A Sub’s Very Special Wake Up Call

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I wake up to the feel of strong hands caressing my body. Nimble fingers trailed along my sides, up and down, tracing patterns of heat into my skin. My eyes open slowly, taking several seconds to adjust to the dark. In the predawn light filtering into my windows, I can see the figure under my sheets right above my body. I instantly know it’s you and the knowledge causes me no alarm. My hands lazily move up to trace down your spine, enjoying the hot feel of your flesh under my fingertips. Immediately, your hands are on mine, removing them and placing them on either side of my bed, pushing down in an unmistakable command. You do not want me to move.

My breath catches in my throat and I lick my suddenly dry lips as arousal starts to take over my body. After a moment, your hands let go of my wrists and resume their slow exploration of my body. They move from my sides and over my stomach, tickling just enough to make me squirm and laugh softly. One hand slaps against my hip, a sharp reminder that I’m not supposed to move. Settling down, I let my eyes drift close and give myself up to the sensations you delight in giving me. Ever so slowly, your fingers trail a tingling, hot path up my stomach and against the undersides of my breasts. You start to draw your fingers in circles, around and around the curve of my tits without ever even touching my nipples. They’ve turned into hard, aching points of need pointing straight up in the air and begging for your attention.

I’m being so very good, keeping my hands above my head, the only sign of my strain is the way my fingers were clenched to keep from touching you. A small whimper of frustration leaves my lips as your fingers circle just around my aureoles, just avoiding where I want them the most. I want to move against you, wriggle against the hard body that’s pushing me into the bed but I refrain, knowing that you will simply tease me longer if I act bad. As if you sense my distress, you make a soft noise of comfort before your head dips down and you take my left nipple into your mouth. I quickly cry out, unable to help myself as a sharp, lightning bolt of pleasure shoots from my breast down to my clit. My back arches of its own accord, pressing my body higher up into your mouth and hands.

Immediately, your teeth bite down on my nipple, a razor thin edge of pain and pleasure blending in an unmistakable warning. Again, I cry out, this time your name leaving my lips as I feel my lower body tense in desperation. I could already feel how wet and ready I am for you, your rough treatment making it worse instead of being much of a punishment. A warm chuckle presses against my breasts, causing vibrations to shoot through my sensitive and needy flesh. You’re amused by my behavior and response to your treatment and as a reward your mouth moves to my other nipple, giving it the same attention. Your fingers replace your mouth on my now wet and slightly sore nipple, squeezing and pinching and keeping that bit of pain that I like shooting through me. “Yes, Master…” I whisper the plea, begging for more. You bite down on the nipple now in your mouth, giving me what I wanted and causing me to again cry out and arch up against you. Your free hand spanks my hip, delivering the stinging reprimand in a way that has me nearly on the edge.

After soothing the sting of your teeth away with your tongue, you pull your mouth off me and replace it with your hands, now having both assaulting my boobs. My eyes open and I see your face right above mine, a grin on yours as you watch the pleasure flit across my expression. My lips part and I take a deep ragged breath, gaze dropping to your mouth. I need you to kiss me. I know that you know what I want, your smile gets bigger and you lean forward. Your lips hover just above mine before you whisper, “Not yet…”

Whimpering in frustration, I resist the urge to wiggle beneath you, wanting to give you no cause to cease the way you’re playing with me. Your fingers have been relentless this whole time, teasing and fondling my breasts roughly, until my nipples are aching from more than need. You duck down, pressing your lips against my neck and then trailing down slowly, ever so slowly. You lick and nibble and press gentle kisses down over my collarbone, between the mounds of my breasts and lower. Your hot breath and warm mouth make my breathing increase rapidly until I’m panting with desire. I feel so hot, flushed and aroused, every inch of my skin sensitive to the slightest touch from you. Your hands release my tits, leaving them alone abruptly as you move to push my legs apart. You’re not at all gentle, pushing them wide and settling your shoulders between them, your hands holding them down to the bed on either side of my body.

Exposed and completely open to you, I feel my bare, dripping wet pussy clench with abrupt and sharp arousal. I look down my body, moaning loudly at the sight of your head between my legs. You look up at me and grin before reminding me in a deceptively gentle voice bağdatcaddesi escort not to move. I watch as you slowly lower your mouth inch by inch until you’re hovering right above my needy and begging flesh. “Please Master!” The plea leaves my mouth unbidden, soft and desperate in between my quiet moans and pants. You chuckle low in your throat, a deep and completely male sound of satisfaction that has me nearly writhing with want. My body trembles but I just barely manage to stop myself from moving. You wait a few seconds before smiling in approval at me. “Good girl..” Leaning forward, you wrap your arms around my thighs and use your fingers to gently pull my nether lips apart. You head lowers a fraction and then you blow warm air directly against my clit.

A loud cry of pleasure is ripped from my throat, my head falling back and giving me a good view of the ceiling as I barely contain myself. I can’t bear to watch the erotic tableau of your motions between my legs, knowing that the sight will cause me to lose what self-control that I have. My body shivers and I tense in anticipation as I feel your breath rush across me again. This time, it’s a loud moan that you wring from me. Then nothing happens for several seconds, the waiting driving me crazy as I wonder what you’re going to do to me next. My hands clench into fists and I picture the satisfying image of grabbing your head and yanking your face against my body. A smile tilts my lips just as you lower your head and suck my clit directly into your mouth. This is no teasing, taunting caress; instead you seem to be trying to prove something to me. Your lips close around my clit, sucking hard, your tongue flicking over it as I let out a scream of pure ecstasy. Your grip on my hips keeps me from moving or bucking against you, forcing me to stay completely open for whatever you decide to do.

Your lips tighten around my wet flesh, sucking hard and long at my clit while your tongue traces patterns against it. My moans are nonstop, getting louder and higher in frequency with each second you continue the sensual torture. My body was on fire, my breasts heaving with each breath and moan I made, nipples stiff and protruding into the air as you continued your delicious assault. Without moving your mouth away, your fingers move against me, two fingers from one of your hands swiftly sliding to the hilt inside my tight, grasping passage. My entire body freezes for a second before I scream in ecstasy, clenching tight around the invading digits and orgasming immediately. Your name spills from my lips over and over as I cum, my body pulsing and milking the fingers inside me as if they were your cock. Your sucking never ceases, drawing out my climax until I’m writhing against you and the bed, overwhelmed with the amount of pleasure you’re forcing on me. After long moments, my screams and moans turn into pleas for you to cease as my clit becomes super sensitive. Instead of stopping, you suck harder, rasping your teeth against the little bud of nerves, your fingers starting to thrust in and out of my pussy.

Immediately I climax again, this one harder and almost painful as I hadn’t yet fully come off the first one. I let out a loud wail of mingled pain and pleasure, my intentions to not move long forgotten as my hands claw at the bed sheets. “Master!” I’m dying, consumed in heat and passion and completely overwhelming sensations of the most delicious pleasure I’ve ever felt. The small bite of pain is enough to heighten everything so that I can do little but ride the waves of ecstasy until you slowly pull your lips off my clit and start to soothe me with soft, linger licks of your tongue. My flesh twitches in response, making my moans continue as you bring me down from my high. Your fingers slide softly in and out of me for a couple of minutes, working out the very last dregs of my release before finally pulling out. Your hand is soaked with my juices, dripping on my thighs as you pull your mouth away from me. Still shuddering and trembling from the amazing release you gave me, I lift my head up and moan that the sight of you, lips wet with my essence, grinning up at me from between my legs.

You move up my body, making sure to keep your body pressed against mine so that I can feel every inch of you rub against me, up my stomach and chest until your face is directly over me again. Your hard cock brushes against my wet, sensitive mound making me whimper and shake against you. Your lips take mine in a hard, demanding kiss forcing me to taste myself on your lips and tongue. We kiss for long moments, you pressing me down into the bed and ravaging my mouth before slowly pulling away. “Did you enjoy that, Slave?” My eyes are captured by yours, unable to look away as I nod in response. “Good, because I did too.” Your lift your wet hand up, pressing your fingers against my lips in an unspoken demand. Like a good, obedient girl, I lick your fingers clean, enjoying the taste of my own juices. Your eyes beykoz escort follow my movements, your face starting to look strained as you watch me clean your hand.

As soon as I’m done, you swoop down and kiss me again, hard and rough and brief before pulling back. Your hand move to my hips and you lift yourself up before flipping me abruptly over. Nudging me with your thighs, you push my hips up until I’m on my knees, my upper body still flat against the bed. “Good girl, get in position for me.” Your voice is rough and hoarse with your desire and I moan loudly before widening my legs and burying my face in my pillow. Almost immediately I feel you press against the opening to my body, the smooth hard head of your cock prodding at my delicate tissues. My fingers clench into the sheets as I moan, barely resisting the urge to push back against you. The heat from your body warmed my thighs and you spend what seems like forever pushing against me, teasing me with prods of your hard flesh. You don’t even push enough to stretch me open or to enter me even the smallest bit, just tapping right against my pussy in sweet, sensual torture.

As the urge to beg you climbs, I turn my head to the side and take a deep breath only to let out a loud cry as your hand comes down hard on my ass. The spank is followed swiftly by several more, your hard palm raining the smacks down on my ass hard enough to hurt. The skin of my backside heats, turning red and becoming more sensitive with each heavy smack of your palm. My body jerks in reaction to each spank, rocking back and forward and making my body push back against the head of your cock now. Panting and moaning in delicious agony, I try to push my hips back further in order to sink myself down onto your member.

I crave you desperately, the feel of you deep inside my body, claiming me and taking everything I have to give. I’m aching and completely tense as I seek your penetration, my hungry body so wet and hot for you that I know you’ll slide all the way in. Your hand drops harder, more painfully down on my ass bringing a cry of real pain to my lips as you punish me. You know what I was trying to do. “Bad Slave.” Your hand briefly soothes my stinging flesh, rubbing some of the pain away before you lean over and grab me by my hair, yanking me straight up so that my back is flush against your chest. Your face presses close to me, your lips hot against my ear as you whisper, “Bad little girls get punished.”

Your free hand drifts down my body, pinching each of my nipples in turn before sliding down to my pussy. Your finger roughly slip through my wet folds, finding my still sensitive clit and pinching it hard, almost brutally and holding it while I cry out and writhe against you. “Please Master! I’ll be good!” Your grip immediately loosens, becoming more pleasurable as you start to lightly stroke my aching little bud. The sensations rolling through my body are almost too intense for me to play good, but I try hard, moaning for you and not seeking to pleasure myself with your body. Yet.

After a long minute of you teasing and playing with my body, I’m trembling and panting heavily with need. My moans are louder than before, interspersed with soft pleas for you to do something, anything to me to soothe the ache I have. You lean forward and nibble my earlobe, sucking it into your mouth and rasping your teeth against it before pushing me over onto my front. “Get your ass up, Slave. I want to see it all hot and red from my spanking.” I moan and push my hips up, my front pressed to the bed as you grab a couple of pillows and shove them under me. This throws me slightly off balance and forces my ass high up in the air, leaving me completely exposed to you.

I turn my head to the side, resting my cheek against the bed and trying very hard not to try and force myself on you again. I can feel you behind me, your thighs brushing against the back of mine and your hard, hot shaft of flesh sliding between my ass cheeks. I moan and push barely back against you, but now you don’t seem to mind. I can hear your breathing, fast and rough as you trail a hand down my spine and then grab my hips. I take a deep breath, my body tensing with anticipation before you completely shove yourself into my body. There’s no time for me to adjust, my body stretched to the limit from your cock. A loud cry leaves my lips and I push back, feeling your balls slap against my clit.

Without even waiting for me to get used to your size, you pull almost all the way out and then thrust back in, slamming forward with such force that my body moves up the bed. I can’t help my moans of ecstasy, eyes closing as I give myself up to the sensations. This is what I wanted; to feel you take me, claim me completely, to utterly possess me and make me yours. You keep going, thrust after thrust, rocking your hips into mine and forcing yourself hard and rough and deep into my needy pussy. I feel impossibly tight around you, squeezing so hard that you have caddebostan escort to be extra rough in order to bury yourself fully inside me. Each hard pounding motion has you shoved inside me to the hilt, bumping up against my cervix and giving me that little added bit of pain that I like.

My cries and moans of passion are loud and getting only louder as I enjoy your special attention, your masterful working of my body sending bolts of pleasure all through my body. I can feel the ecstasy climbing higher and higher, thrumming through my body with increasing sensation. I am on edge, my body submitting to yours in every way possible. I can hear the hard smacking sound as your hips meet mine, making me rock forward and then back as it feels as if you are trying to push through my body. My pussy feels stretched to the limit, taking you completely each time you shove your cock into me. And I absolutely love it, how it makes me feel to be fucked by you.

Your thrusts start to speed up, your breathing getting faster and your fingers digging harder into the flesh of my hips. My hands start to claw the sheets, almost unable to contain the sensations and intense pleasure that you’re forcing on me. Each time you slide into me, I cry out louder making it so that my cries are fast and as filled with ecstasy as your thrusts. I am almost there, just short of climaxing when you reach around, sliding your hand between the pillows and my body and seeking my clit with your fingers. “Come for me, Slave Girl!” You nearly growl the words, your voice going deep and rough in that sexy way. Immediately my body obeys your command, my orgasm hitting me with so much force that I have to scream your name.

My body clamps down hard on your cock, getting so tight that it starts to force you out. You grunt and shove harder, stretching me open and giving me the whole length once more before you explode. I can feel the spurts right against my cervix, filling me up with your hot, sticky cum. Even as I convulse around you, writhing in pleasure as my orgasm wrings me out, you keep cumming, overflowing my dripping pussy and spilling down my thighs in a sexy mess. My body clenches and pulses around you, milking each and every drop from deep inside you. Your name spills from my lips over and over between cries that are getting quieter as I start to come down from my high. “Master! Oh Master! God, Master!”

You pull out and then shove inside one more time, a last hot pulse of cum shooting into me and making me squeak your name as a shudder of pleasure wracks me. I can hear your deep chuckle, you obviously love my reaction, as you pull out and slap me on my ass. My body goes completely limp, collapsing forward on the pillows as I try and catch my breath. My heart is beating so fast, my body deliciously satisfied and wrung out. For the moment. But I know that you’re not done with me, not by a long shot.

I feel the bed dip as you move, pulling away from me and slipping out of my soaking wet heat. I shudder again, already missing you inside me. Its like an addiction, the way I crave you every moment of the day. My body starts to calm, my breathing returning to normal before I feel your hand on my hip, caressing and starting to move up my spine. I shiver as delicious little pulses of sensitivity assail me, relaxing into your touch and sighing with pleasure as your hand reaches the back of my neck. Your fingers slide through my hair, being oh so gentle as you pet me right before you clench your fingers and grab tight hold of my hair. My breath catches in my throat as you use your other hand grabs my arm and you yank me upright. Hauled against your chest, I close my eyes to keep myself calm as you lean down and whisper roughly, “Time to clean Master up with that wonderful mouth, Slave.”

I let out a long, low moan of desire, already trembling with excitement as you yank me over the side of the bed and push me down on my knees. You keep a tight grip on my hair, bringing your other hand up to join the first as you position yourself in front of me. My back to the bed, I have no place to go and I look up at you, licking my lips as you pull my hair back from my face and tighten your hold. “Suck my dick. That’s it, Girl. Good girl.” Your hard cock is wet and dripping with our mingled fluids as you brush it against my lips, silently demanding that I open for you. Obediently I open my mouth, tongue flicking out to taste the very tip of you. You taste so good that I have to lick you again, swirling my tongue around the head of your cock and lapping up all of the wetness.

I can feel your impatience, my hands going to your thighs and holding on as you tense and push your cock more insistently against my lips. Without waiting for me to open them again, you place the tip right on my lips and shove, forcing my mouth open and burying yourself several inches into the tight, hot cavern of my mouth. I moan and dig my fingers into your thighs, sliding my tongue all over the hot flesh stretching my lips wide. My eyes roll up to look at your face, loving the wild and aroused look that you had while you watched me suck you. You pull back, all the way and then thrust hard back in, shoving all the way over my tongue and deep into my throat without giving me a chance to adjust.

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