A Welcome Visit Ch. 02

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This is the second part of a series and I would highly recommend reading the first part “A Welcome Visit.” It is the setup for this story. Again, feedback is appreciated and welcome.

To say the night had started well might be an understatement. My cock was still throbbing from banging my wife Liz’s best friend Ally in the men’s bathroom of a club and now we were all flying down the freeway trying our best to get home before 1) my dick sustained severe damage from pressing against my pants and 2) the collective juices of the hotties in the car with me permanently dampen the car seats. Although wet pussy smell might e more marketable than new car smell. But before we got to the sex I needed some answers.

“So Liz,” I asked, “what exactly did you mean when you said you liked the taste of pussy and jizz?”

Both girls in the back seat just giggled. “Well dear, what part of that statement didn’t you understand?” The reply elicited more giggles.

“I was under the impression that you’d never been in a threesome before,” I said.

“And you would be correct in thinking that,” she replied.

“So….,” was all I could get out before they cut me off.

“You want to tell him or should I?” Ally said.

“You do it, you tell it better anyway,” Liz said holding back the giggles.

“I’m sure you know that we roomed together in college,” Ally started.

“Uh huh.”

“Well your lovely wife and I had gotten more and more friendly while sharing a dorm room during our sophomore year. We showered together sometimes and after a while started washing each other. I’m not sure how it happened, but it happened,” Ally explained.

“Basically looking at her shaved snatch every day made my clit tingle. I knew that she had experiences with girls before so I took a chance,” Liz said.

“Hey!” Ally yelled, “who’s telling the story here?” With that, they playfully pushed each other and Ally started the story again. “Anyway, we started fucking on a regular basis–your cute little wife licks a mean clit by the way—we slept together and became increasingly close. We both had on and off boyfriends and never really considered a threesome. We just had a good time with each other. Then one night I came home from a party–Liz being a goodie-goodie stayed home to study…”

“It was Tuesday for Chrissake,” Liz interrupted giggling, “OK go ahead…”

“Anyway, I went to this party and met this guy. We both got drunk and started dancing. You remember how I like to dance, right Jack?”

“As long as I live, I’ll remember,” I said.

“So after a few beers and dancing with this guy, I think his name was Bill or Bob or something like that, I was hot. So we went upstairs so I could fuck this guy’s brains out. Well needless to say Bob was a quick thinker and his cock acted the same way. Thirty seconds into my pounding he came, mumbled thanks and passed out. This is where I came up with the 3 drink maximum for guys who want to fuck me, I won’t let that happen again.”

“Wow, thanks for the history lesson,” I said, sarcasm dripping like the pussies behind me.

“Well we certainly are an impatient peter tonight, aren’t we?” Liz said.

“Impatient peter? I could drive this car with my cock right now,” I retorted.

“So that’s what you meant when you said you could drive a stick…” Liz said.

“Anyway…back to the story,” Ally interrupted. “So I left the party and walked home. It was a short walk and a warm night for April, so of course I wasn’t wearing panties and by the time I got to the dorm, Bob’s cum had run down my leg and was dripping into my sandals. It was obvious to the girl at the front desk what was happening and when she kept glancing down that’s when I noticed. At first I was embarrassed, but as I walked up the stairs I could feel it seeping out of me and I got increasingly hot. As soon as I got in the room I was on Liz. When she started to go down, I explained the situation and–”

“And that’s where I developed a taste for cum and cum,” Liz interrupted smiling.

“You didn’t really develop a taste, you sucked my pussy clean,” Ally laughed. “And whenever I came home from a fuck I knew Liz would always be there to clean me up. She’s a cum hound. And I would always repay the debt by licking your ass. She still have a thing about anal sex Jack?”

“As much as ever,” I replied. “She likes it in her ass as acıbadem escort much as her cunt and during her monthly, I almost forget what her pussy feels like.”

“Nice to know I’m here for your amusement,” Liz said.

“We haven’t even begun to be amused,” Ally said slyly.

I exited the freeway and rolled to a stop at the light. A convertible with four high school aged boys pulls up next to us.

“Hey!” Ally shouted, “Let’s give them a show!”

Ally then rolls down the window and pulls her tube top down. “Hey boys! How do you like my tits?” Her reply was a chorus of hoots and hollers. “You lik’em huh? My friend here does too.” Right on cue Ally leans back into the seat and Liz hops on top straddling her. They start making out as the light turns green. I drive slow enough so the convertible can keep pace. The girls never stop kissing while Ally pulls Liz’s top up. Once her tits were free Ally started to feverishly lick and suck on Liz’s night-air cooled nipples. I couldn’t exactly see what was going on, but I knew the boys liked it by their catcalls. Liz’s moans were getting consistently louder as I whipped the car into the turn lane, leaving the boys behind.

Liz and I had played this game before. She liked to put on a short skirt with no panties, and give me roadhead while we rolled down the highway. She had me keep pace with truckers so they could see me getting the BJ. At the end, I’d cum on her face and she’d look up smiling at the trucker. I’d drive away speeding so he couldn’t catch up.

The girls broke into mad giggles and hurried to cover themselves up as I pulled into the apartment complex.

“C’mon Liz, let’s your man out of those pants. I didn’t get to fully appreciate him earlier.”

We go inside and I head right for the bathroom. The last of my beers has caught up with me. I exit the bathroom and enter the bedroom.

“I see you two wasted no time,” I said.

Allison was kneeling on all-fours on the bed with her skirt hiked up to her waist, her cum coated thighs glistening in the soft light. Liz was eating her pussy from behind with her thumbs spreading Ally’s lips apart.

“Ungh, my pussy was dirty. Mmmm. Liz is helping me out. Oooh,“ Ally said, in between moans. “Your cock still taste…OooOh God!…like me?”

“Well let’s find out,” I said, as I quickly undressed popping my rigid cock from it’s constraints. I gave Liz a sharp slap on her ass as I passed, causing her to gasp into Ally’s hot slit.

I hopped on the bed and kneeled in front of Allison.

“Just what the doctor ordered,” moaned Ally as she sucked in my throbbing cock. Liz must have been doing quite a number on Ally’s pussy cause with my dick firmly embedded in the back of her throat her moans vibrated the tip and made shivers run up and down my spine. Even under the stress of good clit licking, Ally was doing expert work on my cock. She’d bob her head up and down and without warning she’d take my cock all the way in, her nose planted in my trimmed pubes. She was using her throat muscles to massage the end of my cock. Couple that with her moans, I was on the verge of blowing my wad in this hotties mouth. Suddenly, Ally removed her mouth from my pulsing dick.

“Oh fuck! MMMmmmmmnnnnnngggghh! I….I…I’mmm cummmmmminnnggg!!! Her back arched and she started convulsing, all the time Liz was continuing to pump three fingers into Ally’s drenched twat. Liz slowed her finger-fucking and Ally came down from her come.

“Dammit!,” Liz yelled jokingly, “just when I had you cleaned up you had to go and make another mess.”

“Sorry,” Ally replied, “but you’re making a pretty good mess too.” And she was. Her own wet cunt had leaked down her thighs and made her look even more appealing. “Why don’t you come over here and see what we can do with it, but first, let’s finish off your husband.”

“But he’s already got some tonight, I need some lovin’,” Liz pleaded.

“Hang on, remember, good things cum on those who wait.”

Giving in, Ally and Liz dove for my cock, pushing me back onto the bed. They leaned over in sync, both running their tongues over the outside of my hardness. Liz then swung her legs over me, putting us in a 69. She settled down onto me, and I did my best to gratify her problem. I ran my tongue the length of her slit spending extra time on her asshole. She responded by sucking harder atalar escort on my cock and doing her patented tongue swirl over the tip. I was just starting to wonder what had happened to Ally when she leaned over and handed me an 8” jelly dildo.

“It’ll feel great in her ass,” Ally said, giving me a wink. “Trust me.”

I started licking her ass fervently trying to get it as lubed as possible. Liz understood what was going on so she pulled her knees up a little spreading her ass wider. I slid the fake cock into her pussy, thinking of no better way to get it lubed. Her sopping cunt sucking it in like her mouth on my hard prick.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Liz moaned. Her lips quickly replaced by Ally’s. She deep throated me twice again using her throat muscles as sexual weapons. She lifted her head off and Liz replaced it with her mouth, only this time Ally sucked on my sac running her tongue all over my balls and down to my ass. The sensations were overwhelming and I lifted my hips to give better access. Regaining my senses a little, I removed the dildo from Liz’s pussy causing her to give a little sigh in between sucks. She was pleased to feel the tip of the dildo start to enter her tight anal ring.

“Oh…yeah…that’s what I wanted,” Liz groaned.

As I pushed farther into Liz, Ally’s ministrations on my ass went faster and Liz started blowing me with renewed passion. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I yelled. Liz then stopped sucking leaned up and started jacking me off, holding my cock down towards Ally who was still working on me. With Ally’s tongue in my ass I shot my load onto her face. Spurt after spurt of my white hot cum landed on the cheek, forehead and hair. As I ended my spasming Liz gave one last slurp to my dick before letting it fall, slapping Ally on the nose.

“Next time warn me when you do that so I can open my mouth,” Ally said, giving my cock a little kiss before getting up.

“Look who’s dirty again Jack,” Liz said sexily, “I guess I’ll have to clean you up again.” Liz reached back pulling out the dildo from her ass. “Save this for later…”

As I left for the kitchen to get us all some water—from the way we were all getting rid of fluids, it wouldn’t be long before we all died of dehydration.

When I came back Liz was making good on her promise to clean Ally up again. Liz was on top of Ally and in between their kisses, Liz was lapping up the rest of my cum from Ally’s forehead. When Liz leaned forward Ally had perfect opportunity to suck on Liz’s firm tits, paying special attention to grabbing them before biting the nipple. My cock was starting to grow again.

“I brought some water, but I see that you two are recycling,” I said, being ignored by both. I just watched getting harder when the girls making out stopped.

“Jack go get my special toy out of my bag will you?” Ally ordered, “Thanks.” And they resumed kissing, only now Liz was straddling Ally’s leg and was grinding her still wet cunt into her thigh. I viewed for a second then left to do as I was told.

I went to her bag and opened it. If there was any doubt that Ally came here with the purest of intentions they were all shattered by seeing its contents. There were two vibrators, one of the standard variety, the other with the pearls, bunny ears etc., there was a gigantic dildo, one that even put the 8”er to shame and there was the double headed dildo. My guess is that the latter was my reason for searching. I also found Ally’s diary. But I decided to leave further inspection until there wasn’t two gorgeous girls making out on my bed. I grabbed the double-ender and headed back to the bedroom. As I entered, both sight and sound told me that Liz was gonna come.

“Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, YES! Fuck, right there! Ally I missed you so fucking much! OHHHHHH!!! Liz threw her head back, her hips violently grinding Ally’s cum soaked thigh. I looked at Ally and she shot me a wink. Liz had since collapsed on top of Ally resting a little before the next round.

“I see you found my little friend,” Ally said.

“Well this certainly isn’t you big friend,” I said.

“Oh that’s for special occasions,” Ally replied, “although I’m sure we’ll get around to it sometime this week. So lets see if that thing works.”

Liz awoke from her mild slumber, her eyes aydınlı escort getting big when she saw the toy.

“Another toy for my cunt, since when did cock come in short supply in this house?” Liz said.

“Trust me it’ll be fun,” Ally said, “Don’t you want to play with me anymore?” The fact that Ally said it all like a little girl did nothing to stop my cock from regaining its previous hardness. Ally then pulled Liz down and started sucking her tits only looking over to say, “Jack would you do the honors.”

I needed no more prodding. I walked down to the end of the bed and leaned in, licking my wife’s ass, down to her slit to her clit. I tongue fucked her pussy making sure she was at peak wetness. That certainly wasn’t hard to do. I twirled the doubleheader around in her pussy sliding it in slowly. Once it had reached a nice depth I concentrated on Ally, my excitement building as I thought about tasting that fine cunt. Ally raised her knees offering her ass to me, I tongued her asshole then ran it up to her clit taking time to scoop out her overflowing juices from her twat. Instead of sliding the head in slowly I wetted the tip and shoved it in hard, causing Ally to bolt upright.

“Ooohh Fuck you didn’t waste any time. How’d you know I like it rough?”

“Uh, I guessed it when I had my cock buried in your snatch earlier.”

“Well don’t stop”

So I started fucking them, hard, moving the plastic cock up and down, each stroke removing from one replacing for the other. I was getting moans of approval. The slick dick was rubbing against both of their clits, creating an even greater response than I expected. “Oh shit don’t stop fucking me, oh yeah bang my pussy,” screamed Liz. Ally was even louder “Shove that cock in my slit! Now!! Fuck, yeah! Unghnnngh!!!” And just like that Ally was cumming, I could see her pussy spasming around the toy. Her nails were scratching down Liz’s back and all at once she started cumming too only she wanted more.

“Jack, fuck my ass now. Oh shit! Fuck my ass, please, baby now,” Liz screamed.

“Fuck her ass Jack! Make her cum again!!” added Ally who was rocking both her and Liz back and forth on the dildo.

I started to pull the dildo out because previous attempts to do both didn’t work because she is very tight, but Liz stopped me “Don’t you dare, fuck my ass now!”

“C’mere first Jack, I’ll get you lubed,” Ally said. I certainly wasn’t going to turn down that offer. I walked to Ally and she sucked my cock into her mouth while still making sure Liz was bouncing up and down keeping the dildo moving. Once I was lubed to her satisfaction she pulled out my cock “Now go fuck your wife’s ass.”

I walked to the end of the bed and crawled up mounting Liz. I ran the tip over her tight pucker spreading the lube all over.

“Don’t tease it, fuck it,” Liz pleaded. She was definitely hot for my cock. I pressed my hard tip into her as I eased my fat cock into her tight hole. I was going to go easy because the going was tight but I watched Liz lean forward and felt the dildo almost leave her pussy, and then she slammed herself back onto both my cock and the sex toy.

“Oh yes!!” Liz screamed as we started a nice rhythm of cock and toy at the same time. “Oh my god, I’ve never felt so full. Ally, you have to try this.”

“Uh, dear,” Ally said gasping for breath, “I’m a slut, try having a cock in your ass and cunt while you’re giving a blowjob….oh yeah, Jack fuck her harder I’m gonna cum.”

I grabbed a hold of Liz’s hips and plunged the length of my cock in her steaming hot ass. Liz went from minor moans to screams.

“Oh..Oh…Oh…Fuck me! Fuck MEEEE!!” she screamed.

Ally too was back to screaming and clawing Liz’s back. Their screams became increasingly loud and I knew the neighbors were listening. I too was getting close and I gave my pounding a little extra effort and when I grabbed a handful of Liz’s hair and pulled her back she and Ally came instantly.

“Unnnnnngggghhhhh!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK” was the simultaneous cry as Liz’s ass spasms sent my cock into convulsions of its own. “ Cum in my ass! Please, I want to feel your hot cum in my ass!!!!“ she screamed as I shot thick wads of jizz into her tightest hole. I continued slow strokes until I slid out of her ass spent. I rolled off Liz as the girls continued to hold each other. I put my head on the pillow next to Ally and we all leaned in for a three way kiss. That was my final and happy thought as we all drifted into blissful slumber.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon frying and the sound of moaning coming from the kitchen…

To be continued…

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