A Penny for Your Thoughts

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It is difficult to concentrate on important work when you have other matters in your mind, as everyone knows. This was one of those days, I had sat on my desk for the whole afternoon without achieving anything. A distressing situation indeed, considering the importance of the work I was supposed to be doing. I heard a knock on the door, and a cheerful feminine voice: “Penny for your thoughts, troubled mind.”

It was mom, of course, flashing a warm, radiant smile at me. She was wearing an apron over her blue flowered dress, so she must have been taking a break from important household duties. She brushed a curl of black of her face, although currently most of it was tied into a thick bunch behind her head hair. It was a familiar gesture, and I knew the kind of look she was going to give me next, of caring interest and helpfulness. “You seem so restless today, pumpkin. You didn’t think I wouldn’t notice?” Mom sweetly inquired.

“Oh, it’s just that I can’t concentrate. And you know this thing I’m supposed to be doing…”

“The really important one?” she asked, with a deeply concerned look.

“Yes,” I said seriously. “I really have to get this done, but…”

Mom touched my face gently and spoke: “You could just tell me everything about about it. You know, the way you always can when so are having problems with something really important.” During this, her hand had started slowly tracing downwards.

“Eh, yes. Sure” I said, as mom’s hand had reached my belt. Hearing this, she slid down onto her knees and, looking up at me, opened it.

“I know it’s difficult for you to talk about matters like this” she wrinkled her brows as her fingers reached for my zipper. “But you know we’ve had this discussion before, that I can help”.

“Yes, all right, mom. All right,” I sighed as the zipper opened.

This was just my mom’s particular way of having a meaningful conversation with me, as I very well knew. I knew also that most other people’s mothers weren’t usually quite so… attentive. It’s not that I thought there was anything that strange about it when she took my cock in her hand and bent down to kiss my balls. It was just that there wasn’t anything sexual about it, either, just a little motherhood and care.

I could see why she would be attractive to someone; well obviously, since she was happily married to my dad. She had her large dark eyes, big cloud of curly hair, and nicely full and rounded breasts which I couldn’t help paying attention to at the moment as amply as they were noticeable through her cleavage, but those are just the kind of things you do pay attention to. It’s not I’d want her to take her clothes off, which of course she would sternly refuse anyway. Still, it definitely did feel nice and comforting when mom stroked my hardened shaft and started covering it in attentive kisses and licks.

“You know the club I joined last month…” I started, but had to stop for a moment to gasp for breath since mom had obviously sensed she was on the right track, komşu seks hikayeleri because I could feel velvet lips open and slowly slide down wrapped around my hard shaft. Mom’s head started moving in a slow, bouncy, natural rhythm, and the simple embrace of a warm, wet mouth slowly started becoming much more. The hold of her lips tightened, still soft and careful, but now moving and sucking. Mom’s tongue worked too, fluttering and slithering at every opportunity, and I sighed deep.

When I was used enough to the feeling, I continued speaking: “There’s this girl, Molly”. Mom listened attentively, making cute slurping sounds as she attended to me, the kind that any man loves to hear, even if it is your own mother making them. “But there’s also this guy, uhh- Steve”.

I went on to speak my mind about my current situation of being caught in a rather hopeless love triangle. Well, calling it a triangle was probably somewhat of an exaggeration, since Molly pretty much didn’t even know I existed. Mom listened patiently and relayed a message of compassion and understanding by slowing down at the right moments and just sucking a little, slowly and gently, looking at me with big, deep, caring eyes. Then, when she could sense it was all right again, she would start moving her head, very carefully, so every time her head came down her lips would be a point millimeter or two further along my shaft. Similarly, just little by little, she would move faster, until it was again the time when it was just enough to gently hold my balls and offer warm meaningful gazes.

When my speech became just distorted gasps like: “Hhh-Hhh”, mom quickly pulled away, so she didn’t even touch me with her hands. Only a string of slimy mixture of drool and saliva hanging from her lips and the tip of my cock remained connecting us.

She just smiled warmly and said: “You should probably, you know, talk to her about it. You know, how else do you think anything is going to happen?”

Having regained my composure for the moment, I answered: “But mom, she’s with Steve. She’ll just laugh at me”.

Mom gently took my balls in her hand and started giving them little kisses once in a while, so I would stay hard. She reached to touch my hand, and advised: “Oh, maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But how will you ever know if you won’t even try, right?”, moving on to lick my shaft.

“R-Right,” I stuttered, as I felt mom’s lips positioned against the tip of my cock again.

“You’ll see that’s the right thing to do” she yet said, before her lips were needed for other uses, as they soon were cutely puckered around my shaft and she resumed her parental care.

When mom’s head was steadily bobbing on my lap again, and I think I felt she was a little more persistent now, not slowing down as often, I speculated on the situation the best I could. It was obvious she would not let me off this easy so I hoped I could quickly find something more constructive to say.

After a moment of silence I found out the treatment I was receiving from mom was indeed quite overwhelming now in all its maternal attentiveness, which resulted in pauses where I could only shudder and whimper. It seemed to be working, though. “Steve would – nhh – get mad, if I spoke to Milly, though, wouldn’t he. Aahh,” was the general idea I barely managed to express during this while until mom had again sucked me to the edge where she could sense it would be best to stop for a moment, or some things might happen prematurely.

She just held my hand for and offered helpful commentary: “Don’t worry about that. She’s the one who makes the decision, after all, not ‘Steve’ when it comes to that. He can’t beat you up or anything like that, if that’s what you’re worrying, or I’ll call the cops on him”. She grinned; she would do that, I knew. Would it be any use, though, afterwards, was what I was not so sure about.

I had to say something, however, and: “Hmm, I guess you’re right, mom,” sounded like the right thing. It did, really, start to sound like the right thing to me too.

“Just follow the sound of your heart” she said, and I could see a familiar spark in her dark eyes as she added: “When the right time comes, that is. But make sure it will come”.

I knew what mom meant, and said: “All right,” as she started gently massaging my balls and yet again lovingly captured my dick in her mouth. “It was great to have this conversation, mom. I feel a lot more clear-headed now, and – u – uungh”. The motherly magic of her silky lips was starting to get interesting yet again, so I made sure to speak quickly: “I’m sure I’ll get the job done in time, too, and wait for the right moment to talk to Molly,” I said, smiling at mom as I looked her in the eyes.

“Hmm-hh” she answered, and I knew she meant my answer satisfied her, because there were no more of the slow moments any more.

When I said: “Thank you, mom,” her head immediately came down so hard I felt her nose brush against my pubic hair and I was buried in deep in her tight, throbbing throat. This was obviously a very emotional moment for her. For me too, of course, quite uncontrollably emotional right then, in fact. She also reached to hold my balls in her hand, knowing this made it easier to adjust to the pressure building in them due to her new actions, and last just that important little while longer.

I felt it was the time I couldn’t express my feelings in words alone, but thankfully from the way mom was looking at me, I knew I wouldn’t have to. She was keeping constant eye contact with me as she sucked, her large dark eyes locked with mine, looking deep into me with everything that just was mellow and motherly and caring, and they were saying: “Shoot your load in my mouth now, my own baby boy, please, and let me swallow”. Right then mom noticed how I was shivering and breathing hard, her attentions turned even more deliberate, her skillful fingers played a game of tickle and tease with my balls.

I laid my hand on her shoulder, and groaned: “This is it, mom.” The suction of her lips noticeably increased, and the bobbing of her head became more excited, but it was the way mom looked at me with big begging brown puppy eyes and the little whimpering sounds she made that just said: “Please. Please,” that were altogether too much.

“Mom, aa-ah!” I shouted as a massive amount suddenly and forcefully leave my balls. I felt mom’s lips tighten around my shaft as she immediately swallowed, as would no doubt any mother if they suddenly were given a mouthful of warm sperm by their own son. It was simply the natural instinctive reaction, after all. She knew she couldn’t just stop after the initial copious burst, either, the way I gasped and groaned. There were no words, but to her ears it meant: “Here you are, mother dear, just for you, everything your baby can give from to you from the bottom of his heart and soul.”

The rapid succession of ejaculations and the significant volume of each one could have caused problems, but it is of course different with your own mother. After all, her maternal instinct helps her sense the rhythm you ejaculate a lot better than in situations missing this crucial element.

For this reason, mom didn’t gag at any of the several moments which would have surprised any woman without this advantage, as she could swallow even the biggest and most powerful bursts without the hesitation and unawareness often present without the special mother and son connection.

Indeed, the amount was never overwhelming for mom, and signaled this with little sounds of “Mm. Mm” after each warm mouthful and by gently stroking my balls the whole time, helping me feel safe. Her head get bobbing after I had finished, her big dark eyes studying me carefully. She wanted to be sure she had swallowed absolutely everything, because she was my mother and knew little things like these mattered. I reached to brush a curl of her auburn locks, and softly whispered that this was the case: “It’s all right, mom, it’s all right.”

Mom slowly drew her gentle lips away and bent down to kiss both of my balls with a wet smack, and then snuggled them against her cheek like something cuddly and precious. “Remember, don’t hesitate, if you ever want to talk to me about anything else. Anything” she said, and I would not.

Smiling, I answered: “I won’t, mom, don’t worry”.

Mom got up, smoothing her dress and apron, and waited for me to get my pants zipped up until giving me a little reassuring hug.

“It will work out, you’ll see” she said, “and don’t worry, there are other girls than this Molly around, too, you know”.

Yes, I could see mom was right. I loved Molly very much right now, at this very moment, but I could understand now she wasn’t the only one I could love. It would just take a little time, perhaps, but still… Besides, now I at least would have the courage to speak to her and find out about her feelings.

“Good good luck with the job too, honey, although I know you’ll do well” mom said with a smile, and then turned and left.

Indeed, turning back to the work at hand, I suddenly could imagine a whole new world of possibilities.

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