loving arms, the exquisite quality of her skin, and the dimples above her buttocks. I had to leave after realizing the sensual body of my daughter was stirring the beast within.

The bathroom felt suffocating in the small nature of its size in comparison to the immensity of my emotions. I turned on my phone hoping my wife wouldn’t be too upset. Only 4 messages, which meant she was only mildly annoyed. She was asking the basic questions like: “where are you?”, “have you left the hotel yet?”, “are we still getting breakfast with Audrey?”. Seeing Georgia write the name Audrey threw me into a fresh panic. I replied that Audrey and I had slept in and would be taking advantage of a late check-out. She responded with a dry “keep me informed”. Putting the phone on the sink, I started the shower and turned the tap to cold and stepped inside. I deserved the pain for what I had done. I slept with my daughter…

So, wrapped up in the emotion of the moment was I that I completely missed the blonde head that popped in through the shower curtain. She stepped inside behind me quietly and wrapped her arms around to the font of my body. I was shocked Kars Escort and not quite prepared to be back in her presence, but her breasts and nipples pressing into my back seemed to soothe some of my frayed nerves. She kissed my shoulder.

“Daddy! It’s so cold… can you turn on the heat???” She bleated.

“Sure honey,” I shivered,” one second.” I turned the dial to 3 quarters fully turned to the heat, and the both of us waited for it to heat up. Her hands held my body close, and I felt a pang of guilt again. I was reminded of the times, when Audrey was a child, that she would hold onto my book and I would swim around give her a sort of aquatic piggy back ride, and how this tableau slightly perverted that memory for me. “Audrey…” I sputtered,” we need to…”. Audrey cut me off.

“Shhh. Dad let’s not talk and just enjoy the shower.” She explored my body as I stood there and let my daughter’s soft hands roam where they would. Her left and right hand seemed to have different missions in mind. Her left hand ran its way over my chest and over my nipples, which hardened under her ministrations. The other hand played with my abs and teased at my waist. She cooed to me “Daddy… your cock is the best cock.” I wanted to stop her again as the morning after our love making had helped to raise my defenses again, but she was going to break them right back down – I could tell.

“Sweetie… please…” I weakly started. Almost on cue her hand brushed through my pubic and at the base of my penis.

“What did I say? Just enjoy the shower. This is our time.” She bit my neck, and I couldn’t help but wonder where she learned that. Despite myself, my cock was hardening again and ready to be pleasured by her. The beast was starting to awaken up, and threatened once again to consume me.

“This isn’t a good idea… Think about what this would do to your… mother.” As I got to the word ‘mother’ she gripped my semi-hard cock. “It could run my marriage, and it could ruin our relationship.” She started to stroke me, and I sank deeper into pleasure and my resistance weakened. I looked down at her hand enjoyed her touch so deeply that I stopped talking at that point. The beast had consumed me once again and my cock was fully erect for Audrey. I seem to get so much harder than I’ve remembered in all of my sexual life. My wife, Georgia, has been an attractive woman, but my arousal has never reached this incredible peak. My mind went blank and sucked in the input that her stroking hand on my member offered me.

I moaned in the shower as she jerked, which only encouraged her motion, and then my phone rang. It was my wife. I panicked, and reached out to the counter with Audrey’s cock still firmly wrapped around my engorged cock. I croaked a hello as I pressed my wet face against the fogged up glass screen.

“It’s 10:30. Are you checking out? I’m hungry and I don’t want to wait any longer to eat breakfast.”

Already fearing her ire, I responded,” No, honey, I’m sorry we’re…” the pleasure almost short circuited my Kars Escort Bayan mind and I almost answered truthfully: we’re fucking in the shower. “We’re still packing.”

Still annoyed,” You could have let me know. Seriously. We can talk later. Put Audrey on the phone.”

“Hi, Mom – Daddy and I are just wrapping up here in the room.” My cock stiffened even more readying itself for release.

“Hi baby. Are you… Is there a shower on? Is one of you showering?”

“Oh yeah, Dad is showering and I’m getting ready at the mirror.”

“Umm…” she hesitated not willing to take it to that place. “Do you think it’s appropriate to be in the bathroom while your father showers…?”

“Oh no no I just had to brush my teeth and get clean.”

Not willing to press the issue further, Georgia abandoned that line of that and took a cheerier approach. “I’m so excited to see you baby. We need to our tea, scones, and spa day when you get back.” As Georgia was speaking Audrey bend down behind me and tentatively licked my ass. This alarmed me and I looked back at her. Audrey looked up and mouthed to me that she ‘saw it on the internet and wanted to try it’. My wife continued to speak to my daughter while she started playing with my asshole. I was uncomfortable, because this was so new for me, but the pleasure was undeniable. I was getting close to orgasm, but I was holding it back because I couldn’t release with my wife on the phone. Audrey still kept pumping my cock and tonguing my virgin asshole.

“Audrey are you listening?” My wife asked curiously.

Tongue still in my ass, Audrey responded “Yesh mam. Am bizee flossing.”

“Alright baby. I love you. Get home safe.”

“Fuck I can’t take it any more. I’m about to explode.”

“Not so fast, Daddy.” She disengaged her tongue from my ass and hand from my cock and stood up. She turned me around and pressed her body against mine, causing my cock to pass between her thighs and over her vagina and clitoris. Placing the cell phone on the edge of the tub – outside of the waters reach she looked into my eyes seductively and said “I want you to cum this way.” The beast was roaring within me now, and I couldn’t help but start to stroke my member between her thighs. I couldn’t necessarily feel her clitoris rubbing against my cock, but I knew she reacted wildly with each passing stroke. We engaged our mouths with one another, and our tongues intertwined. She had that same heat between her toned legs that I experienced last night. I loved that heat, and so did the beast within me.

I pressed her against the back of the shower facing away from the shower head and began moving my hips even faster. My cock throbbed and cried out for release, but I wouldn’t let loose until she had an orgasm at the same time. “Audrey, please…” I grunted,” let me know when you’re ready to cum. I’m going wild here.”

“Fuck Daddy. Grind harder… I want you. I want you to make me yours. I want you to grind my pussy until I scream out your name.” This triggered the Escort Kars both of us. I picked her up and entered her pressing tightly against the showers wall, and the walls of her vagina squeezed me tightly. We both found a rhythm and we started fucking each other right there. “Yes, yes, yes, yes. Right there, right there, right there.” She reminded me of a porn star calling out for release.

I had tried to refrain from dirty talk with my own daughter, but the heat of was driving me mad. “I want you to come for your Daddy. Fuck… baby… you’re so tight around my cock. Come baby… Come…”. I pumped even harder and she cried out, as we both sat on the edge of orgasm.

“Cum in me daddy! FUCK! Cum in me!” The beast roared to acquiesce to her demand, but the rational side of me knew the ramifications. I thrust inside of her again and felt her walls tighten and she cried out at the beginning of her orgasm. Feeling the jism well up inside my balls, I pulled out and shot my seed against the front of her belly and vagina.

“Daddy…” she pouted,” you didn’t cum inside of me.” I kissed her deeply knowing that I couldn’t ease that disappointment with no matter what I said.”

I could hear the hotel room phone ringing and knew that we must be close to our checkout time, or even past the time.

“We have to get ready to leave, because it’s already time to go! Hippity Hop – let’s go chop chop!” That was always something I said to Audrey even when she was a little girl.

As we hurried to vacate the room… I reflected on this new aspect of our relationship and watched her slide up her panties over her bare thighs and pussy. I looked away, because a part me still wasn’t totally sure of this… new thing, but I couldn’t say no to her whether its last night or this morning. So, this will be what life is, but how can I tell Georgia… Audrey looked up and smiled at me as all of this was running through my mind. I buttoned up my shirt and worked to complete preparations on leaving the room. I stopped Audrey before she put on her bra and kissed both breasts out of a moment of impulse, and let her continue on with her business. As we both finished, I took out my cell phone from the bathroom and called my wife and told her that we would be back in an hour.

This is my life now. My daughter is my lover. But I still have to answer to Georgia about this… someday.


Georgia put her phone down on the bed and sighed having confirmation that they were still at the hotel and over an hour away. She stared at the light that crept through the closed shudders of the pool house guest room and smiled. Her tennis cap hung on the bathroom door, and her tennis skirt and trainers hastily strewn across the floor. It was a delicious mess, but the reason for the mess was even more thrilling, wrong, and exciting to her.

As she reflected on the satisfied feeling between her legs and in her body in general she wondered about the conversation she had had with her husband and daughter. Something was not quite right… She ran her hand along a smooth thigh that was not her own and let the moment pass by. Georgia kissed the leg of her “tennis mate”, and reached down her own bare body and touched herself to begin their sensual dance one more time before Mr. Pembroke and Audrey returned home.

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