A Tease to End All Teases

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When Erin and I were dating, before we even got engaged, we found out something about each other that no one else knew. We both loved teasing. Sexual teasing.

No, we hadn’t done it before, it just happened one weekend with the two of us. We tied one another up and teased and stimulated each other until we each begged for relief.

Weird? Maybe but it sure brought us some fantastic orgasms. It even surprised me that Erin was quite as imaginative and lovingly sadistic in her teasing of me.

So, this added some fun spice to our sex which we brought into our marriage. We bought some light bondage items like ties, cuffs and blindfolds, some of the nicer things for neither of us liked pain and some of the farther-out aspects, just some heavy teasing.

I got her good not long ago when I tied her up one Saturday afternoon blindfolded and spreadeagled on our bed as I tickled and teased her with feathers on her nipples and pussy and inner thighs and underarms where she’s especially sensitive. Then there were little licks and tongue-flicks here and there, all over an hour or so.

I had her collection of sex toys out on the bed and used each vibrator on different parts of her body and in different ways. One I put deep inside her as I used another on her clit. She went wild at that and had a massive orgasm.

Then I went back to the more subtle feather. She was squirming as I feathered her open pussy and licked along her inner thighs.

“Oh, Damon, you’ve just got to fuck me, I’m so hot, so horny. I want you to fuck me right now, I can’t wait,” she pleaded. I knew she was loving it. I’d put her through four orgasms already and she wanted more. I knew she did too.

“Phil and Hank are on their way over, they both know I’ve got you tied to the bed and they can’t wait to fuck you.”

“You didn’t? They’re really not are they? I’ll never speak to you feriköy escort again if it’s true. Tell me it’s part of the tease?”

“Hon, they both are so excited, I asked them the other day. Then I called them a while ago and told them you’re all stretched out for them,” I told her as I drew the feather, now wet with her juices, across her slit.

“You bastard, you better be kidding is all I can say.”

Then I went out of the room and eased the front door open and rang the bell.

Opening the door, I yelled out a “Hello, guys, come in, she’s ready for you,” and made some muffled conversation like it was between the three of us. I had been naked all along and now opened up our bedroom door and peeked in.

“Oh, yeah, she’s ready. Go fuck her good,” and I walked in and got up on the bed between her legs and pushed right up inside her.

“It’s just you, isn’t it? God, you had me going there for a while. I thought I was going to have three guys fucking me. But this is what I want, just my own lover, mmm, fuck me good, I’m so ready.”

And I did. And, right when she had an orgasm, she asked again, “It is you, Damon? Say something.”

Then I said, “You fuck her now, Phil, go ahead,” and I pushed back into her and began fucking her hard. She just didn’t know for sure until I took the blindfold off and she saw for sure that it was just me.

“You bastard. You had me going. I didn’t think your two buddies were fucking me, but…well, I wasn’t positive. I’ll get you back, mark my word.”

She still talks about that episode and how it had so turned her on so much.

Several months went by and we continued to play with each other when we had time and then one upcoming Saturday we had planned on a long session for me.

After breakfast, she took me in our bedroom and handcuffed me to the bedposts and gülbağ escort tied my ankles to the lower corners of the bed. Then, with a feather, we both loved the tickling of feathers on our erogenous areas, she was just touching the tip of my cock with the feather, just circling the head around and around.

Then she got up and came back with a leather blindfold and my iPod and put them both on me so I couldn’t see or hear other than the music it was playing.

Next, I felt the sliding of her lips down over the tip of my cock as she started sucking me in the wondrous way she has of circling her tongue around the tip and she pulls on it. Then, suddenly she stopped and there’s no more action.

In about five minutes, I felt the bed move and a tongue began licking across the tip of my cock, then a soft blowing which sent a chill up my spine, then more licking, then nothing.

This went on for a while and as I began feeling the feather tip across my cockhead, I told her I was going to have to piss pretty soon. The bed moved and a minute later she pulled an earbud out and told me to use the bedpan she had for me as I felt my cock being pushed down onto the cold enamel.

Well, okay, I thought, and relaxed my bladder and emptied it. I felt her wipe the tip with a tissue, then feather the tip again which instantly hardened me as she ran the feather up and down along my shaft then sucked me another minute or two.

Another period of nothing. She had kept me there for what seemed like hours giving me just the right amount of stimulation to keep my cock rock-hard.

I thought I was hearing patches of voices during the quieter parts of the music, women’s voices. Then, they got louder so I could hear them during most of the music, not that I could clearly hear what they were saying, but there was laughing and such.

Then, kağıthane escort it seemed that my entire body was covered with hands, female hands, rubbing, caressing, one petting my balls, another wrapped around my cock moving erotically up and down, hands everywhere.

Soon, the tip of my cock was being sucked as a hand moved stroking my shaft while other lips began sucking on my nipples and tongues slid around on my body, my neck, my stomach, just all over. The sucking on my cock was fabulous, it could have been Erin but I really wasn’t sure. All I knew was it was someone who knew how to make a man happy and really got off herself in doing it.

Then, the mouth lifted off and I felt a cool liquid dribbling down my cock, a thick, slippery liquid. A hand surrounded my shaft and began stroking me in long, steady strokes, the gel just making it feel so, so good.

Well, it was all I could take as I felt the release of my cum spurting out as the slippery hand continued up and down, not stopping, not slowing down, just continuing my pleasure.

Then, I felt myself being licked clean of my cum by at least three tongues, one with long hair dragging across my thigh as it was licked away. Then, it was over, no more touching, nothing.

Some time went by, then I felt my blindfold being taken off to see my wife, beautifully naked as she kissed me softly as her hand began stroking me.

“I’ve really got to piss, hon, let me up,” I begged.

“Not until you get me off,” she said as she swung a leg up over me and dropped her wet pussy onto my mouth. Well, as full as my bladder was, I tried every oral trick I had to get her off in record time and it worked. I was soon up and in the bathroom pissing like never before.

So, that’s how Erin got me back. She’s never told me who the women were or how many there were. I’ve guessed who a few may be, two girlfriends from her office, an old college friend but she won’t tell me for sure. I’ve asked if one was my sister, Deb, but she just smiles and rolls her eyes. I think there were at least four, probably five, maybe six. There were hands just all over me, that I’ll never forget.

I keep hoping for a next time.

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