At Their Mercy

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Author’s note:

Like my previous story, what you are about to read was mostly generated by an AI. However, unlike my first publication, this one required a little more human direction (especially at the very beginning with the self bondage setup). As such, I would estimate that this story is about 70% AI generated. Otherwise, like usual, the story was in part directed by a human with the AI creating twists, reactions, and responses. The human played as Zella, telling the AI what Zella should do, and the AI responded accordingly. After playing through it, the human read back through and made fixes to grammar, removed some repetitiveness, and smoothed the overall flow to make it read more like a story. Keep this in mind as you read, and think about how much better AI RPGs will be in the future 😉


Zella lays out everything she needs on the bed in her room. She’s been anticipating this moment for over a week now. The 21 year old female college student is pretty, with long brown hair, deep blue eyes, and a slim curvy figure. Today is Friday and her roommate Lisa has just gone home for the weekend. The entire apartment is Zella’s, and she cleared her schedule to ensure nothing would interfere with her long awaited self bondage session. She eyes the toys and restraints organized on the mattress and let’s her kinky mind wander, going over everything she has planned for herself…

Zella goes to the window and pulls down the shade, making sure she can’t be seen from outside, even in the unlikely event someone is walking by. The sun is setting and it is becoming night. Zella considers lighting a candle, then decides against it. She doesn’t want to be tempted by a fire. Zella goes back to the mattress where she has laid out her toys.

She removes her jeans and top. She is now standing in the middle of her room wearing nothing but a bra and panties. Most guys would probably find her attractive, but she doesn’t have as much experience with guys as her roommate does so she is still a little shy about it. However, Zella has come to terms with this and decided that she doesn’t need men when she has her toys. She first removes her bra, exposing her medium-sized breasts. She then slips off her panties, revealing her perfectly shaved and trimmed pussy. Zella likes to look good even when she’s alone.

Zella grabs four leather cuffs. The first thing she does is lock her wrists into leather cuffs, then does the same to her ankles. Next she puts her hair in a pony tail to ensure it doesn’t get caught in anything. Zella’s favorite position is being tied up with her legs spread and her hands bound behind her back. She considers that for this session, but decides to go with something easier: she binds her feet together with a short chain attached to her ankle cuffs. Zella shuffles to the kitchen, opening the freezer. The cool air brushes against her nipples as she retrieves a key encased in a block of ice from the back. A string is attached to the key which protrudes from the ice, so it can be hung on a hook. Zella grabs a bucket and returns to her room.

She hangs the ice block from the clothing rack in the closet, and places the bucket underneath to catch any dripping water. She returns to the bed to pick out the next restraint. Zella moves to her dresser and grabs a ball gag. She attaches it to her head tightly. She returns to the bed, grabbing a pair of nipple clamps from her nightstand. She attaches them to her nipples with a wince. The pain helps keep her arousal under control but she knows that its only a temporary solution.

Zella quickly takes a large dido and butt plug. She lubricates them before easing the intruders into her ass, and slipping the phallus into her pussy, respectively. After this, a crotch rope is tied around her waist and tightened between her legs to hold the objects in place. With the rope now securing the two remote controlled devices inside of her, she grabs a leather collar that has golden heart dangling from the front. She places the strip of leather around her throat and buckles it before snapping it tight.

Finally, Zella grabs the last few items she needs. A pair of fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold, and a chain about three feet long. She returns to the closet. Zella shuts the closet door and taps on her phone. The vibrator and butt plug spring to life at a low setting. She hurriedly moves next to the hanging ice block and bends over, using the three foot chain to link her hobble chain to her nipple clamps, forcing her to stay bent over. Next Zella places the blindfold over her eyes before binding her hands behind her back with the handcuffs, after slipping the cuffs through the clothing rack. This keeps her arms held up and behind her in a strappado position. With the final clicks of the handcuffs, Zella is tied up prisoner, her bare ass displayed to anyone who might open the closet door, both toys buzzing happily inside of her.

Zella lightly tests her restraints. She pulls on the handcuffs, but the metal clothing rack is sturdy and the handcuffs adana escort are well made. She tries to stand but the nipple clamps tug on her nipples, keeping her from doing so. She can already feel her mouth salivating from the ball gag jammed behind her teeth, and the intruders buried inside of her aren’t going to come out with how tightly she tied the crotch rope. She wasn’t going to get free until the ice melts, and she wasn’t even sure exactly how long that would be. She feels the toys inside of her buzz continuously, and she moans through the ball gag.

Zella enjoys her predicament for a while, trying to wiggle herself free without success and imagining that someone else had stuck her here. The vibrating plug and dildo keep her worked up on edge, but their slow speed meant that she was getting a slow build up. It was tormenting, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She reaches for the ice block with her hands, wondering how much time is left. She can’t quite reach it, so she tries to slide the cuffs along the clothing rack, but to her surprise the cuffs tug backwards at her wrists. She tries again, but something stops the cuffs from sliding along the rail. Using her hands to investigate, a feeling of dread settles on her shoulders when she realizes what happened.

Zella had put the blindfold on before locking her wrists to the clothing rack. As such, when she bent over and slipped the cuffs through the rack, she did so at the wrong spot. The clothing rack in her closet doubled as a shelf, the top part was comprised of a number parallel bars while below and at the front of this shelf were long sections of railing meant for hanging clothes. Because she couldn’t see and was only going by feel, Zella locked herself to the wrong section of railing. The supporting metal braces between each section was keeping her cuffs from sliding close enough to the ice block to reach it. It was a simple mistake, an oversight in her excitement, but it didn’t matter how simple of a mistake it was. Zella was stuck.

In desperation, Zella strains again. The hobble chain keeps her from moving too much without pulling at her nipples and still the ice block just barely out of reach. The butt plug and vibrator continue to buzz inside of her, and she moans loudly, her ass wiggling in the air. Her mind and heartbeat race together as she tries to think of a way out of this. Then, she freezes when hears the door open.

“Zella?” Lisa asks, opening the door to the closet. Zella wiggles her ass in the air, her face flushing with heat. “Zella, are you okay?”

ZzZZzzZZz… Zella tries to speak through her gag but only mumbles are heard.

“Zella, you’re scaring me,” Lisa says.

Zella strains against her restraints once more, moaning as the toys buzz away inside of her. She rocks back and forth, unable to move closer to the ice block. She moans through the gag, before nodding towards the ice.

Lisa looks at Zella’s predicament, her eyebrows raised. “You put yourself in this position?”

Zella nods shamefully.

“Do you want me to get you out of it?” Lisa asks, taking a step towards Zella.

Zella nods again. Lisa takes another step towards her, before pausing.

“I have an idea,” Lisa says with a devilish grin.

Lisa walks out of the closet, leaving Zella all alone. The buzzing inside her suddenly grows stronger. Lisa must have seen her phone on the ground. Zella cursed herself on having her phone set to never lock by itself. She feels herself growing closer to an orgasm.

Waiting, Zella rocks back and forth, its all she can do, moaning as the toys inside of her bring her to the edge of orgasm. She feels a cool drip of water splash on her bare ass, and she again tries to angle herself so that she can reach the ice with her hands. The door opens, and she hears footsteps.

“Zella, are you ready to come out of there?”

Zella nods, still trying to reach the ice block. ZzZzZZZZZ…!

“I don’t think you want to come out,” Lisa says with a laugh.

Zella feels her orgasm grow as Lisa steps towards her. She strains against her restraints, desperate to push herself over the edge.

“I can hear the buzzing. You must be close,” Lisa says with a giggle.

Zella lets out a scream into her gag. She arches her head back and the vibrator forces Zella over the edge. Zella’s screams are muffled by her gag and the buzzing drowns out everything else as she experiences one of the strongest orgasms she’s ever had. She goes limp in her bonds as she calms down from the high.

“Did you have fun?” Lisa asks.

Zella nods slowly.

“Okay, we can talk now,” Lisa says, taking off Zella’s gag.

“You’re evil,” Zella smiles, panting.

“You have no idea.”

“Are you going to let me go?”

Lisa walks out of the closet and shuts the door, leaving Zella all alone. The buzzing inside her ramps up again, as she feels herself growing closer to another orgasm.

“Lisa come back!” Zella adana escort bayan calls out, but Lisa doesn’t respond. She strains against her restraints once more, as the toys continue their work. It’s not long before Zella feels herself give in to the orgasm.

Zella cums hard as Lisa leans in to kiss Zella. Lisa had never left. She’d shut the closet door and kept quiet, watching Zella struggle and climax. She tastes her roommate’s lips, before pulling away. Zella tries to move towards her, but is unable.

“Please, untie me,” Zella begs.

“You’ll have to wait,” Lisa smiles, and she removes Zella’s blindfold. Lisa begins slowly undressing as Zella watches helplessly. “It’s been a fantasy of mine for a while. Literally tying up my roommate and having my way with her.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Dead,” Lisa says, staring at her.

Lisa begins unbuttoning her shirt as Zella watches helplessly. “Shall we start?”

Zella doesn’t react, hoping this is some sort of twisted joke. Lisa leans in and kisses Zella hard on the mouth.

Zella hesitates but kisses her back as she slowly begins to enjoy herself. Lisa begins caressing her own body.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Lisa whispers in Zella’s ear before turning her attention back to Zella’s lips. Lisa slowly begins kissing down Zella’s body. She slowly teases Zella’s navel with her tongue before moving lower. “I want to make you feel good,” Lisa says.

Zella feels Lisa’s warm breath on her sex as her roommate begins kissing her there. “You’re beautiful down here,” Lisa says. The bound girl feels Lisa’s tongue move slowly over her sex, her moans of pleasure echoing off the walls.

Zella closes her eyes as she feels Lisa’s tongue begin to caress every inch of her sex. She tries to block out the buzzing, but it’s too much for her to handle. Lisa looks up at her, a huge grin on her face.

“I want to make you feel so good,” Lisa says as she begins lapping up Zella’s juices.

Zella feels herself building towards orgasm again, the fear starting to mix with the pleasure. Lisa loosens the crotch rope. She takes one of the vibrators and slowly slides it out of Zella. She begins thrusting it in and out as she licks Zella’s clit. Zella has trouble focusing on just the thrusting of the vibrator, Lisa’s tongue is driving her wild.

“Don’t stop,” Zella says. She knows she won’t be able to handle another orgasm, but the weird mix of humiliating pleasure that Lisa is giving her is too good for her to ask Lisa to stop.

“Cum for me,” Lisa whispers in her ear.

Zella cums hard as Lisa thrusts the vibrator in and out of her. Zella’s body goes rigid as she enjoys each moment of the climax. Lisa continues thrusting for a few moments longer, before stopping. She leans in to kiss Zella’s cheek. Lisa turns the vibrator off, and sets it aside. She begins rubbing Zella’s clit as she moves in to kiss her roommate. Zella feels herself quickly building up to another orgasm, but Lisa stops.

“Not yet,” Lisa says, “We’ve only just started.”

“What more do you have in mind?!” Zella says, trying to hide her mild fear. Lisa leans in to whisper in Zella’s ear.

“You’ll see,” she smiles.

Zella feels Lisa moving behind her as she hears the buzzing start again. Lisa slowly and teasingly runs the vibrator up and down Zella’s body. The goes back to running it across her labia, but never quite letting it enter past the hood. The teases at Zella’s clit in the same way, driving her insane. Zella’s pussy feels sore and stolen from the attention. Zella begins to moan as she feels herself getting closer and closer to orgasm, but this time Lisa is only looking to tease. She looks at Zella, a sense of sadistic glee in her eyes. She runs the vibrator over Zella’s body over and over before pushing it all the way in at max setting.

“Cum,” she whispers.

Zella’s back arches as she lets out a scream, her body convulsing in pleasure as Lisa slowly pushes the vibrator in and out of her to meet her orgasm. Zella’s body goes limp, exhausted. Lisa leans in to kiss her, a long deep kiss.

“Now,” Lisa says, “You’re satisfied?”

Zella breathlessly says, “Yes…”

“Good,” Lisa says as she begins to untie her, “You’re a good fuck.”

Lisa leaves to go to the bathroom. Zella stands and exits the closet with wobbly steps, rubbing her wrists, and retrieves her clothes from the floor. “I could get used to you begging for my attention,” Lisa says as she comes back in the room.

“Are you going to tell anyone?” Zella asks worried, “Please don’t. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Lisa asks with a smile.

“I’m not doing that,” Zella says, “There’s got to be something else.”

Lisa thinks for a moment. “I want you to fuck my boyfriend, Jacob.”


“He’s been talking about getting laid, I’m pretty sure he’ll jump at the chance to fuck you.”

“Are you joking?”

“Do I look like I’m fuckin’ joking?” Lisa escort adana asks.

Zella thinks for a moment. Jacob had always been a bit… cold to Zella. She didn’t like him much but she also didn’t know him very well. Lisa had only been dating him for a few months now. He was the controlling type. If she agreed to this, she would have to let Jacob fuck her. Would he be willing to keep that quiet? Even if not, it would certainly be better than this secret getting out…

“How can you be sure Jacob will be okay with this?”

“He’s my boyfriend, I know him better than anyone. I’m telling you, he’ll do it.”

“How sure are you?”

“100,” Lisa says with a smile.

“…If I do this, you promise to keep what just happened a secret?”

“I wouldn’t dream of telling anyone,” Lisa says, “Jacob’s going to be here soon. Go put on something sexy, I’m going to go message him.”

Lisa leaves and Zella’s eyes scan the room for potential options. She spots a red silk nightie with a matching robe. It might be a bit too much, but it seems like the best option to catch Jacob’s eye. Zella slips on the nightie and pulls the robe around herself to cover up as she walks to Lisa’s room. Standing in front of Lisa’s full length mirror, she wonders if this was a good idea. Zella walks out and over to Lisa’s room.

“Lisa why are you even here? You’re supposed to be at your parents.”

“Canceled,” Lisa says, “Now sit down and wait for Jacob.”

Zella sits on Lisa’s bed, nervously waiting for Jacob. Lisa texts him, and the two of you wait for him in silence.

“He’s close,” Lisa says as she gets up, “I’m going to go get him.”

Zella nods and waits. Lisa heads out of the apartment and a few minutes later Zella hears footsteps coming down the hall. Jacob enters the room with a smile on his face, but when he sees Zella his smile drops.

“Zella, what…” He trails off as he looks her up and down.

“Holy shit, are you wearing what I think you’re wearing?”

Zella pauses, then asks “Did Lisa say anything?”

“No, she just got me really curious as fuck,” Jacob says with a smile, “said there was a surprise waiting in her room wearing something sexy…”

Jacob comes towards her and rubs the front of Zella’s robe. She feels herself get turned on as his rough hands slip under the clothing and touch her smooth skin. Jacob pushes Zella down on Lisa’s bed and begins taking his clothes off.

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Fuck yeah,” Jacob says, “Lisa’s a goddamn tease. I figured she was just talking shit, but…damn.”

Jacob takes his clothes off and gets on top of her. Zella slips off her nightie, now topless. Jacob stares at her for a moment and then moves in for a kiss. His lips press against hers and he forces his tongue into Zella’s mouth. The two make out for a moment, but Jacob pulls away.

“Not getting fucked enough? Need a nice big dick to show you some pleasure?” Jacob pulls down his underwear and his erect dick falls out. Zella’s eyes grow wide. She can’t believe it’s real, and reaches a hand around to grab it.

Jacob leans his head back and closes his eyes as Zella begins stroking. She does it slowly at first, but increases her speed as he begins moaning in pleasure. After a few minutes of this, Jacob opens his eyes with a smile.

“I think I’m ready,” He says.

Jacob removes Zella’s panties and pushes his dick into her. Zella’s face twists in pain as he goes in, then returns to a blissful expression as Jacob begins thrusting. He fucks her hard for a few minutes before he begins moaning and slowing down. Zella thrusts her hips up to match Jacob’s pace, and begins moaning in pleasure. Jacob smiles as he watches her, then suddenly grabs her shoulders and pushes himself all the way in.

“Oh fuck yeah,” He says as his dick twitches inside of her.

Jacob’s dick begins spewing load after load of semen into Zella, and for a moment his face is one of pure ecstasy.

“Fuck, pull out,” Zella says.

Jacob ignores her and continues thrusting slower and slower as his dick gets softer, completely filling her with semen. Eventually he pulls out and falls back into a sitting position on the bed. Zella sits up and looks at him angrily.

“What the hell?!”

“Sorry babe, just a bit…overwhelmed.” Jacob says to Zella as he tries to catch his breath.

Zella stands up and scrambles into the bathroom. She looks through Lisa’s cabinets and finds a box of birth control pills. She swallows one of the pills and goes back to the bed room. Jacob is now laying down, still naked, playing with his phone.

“Zee, you know you got a killer body right?” He says without looking up from his phone.

Zella slaps him upside the head, knocking his phone to the floor. Jacob looks up at her in surprise. “Oh come on!”

“I COULD GET PREGNANT!” Zella screams at Jacob.

“OK, OK. Shit…just let me put it away.” Jacob says as he starts to get off the bed to fetch his phone.

“Forget it,” Zella storms out of the room.

“Lisa?” Zella calls out to her roommate, but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Jacob has gotten off the bed and is standing behind her.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s not home anyway.”

Zella turns around to see a shirtless Jacob putting his dick back in his pants. “Get out.”

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