Altocalciphilia: Auntie Rachel’s Stilettos

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Anthony huffed and rolled his eyes at his mother’s question. He was in the back seat of the family SUV, on the way to his uncle’s new house for Sunday lunch. His mother had her back to Anthony and didn’t see his reaction. His dad snickered. He had witnessed Anthony’s reaction in the rear view mirror.They were driving to Anthony’s paternal uncle Mario’s new home. Mario had recently married again. His new wife, Rachel, had purchased two seats for an environmental awareness charity dinner that Mario wouldn’t be able to attend. The date conflicted with the yearly union convention in Las Vegas. Anthony’s parents and his uncle would attend the convention.Anthony’s dad, Robert, chimed in, “Leave the kid alone, Marie. When I was our son’s age, I wouldn’t want to accompany my aunt to a charity dinner, either.”“Thank you, Dad!” Anthony sighed with a sense of relief.Marie turned in her seat to look at her son. “It a great opportunity to network for potential business relationships. What good is your engineering degree if you don’t look for opportunities to leverage it for your benefit? You’re twenty five years old, Anthony. It’s time to think seriously about, and start planning your future.” Marie turned away from her son and added, “Besides, your aunt Rachel could help brush up on social graces. She’s well versed in manners, conversation, etiquette, and fashion.”Robert chuckled, “Old money doesn’t mix with new money, Marie. Anthony is perfectly content with learning, and eventually taking over the family construction business from me and my brother.”Marie huffed, “All I’m saying is that it would be a positive life experience for our son.”~Rachel greeted her three guests at her front door with hugs and kisses on their cheeks. “I’m thrilled to finally have you over to our new house. Mario is the backyard ‘grilling and chilling’ – as he refers to barbequing.”Anthony handed a bouquet of Amethyst Orchids to his aunt while his parents made their way to the backyard.  “Nice to see you again, Aunt Rachel.”“How very thoughtful and sweet. They’re beautiful. Thank you, Anthony,” Rachel smiled as she took the bouquet. “Go say hello to your uncle while I put the flowers in a vase.”Anthony followed Rachel and couldn’t help himself from checking out her tight, slim form. Her long, chestnut brown was tied in a springy ponytail that swayed and bounced with each step. Her snug fitting, faded blue jeans hugged her shapely hips and tight ass. The bottom hems of the jeans were rolled up well past her delicate and tanned ankles. The half sleeve, off the shoulder, flower patterned blouse teased Anthony by revealing about six, tanned inches of the small of Rachel’s back and slim waist.Anthony thought to himself, “Uncle Mario is a lucky guy,” and grinned as he continued to ogle his aunt’s tight ass wiggle.~After everyone had finished Side Escort eating, Rachel announced that she had made Tiramisu for dessert as she stood up from the table. “I know it’s Anthony’s favorite,” she chuckled to her husband.Mario laughed and said, “Jeez, I completely forgot.” He looked at Anthony and asked, “Hey champ, could you hook up a new printer to our computer? I got a shit load of printing to do for work.”Anthony nodded, “Sure, Uncle Mario. Where’s your computer? I’ll do it right now. It should only take a couple of minutes.”His uncle gave Anthony the thumbs up and replied, “Upstairs, in the bedroom. The printer is still in the box. Thanks champ, I owe you one,” Mario smiled at Anthony.Anthony excused himself from the table and headed upstairs. The door to the bedroom was open. Anthony spotted the monitor of the computer on a long, wooden desk against the wall opposite the bedroom door and headed towards it. As he entered the room, something in his peripheral vision caught his attention. He turned his head and focused on what had caught is eye.The mirrored, sliding door of the shoe closet was open. Anthony honed in on a very specific pair of women’s shoes. Of all the shoes neatly displayed on the five racks, a single pair of shiny, red stilettos on the middle rack caused Anthony’s cock to twitch.Anthony turned towards the shoe closet and inspected the stilettos. He tilted his head to the side, craned his neck and noticed that the entire outer platform, soul and bottom of the shoe was the same, sexy, shiny color of red. The finish on the leather made them look wet. As if a fresh coat of red paint had been flawlessly brushed over their entire outer surface.He decided that he would inspect his aunt’s high heels in a more intimate manner after he connected the printer to the computer. As soon as he had the printer working; he revisited the shoe closet and focused his attention on the objects that had aroused him.As far back as Anthony could remember; he had always been turned on by high heels. Stilettos make a woman’s legs appear longer and more toned. To balance themselves on high heels, ladies are  forced to push out their chest and derrieres, which puts their breasts and asses more prominently on display.Anthony grabbed his cock. It grew to full erection quickly. A sudden rush of adrenaline made him shiver as his fingers caressed the stilettos. He was half expecting to smudge their surface and that his fingers would be left stained with red paint.Its thin five inch heel was sleek and sexy. He imagined how his aunt would look in the slutty footwear. How her calf muscles, tight and straining, would ripple beneath her tight skin and extenuate that sexy line that starts just below the knee and runs down the entire length of the side of a woman’s calf when manavgat escort bayan she’s in heels.Anthony loved that sexy line on a woman’s calf. He also loved the locked position and steep angle that stilettos punishingly trap a woman’s foot in. What Anthony loved the most about a woman in heels was how their back over-arches and creates that ‘fuck me’ angle between their upper back and ass.Catching a glimpse of a woman’s breasts bounce and jiggle on their chests as they walked in high heels was always a stimulating sight for Anthony. His aunt had large breasts. Anthony began to fantasize Rachel naked and walking towards him in the red stilettos he was admiring and became increasingly hornier.“Fuck! I gotta come!” Anthony gruffly panted.He closed his eyes and imagined his aunt slipping her slender foot into the shoe he was holding. He pulled down the zipper of his pants and freed his throbbing, twitching cock as he fantasized about watching Rachel’s painted toes slip past the vamp, and into the red stiletto.Anthony shut his eyes. “Fuck!” he growled through clenched teeth and began to stroke his fully erect cock.His mind flashed provocative images of his aunt in various states of dress – but always wearing the same pair of red shoes that had triggered the profound sexual reaction in him. Anthony threw a quick glance at the open doorway and made a split second decision. He had to come. He had never experienced such an immediate and intense state of sexual arousal.His cock throbbed with such an intense force that it caused Anthony pain. He had to fuck his aunt’s red, platform stilettos. The urge was beyond anything he could control. He’d wipe his cum out of her shoe with toilet paper and flush all evidence of his impromptu, fetish fuck down the toilet.He tightened the grip around his engorged cock and stroked it with abandoned urgency. The pressure at the base of cock quickly peaked to the inevitable point of no return. Holding on tightly to the stiletto with both hands, Anthony aimed his cock at the opening beneath the stiletto’s vamp and thrusted into his aunt’s shoe. The swollen head of his cock crashed repeatedly against the inside of the closed, tapered toe. Anthony grunted and grimaced each time the tip of his cock met the resistance of the tight, leather cavern. It only took a couple of thrusts for Anthony’s cock to erupt and fill the stiletto with cum.Anthony’s euphoria lasted only a few seconds. He was brought crashing back to cold reality by the sound of his name leaving his aunt’s lips, “Anthony!” Her over emphasis of the first syllable of his name unmistakingly implied the unspoken question – ‘What the fuck are you doing?’Rachel’s reflex reaction was of great shock and anger at the sight of Anthony convulsing in uncontrollable spasms as if Escort alanya a demon was trying to escape from within him. She was unaware that her baser instincts had caused her body to react in a very different manner. Rachel’s pussy clenched and became very wet, very quickly at the sight.Anthony couldn’t move. He was paralyzed and dumbstruck. He wanted to shrivel up and disappear off the face of the Earth. He turned his head to the bedroom doorway and was mortified to see his aunt Rachel standing there with a plate of Tiramisu, fork and napkin in one hand. What could he possibly say to her? Was there any point in saying anything at all? He stared blankly at her as some part of his brain managed to make his mouth move and stutter, “I’m so sorry.”A sudden and loud ringing in Anthony’s ears muted his own voice and what Rachel had replied to his apology. The room began to spin out of control and his vision blurred for an instant. The soft touch of Rachel’s hand on his cheek brought Anthony back to the moment.“Are you okay?” she asked him with a deep sense of concern.Anthony took a deep breath and shamefully replied, “Ya. I’m so sorry. I can’t explain why I did what I did. It – it just sort of happened.”Rachel stared at Anthony’s cock for a silent moment. It was semi hard and still twitching – buried in her stiletto. She placed the desert on the desk and turned to face Anthony. With one hand on her hip and her right foot tapping, she extended her hand. “Are you finished defiling my Louboutins? Can I have my shoe back?” she half sneered to emphasize how upset she was over the ordeal. Anthony nodded as he handed Rachel the stiletto. He half turned away from his Aunt, tucked his cock back into his pants and pulled up his zipper.Rachel was very angry at Anthony and the tone of her voice conveyed it clearly. “It took me a long time to get these. They’re nine- hundred dollar Louboutin, five inch, platform stilettos. Have you any idea how long it took me to learn to walk properly in a heel that high? I was going to wear them for the charity dinner that you declined to accompany me to – for your information, young man.”“I’ll get you another pair, I swear. I’m really, really sorry,” Anthony groveled for forgiveness.Rachel gasped when she looked into the toe of the stiletto and realized how much cum Anthony had fucked into her shoe. She stared at Anthony, slapped her thigh with her free hand and asked in disbelief, “Why? I mean, you’re a very handsome young man from a wealthy family. You surely have your pick of the young ladies. Any girl would be impressed and more than satisfied with the impressive girth and length of your cock. Why would you fuck and blow your load in a Louboutin? Specifically, my Louboutin, platform stiletto?”Rachel chuckled to herself when she realized how unbelievable the question she had asked the mortified Anthony sounded. “You’re a young man – hormones and all that jazz – I get it. You studied hard and graduated in the top percentile. Your uncle tells me you work hard with him and your father. By all accounts, you’re a fine young man, Anthony. Let’s put this behind us.”

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