A Hard Day at the Office

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I can’t wait for this day to be over with. If I have to sit here and listen to one more person complain about their problems, I might just scream. I mean I know it’s my job and everything as a counselor, but I don’t have it in me today. That doesn’t make me a bad person, right? Sometimes you just have an off day, and today I’m way off. I guess that’s why I barely notice that time is up as my current client just keeps droning on. Shaking myself from my daze, I close out the session. At least I have an hour break till my next appointment. Walking my client to the door, I stop dead in my tracks. Sitting casually in a black henley with a dark pair of stone washed jeans; my master is reading one of the magazines I keep in the waiting room. My mouth instantly goes dry, as my heart starts jumping out of my chest. Of course, his sleeves are pulled up, revealing his tattoos against his olive skin. On both his forearms he has a mirrored pair of ravens. When I asked him about them, he gave me some long explanation. I remember him mentioning Odin and some other gibberish. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, but they are beautiful. His thick long midnight black hair is pulled back like always. Only recently has he started shaving it high on the sides. He’s like some Spanish Italian Viking.Why is he here? Did I forget about a date? Oh god, is something wrong? About a million thoughts pass through my mind, but all of it stops the minute he captures me with his eyes. How does he do that? Raising up from his chair, he moves with a predator’s grace. “Lisa, can you hold all of her calls for the next hour or so,” he says almost flirtatiously while leaning against the desk, “and go ahead and take an early lunch.”“Not a problem, Mr. Drake,” she responds, like some giddy little school girl, while also throwing a wink my way. Of course, Lisa, my secretary, gives him a sweet little nod. That’s what I get for having a young pushover for a secretary. Mental note, I need an old battle ax that he can’t push around. Although he’d probably find some way to sweet talk her too. But even as I’m giving Lisa a good verbal beat down in my head. I can’t help myself as I fall into my master, his strength guiding me back into my office. Once inside I try to inquire as to why he is here, but I am abruptly silenced with a wave of his hand. My anxiety begins to bubble to the surface as I begin to fidget with my hands and search the room. What did I do? About a million other thoughts run through my mind, but again my master brings me back to the center with a simple touch. Caressing my face, I nuzzle his palm, a small sigh passing my lips. A sweet and sadistic smile spreads across his face, forcing my knees to go weak. Which of course just works in his favor, because he gives me just a little pressure, forcing me to a kneeling position. I try to manage some grace on the way down, keeping my skirt tucked under me as I land. It’s just a simple black skirt hitting me about midway past my knees, with a modest pair of heels. That and my favorite teal blouse, probably showing to much white creamy cleavage from my breasts. But who cares anyway? Combined with my spiky ice-blue hair, I look awesome. Just because I have to be professional doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. However, my master as other Escort Fatih ideas. He pushes me down further until my face rest against the soft carpet of my office. My ass naturally raises high in the air for my master’s enjoyment. He keeps his hand on the back of my head, while he slowly lowers the zipper on my skirt. I moan, relishing the control he has over me. Rubbing his hand along my ass, he slowly pushes it inside my skirt. I smile inside when I hear him chuckle, feeling my soaked panties. It’s his own fault really. How am I supposed to control myself with him looking so god damn sexy?“My little slut has soaked through her panties I see,” he says, the sweet baritone of his voice echoing through the room, “I shall have to address this unprofessional behavior decisively.” I can’t help the shiver that rolls through me. It’s not enough that he is ruggedly handsome. No, he has to possess a voice that makes me quake and shiver with lust. It’s not fair. No man should have this much power. Of course, my pussy screams into my head telling me to shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride. “Remove your clothes and stand over by your desk, but leave your heels on,” he says before walking over to a painting I have hanging on the wall. I do my best to shake myself from my daze so that I can do the task set before me. Why the hell does he always make me bumfuzzled and then expect me to do things. I start trying to work the complicated task of unbuttoning my blouse. I don’t know what it is about buttons, but the minute he comes around me; I completely forget how to undress. It’s like some weird Jedi mind trick, I swear.But I manage to figure it out. Score one for me, yay! I shimmy my way out of my skirt. The curse of having an ass is clothes never seem to want to fit around it. But it’s such wonderful bliss when my master gets ahold of it. I take a moment to spy across the room. Surprisingly I find him rooting around in some secret safe in my wall. Where the hell did that come from? This is my office, right? We didn’t magically find our way into some alternate reality, did we? I let out a loud huff as I cross my arms and stomp my foot. Peaking his way out from behind the painting, he gives me a blank stare. I want to yell and scream, maybe even sit on the floor and give him a menacing stare of my own. But he just gives me a wink, before he pulls some cuffs and a spreader bar from the safe. When the hell did he put his toy chest in my office?Moving across the room, he grabs my arm and pulls me to my desk. Oh yeah, I was supposed to stand over here. I got distracted by the surprise toy chest in my office. Reaching up under the lip, I hear an audible click. Well, now I’m really confused. But my confusion is turned to shock, as my master spins a piece of the corner, revealing an anchor and D-Link. Ok seriously, when did this man take over my office and replace my stuff. But then it dawns on me. My master made this desk for me as a present for when I started my practice. And a couple of months back, I had received tons of emails from maintenance telling me they were doing work on my floor of the office building. I growl in my head, while at the same time my heart melts. My master and his surprises, oh how I love to hate him for them. But then another Fındıkzade escort realization hits me. Cuffs, D-Link, and a big desk, oh shit.And just as the thought floats across my mind, I feel the leather wrap around my wrists and the click of the link. And that’s what I get for thinking too much. Of course, my pussy spasms as the cuffs are locked into place.  Moving behind me, he trails his hands along my skin, causing me to shiver again. He kicks my feet apart, forcing me to brace myself against the desk.I feel the leather of the cuffs as he attaches the spreader bar to my ankles. The heat I feel coursing through me is amazing. I know my master is pleased with the way that I look. I’m glad that I decided to wear some sexy lingerie today. As I said, I’ve been having an off day, and usually, sexy lingerie is the cure. I’m wearing my favorite teal lace bra with matching thong. Even though my ass makes buying clothes a hassle, I love how I have just enough tits to fill out all the cute sexy stuff in stores. It’s like the three little bears, but you know, tits. These are too small, those are way too big, nope my tits are just right.  “I guess my little slut was distracted by my surprises I have stashed in her office,” master says full of mischief, “I’m pretty sure I said for you to take all your clothes off. Even though this is a marvelous sight, that’s now two offenses I must punish you for.”Wait, what? Did he just say punish? Well if my thong wasn’t completely destroyed before, it most certainly is now. He gives my ass a playful slap as he walks back over to the safe. Great, now what is he pulling out of there. He might as well be a magician over there with a hat. Thanks to these wonderful cuffs anchored to my desk it’s hard to see. Once he’s done, I almost wish I hadn’t seen, because my stomach and pussy do about a hundred backflips. In one hand he has what looks like some kind of small wireless vibrator and in the other a wooden leather paddle. It must look like a river flowing from my pussy to the floor because it definitely feels that way. I don’t know why he decided to stop by today, but at this moment I don’t really care. This is exactly what I need. Giving my ass another playful slap, he sets the paddle down in front of me on the desk. I squeal just a little, lifting my ass in the air. Not being able to resist the temptation. He gives my ass another slap. I start to feel the beginning of embers of heat growing across my beautiful backside. Pulling my thong to the side my master applies a small amount of lubricant, letting it trail along my slit. I don’t know why he thinks I need lube. Can he not see the river flowing between my legs for him?But my question is soon answered as I feel the press of cold steel, demanding entry into my tight little hole. I moan and clinch at the invasion, but my master will not be denied. Anal play is not really on my top ten favorite activities. And yet when my master decides to play with my ass, I fail to find the words to describe how wonderful it is. Finally, my muscles relax, and the toy is seated, stretching me. Too caught up in the sensation of the plug, I fail to hear the whining motor of the vibrator. I about shoot off the desk though as I most certainly feel it against my clit. Gaziosmanpaşa escort Holy shit that is an amazing little wonder. Where the hell does my master find these little bits of heaven? Speaking of heaven, that’s exactly where I fly to as my master inserts the vibrator into my dripping pussy. I soar high into the clouds. My scream echoing off the walls of my office. Thank god he told Lisa to take an early lunch. Otherwise, she’d probably be out there snickering like the schoolgirl she is. Or worse, call the cops because she thought I was being murdered. Oh, sorry officer, nothing wrong here just my master punishing me in my office. That delicious feeling of jelly starts to spread throughout my legs. But suddenly I realize my mistake. Shit… oh shit, damn it I’m in serious trouble now. I turn my head towards my master, putting on my best I’m sorry face. He gives me back a blank stare that almost sends me over again. Fuck, I’m in trouble, but it’s his fault for putting this beautiful vibrator in my pussy. How was I supposed to control myself and wait for permission to cum?Realizing that I know I messed up, my master simply raises three fingers on his hand. I just nod, doing my best to control myself but god it’s hard. These little pieces of heaven feel amazing, and worse yet, I catch a glimpse of my master’s straining cock. My whole body liquifies wanting that big juicy, delicious cock caged in those jeans. My master readjusts my thongs, seating it back in place before walking around behind my desk. He pulls out the tablet I use for note taking during sessions. After a few minutes pass, he sets it in front of me, using its kickstand to hold it up. I’m sure I have this stupid, confused look on my face because he has some word document pulled up. It’s not one of mine, but after quickly scanning a few lines, my cheeks start to blush. “We are going to test your powers of concentration my bad little girl,” he says, the richness of his voice giving my pussy a mini orgasm, “I want you to read aloud while I paddle your sweet ass, and for every time you stop or falter. We will restart until you can finish reading without any mistakes. Do you understand?”What! I scream in my head. How the hell am I supposed to accomplish this? We’ll be here all day with his distracting ass. He does remember I only have an hour break, right? But of course, I give a slight nod. He picks up the paddle and takes a few steps behind me. I wiggle my ass unable to resist the temptation. I never promised to go quietly into the night. No, I’m not smart enough for that. My ass receives a nice hard smack for my trouble. I guess that’s what I get for being cheeky. I do my best to stifle the giggle that comes with that thought. Ok, let’s do this and not fuck it up. I start out reading what my master asks. The vulgar words drip and roll off my tongue like honey. Usually, it’s my master doing the reading, while I squirm in bed next to him. He enjoys reading erotica to me, while at the same time expressly forbidding me to touch myself or him. Which is so unfair and insanely hard, it never works because I can’t help myself and end up being punished. So, maybe it does work in a way. I get about a paragraph in, when I feel the hard slap of the paddle. My hands brace against the desk as my scream roars through me. The toys duel for attention from my body. Damn, this wonderful man will be the death of me. I get lost in the pleasure, my master delivering another smack telling me to start again. Yep, we are going to be here all day. Lisa is going to come back to the symphony of my wails and moans.

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