The Blackout

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All characters in this story are consenting adults above the age of 18. The story does contain an incestuous scene which is purely based on fantasy. If this offends you I would advise you to skip this story. For all others I always appreciate any comments or emails.



Piper had always been around the house since we moved to the neighborhood. She was my daughter’s age and they almost immediately became friends, having sleepovers and doing homework together. She never needed to knock to come in the house and it was never a surprise to find the two of them on the couch watching movies in the evenings or outside in the yard together during the summer. Once they both graduated my daughter, Julie, decided to go to the state college a couple of hours away but Piper remained to go to the local college, saving money by staying at home. She would still come round from time to time and I appreciated the company, my marriage had long since ended and apart from Julie’s occasional visits back home I didn’t have much in the way of social interaction. I worked from home and despite efforts made by the neighbors my age to make friends; I never had much in common with them and preferred to live vicariously through the college gossip from Julie and Piper.

My own college life had been cut short by my pregnancy and I dropped out at the age of 20 before finishing my degree part time as Julie was a teenager. She was an only child and we were very close, especially after her father left us, with little attempt to maintain a relationship with his daughter. While Julie only opened up to me as a nineteen-year-old daughter would, Piper was completely transparent, detailing almost every aspect of college life for me, over some leftovers or a glass of wine. She had moved beyond being my daughter’s friend to being my friend too. Looking back on it I should have been aware of what was happening, of how Piper slowly became more dependent on my company and how she would give me a look sometimes that suggested there were other feelings simmering.

Perhaps I was kidding myself too, that our ever-lengthening chats were platonic banter to pass the time. I probably lied to myself that I was merely a woman shy of forty envying the beauty of a younger girl every time I took a second glance at her figure or her soft skin. The pang I felt when she mentioned someone she was interested in could only have been a yearning for my own youth not the attentions of my daughter’s best friend.

At least that was what I told myself until one Friday evening I heard her familiar knock at the kitchen door and I went to open it.

“Hi Miss Olsen, I saw the light was still on, I’m a little tipsy and didn’t want to go home just yet.” It made me laugh she still called me that even though I had tried in vain to get her to call me by my first name, old habits die hard I supposed. She was a very pretty girl, slim and athletic, her hair always changed color and style and this night it was shoulder length auburn. She could look older and brooding when she forgot to smile but once she did, she looked like the warmest person you could meet, innocent and carefree.

“Hi Piper, what did you get up to tonight? Do you need some water?” I was half way through a bottle of wine myself but it didn’t look like she needed any more booze.

“Sure, I went to a party, it was fun but things got kinda weird towards the end.” I brought her the water and we sat on opposite sides of the kitchen island.

“Oh yeah? How so?” I was anticipating more boy trouble; it seemed she always had a revolving door of admirers to juggle.

“Well Ashley…from school, I made out with her.” This was a bit of a surprise but I hid it, I didn’t want her to feel any stranger about the situation.

“That’s just college, I’m sure these days it’s pretty normal for those things to happen.”

“Did it ever happen to you?” I laughed.

“You better not tell Julie a word of this but yes, I made out with my roommate’s older sister once in college, it was no big deal really.” I had done more than make out with her but I wasn’t going to tell Piper that; the pang for those times when I felt like I could do anything returned. There was an awkward pause between us as Piper looked at her glass of water.

“Ashley’s such a phony anyway, she’s always hitting on all the other girls and says she only likes women but I don’t know anyone who has done more than kiss her, I think it’s all for attention.” She downed the rest of the water. “Did you enjoy it? You know did you ever want to do more with this girl you mentioned?” I wasn’t sure that I was enjoying where this was going so I absent-mindedly picked the glass up and walked to the fridge to refill it.

“Lisa was her name…sure I enjoyed it but we kept it friendly,” a lie. The memory of the weekend spent with her, exploring ourselves made my stomach knot. I became aware of Piper getting up and following behind me as I poured the water. I turned with çankaya escort the glass in my hand and met her green eyes, a foot away from mine, usually sparkling with glee but now staring at me with intent.

“I wanted to do more tonight but I don’t think Ashley was the right person.” She took the glass of water and set it down on the counter.

“Well then maybe just wait for the right…” I was cut off as Piper leaned in to kiss me, I recoiled, leaning back to avoid her lips and gently pushing her back. “No, Piper, what are you doing?”

“I don’t want Ashley…” She came again at me, she was almost my height but was more petite, her hands reached out this time, to touch my cheek and pull me in; I fended them off as best I could, not wanting to get too physical.

“Piper, this isn’t a good idea, you’ve had too much to drink, just think about things…” She held my face stronger this time, looking into my eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about things for a long time…please…” She kissed my lips and this time I didn’t try to move out of the way, hoping that one kiss would help her come to her senses. As our lips touched the back of my mind quietly let an inkling of control fall, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her perfume hitting my senses.

“Please Piper…I’m Julie’s mom…we can’t do this.” My voice sounded suddenly weak, my heart starting to beat faster; my body needing an extra breath now.

“Nobody needs to find out…just tonight.” She kissed me again and I let her hold it for an extra second, my eyes closing briefly, my body responding despite my sensibilities screaming at me to stop. Her hand ran down my body and slipped between my thighs, moving upwards toward my crotch. I jerked and pushed it away but she didn’t stop, pressing her body closer to mine, her hand going back to my thighs.

“Please don’t do this…” It was an honest plea to stop before we did something we regretted, but it was lost on her.

“Just tonight…I promise.” We kissed again and this time our tongues met, I whimpered with the feeling, my body now reminding me that I hadn’t had any intimate contact for over a year. I moved to push away her insistent hand but I failed to get to it before it pressed against my mound, making me gasp as its tenderness resonated through my body, signaling the end of my protests. Piper stopped to look at my face, smiling slightly as she realized as well that I had given in.

What followed was a race to bring each other to an orgasm. Our mouths locked and our tongues dove into each other’s mouths, my hands now on her body as well, groping and squeezing everything, pressing against her crotch through her jeans. We broke for air and to shed clothing in intervals, my skirt went, her top was pulled over her head and discarded, my blouse was unbuttoned and her jeans were pushed down to her ankles. We sank to our knees on the cold kitchen floor tiles, not having the patience to move to a bed or a couch. We opted out of removing our bras, simply pulling the straps over our shoulders exposing our breasts and hard nipples for the other’s mouth. We paused for a second to take in our bodies, my large bosom with thick nipples, her smaller upturned breasts with aching pink points. It was only a momentary respite before our mouths and hands returned to each other.

We took turns suckling on each other, our hands now finding each other’s clit, soft pleas urging each other on. Our fingers slid into each other, making us moan in tandem panting between kisses, our movement more feverish with the increase in sensation. We both came quickly and violently, our legs seizing up and clamping together; our free hands, mine in her hair and hers on my breast, clenched and pulled us tighter together as we cried out. We shuddered through the aftermath, holding each other long after it went, knowing when we finally released we would have to face the guilt.

And the guilt did come, like a bullet to the heart. We let go and stood up, putting our clothes back on while avoiding the other’s eyes. It took concentration to not cry immediately, I cleared my throat to disguise the oncoming tears.

“I think you better go Piper…” I let myself glance at her once and saw that her tears had already started as she stared at the ground, making her way out the door. The second it was closed behind her the dams broke and I sobbed. I cried for many things, for the betrayal to my daughter, for my inability to stop what I felt was wrong. Deep down I knew that the most upsetting thing was that I had just experienced a passion that had been absent in my life for almost twenty years and that I couldn’t continue it.


Saturday passed without any drama and by Sunday evening I was beginning to hope that the event could be forgotten about, hidden in memory like a dream. But then the texts came. She had only used my number a few times before, when Julie’s phone died at the movies and they needed a ride.

I escort çankaya can’t stop thinking about you.

My heart plummeted for fear; the possibility that it would be forgotten was gone.

It was a mistake, it shouldn’t have happened.

I want to be with you again.

My head ignored the message but my body didn’t. I tried to masturbate that night while thinking about anything else: a man, another woman, but Piper would infiltrate the scene, cutting my brain off at every turn. And ultimately it was her that pushed me over the edge, the shame returning afterward.

Another day went by until the familiar knock was heard late afternoon on Tuesday. I readied myself to be stern and to put our indiscretion in the past. It was a fruitless effort as beyond the door Piper was standing with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I tried to…” she could only manage before I took her hand and pulled her into my arms as I hated myself for doing this to her. She cried against my neck, hugging me tightly until her sobs died and I felt her wet lips kiss my skin. I didn’t protest this time, I couldn’t; my will was outgunned by Piper and my body’s need. When she looked at me with puffy eyes I stroked her face before kissing her tenderly, reigniting the passion.

This time we made it as far as the couch before urgency took its stand and we frantically shed our clothes. I knew it was wrong and I even whispered a helpless “No” as Piper kissed her way down to between my legs. She didn’t listen and I spread my thighs in resignation, giving her mouth what it wanted. My clit was swollen and hot and her tongue was the balm to take away its ache. Her eyes glared up at me, watching me moan and twist my face to her hunger. When she pushed me over the edge I screamed her name out and squeezed my thighs around her head. If there was regret after my orgasm it was hidden by my desire to taste her.

I kissed her deeply, sucking my sex from her tongue and then throwing her back onto the couch. She grunted as I started to lick her, drinking from her running hole. She twitched and squirmed through with every lap I laid on her, squeezing her own breasts as I pressed my mouth harder on her. She came with a squeal, my arms holding her hips down through her spasms, not giving her any rest from my mouth.

I lay on top of her once it was done, our heavy breathing filling the silent room. We stroked and cradled each other, letting the time pass without saying a word, both of us lost in a cocktail of excitement and dread. When she finally left it was only a goodbye with our eyes and a gentle squeeze of the hand. We both knew that it wasn’t the last time.

And so the pattern continued. Piper would visit me in the evening or after class, we barely talked from the moment I answered the door to the moment she left. Our lovemaking became less rushed as we sought to prolong the intensity, eking ourselves to a climax instead of charging through it. We would sit or stand naked in front of each other, taking turns to explore our bodies with our hands and mouths, looking deep into each other’s eyes.

On the sixth encounter Piper broke her silence. She was lying on top of me in the bedroom, straddling my thigh, our hips grinding on each other. We were clasping each other’s faces, staring deep in the other as the friction slowly built, perspiration forming where our skin met. We were moaning together with every pelvic thrust. When Piper got closer she gasped the haunting words I had hoped would never come.

“I’m in love with you…” It scared me and I couldn’t respond but my hips never stopped moving. All I could do was kiss her, but she managed to say them again once more before our tongues met, the words almost accelerating our climax that followed shortly, my hands squeezing her buttocks into me as I came.

She spent the night for the first time on that occasion, and from that point on I stopped lying to myself that I wanted the relationship to end and began to look forward to every hour I got to spend time with Piper. We kept it private, only showing affection to each other behind closed doors, and even though there was an acceptance we still shared the fear of being caught.

Our attraction for each other was voracious and we maintained the intensity of our early encounters throughout. Piper’s appetite for experimentation was limitless; she was young and wanted to try everything with me; her eagerness waking a sexual curiosity that had laid dormant for years. I agreed to everything, the foreplay starting days before the act with a suggestive text that I would nervously accept. She would detail everything she wanted to do to me, building my anticipation until I would be left helplessly begging her to use my body however she wanted. In that way, almost seamlessly I ceded control to her until I realized one day I would do anything for her, the intoxication of our lovemaking had rendered me weak and powerless, hopelessly çankaya escort bayan waiting for my next fix.

Piper relished her role, always pushing the boundaries. We explored kink and role play; she told me what to wear and how to act, she would interrogate me when I was at my most aroused, always delving deeper into my mind to discover my next hidden fantasy. She transformed me into a confident sexual woman finally happy with her body free from self-doubt.

Towards the end of May our moods changed; we became more introverted, we knew what was coming. Julie would be returning from college for the summer and our opportunities to be alone together would be severely limited. I almost resented my daughter for it, I was finally happy and now it was being taken away from me. I knew I was being selfish, that it would only last three months; so we both resolved to think positively, to make the few occasions together that summer truly special.


It was awkward at first when Julie first came home, Piper and I reverting back to our previous dynamic. Piper almost spent more time around the house on the pretense that she wanted to spend time with Julie but I soon realized it was just to be close to me. At first we would exchange a knowing glance when Julie wouldn’t notice or she would brush close to me, a hand on my arm if Julie left the room. But slowly we became more daring: a hurried kiss in the hallway or if Julie took a shower she would pin me against the wall, her wicked hand diving into my pants to pleasure me just enough to make me uncomfortably wet. She would tell me to wear a skirt and remove my panties before she came over, giving her free access in the brief stolen moments we had.

Finally Julie planned to go to a movie with a guy she dated in high school, giving Piper and I a window to quench our growing frustration. Soon after Julie let her plans known to us, the text from Piper came asking how I wanted to be fucked; I responded with a single word: Hard. Our tease continued for two days, Piper telling me that I was to be her prisoner for three delicious hours, that I would need to be restrained and gagged to prevent the neighbors hearing my cries, I only encouraged her, promising that I would scream at the top of my voice.

When Julie’s car pulled out that Friday evening, I sat impatiently in the living room, my stomach dancing as the minutes crept by until I heard the door open and steps through the kitchen until Julie stood in front of me, wearing a sundress, glaring at me.


We walked upstairs in silence, going into the bedroom before standing in front of each other, my breaths short.

“Why have you been turning me on all week Miss Olsen?” her green eyes sparkled under her auburn hair.

“Because I need to be fucked and you’re the only one that knows how I want it.” It was part of the game, cold and purely physical; the loving tenderness would come later.

“Turn around.” She removed a tie from her purse, pulling my hands behind me and binding my wrists with it. She pulled open my blouse and pulled it down over my shoulders bunching around my hands to make my arms more immobile. I was facing the full-length mirrors on the closet doors, able to see her reach back into her bag to remove a phallus. She hiked my skirt around my hips, exposing my bare crotch; pantyless by her request. I groaned as she rubbed the length of the dildo between my wet lips, letting my clit feel the full length of the shaft, pushing against my hole, never inserting it, merely coating it with the production of my arousal.

“This is what you want.” She was looking at our reflection over my shoulder, raising the phallus to my mouth; allowing me to taste myself on it, letting my tongue glide up its length. She traced it down my chin and neck, leaving a trail of juice and spit, running down to my cleavage and the top of my breasts.

Piper pushed me forward over the side of the bed, pulling her sundress off over her head leaving her standing naked. She fished a harness out of her bag stepping into it and then placing the rubber cock into the hole and fastening it around her hips. She removed another tie, this time wrapping it around my head, the material running between my teeth, letting me bite down on it like a rein.

I grunted as she slapped my ass and then moaned as I felt her hand on my pussy, her fingers dipping into me and then spreading the natural lubricant over my entire mound. Then the pressure filled me, I sucked in air as she pushed inside of me, my vagina tightening and then relaxing to take more of its length. Only the initial strokes were gentle, probing my capacity before Piper began to administer longer and harder thrusts into me, the initial resistance evaporating as my body sang with relief to have something inside me.

I watched it all in the mirror, my face contorting in pleasure as Piper fucked me quicker. Her eyes were fixed on the pistoning dildo, her breasts swaying with her body’s movement. My grunts were barely muffled by the makeshift gag and they coursed through the room urgently, coaxing Piper to not hold back. I buried my face in the sheets to savor every stroke inside me, letting my climax build within me, my body tingling as I got ever closer.

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