An Incest Birthday Ch. 19

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Ashley. The 5’4″ redheaded, hazel eyed, small titted (a-b cup) wicked witch of the west was the person we blindly agreed to hang out with for the next few weeks. Fuck my life. Of all the people that could have come through the door, why did it have to be her? How bad is my luck? I know the saying goes you have to take the good with the bad, but this is worse than bad, this is beyond bad, this is Ashley, here, in our house, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

“Oh you’ve already met each other?” Ashley’s father asked.

“Yeah we’ve met, we actually know each other pretty well,” Ashley smirked.

“Good, this will be easier than I thought. Just don’t try anything or I’ll break your arms,” he said as he followed with that loud rich white guy laugh.

I take the opportunity to glare a hole through Ashley, who in turn puts on a fake smile and gleams right back at me. She hasn’t been here long and she’s already getting under my skin. I hear footsteps descending the stairs and watch as Rita rounds the corner to see all of us standing there, then gives the same look I gave when I first saw Ashley, utterly pissed.

“Hey, this is who we’ll be hanging out with, you remember Ashley right?” I forced out nicely.

“Y-Yeah, its been a while though, it might be a little awkward,” Rita responded.

“Nonsense, I’m sure you kids will hit it off great. Mike if you’ll come with me, we can hash out the details before I leave,” Ashleys father said.

They left the room and Rita and I went for the cereal and sat down like Ashley wasn’t even there. We were sitting there quiet for a good while before she eventually started talking.

“You know, at first I was against this, but the more I thought about it, I realized this could be fun. I’m really gonna enjoy telling you guys what to do,” Ashley said.

“Uhh no! We agreed to hang out with you, not be your slaves,” Rita said.

“I use the term ‘agreed’ loosely,” I added.

“The way I see it, you need my fathers contract, and you keeping me happy and entertained is part of that contract, so unless you wanna ruin your dads big break, I suggest you get on board. Don’t worry, I won’t go too hard on you, at first, but I will need your numbers, and you had better answer if I call,” Ashley grinned.

Fuck. She had us and she knew it. There was nothing we could do about it but hope upon hope that dad moved on to another contract or they pulled Ashley out of the mix, but you know how these things always go, never in your favor. Dad walked them out the door and to their car and the second he was back in the house we were right there.

“Dad, come on, that’s Ashley! Do we really have to hang out with her?” Rita pouted.

“Yes, you gave your word, there’s no getting out of it.”

“Dad she’s impossible to be friends with, we don’t like her and she doesn’t like us,” I added.

“Well you better figure out something you like about each other because for the next three weeks you three are gonna be best friends. Look at it like this, if shes as bad as you say she is, this could be the time to rehabilitate her, make her likeable again.”

“Probably not gonna work with her dad,” I said.

“I really need this contract guys, promise me you’ll try?”

Damn, I was hoping he didn’t do that. Dad only gets like that when he really needs something, which surprising is almost never, which means we have to say yes, if we were the decent kids he raised us to be. He took our silence as agreement and pulled us both in a hug.

“I knew I could count on you two, its only for three weeks.”

“You owe us big time. Hey, where’s mom and Aunt Lisa?” Rita asked.

“Where do you think? Shopping. Your Aunt is a bad influence on her, your mom was already bad to begin with. I’m gonna go get them before they start buying stuff because its on sale.”

Dad went to the back yard and we put our cereal bowls in the sink and retreated back to our room and plopped on the bed, soaking in the recent series of events that just took place.

“I’m thinking the same thing, no getting out of this one,” Rita said.

“It might not have been that bad if she didn’t threaten us right off the rip.”

“Yeah. On the bright side…”

“There’s a bright side?”

“No, I just thought I’d get your hopes up,” Rita laughed.

“I should’ve figured, we’re talking about Ashley. Oh while I remember, I never got the chance to tell you about that dream I had. I was in some weird room and there were three doors, one had an R, one had an S, and one had an A. I opened the door with the R and you came out, then I opened the door with the S and Stephanie came out, but then I got to the door with the A on it and couldn’t open it, it had three locks. Stephanie unlocked the combination lock, you unlocked the hook lock, and I had the deadbolt. When I turned it and opened the door Aunt Lisa woke me up before I could see what happened.”

“Well I’m guessing the A stands for Ashley right?”

“That’s what I’m assuming, unless it was mom, but I don’t think so.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t come Giresun Escort out? Why would you want those problems?”

“I just thought it was weird. Why did the A door have locks on it and not the other ones?”

“Maybe because you wanna seal yourself off from her, you don’t want her in your head.”

That actually made a lot of sense. I want as little to do with Ashley as possible, so why not block her off in my head too. Something is missing though, I don’t know what, because Aunt Lisa woke me up before I could see what happened next, but something definitely doesn’t feel right, like the dream was trying to tell me something.

“Hey. Hey you. Over here, yeah, over here.”

I looked at Rita who was staring out the window. “We’ve been so caught up in your dream we almost missed a very important detail!”

“And that would be…”

She jumped back on the bed and climbed over me. “We’re completely alone.”

I looked around the room pretending to look for someone. “I guess we are, if only there was something we could do to pass the time…”

“I could think of a few things.”

“Yeah we could clean the house, play xbox, catch up on some reading…”

She took my hands and cupped her ass. “Or you could fuck me until I pass out,” she grinned.

She had barely finished her sentence before I was sliding her pajama pants down her legs. She kicked them off and took my shorts and boxers off and immediately climbed on top of me.

“No foreplay?”

“Not today, I don’t feel like being all cute after Ashley messed my day up. I just want to fuck.”

“Wont get any arguments from m… oh fuck!”

She didn’t even wait for me to finish my sentence before she sat down on my cock. She didn’t even bother taking her panties off, just slid them to the side as she worked my cock in and out of her pussy, slamming herself down on me with each thrust. I grabbed her hips and helped her slam herself down on me since its what she wanted.

“Fuck yes Randy make me take all that cock!”

She fell on top of me and cradled her arms around my back and met me thrust for thrust. I couldn’t see anything because of all her hair in my face and the only thing I could hear was our skin clapping together, and then my phone started ringing.

“Let it ring, I don’t care who it is!” Rita said as she kept riding me.

We ignored it and didn’t miss a beat, or in this case, thrust. I rolled her on her side and lifted her leg in the air and fucked her on her side. I squeezed her tit in one hand and played with her clit with the other as I slid in and out of her. By this point she was no longer talking or moaning, she was just breathing very loud and very labored, and I was enjoying the hell out of it, until my phone rang again.

“Fuck! Who is that! Call back later!” Rita yelled starting to get a little annoyed.

Her getting riled up like that turned me on even more. I pulled out of her and got her up on her knees, making her hold on to the headboard as I tickled my cock at her pussy.

“Stop playing Randy, no foreplay remember? Just fuck me!”

“Who said this was foreplay?”

“If you not fucking me then it foooooooh fuck!”

I waited for that exact moment to slam into her as hard as I could. I pulled her hair back and held it with both hands as her ass bounced off me. Fucking her doggy is probably the best because of how deep I always get combined with how tight and wet she always is, watching her ass bounce off me is the icing on the cake. I’ve made her come some many times like this I could bribe her with the most ridiculous thing and she would do it as long as I didn’t stop fucking her. To make her even hotter I took my thumb and started playing with her asshole, and when she started to moan again, I pushed it all the way in.

“Oh my fucking god yes! Don’t stop baby don’t fucking stop!”

By now the smell of sex was flooding the air so bad we would definitely have to open a window. I sped up my thrusts to the point that she was pulling the headboard off the wall with her each time I pulled at her hips. She was getting close, I could tell, and if I kept it up she would have an exploding orgasm all over my cock. I was really in my zone, so much that I went on autopilot again. I could fuck her for hours when I got like this, but I wanted her to cum, I wanted to feel her pussy squeeze my cock in appreciation as she came all over it, so I let her hair go, took my thumb out of her ass and went full go on her pussy. I grabbed her waist with both hands and hammered her, I hammered her like she wanted to be.

“Yes, yes yes yes yes yes FUCK! YES!”

We were both going crazy, me fucking her and her with pleasure. She was the perfect picture of cloud nine, she was taking everything I gave her without a care in the world and on her way to what seemed to be a very satisfying orgasm, then her phone rang, and rang, and rang again. It was such a distraction it threw off her momentum and killed her build-up.

“FUCK! I was so close! Whoever this is better be fucking dying,” she said frustrated. Giresun Escort Bayan “Its fucking Ashley,” she said as she looked at the screen, debating on whether or not to answer the phone, then reluctantly picked it up and put it on speaker.

“I have been calling you and Randy for the longest! Where have you been?” Ashley yelled.

“Busy Ashley, we do have lives you know.” Rita responded.

“Well you might, but I doubt Randy does, probably sitting at home right now isn’t he?”

“Don’t you have something, or someone to do Ashley,” I interjected.

“There he is, I knew it, predictable lonely little Randy, awwwwwwwww.”

I held back my anger at the last minute. “What do you want Ashley?”

“Some company. I just got some new movies and don’t feel like watching them by myself.”

“After all that shit you just game me about being by myself you…”

“I’m allowed to be alone every once in a while Randy, ONCE in a while, not all the time like you. Anyway get over here asap, I’m about to make popcorn in a little bit.”

“What if we were already doing something,” Rita spoke up.

“Whatever it was I’m sure you can go back to it later, just get over here.”

“We can come a little later…”

“Don’t make me have to call daddyyyyyyyyyy,” she interrupted again.

“Fine, were on the way,” Rita said obviously holding back anger.

“There, that wasn’t so hard. Rita you still remember where I live right?”

“Yeah Ashley.”

“Great, see you both in the next fifteen minutes.”

Rita hung up the phone and just stared at it, contemplating throwing it out the window.

“I’m just as pissed, but don’t break your stuff, break hers on accident.”

She gave a small smile but the frustration was still there. We didn’t wanna go, but for the sake of dads job we put our pride aside and got dressed and headed to Ashley’s.

“I don’t wanna stay here long, lets just humor her for a while then leave, maybe we can salvage some more sex before mom and dad get back,” Rita said.

“She really did call at the worst time possible.”

“Humor her, then we leave.”

We pulled in the driveway of a larger than most house, just about what I expected since her father was a big shot. We got out and started walking to the door and Ashley opened it and stepped out onto the porch in what looked like a little girls tank top and shorts.

“Took you longer than fifteen minutes, but better late than never I guess.”

“You live across town Ashley, I’m not getting a ticket so I can meet your deadline,” Rita said.

“Lucky for you I’m in a good mood, I’ll even let you pick the movie.”

We followed her into the house which was even bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. It was huge, I wouldn’t even know what to do with all that space, let alone have enough furniture to fill it. We followed her to the living room where there was popcorn and candy and all this nail polish crap set on the table in front of the couch.

“The Wolverine or Thor: The Dark World?” Ashley asked.

“Thor,” I said and Rita agreed.

“The Wolverine it is.”

“I thought we got to pick?” Rita asked.

“You did, I just didn’t keep what you picked,” she gloated as she put the movie in.

I knew she would do that, that’s why I said Thor, I already seen it, Rita and us both. We’ve been wanting to see Wolverine but couldn’t find the time, at least one silver lining came of this.

“So what were you guys doing that was so important you tried to blow me off?” Ashley asked.

“Family activities, you wouldn’t understand,” Rita replied.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because you don’t seem like the family type,” I added.

“Shows how little you know, I love my daddy a lot.”

“You love daddys money even more,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that?!”

“I said I would love some honey on my popcorn,” I rebutted.

“Mm-hmm, that’s what I thought you said. Be lucky I’m in a good mood.”

“Just for the record, you can’t just call us up at some random time of the day and expect us to drop whatever were doing so we can come entertain you, we have lives of our own. If anything you have to let us know ahead of time, we…”

“First of all, Randy, you are in no position to demand anything, you need me and my father so I would watch it. Second of all, Randy, if I want you to fly to Tokyo to get me some sushi you’d be on a plane quicker than you can say doumo arigatou! And lastly, Randy, this is the way its gonna be for a while so you better start getting used to it. The honey is in the kitchen, down the hall to the left, in the first cabinet to the left of the sink on the bottom, help yourself.”

I got up even more frustrated than when I first got there. I didn’t even want the damn honey, I just left the room so I could get away from her for a second. This was going to be the challenge of a lifetime, hiding our relationship from her wasn’t gonna be nearly as hard as putting up with that for three weeks, one of us is gonna end up killing the Escort Giresun other, I know it. I grabbed the bottle of honey and dragged myself back to the living room to see that the movie already started.

“You couldn’t wait five seconds,” I said annoyed.

“More like five minutes, doesn’t take that long to walk there and back. Why are you so quiet Rita? Randy complaining too much?”

“Stressed from this morning, got a lot of pent up energy I need to let out, you called in the middle of an intense workout, with your horrible timing.”

“Intense workout huh? It involve Chris?”

Rita paused a second too long to make Ashley think that it really did. “It did didn’t it? Well come on, details! He came over and just started pounding you or what?”

“Not in front of my brother!” Rita fake complained to keep up appearances.

“Please, it’ll probably be the first time he even talked about sex. That reminds me, how did you manage to get Stephanie to go out with you, you bribe her or something?”

“Yep. That’s what I did. I told her if she didn’t go out with me I would tell her parents I caught her smoking weed and fucking at a hippie party, worked like a charm.”

“I knew it. Such a shame you have to blackmail someone to get what you want.”

“Kinda like how you’re doing now?”

“This is different, you both wanna be here, you just don’t know it yet.”

“Yeah whatever, can we watch the movie in silence before we miss too much of it?” I saw her getting ready to say something because it sounded like I made a demand, but at this point I just didn’t wanna go through another round of shit talk, I just wanted to get through this day, so for Rita’s sake, and mine, I chose to be the bigger man. “Please?”

Her face relaxed as soon as the word left my mouth. “There you go, you’re finally catching on. That wasn’t so hard was it?”

As about as hard as I was this morning fucking Rita before you cockblockingly decided to call and mess everything up, only to sit here and watch a movie, yeah, not hard at all.

We all finally shut up and watched the movie without incident, which turned out to be better than I thought it would be, but it wasn’t to last. About halfway through

Ashley started to get agitated, moving around on the couch, scratching her foot against the post, anything she could do to be annoying. Right when the movie started to pick up she had to pull this crap.

“Randy, quick question, how strong are your hands?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“How strong are your hands? It’s a simple question. Well at least I know you have at least one strong hand with all those lonely nights. Come give me a foot massage.”

“What? I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have a choice, besides its not gonna kill you its just a foot.”

“Its your foot.”

“Which makes you lucky that I would let you touch me. Now come on, foot massage.”

She put her foot on my leg and held it there. I snuck a look at Rita who was looking back with a “sorry, just get it over with” look, then I turned my gaze back to Ashley who was still staring at me until I reluctantly grabbed her foot and started rubbing it. I wouldn’t do anything fancy, I mostly just pushed the skin around as lazily as I could hoping she’d think I sucked at it.

“Come on with this crap massage, I know you can do better than that!”

“I’m not that good at massages.”

“Hes really not, he tried to give me a back massage once, end up hurting me more, I’d steer clear if I were you,” Rita tried to help.

“He has to learn sometime. There are a lot of worse things I can have you do…”

I didn’t like that comment. The power she had over made me wonder what she could do, much worse than this, and I didn’t want Rita or I to experience it first hand, so I sucked it up and started rubbing her foot. I’m actually pretty good at massages, I just didn’t want her to know that. I kneaded and rubbed her foot like it was Rita’s or moms, that “worse things I can have you do” comment stuck with me, really made me paranoid, so I figured whats a little personal embarrassment, at least we weren’t out in public. I made perfectly sure not to stare at her or her foot as I was giving her the massage, but then she started making little noises that I was doing a good job, which made it hard to concentrate on the movie.

“See? I knew you were good at something, noones that useless.”

“Well if anyone would know its you Ashley,” I responded.

“Watch it, I still own you if you haven’t noticed, do my other foot.”

She switched feet and grabbed the bottle of light blue nail polish off the table, shook it and handed it to Rita, who didn’t give it a second thought.

“That’s ok, I don’t want my nails painted right now,” Rita said.

“Umm ok, good thing its not for you then, its for me.”

“Then why did you hand me the bottle?”

“So you can paint my nails for me, duh.”

“Are you serious Ashley? You can’t paint your own nails?”

“I can, but its way easier to have someone do it for you, someone who doesn’t have a choice.”

“You’re taking this a little too far Ashley, yeah we have to be nice to you for a while but this is ridiculous, turning us into slaves for your amusement? Who does that? Don’t you have that group of ditsy girls who love to do this kind of stuff for you?”

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