A Sensual Education Pt. 05

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CHAPTER 25 – Jason’s Birthday

“Are you sure, Jen?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Because this is important. Jason said he’d be here about eight. Course, knowing him, that means more like nine-thirty, but still…you’re sure?”

“Amy, you asked, I answered, I’m sure. Please stop worrying.”

Amy took a deep breath. “Okay. If you say so.” She turned to the woman behind the counter. “Half a dozen of the chocolate cupcakes, please.”

“Certainly, miss. Do you want them with sprinkles?”

Amy looked distraught. “Oh god, do you think he’d want sprinkles?”

“Get the sprinkles,” said Jen. “They look festive, and if Jason doesn’t want to eat them he can scrape them off. But I’ve never seen anybody scrape the sprinkles off a chocolate cupcake, so I doubt he will.”

As the girls left the bakery, Amy stopped and looked at the box of cupcakes. “You’re sure it was the chocolate ones he liked?”

Jen shook her head and snorted in exasperation. “Amy, yes, I’m sure. Last time he was here, we had chocolate, vanilla, and those, what were they, pistachio? And Jason said if it wasn’t chocolate, it wasn’t worth eating. That’s an exact quote.”

“That sounds sort of familiar, I guess. You’re sure it’s not just that you like chocolate so much?”

Jen looked daggers at her roommate. “Amy Kim–”

“Kidding!” cried Amy. “Totally kidding. If you say it’s chocolate Jason would want, I believe you one hundred percent. Or more.” She gave Jen a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. “C’mon, let’s get some ribbons and stuff and fancy this box up a little.”

Back at the dorm room, Amy placed the box of cupcakes on her desk and removed the “ribbons and stuff” that she’d bought from the shopping bag. There were two spools of ribbon—one pink, one purple—several pre-made bows, a big roll of wrapping paper, scotch tape, and a container of glitter. Jen stood by, shaking her head.

“What are you going to do with all this stuff?”

“I’m not sure,” said Amy. “But I wanted to have options.” She picked up the spools of ribbon. “Okay. This can go on the cupcake box, sort of over the string. The pink one way, the purple the other? And then we kinda do a big bow where they meet on top, here in the middle. Right?”

“If you say so,” said Jen. “Are you any good at that sort of stuff? Cause I’m not.”

Amy looked at her in disbelief. “Are you kidding? I woulda thought you’d be an expert, like a mini-Martha Stewart. I was counting on it.”

Jen shrugged. “Sorry to disappoint. I always spring for the store to do the gift-wrapping. Just like my mom taught me.”

“Guess it’s a good thing I got all these ready-mades,” said Amy with a grin. “Which color do you think for the cupcake box?”

“The pink one. Can you do like a basic wrap-around with the purple ribbon, just, like following the string? And then put the big pink on top.”

“Yeah, that’ll be good.” Amy began unspooling the purple ribbon. “Um, okay I got it going across the width of the box, now what?”

Jen took one end of the ribbon. “I think you just have to cross it, like so, and head down the length. You need a little more, like so…okay, now you can cut it and tape the ends down, and put the bow on top.”

“Hey, we did it! Doesn’t look too bad, does it?”

“Martha would be proud of you,” said Jen.

Amy chuckled. “Next time you see her you can tell her all about it. Okay, the box is done, so now…” She picked up the other pre-made bows, selected one, peeled off the adhesive backing and pressed it on top of her head. “There, I’ll wear the yellow one, which do you want?”

“Do I have to?”

Amy took her friend’s hand. “Hey, you’re the real present here, remember? We need to decorate you at least a little bit. Not that you aren’t plenty decorative already,” she said with a smile as she leaned in to give Jen a quick kiss, “but just to be in the spirit of things.”

Jen rolled her eyes. “Fine, I’ll wear the blue one. How’s that?”

“Great!” said Amy. “We’ll just add a touch of glitter–”

“Don’t you dare open that!” cried Jen. “If you so much as break the seal we’ll have glitter in everything! We’ll never get it cleaned up.”

“But glitter is fun! Don’t you love it?”

“Not in my bed, or my shoes, or my underwear–”

“Don’t be such a party-pooper!”

“–or my cupcakes.”

Amy set the jar of glitter down. “Good point. I hadn’t thought of that. Besides, the cupcakes have sprinkles, which is sort of like glitter, right?”

“Totally,” agreed Jen.

“So once the cupcakes are gone, that’s when we break out the glitter!”

Jen groaned in exasperation. “Don’t you ever give up?”

“Teasing you?” said Amy. “‘Fraid not. It’s too much fun. But if my girl says no glitter, the glitter stays unopened.” She put the jar into a small bag, then stowed it in her dresser drawer. “Next time I go home, I’ll give it to my little sister. She’s not as stuffy as some people.”

“Oh, I’m maraş seks hikayeleri stuffy? Then I guess I better leave so I don’t spoil Jason’s birthday surprise.”

“Oh, no, no backing out,” cried Amy. “Leaving me with no present for Jason. Besides,” she added more quietly, as she put her arms around her roommate, “I love every stuffy inch of you. And any unstuffy ones there are, too.” Their teasing over, the two girls held each other, savoring the affection they each felt, and each knew she could rely on from the other. “You nervous about tonight?” asked Amy.


“Me too.” Amy stroked Jen’s back and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “You know I was kidding, right? If you don’t want to go through with it, you don’t have to. I wouldn’t want you to.”

“I said I was nervous. I didn’t say I don’t want to do it.” Jen looked at Amy and touched her cheek. “I love you, Ames. And I really like Jason. And it just completely blows me away that you want to share him with me.”

Amy nodded. “I do. I love sleeping with you. I loved seeing you fucking with Gabby. And I know I’m going to love seeing you with Jason.” She kissed Jen tenderly. “Because I love you, Jennifer Keller. And I want everybody else to love you too. Are you okay with that?”

Jen smiled. “So long as you’re okay with me maybe not loving everybody else quite as much as I love you.” The two girls hugged again, the touch of their bodies mirroring the emotional closeness they felt. Finally, Jen said, “I think we should do a little cleaning up here. Straighten the room, put clean sheets on the beds, take showers–”

“Let’s start with that!” said Amy. “I’m really good in the shower, or so I’m told.”

“Yeah, well I was thinking maybe we should get the place looking decent for when Jason gets here. And that we might want to be clean too.” She moved to pick up some dirty clothes and straighten her desk. “And maybe Jason will want to take a group shower later.”

“Ah, so Miss Practical has an ulterior motive! Well I’m totally down with that.” And the two girls set to work.

Just before eight, the girls—freshly showered—were relaxing on their freshly-made beds, when Amy’s phone buzzed. Picking it up, she said, “A text from Jason. Says he’s running a little late, won’t be here as soon as he’d like, but hopes I’ll wait up for him.” She dropped the phone on her bed. “Crap. He probably stayed late to meet with one of his professors, or help somebody with one of their labs…or rescue a kitten stuck in a tree, or help a bunch of old ladies cross the street. He’s such a great guy, but sometimes I wish he was a little less helpful, you know? If he’d think a little more about himself–”

“Or about you?” said Jen.

“Ouch,” said Amy. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. I am being a little selfish, I guess.”

“Only a little,” said Jen. “And it’s completely understandable. He’s your boyfriend, his first thought today should’ve been how quickly he could get here to see you.” Just then there was a knock at the door. Jen rose to go answer while Amy lay back down on her bed.

“You’re right, I’m a princess, we’re supposed to be selfish.”

A male voice said, “I don’t disagree about you being a princess, but who’s accusing you of being selfish?”

“Jason!” cried Amy as she almost jumped off her bed. “What are you doing here?”

“Isn’t that what we planned? That I’d come and you’d throw me a swell birthday party?”

“No, I mean, I thought you were gonna be late.”

Jason laughed. “See, I said I wouldn’t be here as soon as I’d like. Not that I was going to be later than I’d said.” He dropped his backpack on the floor and swept Amy into his arms. They kissed, practically twirling around as though dancing, before dropping onto the bed, Amy on his lap. “Hi Jen, how are you? Sorry to rush past you like that, but I knew this one would be complaining about me and I wanted to shut her up.” He grinned. “There was one time—one time!—I was fifteen minutes late picking her up, and ever since then I’ve been Mr Irresponsible to her.” He pulled Amy close and kissed her again. “Like she doesn’t know I’d rather be with her than anywhere else in the world.”

“In the first place, it was way more than fifteen minutes,” said Amy. “Like, at least eighteen. And in the second place…”

“Yeah?” said Jason. “In the second place?”

Amy pouted. “Well, there isn’t a second place, but you were late that time, and you said you were running late today.”

“I was, my lab partner needed help with one of the assignments, so I left a half-hour after I’d planned. Didn’t stop the whole way here, so I have got to use your WC.” He stood quickly, or, as quickly as he could without dropping Amy directly onto the floor, and headed to the bathroom. “And when I’m done, we’re having a party, right?”

As he closed the bathroom door, Amy quickly moved the box of cupcakes from the closet shelf onto the low table between the beds. “Where’s your bow?” she asked Jen. “Let’s get decorated.”

“I thought you were kidding,” said Jen. “You really want me to do that?”

“Of course! Here, put it off on the side a little bit. Yeah, looks good. Help me get mine on. How’s that?”

Taking a quick look in the mirror, Amy pronounced them to be perfect, and each girl sat on her own bed. The bathroom door opened, and Jason stood there a moment as he finished drying his hands. He looked quizzically, first at Amy, then at Jen, before hanging up the towel and coming back into the room. “What’s with the ribbons? Not that you two don’t look cute.”

“We couldn’t find gardenias, but we thought these would be nice,” said Amy, as she lightly touched the yellow bow above her right ear.

“And a mystery box on the table. Is that for me? I can’t imagine there’s anything under that pink bow half as nice as what’s under this yellow one. Or that blue one either.”

Jen blushed as Amy said, “Well, open it and find out. But be careful! It’s fragile, don’t go flipping it upside down or anything.”

Jason lifted off the pink bow and stuck it on top of his own head. “Now we’re triplets!” He pulled off the tape holding the purple ribbon down and the ribbon came loose. “Oh, string too. Hmm…not sure I can undo this knot, it’s pulled really tight.”

“Here,” said Jen, handing him a pair of scissors. “Unless you’d rather save the string.”

“No, no, I’m happy to sacrifice the string to get inside the box sooner. For the greater good.” With one quick snip the string fell aside, and Jason opened the box. “Cupcakes! With sprinkles! Okay, they’re chocolate frosting, but is the cake chocolate too?”

Amy shrugged. “Try one and see.”

Jason picked one out of the box, peeled down the paper cup, and took a bite. “Oh my god, these are so good. Chocolate all the way through. My absolute favorite. You are the best, Ames, thank you so much,” and leaned close to kiss her.

Amy shook her head and put up her hand to stop him. “Sorry, I can’t take the credit. If I hadn’t had help, I’d have gotten vanilla, or coconut, or an assortment or something. You need to thank Jen. She insisted that you would want chocolate.”

“Well thank you very much Jen. Glad you helped Amy out.”

“No, no, no,” said Amy. “Thank her properly. Jen, get over here so Jason can thank you.”

Jen slowly rose from her bed and stepped around the table to stand by Jason.

“Sit down, silly,” said Amy, and as Jen did, Amy said to Jason, “Now, thank her. The way you were going to thank me.”

Jason looked at her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, go ahead. You want to, don’t you?” Jason continued to look at Amy, not moving, until finally she stood up with an exasperated “Oh, fine!” and stepped around him to sit next to Jen. “Jen,” she said, taking her roommate’s face between her hands, “this is from Jason.” And she kissed Jen, not softly or timidly, but lustfully, as though she’d been waiting ages for the chance, and Jen received it in the same spirit. “Now, do you want to tell him how you feel about that?”

Jen looked at Amy with the slightest of smiles and touched her on the cheek. Then she turned to Jason and said, “That was lovely, Jason, thank you very much.” She glanced back at Amy, who nodded, then turning back to Jason, she very quietly continued, “May I have another?”

After taking one last, searching look at Amy, Jason leaned forward until his lips touched Jen’s. In an instant, her arms were around him, and Amy was reaching around to unbutton his shirt. Jason pulled Jen close to him, their gentle kiss becoming firmer, indeed matching the passion Amy had demonstrated. Jason toppled back against Amy’s pillow, pulling Jen over atop him. Amy, no longer able to reach Jason’s shirt, began searching for the buttons of Jen’s jeans, and Jen, feeling her friend’s fingers groping near her waist, raised herself slightly, allowing Amy’s hands to achieve their goal. The pants were unfastened, and Amy tugged them down over Jen’s hips. And as long as Jen’s ass was raised up, why not give it a kiss? Her fingers quickly found the waistband of Jen’s panties, which slid briskly down over those soft, round cheeks, to rejoin Jen’s jeans at her ankles. Ah, those shapely, tender cheeks! How enticing they were, how they welcomed Amy’s touch. Fingers, lips, tongue were all enlisted to lavish Jen’s ass with caresses. Amy’s hands each grasped a globe, widening the crack between them until first the tiny asshole and then Jen’s swiftly pinkening cunt came into view. Amy’s tongue flashed out, tickling the pussy lips, and Jen sucked in her breath sharply at that most intimate, but oh, most welcome, contact.

And now Jen’s hands were busy too, loosening Jason’s belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers. She could feel his hard cock lifting the material of his boxers, and she grasped it firmly. It had been an age since she’d touched a cock, since that weekend with Gabby and Rick, and only now did she realize how much she’d missed it. How she wanted to stroke it, and suck it, to feel it stretching her pussy, and to make it spout fountains of cum! Her awareness that this was Amy’s boyfriend, and that this was what Amy wanted, and that it was Amy who right now was tonguing her pussy and squeezing her ass, drove her desire all the higher. She had to, she needed to show her roommate—her lover—how much she appreciated her love, and generosity! She turned, reaching out to touch Amy’s shoulder, her cheek, her chin; she drew her friend towards her and kissed her, and the two friends embraced, kneeling on the bed.

Then the two girls were finishing the task of undressing Jason, scattering his shirt and undershirt, his jeans and boxers and socks, to the corners of the room. He lay there, naked, and the roommates drank in the so-different masculine beauty of his body. His strong shoulders, tight abs, narrow hips and sturdy legs, and oh, that delightful third leg standing so proud and tall! Amy took hold of it, stroked it a few times, licked it and then gestured for Jen to give it a taste. Jen first kissed Amy’s lips, then each of her nipples, before taking Jason’s dick into her mouth. How wonderful it felt, sliding between her lips and over her tongue, and how wonderful it felt hearing how Jason was being driven wild by her attentions. Her right hand, as if with a will of its own, moved to her own crotch and began teasing her pussy lips and tickling her clit, heightening her desire still further.

Amy, loving the sight of this girl she loved sucking her boyfriend’s dick, was pleasuring herself, rubbing her tits and frigging her clit. Her pussy was so wet, she slid her finger in and thrust it in and out, in and out, then withdrew her hand and sucked the wet finger. She stroked Jen’s back, leaned over and kissed her shoulder blade, then moved toward Jason’s head. She loved playing with her cunt, but how much better it was to have someone else eat it! She straddled Jason’s head, which eagerly rose to meet her, his tongue pushing against and between her labia, pressing and tickling her sensitive clit. Lowering herself slightly, her hips began rocking back and forth, rubbing her pussy against Jason’s lips, and she reached out to touch Jen’s lustrous hair. At her touch, Jen left off sucking Jason’s cock and moved to kiss her loved and loving friend. She held and stroked Amy’s tits, then moved her right leg across Jason’s body, took his cock in hand and lowered herself upon it. She gasped as the sturdy prick slid deep within her, and leaned forward toward Amy. The two girls embraced, as Jason’s tongue and cock busied themselves in the two cunts. There were gasps of pleasure from both girls, and they clutched each others’ arms or hair, kissing passionately. Then Jason let out an enormous groan—muffled though it was by Amy’s pussy pressing against his mouth—as he came, his hips bucking as his jizz spouted from his cock, deep within Jen’s vagina. For perhaps half a minute more she continued rocking on him, grinding her clit against his body, struggling to achieve her own orgasm.

But suddenly, Amy was pulling her off Jason, and she was lying on her back with Amy atop her, and the two girls were locked in a sixty-nine. Each girl’s tongue licked and tickled her dearest friend’s cunt, each girl’s lips kissed her lovely roommate’s clit, and soon their pussies throbbed, their buttocks tensed, their whole bodies shuddered as they climaxed.

The three lovers lay together, each girl still kissing her friend’s wet and satisfied cunt, while Jason stroked his semi-firm dick and kissed Amy’s ass or Jen’s forehead. His cock would need a little time to fully recover, but seeing the two girls making love, and now just lying naked upon each other, kept him feeling incredibly horny, despite the fabulous orgasm he’d just had. He ran his hand gently over Amy’s lovely ass, sliding his finger down the crack until it came to her pussy. So wet! He loved eating it so much, and he loved that Amy loved having it eaten. And yes, he loved that Jen loved eating it too.

“Mmm…” said Amy, feeling Jason’s finger tickling her pussy lips. Giving a last kiss and lick to Jen’s pussy, she raised her head and turned to see Jason’s cock. She grasped it firmly with her right hand and took it into her mouth. She loved sucking Jason’s dick—she loved sucking dick, period—and she particularly loved knowing that the dick she was sucking had just been in her girlfriend’s cunt.

“Not that I want you to stop, Ames, but it might be a little too soon to get the full effect,” said Jason, with a sigh. “How ’bout you come here and let me kiss you, and tell you how much I love you?”

Amy released her prisoner and crawled up to lie on Jason’s chest. She kissed him, stroked his hair, then pulled Jen closer and kissed her as well. “Enjoying your birthday so far, Jase?”

“I thought I’d struck gold with those cupcakes, but this…” He held Amy close to him, turned to Jen and kissed her. “I hope the party’s not over.”

“I don’t know,” said Amy. “I think that’s up to Jen. What do you say, sweetie? You want to keep the party going?”

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