Another Poke, Grandma?

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I was raised by my grandparents on a farm in the Midwest. When I look back on it now, I realize that I had an ideal childhood, although I didn’t always think so at the time. Harry and Rosie treated me like their own son. (I started calling them by their first names when I was in my teens.) My kindly grandparents were wise people who did their best to pass their wisdom on to me. I like to think that they succeeded, at least in part.

When I graduated from high school, my grandfather wanted me to stay and help run the farm, but I had other plans. Thirsting for adventure, I joined the Army. I have always felt guilty about leaving my grandfather to work the farm on his own. Perhaps if I had stayed home, things would have turned out differently.

I rose to the rank of Captain and decided to make the Army my career. Then I received tragic news from home. My grandfather had been severely injured when his tractor rolled over on him. I took an emergency furlough and rushed home. Rosie and I sat by Harry’s bedside for days until the crisis passed. He recovered physically, but he was never the same mentally.

I had no choice but to resign from the Army. Harry was incapable of taking care of the farm on his own. If I had not taken over for him, my grandparents would have lost the only home that they had ever known. I was bitter for awhile, but something eventually happened that made it all worthwhile.

After a few months on the farm, I felt like a new man. Hard work, fresh air, and my grandmother’s delicious country cooking were just what I needed. I worked long hours, but I didn’t mind. My grandfather had taught me everything he knew about farming and I put that knowledge to good use. He had once worked as hard as I did, but now he barely made an effort. An hour or two a day and he was finished. He had no interest in the farm or anything else.

My grandmother was just as bright, cheerful and beautiful as ever. If you are picturing a little, gray-haired old lady, you have it all wrong. Rosie was a statuesque brunette with mouth-watering tits and an ass that you could fry eggs on. Even though she was almost sixty, she was hotter than most women half her age. I’m sure that every man in the county wanted to fuck her. I certainly had fantasized about it many times.

I felt terribly guilty about my feelings for my grandmother, but it was impossible not to have them. I had them for as long as I can remember and they grew more intense with age. When she sat across the dinner table from me with her big tits spilling out of her dress, I couldn’t help getting a hard-on.

Harry and I were sitting in the shade on the porch late one afternoon when Rosie came Isparta Escort out with a towel draped around her neck. She flashed a pretty smile and said she was going down to the pond to take a dip. Even though we had all of the modern conveniences in the house, five minutes under a shower could not compare to a leisurely soak in the pond. I had helped Harry build it many years ago, and had spent many happy hours skinny-dipping in the cool, crystal-clear water. I began getting a hard-on as I watched my grandmother’s beautiful ass swing from side-to-side. I just had to get a look at that sweet rump!

Harry sat quietly in his rocker. There had been a time when I could barely get a word into our conversations, but since the accident he hardly spoke at all. I went into the house, slipped out the back door, and made my way through the forest to the pond.

Rosie was waist-deep in the still water, and, just as I had hoped, she was naked. Her tits were even more beautiful than I had imagined. They were the size and shape of ripe eggplants. The perfect tit must sag to give it a ripe look, but it must not sag too much. Hers had perfect sag. The perfect tit must also have a perfect nipple, big but not too big. Rosie’s light-brown aureoles were so perfectly round that they looked as though they had been painted on using a template. An inch-long sucker grew from the precise center of each aureole.

I held my breath as I watched Rosie soap up her beautiful tits. She began masturbating them by pulling on the slippery nipples. I had to pull my steel-hard cock out of my pants to avoid injuring it. My grandmother sank into the water up to her neck to rinse the soap from her tits, then she turned her back to me and walked toward the far bank. I jacked my cock harder as I watched her delicious ass emerge from the water. I could not detect a single flaw on those marvelous buttocks.

When she was thigh-deep in the water, she turned toward me and I got my first look at her cunt. She had a nice growth on it but she hadn’t let it grow wild. It would have been a perfect triangle if the top had not been rounded. She soaped it again and again until hygiene became masturbation. Her eyes were closed and her smiling mouth was open as she worked her soapy fingers in and out of her cunt. She lowered herself to rinse off the soap and then turned away from me again and left the water.

My grandmother stretched out on the grassy bank and casually masturbated with her fingers. A passerby too far away to see the tiny crowsfeet at the corners of her eyes might have taken her for a woman half her age. She truly was stunning.

She bolted upright as though she Isparta Escort Bayan had just remembered something, then went to a tree and reached into a hollow. I was shocked when her hand emerged holding a large dildo. She stretched out on her grassy spot and spread her legs wide. I held my breath as I watched her pussy swallow up the dildo. It went in so smoothly that I knew her cuntal juices were flowing. She pumped it in and out with one hand and fingered her clit with the other. I had always wanted to watch a beautiful woman masturbate and now my dream had come true. Rosie began bucking up against the dildo as though she were actually fucking. Her beautiful face became unrecognizable as it contorted with lust. Her legs snapped together and she rolled onto her side. As I watched my grandmother’s orgasmic convulsions, my pent-up load spurted out onto the ground.

I quickly returned to the house and went in through the back door. I poured two glasses of ice tea and took them out to the porch. I handed one to Harry and then took a seat and sipped tea as I watched my beautiful grandmother walk up the path. “Well, that was very refreshing,” she said. “Yes, it was refreshing for me, too,” I thought.

It was nearly a week before my grandmother once again went to the pond for a bath. I went to my room for my binoculars and then hurried to the pond. I lay hidden in the bushes and focused the binoculars on Rosie’s fruity tits. My mouth watered as I ogled the magnificent mammaries. The binoculars brought them close enough to touch. Just as she had when I spied on her before, she soaped them up and masturbated the tiny brown erections that popped out.

Rosie lathered up her bush over and over again. Surely she was making it the cleanest, sweetest pussy in the county. She stretched out for a short sunbath, then went to the tree and retrieved her rubber lover. My binoculars brought her so close that I felt that I could reach out and work the dildo myself. The thick roll of artificial manhood glistened with her cuntal juices. She wrapped both of her hands around the base and lunged up against it. A gust of wind in my direction carried her moans across the water. I realized that she was starting to cum and pounded my cock harder. Just as she went into convulsions, my cock spewed onto the ground.

I spied on Rosie at least a dozen times before she caught me. One night I was laying in bed jacking off when the door suddenly opened and she walked in. Pulling a sheet over myself was like closing the barn door after the horse got out, but I had to do something. I had never seen her look so lovely. She was wearing a transparent pink nightgown Escort Isparta that did little to hide her beautiful body. She was smiling in a way that I had never seen her smile before. It was more like a smirk than a smile.

She walked over to where my binoculars hung from a hook on the wall. “I’m surprised that the Army didn’t teach you that binoculars reflect sunlight. I saw the flash more than once. I went to your hiding spot and found your drippings on the ground. What a waste! When I needed a cock so bad! Why weren’t you man enough to come and give me the fucking I needed?”

“Rosie, you’re a good, Christian woman. I thought about approaching you but decided that it would destroy our relationship. I didn’t think you would be willing to commit the greatest sin of all.”

“Giving a good, Christian woman what she needs is not a sin.” She tore the sheet away from me, straddled me, and gracefully impaled herself on my rigid cock. I had wrongly assumed that women her age had dry, slack pussies. Her honey-pot was slick and tight.

“It’s going to be so good to have a real man around the house,” she whispered. “No more rubber lover or sneaking off to the next county to get laid.”

I had to get my hands on her tits. I tugged away the ribbons on her nightie and pulled it from her shoulders. Her big melons jiggled in front of me. She knew what I wanted and leaned forward. I squeezed the soft mounds and sucked the perfect brown nipples. I went back and forth on them until they were at attention like little soldiers.

Rosie did all of the work for the first ten minutes, then I joined in. I planted my feet on the mattress for leverage and drove my cock up into her slick pussy. The sound of our bellies slapping together echoed off of the walls. I didn’t even care if my grandfather heard me fucking his wife. I knew she was close when she began blubbering in my ear. I clamped both hands on her ass to give me more control and fucked her hard and fast.

“Yes, oh, yes, that’s it, thank you, darling. You’re making me cum. Here it comes. Can you feel it?” Her cunt turned even slicker. Random Kegel spasms clamped down on my cock. She whimpered and sobbed in my ear as I shot my load deep inside her.

I didn’t stop after that first one. Hardly missing a beat, I rolled her onto her back and fucked her the way a man should fuck a woman. Sounds of a really good fuck filled the room – bedsprings creaking, bellies slapping together, her breathless sobbing, my heavy panting. I tried to make up for lost time as I screwed her for nearly an hour. I finally shot my load into her clenching pussy.

I fucked Rosie every day after that, sometimes in the most unusual places and at the most unusual times. When she was baking bread in the kitchen one day, I bent her forward, hoisted her skirt, and speared her pussy with my grandfather sitting on the porch a few feet away. And, of course, we fucked on the banks of the pond where it had all started.

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