My journey home from work

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My journey home from workThis happened roughly 10 years ago It’s roughly half four and getting dark and i am walking to the bus stop after a usual but cold winters day at work spent laying slabs in the middle of the city centre where half the time spent was watching the woman go by. I am one of the first people to get on the bus and take a seat close to the back. Im sitting there thinking about getting my work gear off, what ill have for my dinner and the few beers i have in the fridge just waiting for me get them drank. after a few minutes the bus id getting filled up and by the time it leaves every seat is taken and people standing in the isles this was going to be a long bus ride.After a few stops i notice this woman as our eyes cross glances my first impressions of her was just your average looking woman and by the time i turned to be looking back out the window i had forgot all about her.A bout a minute later as the bus continues to bump along slowly towards my stop which at the rate its going is going to take about half an hour,the person sitting next to me had luckily reached his destination and got up a went with the afore mentioned woman took the seat as i looked at her we exchanged another look before saying hi with a friendly smile. my 2nd impression was much of the same as my first except that she was about 5ft 5 and a few years older than me and was wearing a shortish wool skirt thing with thick greyish tights with a wee pait of woolen ugg styled boots, and with her wearing a nice duffle jacket she looked smart.She its down and gets her phone out of her bag and spends the next few minutes texting,facebooking or whatever she was doing. about five or ten miutes later and adiosbet yeni giriş out the blue she asks me if i had had a hard day at work, i replied apart from it being a bit cold it wasnt really that bad, she went on to say that she just thought i looked shattered and judging by my state my work clothes i had been going hard at work. we both had a wee laugh as i replied that i purposely mess up my boots and work jeans to make it look that i had been hard at for the boss to see.We get chatting and i find out her name is Laura, she stays about 10minutes away and she knows a women who stays a few closes down from me, she aks me what im doing when i get home so tell i had decided to get dinner from the chip shop then have a few beers and chill out watching the tele, Laura said that sounds good and that she would probably be doing the same apart that she would be having a few glasses of cider.As we contiued to have some general chit chat the bus was now leaving the stop before mine as i went to say well thats me at my stop Laura quite unexpectedly put her hand on my thigh and quietly said wait she then had a quick look around the bus while moving her hand up toward my crotch, as i sit there watching her hand mov closer and closer to my balls and by my body starts to react to it Laura turns back to me places her hand right onto my balls gently squeezing them she says “come to my mine i want to fuck you ” by now my heart is racing, my stomach is doing somersaults and my cock which is being gently groped is growing by the millisecond and starting to feel trapped inside my pants and denims but i manage to raise a smile and meekly squeal “sure” to Lauras indecent proposal, adiosbet giriş to which Laura responds “great” squeezes my crotch tighter and lets a wee moan off as i looked into her eyes they looked as if the were glazing over in delight and in that second i knew this was going to be good. For the remainder of the journey she kept rubbing at my cock while just talking about everyday things, all i could think about was how my cock was about to explode into my pants.As we get off the bus i ask where she stays Laura points just there it was a top flat house, se get to the entrance and go in the door with Laura leading, before the entrance door had shut i put right hand up her small skirt and had a good feel off her arse while putting my left hand around her waist to her stomach then twirl her around so we are inches from each others faces, as both of my hands slip up the back of her skirt we kiss just a wee gentle one then again, i push her up against the wall run my hands down the front off her body unbuttoning as i go soon enough her jacket is opened, Laura is wearing quite a small wooly top thing over a shirt her jacket had done a good job in hiding her boobs as the looked very ample and within a second i found out the felt superb. A couple of seconds later we were all over each other exploring each others mouth with our hands exploring our bodies. Im thinking we are going to fuck right here as she starts wrestling to open my belt, as i move back to help her get it open i turn to the side and notice that through the entrance door window anybody walking by on the street could see us, i turn to Laura who has got the belt unfastened along with a couple of my jeans adiosbet güvenilirmi buttons i laugh and say tight cmon ya horny bitch upto yours, she looks at me puts her hand into my pants and around my hard cock then says ok.As Laura is opening the door im kicking my rigger boots off as we get half way down her hall we are both almost naked and she turns around to me with just her bra and panties remaining on as im down to my pants with my full erect cock inside, as i look at her standing there in her matching yellow underwear she looks great, very curvey with big breasts and hips and a tanned body before she disappears into the bedroom i take my pants off and quickly follow her in where she is lying on the bed naked so i jump on.We quickly get back to doing what we were doing at the entrance door her hand goes straight for my cock gently wanking it and rubbing her palm over the tip of it my hand finds it way down to her fanny i pass my fingers over her clit then insert my finger inside her it just slides in easily with her juices flowing all over my fingers she lets off a wee yelp as i take my hand away as i cannot wait any longer to slide my rock hard cock deep inside her soaking wet cunt.As i put it inside her i instantly know this is not going to last long so decide just go for it hard and fast within a few seconds as i look at her face going bright red and biting her bottom lip i roughly grab her tit and move my head down to kiss and suck at her neck her body starts twiching like fuck as she lets out a loud groan and at that i cant keep control of my pulsating cock any longer and let go exploding inside her as we both let cries of ecstasy out.We both lay there in silence apart from us breathing heavily and my cock,balls and crotch area soaking with a mixture of our juices untill Laura turned to me and said”you staying for more ” “of course” i replied “good she says ill pour some drinks and you phone the chip shop cos im fucking starving now”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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