A Chance Meeting Renews a Friendship.

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I was on the crowded London Tube. A fair-haired woman who had her back to me and was pressing against me as was talking to her friend. Both had an Australian accent. One was obviously of mixed blood and had a beautiful light tan skin tone.I was fascinated as the fair-haired girl sounded like a girl who I believe I had known in a country town in Victoria.She still had her back to me when I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if her name was Jenny.She turned and immediately recognised me, as I did her.She said “Mike” at the same time I said “Jenny’.We both laughed,“Wow, it has been a long time, and fancy, we meet in London,” Jenny said.“How long have you been over here?” I asked her.“A couple of months. I am working here for a year. How about you?”“I am passing through and stopped off to catch up with a couple of friends, I am on my way to Germany to work for a few months on a new product we are introducing at home,” I replied.Then the train slowed down as it approached the next station.“Can I get your number? I would like to catch up if I can,” I told her.“We are getting off at the next station, Can you remember it if I tell you?” she replied.“I am getting off too so there is no problem,” I said.All three of us got off and we made for the entrance. Jenny introduced me to Sandra her friend, who it seems was sharing an apartment. She was an Aussie as well.When we got to the street we exchanged phone numbers. I promised I would ring in the next day or so and maybe we could catch up on old times and have a meal. She was agreeable and told me she would look forward to it.I continued on to meet my friends and afterwards went home. Later I recounted my fortunate experience in meeting Jenny again. We had enjoyed a relationship and had an affair together for a few months before she accepted a job as a nurse in the city. Our affair had been brief and satisfactory but had ended amicably all too soon. It had the possibility of becoming more serious but she said she wanted to live a bit first. We were both in our early twenties so it made sense. I did feel that I loved her in a way I had not felt about any other girl. Our sex was really lovemaking.The next day I rang Jenny and made a date to meet her for dinner the following evening. She suggested a pub nearby to where she lived.The whole sound of it was something that made me extremely happy. We had been lovers before and I really like her. We had parted the best of friends. It would be great to catch up again. The following evening we met as arranged at the station.Jenny suggested a nearby pub for a couple of drinks and a meal there.I asked if Sandra would be joining us.Jenny replied with a pleasant smile and a cheeky grin.“No, it will just be like old times, just the two of us.”Our discussion over the drinks and meal had been about her life after we parted, her job in Melbourne and the reason for working in London I also learned how she met Sandra. We talked about what they had done and seen, and how things had transpired after she had left home and the people we had known there. She had seen a bit of the UK but had not been to Europe yet. She had met one guy, but it hadn’t worked out.“Would you like to come home for coffee? We can relax and catch up on old times as its hard to talk privately here.”When we got to her place which was close to the station, she opened a bottle of Australian wine and we began to enjoy and talk about ‘old times’ at home. It would not have been possible in the pub as we would have been overheard. Obviously, the affair we had together was raised, and what I had done after she left.Jenny said, “ I heard there were a few problems after I left.”I explained I had an affair with a married woman. Her husband worked in a mine and it was a fly in, fly out job. When he was away for two or three weeks at a time, I was the guy that kept her bed warm so to speak. We had managed to keep it quiet and it had not become public knowledge, and nobody knew of my nocturnal habits.I went on to explain that this ended disastrously as she got pregnant and for a time she was unsure if the baby was mine or her husbands. Eventually when it was possible she had the tests done and fortunately, it was her husband’s sperm that she had conceived with. We ended the affair so her husband would not find out that it could well have been me that was the father of her unborn child.Soon after that, I left the town to work in the city. She was more than happy to see me go.I later learned after I left, she found out he had another girl pregnant where he was working. I was glad I wasn’t there at the time. That ended their marriage and absolved me from taking up where I had left off. I didn’t really love her as it was basically the sex we both enjoyed.The evening was progressing really well and it got to be quite late before the bottle of wine had been consumed and things were getting very comfortable.I realised it was approaching midnight and said I would have to leave or I will miss the last train.Jenny smiled and said. “You have. I think you had better stay here. A Cab to your place would be very expensive.”“What about Sandra?” I asked.“Mike this was better planned than that, you didn’t miss the train by accident. Sandra is not coming home tonight. I was hoping the two of us could catch up like old times The local guys I have dated don’t turn me on.Sandra and I are sort of – you know – living together, but not as a couple. It’s not serious but we do sleep in the same bed. We are both bisexual so we can and do enjoy the best of both worlds.”I was somewhat taken back, but I immediately got the message and I was not going to refuse. Jenny and I had been good together before and there was an opportunity to renew the memories of those times again.“How could I refuse an offer like that,” I replied.Jenny stood up and took me by the hand. We stood looking into each other eyes. Without a word, we embraced and began to kiss like long lost lovers. The passion needed no buildup, The fire was there again from the moment our lips touched. The wine had helped too.Within a minute or two after some really passionate kissing, she led me to the bedroom.“Undress and we can shower together. Then we can make love as we have never made love before. Just don’t get me pregnant.” She said slowly and softly.Within Bostancı Escort a minute we were both naked. We both went hand in hand to the bathroom which is a shower over the bath. An English tradition I believe.We kissed and fondled each other gently until the water was warm and we both got in and using the shower gel, we soaped each other up and used the opportunity to revisit the places we have both been familiar with.Jenny had a full patch of hair, something she hadn’t had when we were together before.“This is something new,” I commented as I rubbed the shower gel over it and soaped her up.“It doesn’t get the use it used to before. Sandra likes me like that, She loves rubbing her face in my hair when we are doing ‘that’,” she said.“Maybe I can get used to it too,” I replied.“Make sure it nice and clean and tasty for you,” Jenny told me.I had been there before when she was totally bare. I was sure that I wouldn’t notice any difference.After we had completed our ablutions we towelled off.“You can use Sandra’s towel. We only have two and I am sure she won’t mind having the scent of a man on it. She has an occasional guy and he uses mine,”I could smell the shampoo on it. She obviously used it to dry her hair. Actually, it felt quite nice knowing I was sharing her naked body in this way.We went to Jenny’s bed and we kissed and fondled for a minute or two. I had the feeling we were both anxious to get down to more serious lovemaking and after we had kissed passionately on the lips I kissed her neck and slowly moved down over her body. I kissed and sucked on each nipple of her beautiful firm breasts. The slowly down over her belly button and finally the centre of her passionate body. Her vagina and clitoris.Jenny moaned and shook a couple of times when I touched her magic places. She was enjoying what I was doing.I moved off the bed to position myself between her legs as I had done many times before. I knew she adored oral sex.I spread her legs to gain access to her wonderful and tasty vagina. She smelt beautiful after our shower.I used my fingers to spread her labia and expose that moist pink opening that always impressed me. She has the most perfect entrance to her body and kissing each labia was something of a pleasure. She shuddered the moment my tongue touched her clitoral sheath.“Oh God that feels absolutely amazing,” I heard her say.I replied “Many happy returns.”I then proceeded to apply my skills to her orally in order for her to achieve what was always my aim to make any woman that I did this to squirm with the pleasure.After a couple of minutes of tonguing her and licking her dry, I slid a finger into her and rubbed the walls of her internal love channel. She shuddered as my finger entered her then I gave her the best of my finger treatment and inserted three fingers and curled one back to massage her G spot. The moment I did that she sat bolt upright with the sensation that I had given her. Then she relaxed and lay back to continue enjoying my attention.“Shit, I had forgotten that was one of your secret weapons, you really hit the spot,” she uttered.“I must get Sandra to do that for me. That’s something I had forgotten we did. God, I am glad I met you again. This is amazing and is bringing back so many memories. Do you realise you were the first guy ever, to go down on me?” Jenny told me.I hadn’t realised that but there were many things Jenny and I did back then that may have been a first for us both. The first time I fucked her I knew I had missed getting her virginity by about a month. We made up for that a few times having sex during her period.I continued to employ my three fingers inside her while I licked her slit. I used my other hand to squeeze her sheath and expose her naked clit. The combination of my fingers inside her and my tongue on her clit soon had her shaking and shuddering and for her to enjoy the first of what I hoped would be many orgasms during the evening.Jenny bucked and bounced and I soon lost touch of her clit. I replaced my fingers with my mouth and tongue. She was moaning and groaning and thrashing about. I looked up to her and she had both eyes closed with her fingers pulling on both nipples. She was having a great time. Memories came flooding back of our previous affair.After a minute of maintaining the pleasure of her orgasm, I continued my attention and got up on the bed next to her.“That was so good. You haven’t lost the knack of doing that. Give me a minute and I will look after your desires,” She told me.“Take your time I enjoyed that myself. You really are a tasty morsel.”“You should give Sandy a try, I think she is the best woman I have ever had,” Jenny added.“What do you think she would be saying about us. Obviously, you have told her we have a history.”“Sandy, you and I would make a great threesome. How long are you here for? We may be able to arrange something,” Jenny suggested.“I can stay until the end of the week. I fly out on Sunday.”“I will be in touch and see if she is interested. You don’t mind her being coloured?” Jenny asked.I had already noticed she had this beautiful soft tanned skin. I would have loved to see her naked.“What is her background? she is beautiful,” I commented.“Sandra is the daughter of a Tahitian woman and an Australian man. Basically, a Polynesian Eurasian,” Jenny explained.“If she is as good as she looks I could not refuse,”“I can tell you she really knows her stuff. She nearly kills the guys she dates,” Jenny said as she laughed.“Maybe I will die a lovely death.“If I recommend you, I am sure she won’t refuse,” Jenny said and laughed.Jenny then put her hand on my soft cock and stroked it a few times and it rapidly rose to the occasion.“Let’s renew our old acquaintance,” Jenny got up and positioned herself to give me a good suck. As I have said we have a history and sixty-nine was our favourite number. She has enjoyed the taste of my cock and my cum many times previously.I lay back and let her do her thing. She knew what to do and had done it more than satisfactorily numerous times before. The feeling of her warm lips on the top of my cock was something to really treasure. Then she slowly slid them down and took almost my entire cock into her mouth. Then rubbed her tongue around and over the head Bostancı Escort Bayan of it a number of times.Jenny looked up at me and our eyes met. The sight of her brown eyes, beautiful face and my cock in her mouth almost had me cumming on the spot.“Hey slow down. You will have me cumming in seconds.”Then she bit my cock just below the head of it and I lost the sensation of my impending orgasm immediately, but it remained firm.“Shit that worked, I will last for an hour now, “She stopped long enough to tell me.“That’s a trick I learned from an old hand when I was nursing. If you want it to collapse you give it a flick with your finger and hey presto you have a deflated cock in seconds. You have no idea how often a guy gets a hard-on when you are washing him. Almost everyone got the ‘flick’. The really special ones got a hand job. You were not the first and won’t be the last.”I didn’t care. What she was doing to me at that time was absolutely wonderful.Jenny then resumed her perfect actions of sucking a cock. I was appreciating every moment.Jenny had the perfect way to give a guy pleasure. Her mouth covered my cock and her lips slid along the shaft as her long soft fingers massaged it at the same time.About five minutes was all I could take before I couldn’t control it any more. I held her head with both hands, which was the signal we had used before to indicate I am about to cum. She didn’t bite it this time just looked up and nodded, she remembered the signal and was ready to accept my hot steamy semen into her warm and capable mouth. I let out a huge sigh than a grunt, and the first bolt of semen flew from the end of my cock into her mouth. Then each time I ejaculated I grunted and jerked with each spurt. Jenny maintained her contact the whole time and swallowed each mouthful. She was amazing and had no inhibitions in sucking and swallowing all the cum I could produce.Finally, I was completely drained and spent. There was not a drop of semen left in me to provide her with.Jenny realised there was no more to come so she stood up and my cock flopped down. She took me in her arms and told me softly,“That was amazing, I had not realised how wonderful it is doing that to you. You have a wonderful cock to suck. I have really missed you and I hadn’t realised it. How long is it since we did this together?”“Apart from too long, it is almost two years. I have not had that done so beautiful since the last time with you.”“I guess all my experience as a nurse has helped. God knows how many guys I have done that too since then.” She told me. “You have no idea how many guys have asked me to marry them just because I did that for them,” Jenny laughed as she told me.“Jenny I would marry you any time,” My passion had overwhelmed me, but I was serious.“And I would marry you too, but I have a mission to fulfil. If you are still around when I get home we can discuss it. I am serious too,” as she looked me in the eye.We kissed passionately and I could taste my cum on her tongue as we did. We had shared something special.We sat on the bed for a while and we talked about us. What we had done in the past couple of years. The experiences, and the people we had met, and slept with. She was very interested in me and Julie, the married woman I had the affair with. I was curious about Sandra.She asked, “What would have happened if it had been your child that she had conceived.”“We both decided to let it happen and that it would be her husbands baby, as it turned out to be.There were some worrying times until we found that out believe me. If it had been mine she said there was no way she would divorce her husband. There was to be no abortion. It was only the sex she wanted. She didn’t love me. The day I kissed her goodbye was the last time I saw her.”“Was it? Jenny asked.“A few months later I got a letter from a friend explaining Julie and her husband had parted. He had been shagging a younger girl where he worked and she was pregnant. The town soon knew all the sordid details. I felt sorry for Julie but had no desire or feelings for her or resuming the relationship.“Jenny filled me in on a few romances she had after she left. She had been engaged to a doctor until she found him shagging another nurse. As a result of that, she decided to move to London for two years and get more experience. When she arrived she got a job in a hospital and has decided to gain as much experience as she can in midwifery and child care. When she has the pieces of paper to say she is qualified she will go home and seek employment in those fields. She still had well over a year to achieve this.“Then I will wait for you,” I told her.Jenny became emotional.“Yesterday I would never have believed I would ever meet you again. Now we are planning to get married. For God’s sake fuck me and get my mind back between my legs,” as she got up onto the bed ready for me to make love to her and relive some of the moments we had shared a year ago.“You won’t get me pregnant, so don’t worry about bringing the wedding forward.’I kissed her and by then my cock was ready to revisit the palace of pleasure it had explored some time ago.She was experienced and needed no guidance or comment on what to do. We had fucked many times before and she had not forgotten. She was more than ready for me to enter her. I positioned myself and my cock needed no guidance system to find the route it was seeking. I pressed my cock head against her lips and it slid into her easily. She was wet and ready for me. As my cock head went in slowly and deeply she shuddered.“Are you Ok?” I asked.“It’s even better than I could remember. It feels wonderful in there. Fuck me and make me the happiest girl in the world.“Jenny closed her eyes as she lay back ready to let me fuck her in the way we had so often fucked before. She had enjoyed me fucking her before and I am sure she will enjoy it again.The two of us fucked silently for well over seven or eight minutes. I established my rhythm and she was enjoying the feeling of me fucking her. I had enjoyed it when we had fucked before and it was just as amazing again. She was tight before and her cunt was still as tight as it had been. She made soft and gentle sounds as from time to time my cock must have touched a vital spot. Escort Bostancı Jenny didn’t just fuck with her cunt she used her whole body to provide both of us with the sensation that was just wonderful. I knew that I wanted her more than anything else in the world.After a while, Jenny decided she wanted to be in charge and she began to give instructions on the way she wanted me to fuck her. After a manoeuver or two, she suggested a doggy fuck. Without further ado, I withdrew from her and she positioned herself ready for me to re-enter her that way.Looking down at the cheeks of her ass which were slightly pink now from her rubbing on the bed sheets, they were absolutely perfect. Firm cheeks that parted just far enough to reveal both entrances to her body with one that had been well and truly tested by me before and I would imagine by a few more since. I slapped each cheek and then slid my cock between the two folds of flesh and into that cavern of pleasure I had only moments before withdrawn from.Again as I thrust myself forward and buried my cock deep within her she sighed the sigh of pleasure. She was getting as much or more from me fucking her than I was.“Fuck me tiger and fuck me hard,” She instructed.I followed my instructions to the word. The slap of our bodies could be heard all over London I believed. The feeling of me fucking her in a way we had frequently enjoyed before was just perfect.I held her hips as I really began to fuck her as hard as she had asked for. We had been fucking for over fifteen minutes and I was getting ready to cum.Then Jenny began to moan and groan and she said,“Oh God Mike, fuck me to death. If I never get to fuck again, I will die happy.”Both of us were experienced in having sex physically and emotionally. I had fallen in love with her again.I fucked her as she wanted to be fucked and as well as I could perform.We had been together now for about fifteen minutes and we were both approaching the highlight of our union. Jenny was moaning and grunting and I could tell by the way she was moving that she was not far of her orgasm. I made an effort to see if we could climax together and it didn’t take much.I looked down at her ass wriggling on my cock that was thrashing into her. She was so close and I shoved my finger into her asshole about half way and rimmed her.She screamed with the effect of it and began to buck and bounce on the bed. She was cumming and cumming in a big way.“Oh, Fuch…Oh, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” I heard her yell.“Shit, you bastard you have never fucked me like this before.”“You never asked me before.”Her whole body shivered and shook with the erotic sensations that her clit was sending through her body. My finger had gone quite a way into her ass and she was, as well as everything else, working her ass to get the maximum sensation there as well.I had fucked her many times previously and I had never seen her cum like this. She was having an amazing orgasm. I was enthralled by her cumming and endeavouring to give her the fuck of a lifetime. My mind had not been on my job. It was then I realised I had started to cum but not with the explosive vigour that I usually did. I had been so enthralled by Jenny’s orgasm, mine had virtually dribbled out into her. I slid my finger out of her ass and only now was I beginning to jerk with the sensation of the spasms in her tight cunt around my cock as I thrust and withdrew squeezing my cum out.She collapsed, then I fell on top of her. I rolled off her and we were both lying flat on the bed. We were that close I could feel the rise and fall of her body as she gasped for breath as I was also doing.She turned to me and we kissed gently.“You can forget marrying me… you would kill me if we did it like that every time.”“Next time you can fuck me I will see if I really do want to marry you,” I said jokingly in response.I put my arm over her and we cuddled and kissed in a way only lovers can.We lay there for some time and as we were on top of the bed it began to get cool as we had been red hot during our fuck.“Do you really want me to fuck you?” Jenny asked. “Or can it wait till morning? I am buggered.”“Providing you don’t die in the night the morning will be fine, but you have to promise me you will,” I joked.“I will. and I hope that I can say that again one day…with witnesses.”I needed no further confirmation. We were going to be together for life I hoped.The next morning I awoke to find her holding my cock taking my morning glory to full strength.“We need to be fast, I have to get to work,” Jenny said.She rolled on her back and I climbed on top of her, my cock still covered in the dry crust from our previous experiences the night before. We had been too tired to clean up.We fucked for about five minutes. It was just an ordinary fuck nothing special. I came and filled her. She didn’t cum.Then Jenny got up and into the shower, as she showered we talked.“Why don’t you check out of your hotel and stay here for the next two nights. I want you to meet Sandy and possibly get to know her better. Let’s face it she and I have been lovers now for a while and she will want to get to know you better as well. You will have to know what we are like together.”“Where will she stay?” I asked.“It is a king sized bed or hadn’t you noticed. Three fit comfortably, I know that from experience,”“You mean the three of us are going to sleep together?”“Who said anything about sleeping?” Jenny retorted. “I want her to know what you are like and see for herself what I am getting for the rest of my life.”“I could not think of a better solution,”After that, both of us went about our way. After Jenny finished showering I showered and dressed and we had a quick cup of coffee and a slice of toast and she said,“I have to go…here are the keys. Meet us at the pub at six tonight.” Then she ran out the door.Suddenly I was alone in her apartment. I realised I need to move fast. I had a meeting at ten and had to get back to my hotel to check out before then. My plans had changed very quickly – and for the better, it seemed. I rang the office and got them to delay or reschedule the meeting for a couple of hours. I would need to pack, check out and get back to Jenny’s place.I called an Uber and was on my way. I left the mess in the kitchen and a cum stained bed to be made.After I checked out I then got a cab to work with my bags, had the meeting with my colleagues and arranged another meeting for the following day.I then went to Sally’s place and dropped my bags and cleaned up the kitchen. I wasn’t able to launder the sheet so I left it. I was sure that there would be more to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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