Anita and Tom

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Anita spent a few minutes adjusting the table to ensure that everything was set just so for her husband Tom. It wasn’t that he was particularly demanding. Far from it, he was actually quite accommodating and rarely pressed her about things around the house. In many ways he was the ideal husband – more than willing to pitch in with the “domestic” chores, and without a chauvinistic bone in his body.

Which was exactly why she was going out of her way to please him, Anita contemplated with a note of self-approval. She was too independent a woman to ever have succeeded with a dominating husband. She certainly appreciated a strong male presence, of course, but to her a marriage was a meeting of equals. Different strengths, and different weaknesses, working together to create a union that melded them into one.

She realized that her thoughts were growing sentimental and mushy, and mentally slapped herself. While the feelings were valid, and well deserved, they did not suit her plans for the evening – in fact were rather inappropriate as it were – and she banished them from her thinking. For while this night was all about pleasuring her husband, it was not via the somewhat docile, submissive role that many women assume in order to please their spouse. Anita knew that what Tom really wanted was for her to take a forceful lead in the bedroom, teasing and tempting him until he could take no more…


Dinner was simple and elegant. Anita had prepared a wonderful light meal and Tom devoured it with gusto. She kept the Pinot Grigio flowing lavishly throughout. The crisp white wine matched the light, flaky haddock perfectly. Similarly, the flickering shadows created by numerous candles on the table set a romantic, sensuous mood.

Of course, there were unusual things as well. Romantic dinners don’t typically feature the husband sitting in his after work attire – slacks, shirt, and tie – while the wife lounges casually in black lingerie. In fact, Anita was fully decked out. She wore a leather and lace bustier that laced up the front and lifted her 34B breasts to look noticeably larger than their real size. Satin gloves concealed her arms nearly to the elbow, and she wore 4″ tall wedge-heeled shoes whose shiny vinyl material screamed “slut”. All in all, Tom found it quite difficult to focus and ate as if on autopilot. Had he been any less famished he might not have been able to eat anything at all.

Anita had planned very carefully. She didn’t want Tom to be so full that he became sleepy or needed an extended period to let his food settle. So the meal was intentionally small, and she let the sweet alcohol of the wine loosen him up a bit. She was going to be behaving rather unusually this evening and she wanted him good and relaxed for what was to come.

After clearing away his plates so that the table was empty save for the wine glass and the flickering candles, she took a seat on the table in front of him. That position placed her at a significant overall height advantage and left him looking slightly downward at her crotch, which was covered by an opaque wedge of black satin. Not a trace of her naturally flame-red hair peeked out from around the edges, nor was there even a hint of texture breaking the smoothness of the fabric as it flowed over and through the crease of her nether regions. Of course, Anita generally kept herself clean-shaven, but it was obvious even through the panties that she was freshly depilated.

An unexpected click brought Tom’s eyes upward and he saw his wife lighting a white cigarette that she had placed between her crimson-painted lips. She casually tilted her head back slightly and exhaled a thick stream of smoke.

“What’s going on Anita?” he asked in shock. “You don’t smoke!”

She lifted her right leg and smoothly rested the sole and heel of her shoe in the center of his chest, applying light pressure so that he could feel the wedge pinching his skin slightly. “There are a lot of things I do that you don’t know about,” she said firmly. She took another long drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke towards his face, slowly increasing the pressure on her foot until his chair begin tipping back on the two hind legs. She could see her husband’s face change a bit from the mild pain her heel caused and felt her vagina tingle moistly.

“Um…” he began slowly, clearly trying to think of something safe to say. Anita rapidly solved that problem for him, grinding her foot into his chest more aggressively such that he was balanced quite precariously.

“Shut up,” she instructed sharply. “You may not want answers to all the questions running through your head right now,” she teased him, “And besides, I haven’t given you permission to speak.” A quick glance at his crotch confirmed that her dominant approach was arousing him tremendously; his cock was tenting his trousers quite dramatically. Anita had always loved and respected her husband’s penis. At 9″ long, and thick, it was very nearly large enough to be her ideal cock – a fact that she had always glossed over in the Ataşehir Escort past when telling him he was the biggest and best she could ever ask for.

But over the past several years, Tom had let it be known in both subtle and not so subtle ways that he had always imagined his wife taking a more aggressive role in the bedroom. From the stories that he downloaded and allowed her to “find”, to the photos of dominatrices, face-sitting, and even toys being used on men, he had given her a clear understanding of his deepest desires. Of course, she knew that not everything in those stories was something he wanted to try. For example, he didn’t really want her to fuck other men behind his back. Nor did he have any interest in being treated as a cuckold. In fact, she found the idea of him as a cuckold somewhat implausible with his solid 6’4″ and 215 pound build. Still, he did want to be teased quite mercilessly…

She let all of these thoughts run through her head as she slowly smoked in silence, keeping him off-balanced in his chair and most likely wondering if she was going to tip him all the way over onto his back. In fact, she hadn’t quite decided that herself, and was debating the likelihood of actually injuring him if she knocked him over. Finally deciding he could take it, she suddenly pushed him over and laughed at his shocked gasp when the chair back hit the hardwood floor. She got off the table and stood over him, one leg on each side of his hips, finishing her cigarette and looking down, then bent double at the waist and put her lips nearly against his. However, she stayed just far enough away that it was not quite a kiss, and simply licked his lips while she exhaled her last drag.

“We can do this two ways,” she whispered to him. “My way-easy, or my way-hard.” She paused and put her hand on his cock – it was throbbing. “I recommend easy, which will certainly be less painful and frustrating for you. But the choice is really yours.” She gave his cock one last hard squeeze and brushed her mouth against his, then straightened.

“Get the fuck up and go to the bedroom,” she ordered.


Anita arrived in the bedroom a few minutes later, having decided to light another cigarette and let Tom wait for her. When she arrived, he was already naked and lying on the bed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she said in a menacing tone.

Tom had a look of utter confusion on his face. It was obvious that he’d thought stripping was the appropriate action before a nice round of sex. But Anita had other plans. She ordered him to sit on the edge of the bed, and then slowly pulled her panties off to reveal a slick gash shiny with her juices. She backed up to him and bent over.

“Lick my cunt until it’s nice and wet,” she commanded.

Tom eagerly complied, burying his face in her tangy twat. His tongue swirled all around the exterior, capturing her delicious nectar, and then diving inside to penetrate a few inches up the warm tunnel. Although it felt wonderful, and she was very much enjoying it, Anita fought back her moans and let an air of boredom emanate from her.

After several minutes of squeezing her cunt muscles to force her wetness into his mouth, she sighed dramatically. “Adequate, I suppose. Hand me the vibrator underneath the pillow,” she said.

Tom immediately complied, presenting her with a medium sized hard plastic g-spot vibe that was designed for minimal penetration and maximum sensation. She turned it about two thirds of the way up and inserted it just deeply enough to hook around the back of her g-spot. Now she let the moans fly, telling him nonverbally that the buzzing toy was pleasing her more than he had.

“Spread my butt cheeks and lick my asshole,” Anita ordered.

Tom resisted for a moment. That wasn’t something she had ever asked for before. She sensed his hesitation. “Lick my asshole you motherfucker!” she repeated, grabbing his head and pulling it towards her. He complied tentatively at first, taking one globe of her ass in each hand and spreading them widely to reveal her wrinkled brown hole. She was immaculately clean and he soon found himself enjoying the soft, crinkled skin as he played his tongue across it. This time, there was no way to hold back the sounds of her pleasure as Anita enjoyed being rimmed for the very first time. In fact, she had never even heard of it until reading some of his stories online, and thought it might be fun.

She let that continue for some time, and then made him stop and lie on the bed. She had prearranged several velcro cuffs and tie down straps so that she had him completely immobilized in a matter of seconds. Then she produced an unusual contraption that widened his eyes.

“This is a strap-on dildo harness,” she explained patiently as she fitted the device with a very large dong. The pecker was easily 10″ long and 2 1/2″ thick. “It’s not designed to be worn around the legs like lesbians do – or as if I were going to assfuck you with it,” she added pointedly.

“Instead,” she continued Bostancı Escort as she slid a strap under his back and around his sternum, “It’s made to hold a dildo in place around an object like, oh, your chest for example.” She tightened the strap and adjusted the dildo until it was sticking straight up from the center of his chest. Then she poured a generous amount of liquid lubricant onto it, letting the slick mess drip onto his chest unconcernedly.

Anita slid upwards, trailing her sopping pussy along his body to mark him with her scent. She paused with her twat just above the head of the dildo.

“You can’t be serious about fucking this huge thing,” Tom cried out.

She fixed a stern eye on him. “If you’d prefer, I can go down to the bar on the corner. I suppose if I chat with some of the black guys there I can find one who’s about this size – big enough to fuck me properly, unlike some I know. I don’t believe that you’d be in any position to do anything about it. So, shall we do it this way, or the other way?”

Tom gulped and nodded, then felt her weight on his torso as she slowly lowered herself onto the thick shaft. Anita let gravity do most of the work, simply sinking onto the dong and letting her cunt gradually stretch to accommodate it. Eventually her leaking twat was pressed right against Tom’s skin with the dildo buried fully inside of her.

“Oh, that feels good. I need a really big cock every once in a while, you know?” she said rhetorically. She reached back with one hand and grasped his shaft, confirming that he was still aroused. In fact, he was as hard as she’d ever felt him.

“See, I told you there are things you don’t know about me,” she told him breathily as she began to move up and down on the tool that impaled her. “For example, I really do need a big cock once in a while.” Anita intentionally used obtuse language to tantalize Tom – to make it sound as if it were just possible that she was getting sex from other men, even though she no desire to actually do so. But that was such a common theme in the erotica he enjoyed – wives taking lovers while their husbands watched, or didn’t even know. And his dick was pulsing in her hand to every word.

The dildo strapped to his chest was a stroke of pure genius she decided. Her pussy was literally oozing juices down the thick shaft to pool on his chest and run off to the sides in little rivulets. Each time she lifted up, the dong would start to pull up with her but was restrained by the straps. And when she again descended, her petite frame nevertheless drove the breath from her husband’s body as she compacted his chest with the force of her thrust. Plus, his body was the perfect size and shape for her knees to straddle comfortably. The best, of course, was that her pussy was barely a foot from his face, and also a foot and a half from his cock and balls, being fucked by a gigantic pseudo-dick. She knew that the desire to be in her must have been driving him crazy as she denied sharing him the pleasure she was experiencing.

Anita slowly stroked her husband in time with her rocking thrusts. She was careful not to build to him orgasm. She had other plans for his seed, and although making him clean her hand after he came in it would have been amusing, it wasn’t as dominating and intense was what she had planned. However, she had no compunctions about letting herself come. After all, as a highly multi-orgasmic woman it would have been wasteful to hold back. She enjoyed two exceptional climaxes as she rode the dildo on her husband’s chest, squirting a tiny amount of cunt juices out with each one.

Finally somewhat satiated, and realizing Tom had been teased nearly as much as he could handle, she reluctantly rose from the dildo. Due to its enormous size, her cunt gaped widely open, twitching, and she showed it to him. “You see Tom,” she said in a conversational tone, “This is what my pussy looks like after a good sized cock has fucked it. I suppose I might feel a little loose around your dick tonight… Do you like seeing my stretched out cunt like this?” Tom nodded, mesmerized. “Of course if it had been a man doing this to me tonight instead of the dildo, I’d be covered in frothy semen and it would be leaking out of me in thick streams – probably onto your face given the way I’m standing now. How would you like that?” she taunted.

Almost too much, she realized suddenly, as his dick jumped like crazy and he bit his lip. That was a close call.

She decided to give him a moment to recover so that he could at least fuck her for a couple of minutes before he came, so she left the bedroom. She returned a minute later with a cigarette, and something else in her left hand. She sat on the side of the bed next to him and smoked while she showed off her acquisition. It was a medium-sized butt plug. His eyes widened as she explained that she hadn’t bought it to use on herself.

She squirted a bunch of lubricant onto it and slid down between his legs. After taking a drag, she put the cigarette in her right hand Kadıköy Escort and grasped his cock, stroking it gently. With her left hand she pressed the tip of the silicone plug against his tightly puckered anus. With a slow, firm pressure she let the tapered wedge slip slowly inside until after 4″, the shaft narrowed abruptly before widening into a flat base. That was what made it a plug that would stay in, since his ass instantly clenched around the narrower portion and held it firmly inside. Tom groaned in pleasure at the unusual sensation.

She got on top once again, this time straddling his prick. He slid into her well-lubricated and stretched pussy easily. Although in truth Anita had never fucked a man bigger than Tom, she suddenly understood a little of the desire that a really well hung stud could create, and found herself fantasizing about a bigger lover. She took a final pull of the cigarette and then set it in an ashtray on the bedside table, picking up a candle as she did so. She kissed him with her smoky mouth, unable to contain her smile.

“Does this feel good?” she breathed.

Tom was capable only of groaning. Every movement of her hips drove his cock deeper into her, and forced him to clench down on the plug invading his asshole. Her cunt felt so different than when they normally fucked – usually he went a little cautiously so as not to cause her any pain or discomfort. But tonight her vagina was slack and sloppy feeling and the sensation was completely different. And she was riding him with wild abandon.

Suddenly he felt a searing heat on his chest – she had leaked some candle wax onto his skin.

He cried out from the sudden pain, which dissipated almost instantly into a warm tenderness.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” she asked with eyes aglow. She splashed him again. “Answer me, goddammit!”

“Yes!” he cried out in pleasure and pain.

“Good,” she continued. “You might as well enjoy the inevitable, since it’s going to happen irregardless of your feelings.” She continued to fuck him, and drip on him, listening to his moans increase in intensity. She knew he was very close to orgasm. Being dominated, and even humiliated a little, by her had clearly driven him wild and she was surprised to discover how much she had enjoyed it as well. Deciding the time was right to finish him off, she leaned forward and carefully, firmly, bit and sucked on one of his nipples.

The feeling of his hot semen jetting into her warm sex was all it took to give Anita the start of her third orgasm of the evening. Tom was ejaculating with more force than she had ever felt before. Each pulse that impelled jism far into her crevice was like a tiny earthquake inside of her, and for the first time she actually felt the spooge hit her cervix rather than simply feeling the jerking of his cock and spreading warmth as usual. She groaned out her own quivering pleasure around the stiff nipple that she continued to ravage. Their orgasms lasted nearly 60 seconds before subsiding. Both of them were left feeling somewhat breathless afterward.

But Anita had one last need, for a final climax of the night, and a final assertion of her dominance that she knew Tom desperately wanted from her. Although occasionally he would go down on her after sex, she always insisted on first wiping away most of the come with a towel so that it didn’t leak out all over the bed. But tonight, she thought inwardly as she lifted her hips from his shrinking cock and clenched her pussy as tight as nature allowed, it was going to get a whole lot messier than that.

Moving rapidly, she scooted her hips up the bed until she straddled his face. Her action was so swift that he barely had time to react before she loosened her muscles and let the first string of sperm start oozing and dangling from her twat. It landed on his closed lips.

“Open your fucking mouth!” she hissed. Tom complied and she squeezed out the next stream to land on his tongue. The sight of the milky fluid pooling on his tongue, a mixture of his semen and her cuntal essence, was immensely erotic to her, and she urged him to swallow it. Then she lowered herself to his face and ground her sloppy pussy against his mouth. Tom’s tongue came alive as his mind caught up with her actions, and he began eagerly eating his own creamy mess from her red, well-fucked pussy.

The amount of come inside of her was incredible. She had driven him to a level of arousal that he had never been to before, and he had pumped her to overflowing. She could feel gob after gob sliding loose with the active probing of his tongue, and felt him swallowing regularly to consume it all. To further degrade him, she made sure to rub her gash all over his mouth and face and smear the mixture of fuck juices all over him. Knowing he was devouring his own load brought her very close to orgasm, and she mentally envisioned doing this to him again another time in the future, only this time after she had gone ahead and let another, very well-hung man fuck his load up into her. The thought triggered an immediate, powerful climax that ripped through her body, and she decided not to tell Tom what had gotten her off so, knowing that there would be a next time for these activities and saving the material for then. Or for a surprise, in case she ended up deciding to do it for real…

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