A night out

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A night outlike a complete slut as my lips curled over his purple knob-end and felt the cool night air on my twitching cock, knowing that he could see everything I had as he looked down and watched me.”Christ, that feels fucking good.” he rasped as he looked down and saw my head bobbing back and forth, “You suck just like a real woman.””That’s because I feel like a real woman.” I smiled as I pulled off him and continued to slide my fist up and down his rigid shaft, “And just like any other woman, I love to be fucked by a gorgeous cock like this one… So, d’you wanna try me? We can go behind these bushes and you can fuck me there if you want.””Yeah, let’s go.” he replied urgently, “I don’t want to waste this heavy load.”I slowly stood up and led him by his rigid cock behind the bushes to a small, grassy hollow that I’d used so many times before with other guys when being fucked, the hollow being completely shielded from the path by the thick foliage.”Here, spread some of this on your cock.” I told him as I took the tube of KY gel from my bag, malatya escort and then laid back on the grass with my knees bent and splayed wide apart, “Now, come down here to me and fuck me senseless.”He smeared some of the clear gel on his cock and knelt between my thighs before dropping onto his hands, his knob-end butting up against my puckered man-cunt as I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist.”Oh yessss.” I hissed as held onto his shoulders and he eased the first two inches of his cock into me, steadily dilating my sphincter-muscles, “Fuck me! Fuck me and fill me up completely with your thick and creamy cum.”His head dipped down so’s he could suck on my tits as he slowly slid the whole length of his rigid cock inside me, then slowly eased out again before starting to fuck me as though I was his horny girlfriend.”Jesus, you feel good.” he breathed as he pounded into me and his balls slapped against my ass-cheeks, “Your ass feels exactly like a real woman’s cunt – beautiful.”I pulled myself mardin escort closer to him and lifted my legs higher so’s I was almost bent double beneath his thrashing body, his cock ‘bottoming-out’ deep inside my ass and pushing my body back and forth on the grass.”That’s right. Oh my God, yesssss!” I hissed, “Fuck me harder and spurt your cum deep inside me. Fill me with it and let me know that I’ve been soundly fucked.”Me ‘talking dirty’ to him had the desired effect, and I suddenly felt his body stiffen and his cock grow harder before it started to throb and jerk deep inside me.”Yesssss,” he gasped as I felt the first spurt of his cum splatter against my insides, “Oh my God, Yesssssss!” I held him tight and felt his cock jerking madly as it sprayed his cum deep inside me. “Fucking hell.” he gasped breathlessly as he lay on top of me, his cock now feebly pulsating and spurting the last of his cum into my bowels, “You’re one, great fuck.””Mmmm, so are you.” I replied softly, “That felt fucking beautiful, elazığ escort and I can go home to bed tonight with your thick and creamy cum swimming around, deep inside me.”He smiled and then sat back, looking contentedly between my splayed thighs at my gaping ass, totally exposed tits and sexy undies as I continued to lie on the grass.”God, that looks fucking sexy.” he breathed, “I can see my cum leaking from you.””Mmmm, mustn’t waste it.” I grinned, reaching down between my thighs and wiping a thick glob of his steaming cum onto my finger before transferring it to my mouth and swallowing it, “Mmmm, it tastes lovely. Now, let me suck you clean so’s I can swallow some more of that delicious cum of yours.”I got to my knees and sucked his flaccid cock into my mouth, him resting his hand on the back of my head as I sucked and licked every trace of his cum from his cock.”That was beautiful – thank you.” I smiled at him, a dribble of his cum momentarily resting on my bottom lip before I licked it off.”No, it should be me that’s thanking you.” he smiled, “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had – and it was with another guy!””You’re always welcome to fuck me again.” I replied, “Any time you want.””I’ll certainly be taking you up on your offer.” he said as he got up, “Thanks again.” And with that he turned and walked back onto the path.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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