An Evening with Mr. Logan Ch. 04

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I had a webcam study session with my history teacher earlier this evening, but I accidentally left the webcam running after the study session ended. Mr. Logan didn’t think I knew that he was watching me. However, I was well aware of his presence when I took off all my clothes in front of him. Then my hot mom appeared naked in front of the computer camera and she really didn’t know that my history teacher was watching her. My mom heightened my humiliation by fondling me and giving me a thorough (and I mean thorough) nude massage while my history teacher watched. After the massage, my mom left the room so it was now just Mr. Logan and me.

I was still naked and lying face up on my bed. The computer camera was at the end of the bed and it was pointed right at my hairless beaver. I glanced over at Mr. Logan and he was still looking at me. I figured he had seen so much of me tonight that there was no reason to end the Skype session now.

My juices were flowing and I had urges that needed to be satisfied immediately. At this point I didn’t care if Mr. Logan was watching me or not. In fact, knowing that my history teacher was watching me actually intensified my emotions. I decided to have a little fun with the situation and perform for the camera like my mom did, except I was well aware that my teacher is watching me.

In my best sexy voice I said, “Mmm, I’m so turned on. I know you can’t see me Mr. Logan because I turned the webcam off hours ago, but I’m gonna pretend like you’re still watching me through the computer while I play with myself.”

In a soft, innocent voice I continued, “It’s really a shame that you can’t see me right now Mr. Logan because I don’t have any clothes on. I’m completely naked. Would you like that Mr. Logan? Would you like to see one of the eighteen year old girls in your class naked? I think you’d like that. I think you’d like that very much!”

I looked right at the camera, licked my lips and began dragging my fingertips up and down my bare flesh.

I said, “I love tickling my bare skin. My skin is so soft and it feels so good when tuzla escort I gently drag my fingertips up and down my naked body. It’s too bad you’re not here to tickle me Mr. Logan. You could tickle every inch of my bare body and I wouldn’t tell anyone. It would be our little secret.”

I continued running my fingers up and down my body until my fingers found my bare breasts.

I rubbed my tits and said, “Mmm, my breasts feel so good. They’re so full and firm. I bet you’d have fun squeezing these and I’d love it if you played with my nipples, like this. See? See how I’m playing with my nipples?”

I started moving my fingertips in gentle circles over my round rosy nipples for the longest time while my history teacher watched. Then I began pinching and teased my nipples until they were good and hard. I couldn’t help myself and I started pulling on my nipples until I worked myself up into frenzy.

I pushed my breasts together in front of the camera and said, “Look Mr. Logan…see how hard my nipples are? Having my nipples touched drives me wild. I wish you were here to touch my nipples. Would you like to touch my nipples? Maybe you could kiss them and suck on them, too. That would feel really good.”

I casually glanced at the screen and Mr. Logan was still watching me, but now it looked like his arm was moving up and down. It was exciting to know that my history teacher getting off while he was watching me play with myself. As Mr. Logan stroked himself, I slowly moved my fingers up and down my inner thighs. I knew my history teacher could see me, but I wanted to continue playing the game where I acted like I was only pretending to perform for him.

I said, “I know you can’t see me Mr. Logan. I know I’m just imaging that you’re watching me because our study session ended long ago, but if you were still connected to the webcam, you’d be able to see my pussy. See? I shaved real close just for you. See how smooth it is?”

I looked at the camera and asked, “What, you want a better view? Mr. Logan, I’m your high school student and you’re my teacher. göztepe escort You shouldn’t be asking for a closer look at my pussy,” and then I put my hand over my bare beaver as if I was trying to hide it from him.

After a short pause I giggled and said, “Okay…if you want to see my pussy that bad then here, let me give you a better view,” and then I moved closer to the end of the bed, which was also much closer to the camera.

I said, “You can see my pussy much better now, can’t you? You can really see how smooth and clean it is. Wait, what did you say? You’ll give me an A if I spread my legs wide apart?”

I paused for a moment, and then I continued, “Mr. Logan, are you sure it’s a good idea? You’re my teacher and I’m your eighteen year old student. I don’t know if I should spread my legs for you. If I do, then you’ll have a clear view of my tight wet pussy. Is that what you want to see…a little teenaged girl’s smooth bare beaver? Oh, okay Mr. Logan. For an A in your class I’ll do it…and I won’t tell anyone,” and then I spread my legs apart as wide as they would go.

I looked at myself on the computer screen and what I was showing my history teacher was downright obscene. My smooth shaved beaver and pretty pink pussy lips filled the screen, and Mr. Logan appeared to be thrilled with the opportunity to see my most private area.

I continued with the soft sexy dialogue by saying, “It’s too bad you can’t see me right now Mr. Logan. You’d be able to see my entire pussy, from the top all the way to the bottom of my wet pink lips. And if you were here, you’d be able to touch my pussy like this,” and then I slid my finger into my tight wet pussy and began thrusting my finger in and out.

I continued, “Mmm, that feels so good. Are you watching? Are you watching, Mr. Logan. Can you see me playing with my pussy? I bet you wish you were here so you could touch my pussy. I’d let you…I’d let you touch my pussy.”

Then I moved my other hand down between my legs and said, “I also like to massage my little clitty. See? See how I touch üsküdar escort my love button? Yeah, that really feels good…It really gets my juices flowing. Watch how I’m doing it so you can do it next time. You can do it just like this,” and then I arched my back to make sure that all of the action was being captured by the webcam.

As I worked my fingertip in little circles deep inside of me, I continued massaging my love button with my other hand. Teasing my little clitty was driving me wild! With one finger, I was showing Mr. Logan exactly how I liked to be touched while my other finger feverously worked over the inside of my wet pussy. Soon my juices were really flowing and I could feel the tension inside of me building stronger and stronger.

I moaned, “Mr. Logan, it feels so good. I…I don’t think I can…uh…take it much longer.”

Soon I was right on the edge of an orgasm and I started calling out, “A little more…almost there…ah, just a little more and, uh yes, yes, oh yes…that’s it, that’s it, I’m cumming. I’m cumming”

My body felt like it exploded. I continued ramming my finger in and out of my pussy while I struggled to catch my breath, and then I just couldn’t take it anymore. With a little whimper, I pulled my finger out, and then I laid back, spread my legs wide and let Mr. Logan feast his eyes on my tight teenaged pussy.

He must have liked what he saw because I heard Mr. Logan grunt followed by some heavy breathing, and then the show was over. As I tried to recover from my powerful orgasm, my body twitched and flinched. I laid there spread-eagle for a long time. Finally I was able to relax and when I looked up, Mr. Logan was smiling at me. His hair was messed up and he had sweat running down his face.

I was still naked as I stretched out on the bed as the scent of young girl pussy juice filled the air. Then I scooted up to the computer, touched my nipples and blew Mr. Logan a kiss before closing my laptop.

Suddenly my mom popped her head through the door and said, “Goodnight.”

Then she continued, “By the way, you know I can hear you out here, don’t you? It sounds like your teacher missed one heck of a show!”

I just blushed and said, “Goodnight mom!”

Maybe my mom knew the truth or maybe she didn’t, but the truth was…Mr. Logan didn’t miss a thing!

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