A Weekend Away

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Chapter One

“I knew this was not going to be any normal weekend, but where the hell are we going?’ he thought to himself from his position in the rear seat of the car. When he signed the conduct contract before leaving the city, he knew she would be having him taken to an undisclosed location, but now he was beginning to worry. They had been driving for what seemed like hours on some very windy bumpy roads. The blindfold prohibited him from seeing exactly where he was being taken, but he knew he was no longer anywhere near the city by the condition of the road, and that he had not heard another car pass in what must have been at least half an hour.

Suddenly he heard gravel under the wheels of Lincoln, and then… finally… they stopped. He knew they had parked either inside a building, or under some kind of cover. The sun that had been providing a hint of light around the edges of his blindfold were now gone. He strained to hear any hint as to where they were, but inside the car everything was now silent.

Suddenly the door was opened, and he was jerked from inside the car, and landed roughly on his knees, his shackled hands landing in front of him. He could feel the hard dirt where he landed, and the smell of fresh hay and some sort of musky, animal scent. “A barn” he thought. “She has brought me to a barn” But then he realized… Not her barn. He had been to Mistress’ barn before for fundraisers and parties, It was concrete, and smelled more like musk oil, and vanilla. Not this old, dusty smell. Before he had time to think on it any longer, he was jerked up from his shackles, and dragged forward. He knew better to ask where he was, or what was going to happen. Although she did not accompany them on the ride from the city, he knew she must be close, and would not want to upset her by talking without permission.

He could hear a door slide open, and then he was thrust forward again, this time landing on a softer surface. Hay… no, straw. It was not the soft feeling of fresh green hay but the rougher cutting feeling of dried, cut straw. The kind you would line a horse stall with. And that is exactly where he has found himself. On the course dry straw of a horse stall. His hands were thrust above his head and attached with a snap to a metal hook, he was then pulled to his feet by this hook. Pulled beyond the normal limits of standing, to balancing on the tips of his shoes. Yes… she had allowed him his clothes still. This again was out of their usual routine of play. And he began to second guess his decision in asking Mistress to take him on as her servant, and to agreeing to this period of total initiation.

Before he could think any further, he heard her voice. Not in the stall with him, but from somewhere outside.

“I take it your drive down was pleasant?” She asked, but he not to him

“Of course… It’s always great to get out of the city, especially this time of year. The fall in the country is great” the man he knew to be the driver of the Lincoln responded, “If there is nothing else rite now, I think I’m going to go to the house and get something to eat…”

“No, nothing rite now. I’ll be in later…” She said, and he heard the man retreating from bağdatcaddesi escort the barn.

Without warning, the rope that suspended him was released, and he fell to the ground with a thud…

“Undress!” The only word spoken to him. “Yes Mistress”

He quickly kicked off his shoes, freeing himself of his slacks and tie, and undergarments. He soon came to realize, after unbuttoning his shirt that there was no way to remove it with the restraints in place.

“I can’t get my shirt off.” He said, but immediately realized his error the minute he felt the leather of her crop hit his now exposed backside.

“Do you dare disobey me already, It looks to be an enjoyable weekend if you are already being defiant.” she snapped as her crop landed it’s mark one more time…

He knew his fate was sealed. To disobey: Punishable, To speak without direct permission: Punishable.

He stood silently, hands shackled and positioned over his now erect manhood, awaiting his fate.

Again, without warning, his hands were pulled painfully above his head, and he found himself, once again, balancing on his toes…

“Yes, this should be a very interesting weekend” She whispered from just behind him, as he felt cold metal brush against his back, and then the rip of material as the back of his shirt was torn in two.

He jerked as he heard the click of her heals on what sounded to be wood, but understood as she slipped her hand around the side of his face, hooking her finger into his mouth, and gently turning his head sideways.

“You will do as you are told, and to make sure there are no further infractions…” she said as she pushed a ball gag into his mouth, fastening the buckle tightly behind his head. “Pets should be seen, not heard… Not that anyone would hear you so far out here anyway.” She said with a lilt in her voice. “Now to get you ready” He flinched as he felt the sharp drag of her nails across his now exposed back. She continued to drag her nails down his back, and across his buttocks, and dig into the soft flesh rite behind his ball sack. The pain she caused him put a bit of a smile to the corner of his lip.

He was not sure what ‘getting ready’ would include, but he did not have to wait long. Before stepping down from what he assumed was a wooden mounting steps behind him, she reached around his front, clamping something cold and strong to each nipple. The instant sensations of pain, caused him to suck in air quickly from around the gag… ” You like that, do you?” She question as she stepped down from the steps. She was now standing in front of him. He could feel her breath on his chest. She was close. Close enough to reach up and attach what he assumed was a weight to the chain that connected the nipple clamps.

Without warning, she reached out, squeezing his balls hard. He felt her wrap what felt like leather around the shaft of his erect cock, and around his balls. Tightening it as she buckled it in place. The last piece of leather was applied, separating his balls. He could already feel the blood begin to pool, as the flow became restricted.

And, without warning, she was gone. He heard the sliding beykoz escort shut of the stall door, and a click of the bolt as it locked the door. And there he was left, hanging from his shackled hands as the warm fall afternoon turned to what was to be the beginning of a long cold fall night.

Chapter Two

He wasn’t sure how long he had been hanging there when she returned. All he knew is that it had grown cold in the barn, and when she approached him and removed his blindfold, he could see that the night had grown dark. He could see that he was indeed in a barn stall in a rough, old wood barn. Not much else was visible at this point. The only light in the barn was from bare bulbs hanging from the rafters.

“You missed a wonderful diner.” She said as she turned to face him, giving a little tug on the weight attached to the nipple clamp. “I believe it is time to get down to training.”

She unwound a rope that was secured by the door, he could now see that it was attached to the rafters above him on a pulley, and then to the shackles that bound his wrists. She gave the pulley a little slack, and he was able to bring his arms down so that he now stood flat footed on the straw floor, and his hands rested just above his shoulders.

“Now will you be a good little pet if I remove this?” She asked, running her finger over the strap that held the gag in place. He shook his head yes, but knew that if she wanted to have the gag removed, there was a reason. A reason he would soon find out.

She moved around to the back of him, reaching up to unfasten the buckle that held the gag in place. “Thank you Mistress” He said, once he flexed his jaw a few times and was able to speak.

He saw her moving around to a cupboard he had not previously noticed in the corner of the stall. She removed several items that he was unable to see clearly as her back was turned to him. When she returned to face him, she set a bar and cuffs at his feet and attached it. The bar was a length that kept his feet spread at an uncomfortable distance. But he didn’t mind. He was just pleased to be able to stand again. As she moved around to the back of him again, he could not see what she had picked up out of the straw, but he soon found out as the he heard the first swish, and the tip of her riding whip landed on his bare back. As he sucked in a breath, he knew that the sting was not that severe, but he also knew she was just getting started.

“Thank you Mistress” He stated as he had been taught in his previous sessions with her. And a second pass of the whip landed on his back. With each passing lash, her swing became more accurate, and powerful. It was not long before the sting of the whip became pain, and the pain started to become more unbearable.

When he thought he was totally unable to bare any more stated, “Thank you Mistress. One more please” The phrase that normally signaled that he was at his limit. She chuckled from behind him. And set three more lashes across his already welted skin. Again he stated their agreed upon phrase.

She was laughing as she moved around to the front of him. From inside her vest she removed a single sheet of yellow paper. He instantly caddebostan escort recognized it at the contract he had signed earlier in the day.

“There is no ‘one more please’.” She stated “You signed yourself over to me for the next three days. To use, and I quote, ‘ To use, trade, or share as seen desirable by your Mistress’.” And then he realized why she had removed the gag as she again positioned herself behind him and went to work on his exposed buttocks with her riding whip. He could hear her giggling as his grunts turned into moans and his moans turned into screams. ” We have over 70 acres here. Scream all you want, no one will hear.”

Just when he thought he would not be able to tolerate any more of her whip, and he began to feel the first trickles of blood from the now seeping welts on his back and buttocks, she stopped. He saw as she returned to the cupboard and replaced the riding whip. She removed a couple bottles of water, and a black bag that appeared to be made of velvet. Setting the bag at his feet, she first opened one bottle of water, taking a few sips, and then pouring the remaining amount over his now welted back. The coolness felt good. She then opened the second and placed it to his lips. Letting him drink. He swallowed the water quickly. ” Greedy, aren’t we?” She said as she lowered the bottle and dropped it to the ground. “Well, then I have something else to give you.”

She replaced the blindfold and then walked to the pulley, lowering the rope even further. He now had full movement of his arms but not for long. Taking the shackles at his wrists, she quickly pulled down until he bent at the waist. Clipping his hands to the bar that separated his feet. He could not see what she was doing, but could hear as she removed something from that bag and rustled around in the straw a bit. He jumped when she lay her hand on his bare ass. “Just a bit jumpy? You are going to need to relax.” she said. And then he felt it. The cold tip pressing against him. She would not give him time to ‘warm up’ to this play and he began to whimper again as she placed one hand on each of his hips and thrust the entire length of the strap on into his exposed ass.

Chapter 3

The quick and instant pain that shot thru his entire body buckled his legs, and brought him to his knees. Because of the restraints his knees hit the straw covered floor a split second before his shoulder and face. Her strap on ripped from his ass as quickly as it entered.

“Looks like you liked that” she laughed, His new position left his back side sitting straight up in the air, offered to her with no resistance. ” You’re ass is just sitting here, begging for more.” And with that she stepped down from her mounting box, and began to fuck his ass. As much as he wanted to scream out and beg her to stop. His cock was growing harder with each thrust. Before long he could feel the need to cum, but knew there was not release to be had.

She finished as quickly as she had begun. Reaching down, she released the clip that kept his hands secured to the bar between his legs. He was too sore, and too afraid to move so he stayed there in his ass up position. She went to her cabinet and removed a large butt plug. Ramming it into is offered ass, she simply said ‘sleep well, your training starts in the morning.” He didn’t move for some time after he heard the sliding bolt on the stall door close. When he did , he fell asleep with a smile on his face and dreamt about what tomorrow would hold.

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