Last House on Fraternity Row Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Orientation, Part II

The house, as Luke discovered, was largely a front. Walking behind Rex, his head cloudy with weed and mesmerized by the supple ass jiggling before him, he was dazed with what had just happened. Within minutes of his Monday beginning, the vestiges of his former life seemed stripped away—he had found his purpose as a himbro. He let out a soft, satisfied chuckle as Rex opened the door to the front of the house.

The sun shone streams of light through the half-moon window over the front door as Rex opened the door and had him walk across the mezzanine into the room that he’d been interviewed in. Before opening the door, Rex tapped him on the shoulder, getting his attention with a “brah.”

“Yeah dude?” Luke grinned at Rex, clam-eyed but attentive nevertheless.

“You’re gonna fuckin’ love this room.” Rex grinned and swung the door open.

Looking around, Luke noticed it looked a little different than the last time he saw it. The folding table was gone, and in its place were huge, plush beanbag chairs in front of a giant plasma screen TV. As Rex closed the door behind them, he grinned as Luke’s hands shot to his head.

“No fuckin’ way,” Luke breathed as he moved around the room. The cabinets on the walls were now filled with an inventory that would make any smoke shop jealous. Glass pipes and giant bongs of all shape and size lined the cabinets, lit from behind by a soft green LED. Rex replaced the bong he’d brought in to smoke Luke out, and drank in Luke’s enthusiasm.

Under the TV there was a cabinet with labels on each door, reading “S,” “H,” and “I” respectively. Luke gestured at them as he turned around, finding Rex leaning comfortably against the wall, his arms folded.

“Sativa, hybrid, and indica?”

Luke grinned as Rex nodded and laughed that vacuous laugh. “Whatever your poison, there it is.” ?

Luke lit up as he looked through the cabinet, searching through labels and drawers. “Durban Poison, Allen Walker—” Luke gasped as he held up a small baggie. “White Lightning?”

Rex laughed and nodded, walking over to the cabinets as well, cock bobbing between his legs. “And the best part?” He pulled out a palm-sized bag stuffed to the brim. “Harlequin. Figured you’d want some in honor of getting inducted.” Luke started laughing, high-fiving Rex and running his hand over his backwards cap.

“This is insane—is that a Volcano?” His attention was drawn to a metallic cone sitting on top of the cabinet.

It was, as Rex’s nod indicated. “Yeah dude. And hey, check this out—Alexa, let’s smoke.”

A calm female voice radiated from the speakers Luke now noticed were dotted around the perimeter of the room, in the dulcet tones of a machine with no indication of what it was saying. “Four twenty blaze it bro,” droned the voice, and a second later soft techno began playing. The light changed from the normal fluorescent white to a soft lime green, matching the LED lights, and the TV flicked on to an animal documentary.

Luke watched the documentary for a couple of minutes, then turned to Rex. “Y’all hid this from me?”

Rex shrugged. “We have to. If anyone but us knew about this, do you know how hard the man would be on us? Not like I usually mind a hard man on me.” He winked at Luke as both their cocks throbbed with the innuendo. “Welcome to the Weed Room, bro.”

Luke grinned. “This is already amazing.”

Rex nodded and murmured, “You ain’t seen shit yet, bro.” Getting up from the crouching position they had found themselves both in, Rex turned to the door leading to the back of the house. “Wanna see the rave cave?” Luke nodded and trotted along, following Rex again.

This room was carpeted, in soft shag. A single steel pole ran from the floor in the center of the room to the ceiling, and Luke noted the walls were covered in soft zebra print fur as well. A black box stood in the corner; Rex went over to it and pressed a button, and smoke shot out from a nozzle on its side. Soft, circular pillows with mandala patterns were dotted around the room, with Christmas lights strung over the ceiling. A black lightbulb twinkled down from the fixture in the ceiling by the stripper pole (as Luke now recognized it was). Rex leaned against the pole with a grin and called out again. “Alexa, are you about the rave life?”

The same robotic voice droned out, “All about PLUR,” and the music changed from soft techno to upbeat trance. Laser lights started shooting out from the corners of the room, and as Luke stepped in casino şirketleri further he turned to the back wall to see another plasma screen TV, showing festival crowds and happy music. He turned to Rex again with an openmouthed grin.

He didn’t even have to say anything this time. Rex nodded back, giggling. “I know, dude! It’s so dope!” Without thinking, Luke pumped his fist, his bicep flexing. Rex growled as he saw the muscle bunch under the skin. “Shit, I gotta hurry this tour up. We gotta get through this so I can jump your fuckin’ bones.”

Luke perked up at the sound of that. “Fuck yeah, man. Hurry it up.”

Rex put a gentle hand on Luke’s chest. “Haha, I’m gonna get through it bro. But I gotta take my time a little bit.” He leaned into Luke’s ear and whispered, “Trust me, after this we’ll have a lot of time to get to know each other.” Luke shuddered as the erotic promise of those words ran through him. Rex chuckled again and opened another door, this time to the back of the house. Luke followed him through.

The room in the back of the house had huge panes of glass illuminating a large wooden dining table, with six chairs: one at each head and two flanking each longer side. Two protein shaker cups, filled with a cocoa-looking liquid, sat primly at the head of the table on small square napkins. Rex grabbed one and tossed the other to Luke, who caught it gratefully.

A door loomed behind Luke as he paused at the table to look out at one of the nicer pools he’d ever seen. It was oblong and relatively curved, but a hot tub stood prominently at the back edge, protruding over one portion of the pool. The protrusion spewed a sheet of water into the glistening blue below, and steam rose from the tub in the morning light. To one side of the pool was a flat blacktop, with yoga mats laid out in two neat rows of three.

“Whoa,” Luke found himself gasping anew as the spectacle laid itself out before him in the light of the dawn.

Rex clapped an arm around his shoulder, letting it fall with gravity to cup his ass. “Yeah, man. Summers get pretty damn fun around here.”

Luke palmed his cock and groaned, picturing the both of them in the water or teasing each other with a sensual wet flex show. “I’ll fuckin’ bet, dude.”

Rex grinned and leaned in for a kiss, his tongue slipping into Luke’s mouth as they embraced, cocks slipping against each other as the space between their bodies closed. Finally pulling away slowly, Rex grinned. “Seems like it’s gonna get pretty damn fun around here no matter the season.” He held up his shaker cup and mimed clinking it against Luke’s.

They both downed their drinks together, gulping it with the mania of the obsessed, and Luke let out a satisfied “ahh” once he had drained the cup completely. Rex took the empty cups from Luke, put them back on the napkins, and tossed his head at the large door behind them both. “C’mon. This is my favorite room in the house.”

Opening the door, Luke saw nothing but stairs leading down to a dark alcove, with a single light at the bottom, giving him no indication of what was below. Going down the stairs first, Rex clumping behind, he got to the bottom and turned to his left.

In front of him was splayed a complete gym, with free weights and machines alike. Every machine was polished and looked top-of-the-line, and every plate and dumbbell was stacked neatly on labeled racks. On the wall opposite him was floor-to-ceiling mirrors, with strong overhead lights just in front. He turned to Rex with a low whistle, who had edged in front of him and now stood underneath the lights, the sharp contrast and his mass making Rex look like a marble statue or Greek god.

“Welcome to the Himbro Gym, brah,” Rex intoned, before tossing his head to the left. As Luke followed him through the maze of iron and cables, he noticed a row of lockers with a wooden bench in front of them on the far wall, coupled with a door at each end of the makeshift “locker room.” Rex gestured to both as he spoke.

?”On the left is the sauna. State of the art. And on the right is the group shower.” Rex turned to Luke. “Neither of those are necessary, but we both know you’ve had locker room fantasies before.”

Luke blushed, but nodded. “All the time growing up.”

Rex bit his lip with a smirk. “We’ll have to act all of those out.” He stroked his own cock languidly, letting out a masculine, yearning groan and making direct eye contact with Luke as he bounced his pecs slowly.

Luke felt his breathing hitch as casino firmaları he watched the show in front of him, his cock leaking precum. His face felt flushed, and his body was under attack with the gym smell, the whole setting, the lighting—if he hadn’t known it was real life, he’d have assumed it was a porno set. “Fuuuuuck, dude.”

Rex took his hand off his own cock and laughed. “Man, teasing you is fucking fun, bro.” Luke rolled his eyes as he slapped Rex’s bare ass good-naturedly and they both clomped back up the stairs.

As Luke opened the door back up to the dining room, he heard the clangs and clatters of cooking before he felt the silky aroma of eggs caress his nostrils. The shaker bottles and napkins were gone. Rex sidled beside Luke as he stopped in his tracks.

“Oh shit, breakfast is getting ready!” Luke paused, turning to Rex with question marks in his eyes. Rex looked at Luke sidelong for a few long seconds before the lightbulb turned on.

“Shit man, did I not tell you about Joaquin earlier?” Luke slowly shook his head and Rex scowled at himself before snapping his finger in an over-exaggerated “Damn it” gesture.

“I mentioned the himbo stuff, cuz we’re himbros and this is the Himbro House, right?” Luke nodded. “Well, I can’t keep this place up all by myself, and I’m not about to live here jacking off all day, so I got a little help.” With that, Rex turned the doorknob to the kitchen.

The first thing that Luke noticed was the noise, and the second was the smoke. The same uplifting trance from the rave cave blared from the speakers that were positioned around the kitchen. The haze filled the room, and Luke soon realized why. About three different pans were sizzling at once, and the pocket-sized twink at the stove in nothing but an apron set his pipe down on the marbled green granite countertop next to him with a gentle “clink.” Turning around, his whole face lit up as his eyes rested on Luke before letting himself exhale the weed smoke.

“Like, oh my god, you guys! You’re running late!” He flounced over to Rex, past the granite island between them, and leaned up to peck him on the cheek before turning to Luke. “You’re the new roommate? Fuck, you’re, like, even cuter than he said!”

Luke scratched the back of his neck as he grinned and thanked the tiny caramel-skinned cook. “It smells so good! I’m Luke, by the way—nice to meet you.”

Joaquin beamed and fluttered his eyelashes at Luke. “And he has manners, too! Give me a second, Mister Hunk.” He winked at Luke and zoomed back to the stove, flashing some pans around before presenting two beautiful omelets to them both. “Enjoy!”

Luke took the plate and shoveled a forkful into his mouth, the taste of diced peppers and onions filling his world as he closed his eyes to savor it. “Holy shit, this is great,” he mumbled through his gluttony. Opening his eyes, he looked around and Joaquin was nowhere to be found.

“Hey, where’d he g—” Luke’s eyes closed and he let out a prolonged moan as he felt a soft pair of lips wrap around his cock. Moving his plate, he found Joaquin on his knees, looking up at him with the head of his cock in his mouth.

“You introduced yourself, now I’m introducing myself,” Joaquin popped off his cock to explain with a wink. “You taste, like, really good.” Luke went to thank Joaquin again but he had already dived back onto his cock, sucking like a twink possessed. “Fuck, such a big Daddy dick you have! Built like a tank!” Joaquin giggled as he rose up from his knees and stroked Luke’s cock again before letting go. “You aren’t supposed to get off until session two, and I know that’s after breakfast and the tour. Makes me sad.” He pouted as he delicately let Luke’s cock go, and Luke groaned again in frustration.

“Is everyone in this house dedicated to blue-balling me until this second session?”

Rex and Joaquin looked at each other before turning back to Luke and nodding. Luke rolled his eyes and smiled. Rex snaked an arm around Luke’s shoulder again, turning to Joaquin. “You did just give me an idea, little guy.” Joaquin beamed and bounced from foot to foot, pleased at having come up with anything at all.

“The name Luke doesn’t fit you anymore, not since you found out what a himbro was. You need a new name, and he just gave it to you.” Rex gestured to Joaquin and both he and Luke cocked their heads almost simultaneously.

“From now on, we’re just calling you Tank.” Luke started laughing again as the name swept over him, like a tsunami of apotheosis.

“Tank,” güvenilir casino he rolled the name around in his mouth, like a cough drop. “I can get used to that, dude.” Joaquin clapped again. Rex beamed and gestured to the one door they hadn’t gone through on the bottom floor.

“That leads back to the TV room you saw earlier. Lemme show you upstairs real quick after breakfast?” Luke nodded and both of them took no time in wolfing down their breakfast, putting their dishes in the sink and waving goodbye to Joaquin as he dutifully started scrubbing the dirty pans.

Leading Luke back through the TV room and to the stairs, EDM throbbing through the speakers around the house and the floor, Rex grabbed the bannister as he started the journey up. They got to the top, where three doors stood: one directly at the top of the stairs, one to the right after a landing comprised of the stairway railing—extended to the wall—and one directly to their left. Rex opened the one directly in front of them. “This is the guest room.”

Luke looked inside eagerly and, for the first time, was disappointed. It looked like something out of his parents’ house. A bed with a white bedspread sat at one wall, and a brown chest of drawers sat opposite it. One window let the natural light—growing stronger—in from the back of the house. Rex closed the door, not in a hurry, but in a way that indicated that it wasn’t much to see. Turning to the right and following the railing, he explained to Luke, “I know, it’s not exactly the gym or the weed room, but again we gotta keep up appearances. If everything in the house were out in the open we’d be on our asses in a second.” Luke nodded.

Rex opened the door at the end of the landing and gestured Luke inside, who peered around Rex into what he would have described an explosion of pink. It was mostly decidedly fem-jock in flavor: hot pink bedspread over a queen-sized mattress on white carpet, with trophies and DVD’s lining the wall on the side. On the other side was a window with a shelf filled with stuffed animals and jewelry boxes. Luke wandered further into the room and noticed another plasma screen on the wall across from the bed. He looked at the screen, currently showing—

“Is that porn?” Luke did a double take as Rex started laughing again, walking into the room. “Wait, is that—?”

The Latin twink onscreen was on his hands and knees and getting pounded by one of the biggest cocks Luke had ever seen, smiling openmouthed directly into the camera. Rex looked back.

“Oh yeah, that’s Joaquin. This is his room.” He nodded as Luke let out a low, “Fuck,” and both of them watched silently, cocks leaking precum, as Joaquin showed them exactly how much he was enjoying getting fucked. Luke tore his gaze away from the screen and looked around at the lining of dildos on the shelf underneath the TV and the small framed DVD covers with Joaquin giggling seductively on the front. Rex ruffled Luke’s hair—or at least he tried to, he really just messed up his cap—as he leaned over, clearly enjoying Luke’s starstruck look. “How do you think he pays his rent?”

Luke looked at Rex. “Fuck, bro, are you serious?” Rex grunted an “Mhm” and then tossed his head one more time as he edged towards the open doorway. “Last room is our room, brah.”

Luke trotted one last time down the landing, past the nondescript guest room, and nearly knocked the door down opening it. Taking the sight of it in as he caught himself, he found himself gasping one last time. Rex watched silently from the doorway.

The room he found himself in was a stereotypical athlete’s room on steroids. Dark grey walls were accentuated with lime green shelves, the king-sized bedspread and pillows in a similar color scheme. Trophies lined the shelves, and as Luke turned around he saw the last plasma screen TV facing the bed, playing the same porn that was in Joaquin’s room. At one end of the bedroom was a single open door, through which natural light streamed. Luke bounded through it to find a luxury shower and sink, with three shower heads on opposite walls to spray every inch of the occupant’s body with water. Green towels hung neatly on the rack.

Luke stepped out of the bathroom again and turned to the closet. As he stepped through the door, he noticed that there were very few shirts and even fewer pants. The majority of the space was devoted to baseball caps and high-top sneakers, the same ones he’d slipped on earlier. They were in every color and shade, and Luke checked them to ensure that they were his size (they were). He turned around one last time to find Rex, laying on the bed, stroking his cock with no real urgency. He locked eyes with Luke and returned the grin that was slowly spreading across his face.

“Welcome home, bro.”

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