At the Dance Ch. 03

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Mar moaned softly as she shifted on the beaded seat cover, no matter which way she sat the beads dug into her ass. They teased and tormented her very sore ass which was red and welted from her earlier spanking. To add to her discomfort, from the back seat, Steven was grasping her breasts. He was pulling her nipples and pinching them, cupping the weight of her breasts and squeezing. The seat and the rough handling left her feeling frustrated, she was close to orgasm but under instructions not to cum. It was a rule she would be foolish to break twice in one night. If the double stimulation was not enough, the car window was down and the cool wind was blowing on her very exposed skin. Steven had pulled the top of her dress down as soon as the car began moving. She loved the thrill of being exposed in public, especially in the car where the chance of being spotted was reduced. It was a great way to feel naughty, without all the risk. Not that this was the most exposed she had been today, Mar considered. The party had been different, however, it was expected and allowed there. This was the wide open road and anyone that spotted her tits hanging freely would be surprised at the show. Mar squeezed Master Kris’s hand, pleased when he returned the pressure. The night had been fun, but more than a little frightening. Mar had been out of control, giving in to her body’s demands without regard for her mind’s arguments. She knew that no matter how far gone she was, Master Kris was watching her and he always remained in control.

Daydreaming about the evening, distracted by the constant stimulation of the wind, Steven’s hands, and the beads, Mar barely noticed when the car slowed, and then pulled into a gas station. The reduced wind make her look up and then she gasped and sank down in her seat. She arched her back and bent her shoulders, trying to hide herself into the chair. The gas station was well lit with bright floodlights over the pumps that made her feel horribly exposed. She looked at her Master and then out the window, shocked to see that there were cameras above each pump. She tried to lift her arm away, to bring her dress up, but Master Kris shook his head at her. She whined softly but neither man reacted. She settled back in her seat, still trying to arch in order to hide herself and was forced to endure the exposure.

“Steve” Kris said finally. “Can you go inside and pick us up some sodas. I don’t think there are any at the hotel.”

“Sure. I’ll grab some beers too.” Steven answered, finally releasing Mar’s nipples. Mar looked down to find them very swollen and very hard. “Mar, want anything?” He asked.

Mar looked at Master questioningly.

“No more drinking for you.” He said, “You’ve had enough.”

“May I have a candy bar?” She asked Steven and he laughed.

“One candy bar coming up.” He whistled cheerfully as he slammed the door shut. Mar winced, her eyes darting to see if they had drawn any attention.

“How are you feeling?” Master Kris asked.

“I’m ok.” She said.

“How are you feeling girl?” He asked again, this time his voice was stern.

“Exposed.” She answered at once. “I’m feeling really exposed and really excited.”

“How do you like Steven?”

She considered the question. She had been surprised when Steven had joined them in the car, but fucking another man had been one of the fantasies they discussed. Mar was uncertain where Master’s mind was, what his plans were. Not for the first time, she wondered what he had planned.

“He’s alright. He seems nice enough, but mean too.” She giggled. “That doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“Actually it makes perfect sense.” He answered. “He’s pushing you, he’s stronger than you, and he’s got a strong will. However, he is only pushing you as far as you want to go. I imagine that it’s making you more than a little,” He ran his hand along her wet pussy. “excited.”

Mar did not answer, she lowered her eyes and focused on the feeling of his hand. She was terribly uncertain where this was going, both frightened and incredibly hopeful that it would lead to a threesome.

“It’s adana escort up to you.” He said, surprising her. “What happens next. I personally can’t wait to see what you choose.”

“What do you mean?” Mar asked.

“Well, when we get back to the hotel Stephen is going to come upstairs with us.” Kris answered, his finger lazily circling her clit. “He’s going to come into the room and either he’ll watch while I use my slut. Or.”

He trailed off, his finger now slowly sliding into her pussy. She froze, trying not to move. She was focused entirely on the feeling of him touching her until he pulled away slowly. She let out the breath she had been holding, both thankful that she hadn’t broken the rule and cum, and disappointed.

“Or what?” She finally asked, arching her hips forward a bit in the hopes that he would finger her. She wasn’t surprised when he pulled away, damn him and his teasing. She was going crazy.

“Or you beg him.” Kris answered, amused. “For the record the idea of that makes me hard as a rock. I would be very happy to hear you beg him. I can imagine how ashamed you would be, how hard it would be for you. I know how wet being ashamed makes you Mar, you know it too. You might not admit it, but you know it.”

“Beg him to what?” She asked, ignoring his words about being ashamed. Master Kris always seemed to bring it up, daring her to admit that her shame was a turn on. She wasn’t sure why he never pressed it, but she never questioned him about it. She had a bad feeling that she would not like the results. Equally frightening, perhaps she would.

“Beg him to do whatever it is you need. Beg him to let you suck his cock, beg him to touch you, to use you. Beg him to fuck you until you’re screaming. Beg him to turn you into his little slut. And of course, beg him to let you cum.” Kris watched Mar’s face, entertained by the display of emotions. First there was arousal, then shock, then the shame he was expecting followed by the heavy eyes and hard breathing of her arousal.

“I can’t do that.” She said.

“Then he’ll only watch. He knows the rules and he’s willing to play by them. You have to beg to get him to do anything to you.” Kris grinned. “My poor little slut is going to have to beg for her humiliation, to be a fuck toy for a man she doesn’t know. Or go without.”

Mar stared at Master Kris and her mouth opened and shut several times. Before she could think of the words she wanted to say Steven was back. He pulled open the back door and slid in. Mar looked at him in the mirror and suddenly realized the store clerk had come out as well. He was standing by the side of the building, smoking. He was staring at her, at her exposed chest. Mar looked down at her breasts and then up at the clerk. Shit.

“Touch yourself, Mar.” Master Kris instructed. “Touch your breasts.”

Mar blinked a couple of times, she was feeling very embarrassed but was very good at following directions. Still staring at the store clerk she reached up slowly and began to run her hands over her breasts. She treated them gently, running her fingers over the skin and teasing the nipples. She circled her nipples, barely touching them with her thumbs. The man watched intently, he did not seem to be paying much attention to the cigarette which burned slowly, unsmoked. She felt Master’s hand take one of hers and pulled it gently to her thighs. One hand visible from the car she continued to tease her breasts, the other invisible began to trace her pussy lips. She felt herself getting closer to orgasm, felt the heat from her pussy as she slowly slid her finger in.

“Wave.” Master told her and started the car. As they drove slowly from the lot Mar lifted her hand and waved goodbye to the store clerk. Once they were on the road again Master instructed her to stop touching herself. She pulled away reluctantly. It wasn’t long until they pulled into the small hotel Master had rented earlier. Was it really only a few hours since she had stood in the room and gotten dressed? Now it was dark out and the hotel seemed strangely eskişehir escort deserted. Master had Mar pull the dress back up, finally allowing her to be decently covered, and led her from the car.

As they walked up the stairs to the second floor Mar considered all that had happened tonight. She stumbled slightly and Master helped her stand as they headed down the hall. They had the corner room with a small outdoor balcony.

“The room next door is Steven’s.” Kris said. “So we don’t have any neighbors.”

Once they were all inside Mar quickly went to the kitchen to make drinks. She poured a beer for Steven and coke for herself and Master. She was still very uncertain of what was expected from her and it left her shaking slightly. Steven was walking around the room slowly, commenting on the hotel’s furnishings. Master was removing his shoes and settling down on the chair. Mar began to wonder if she was still in the real world, the whole thing felt so strange.

“Mar.” Master Kris’s voice cut into her thoughts. “Come here.”

Mar quickly placed her drink on the counter and went to him. She fell to her knees before him and rested her head in his lap.

“Yes Master?” She asked.

“Take your shoes off.” He told her. She stood up and began to pull the heels off. When she was done he motioned for her to kneel back down and she did quickly. As uncertain as she was, it was easy when Master gave her orders. Then she was free of any thought, she merely had to react. To obey. Mar watched out the corner of her eye as Steven went to the couch and sat down, his eyes on her. She dropped her gaze before either man could grow angry at her and waited for instructions.

Master Kris stood up and walked around her slowly. Mar couldn’t help but tremble slightly in anticipation. Even after all this time she was constantly surprised by him and always aroused. He kept her in a state of constant arousal, and this made it easy for him to control her. She tried to focus on him, on where his gaze was sitting, but even though she knew he was behind her, she cried out in surprise when he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Did you like your adventure tonight slut?” He asked.

“Yes Master.” She answered honestly.

“Good.” He said, “how do you say thank you?”

“Thank you Master,” She answered, licking her lips, “Thank you for giving this girl her fantasy. Please Master, please may I play now?” She reached down hesitantly toward her pussy. She was pretty sure he would say no, but she was ready to take advantage if he said yes.

“No slut.” He growled and she let out a very real sigh of disappointment. She head Steven laugh and she blushed.

Master Kris let go of her hair and walked over to the reclining chair. Sitting down he motioned her to follow.

“Suck my cock girl.” He said.

Mar crawled toward him on her hands and knees. She let her ass lift high in the air and wiggle invitingly, the way she knew her Master liked. When she reached him she sat back on her heels and eagerly reached out for his zipper. Master slapped her hands away impatiently and she whined softly and pouted. Master Kris’s eyebrow rose and she quickly leaned forward before he could voice any disappointment. She tugged at the zipper with her teeth, struggling to pull it down. She kept her hands clasped lightly behind her back to reduce the chance of accidentally reaching over. Master watched her and did nothing to help. When she finally got the zipper open she gave a little grunt of satisfaction, and began work on the button. It was only when she had it opened that Master lifted his hips, finally offering her some help as he pulled both his pants and boxers down. Triumphantly she lunged forward and began to lick at his cock.

This was a task she enjoyed, she loved the feeling of him coming to life under her tongue. She slowly ran her mouth along the length of him, enjoying the small twitches as his cock grew harder. She nuzzled at his balls, leaving little kisses before working her way back up. She opened her sakarya escort mouth and carefully took him between her lips. She kept her hands behind her back, sure that any attempt to use them would result in punishment. It only took a few strokes with her tongue to get him fully hard. Then she began to lower herself on his cock, pressing down slowly until her lips pressed against his balls, then pulling away. She took her time, treating his cock to an oral massage, worshiping it. After about ten minutes, he pulled her head down fully on his cock and held her there. She coughed a couple of times, struggling not to pull away. He was fully in her throat and she couldn’t breathe. When he finally let her go she pulled away, drool hanging from her mouth and along his cock. He let her catch a breath, then forced her down again. He slowly fucked her mouth that way for some time, making her face turn red and leaving drool along her lips, cheeks, and chin. He watched her struggle not to pull away, not to wipe her face.

After a while he stood up and getting another firm grip on her head, began to face fuck her. She knew enough to hold still, lips open and trying not to gag as he thrust into her roughly. This was all about his pleasure, but she shifted and spread her thighs wider. Even if she never said it aloud, she was turned on by his rough use of her mouth. She felt him building up closer and opened wider, but was surprised when he pulled back instead. He let go of her hair and left her there, kneeling with spit on her face and her mouth open wide. He kicked off his pants and moved to sit back in the chair. Suddenly she remembered Steven and she turned to see him still on the couch. His cock was out and he was stroking it slowly, watching her. She felt herself blushing as she stared hard at his cock, what would it taste like? She suddenly had a deep urge to suck his cock while Master fucked her pussy. Her pussy, which at the moment, was hot and swollen and demanding release.

“Ok bitch.” Master Kris said and Mar flinched, bitch had never been her favorite term. She dragged her eyes back over to him. “What do you want to do now?”

She looked at her Master, at his hard cock still shining from her mouth. Then she looked at Steven who was sitting on the couch, his own cock out as he stroked it. She realized that no matter what happened next it was going to be her choice. He wasn’t even giving her the option to hide behind him, if she begged Steven to use her, or ignored him, it would be because she said it.

“Please Master.” She said softly, her eyes falling, “I can’t.”

She felt him take her hands, felt his fingers under her chin. She looked up to him, surprised to find him kneeling next to her.

“You can if you want to girl.” He said, his voice was soft now and she felt it melt her. “No one is going to be mad at you. No one is going to judge you. Tell me what you want, what your body wants. Tonight is for you.”

“I’m scared.” She said simply.

“Good.” He said, placing one hand on her chest he could feel her heart racing. “We both know you like being scared.”

She mewled slightly, ashamed but accepting. It was true, she had never been so turned on before. It was a mix of the humiliation, the stimulation, the newness, and the fear. She was drunk on it all.

“It’s hard, it’s something I want, but I can’t say it. Please Master. I can’t say it!” Mar looked at him, afraid to disappoint him, but she saw only his understanding smile. He stood up and pulled her with him. He took her by the hand and led her across the room to Steven who was watching with undisguised lust. He gently pressed at her until she knelt back down, now at his feet. She felt Master Kris behind her, supporting her. His hand was on her shoulder and she knew he was there for her.

“Go ahead girl.” He said.

“Please, Steven Sir.” She whispered.

“Yes girl.” Steven asked, not making it any easier.

“please,” she licked her lips again and then she took a deep breath. “please will you use this girl?”

“Use?” Steven sounded confused though Mar knew he had understood. The fucker was going to make it harder for her. “Use how?”

Feeling her Master’s hand on her shoulder Mar looked up, before she could think about it, question herself, or become too embarrassed she answered.

“Please Sir, please fuck this girl however you want. Make me scream, make me cum, make me your little slut.”

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